Being Different Isn't So Bad Chapter 2

Sheriff Gibson had been enjoying a nice quiet Saturday afternoon when he got a call from his dispatcher about Rebecca Trenner being held at gun point by two guys and a woman. She had gotten the call from Rebecca’s partner, May at the airfield. She told them about the job and what was going on right now. He had gotten three other deputies and was heading out to Interstate 70 right now. He knew Ms. Trenner kept a wireless cam in her tow truck so either her father or her friend May could track her when she took a service call.

When he first met Ms. Trenner, she had startled him. She was just three years old when the two of them first met. He had just gotten back from Pakistan and was going to go and see his friend Charles and catch up on what has been happening since he had gotten back. When he showed up and knocked on the door, his friend had answered it with a little girl in his arms. He had been shocked to see a little girl that looked like a mouse. The funny thing was she looked like Gadget from the Disney cartoon.

Charles told him how he came to adopt the girl. How he had found her abandon in a dumpster during a November snow storm and how she was just a few hours old. He had taken her home and cleaned her up and put her in some warm clothes. He had feed her and looked after her. He had taken her down to Doctor Givens and he had done a complete physical on her and taken blood samples to see why she had been born the way she had. He had given him a birth certificate for her. He knew his friend loved Rebecca and had always thought of her as his own daughter.

Sheriff Gibson had watched Rebecca grow up and become the lady she is today. She had even volunteer to help to get him elected as Sheriff.

She always gave of herself and was a daddy’s girl. She loved her adopted father as much as Charles loved her.

It had taken people around town time to get use to her unusual looks and many a times he had to go in and arrest a few people for physically assaulting her or protect her from people. She always did her best to help people and try not to let people’s fears bring down her spirits. Many of the people in town knew she was looked after by her father’s friends. They were all retired military and they had made it known that if you hurt her in any way, they would protect her and retaliate. The veterans loved her, because she always spent time with them and their families. They tried to keep the media from learning about her, but like everything someone did. Charles had to get a restraining order against a few of them, when they almost caused Rebecca to crash. She has sensitive eye sight and bright light like flash bulbs and such hurt her eyes.

She was well known in town as a good mechanic and always gave people breaks on their repairs. Since her father had been a helicopter pilot and such, she flew helicopters and airplanes to help the state police and their department at times. As he gets closer to where Rebecca’s tow truck was parked on the side of the road, he had seen the black Ford Tarsus drive off. He pulls in front of Rebecca’s tow truck as another one of his deputy’s stop across the interstate from where Rebecca was parked.

Sheriff Gibson walks around to the rear of the truck and notices Rebecca sitting on the bumper of the truck.

“Hi Sheriff, I think you missed the action.” Rebecca was curious about the organization they had mentioned.

“You okay, Rebecca?” Sheriff Gibson was still amazed whenever he saw Rebecca.

“Yes sir. I’m okay. I’m just trying to figure out why they were interested in me?” Rebecca was a trusting person and wonders why they wanted to kidnap her.

“Do you want to file a report against them?” Sheriff figures he’ll put out an all-points bulletin on the three people.

“Yes sir, I want to file charges against them.” Rebecca stands up off her bumper and brushes her hands off on her coveralls.

“Okay, let’s go back to the office and file the charges.” Sheriff Gibson heads back to his patrol car and have his deputy follow behind Rebecca just in case they come back.

Rebecca hops into her tow truck and follow the Sheriff back to the office and goes inside to file the paperwork. She wanted these people captured and put in jail. She tells them everything about what the guy said and why he had come to shoot her that she knew of.

“Did he mention what the name of the organization was that wanted you dead?” Sheriff Gibson was curious about this.

“Nope, but I do know it’s not the Government. They weren’t government agents.” Rebecca was sure of that.

“Well if you hear from them again, let me know.” Sheriff Gibson didn’t like people doing things to his people.

She stays at the Sheriff’s office for a few hours and afterwards she starts driving back home.

Rebecca and Sheriff Gibson are good friends and she knows his family well. As Rebecca drives back to her garage. She stops at the local groceries store to pick-up items she’ll need to make cookies and things her father would like, but can’t get in the hospital. She missed having her father at home, but he had been sick lately and needed to stay in the hospital. His VA benefits were paying for his stay and some of his treatments he needed. The rest was coming from the money she made at the garage or odd jobs she took. She didn’t want to have to sell one of their old restored aircraft from World War II. She had a dusting job she had to do Monday.

As Rebecca is walking down the aisles at her favorite grocery store, she passes some teenage boys she had seen hanging around here before. She knew they were nothing but trouble makers. Lately, gangs have been popping up here in Walker, Kansas. As far as she knew there hasn’t been a gang problem in this town before.

