A gypsy girl

Just a bit of story telling from me for tonight on looking for a home, the road less travelled and being true to one's self

The gypsy girl

She is looking out of the window at the sunset as she's siting on the bed in a room in a house but her mind is elsewhere - the memorys of her life spent on the road less travelled in her thoughts tonight -

as all ways the road softly calling her name -gently - like a mare calling to her foal - she wondereds what it is that makes a place a home? And if she will ever find a place besides some where on the road less travelled to really call a home?

She's may be staying in one place for some time for now - but like many things in her life she is never really sure for how long it will be this time - until she's back on the road - a true gypsy of life that is living a life that is being true to her soul...

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