“Hey, look. It’s the mouse lady.” Josh had spotted the mouse lady. He didn’t like her, because she had told one of the clerks that one of his friends had stuff some items down in his pants.

“You know there’s cheese over at the other side of the store, mouse lady.” Josh was going to get even with her.

Rebecca just sighs and ignores the boy as she goes down the aisles to get her groceries. She so wanted to take this boy and turn him over her knee like her father use to do to her when she did something bad. He needed a spanking he would never forget.

Josh keeps following the mouse lady and tries to grab her tail, but misses. He tries again, but her tail strikes his hand hard.

A mischievous smile appears on her face as she feels her tail connect with the boy’s hand. She had felt him trying to grab her tail. He didn’t know she could control her tail like she does. She feels him trying to grab it again, but this time she puts a little bit more force behind it and feels it as it strikes him in the face.

Rebecca could hear a few other patrons smirking as her tail smack the boy. She stops and turns around to look at him. He had a red mark on the side of his face where her tail struck him.

“If you keep trying to grab my tail, it’s going to keep hitting you. I would recommend you stop while your face is only partially red.” Rebecca had an evil smile on her face.

Josh looks at Rebecca and knew if he tried anything inside the store, he would be arrested.

Josh looks at the mouse lady and knew he didn’t like her. She had embarrassed him in front of other people.

“This isn’t over mouse lady.” Josh runs out of the store towards his friends van.

“God, what is it with people and kids now a day?” Rebecca watches as the boy runs out of the store. She pulls her cell phone out to check her tow truck to make sure he wasn’t damaging it.

She’s had problems in the past, so the camera she had mounted in the truck for when she picked up other cars. She could access it with her cell phone and check on her truck. Rebecca felt a sigh of relief as she looks at her tow truck. She notices the boy running towards a dark blue beat-up van and drives off.

“Good riddance to bad rubbish.” Rebecca turns the camera feed off and continues with her shopping.

Her cellphones beeps a few times to let her know a txt message had arrived. She pulls out her cellphone to see who sent her a txt.

Hey good looking, what’s for dinner tonight?
Papa Bear

A smile appears on her face. It was her boyfriend that she has been dating for the last two years. He was a truck driver and they had met when he brought his truck in for service at her father’s shop. He was ten years older than her, but she didn’t care and her father liked him, so they started dating. She texts him back.

Homemade hamburgers, corn on the cob, baked potatoes and chef salad on the side.

Rebecca wanted to break in her new barbeque grill. She liked homemade hamburgers over store frozen ones.

Sounds good, I’ll be at your place in about half-an-hour.
Papa Bear

Rebecca replies.
Don’t be late, or I’ll let Jake have your food.

Don’t worry sweetheart, I’ll be there. How about you wear that sexy bikini I brought you.
Papa Bear

She was wearing it earlier today, before she was set-up.

Rebecca collects the rest of the groceries she needed and heads towards the front of the store and checks out. She loads the groceries in her tow truck and head home to get dinner going. She can’t wait to see her Russian truck driver Lev Medvedev. She recalls how tall, handsome and muscular her Russian was. She loved how well develop his body was and his kind demeanor. He hadn’t been turned off by her unusual looks and cared for her. He stood a good two foot taller than her. She loved how he felt inside her body when they made love. She shivers just from remembering how good sex was with him just before he left for his run. He had stretched her to her max and touched places inside her body that she had never known existed.

She couldn’t walk for an hour afterwards and had to crawl everywhere. She loved when he carried her in his big strong arms and she loved his accent. She also loved how he smelled as well. Her sensitive nose had detected a wild musk about him that was intriguing to her. It was something she had never smelled before. She couldn’t put her finger on it, but it smelled wild and powerful. She puts her bikini back on and an apron to wear to cover her body while she cooks the hamburgers. She glances up at the clock and smiles. Her boyfriend should be here in the next ten minutes. She gets the burgers made and cleaned the corn. She wraps the potatoes in alumina foil to put on the grill. She makes the salad and her ears start twitching as they pick-up the sound of her boyfriend’s tractor trailer.

A smile appears on her face as she walks outside to the grill. She gets the grill going and puts the corn on and then the potatoes. She listens as the tractor trailer comes to a stop and parks.

Lev couldn’t believe the sight in front of him. He had been on the road for almost a week and was looking forward to spending time with his little mouse. In all his journey’s and the different people, he has met. He had never met anyone like her. Not even the truck drivers he knew had ever seen anyone like her. He knew she was human, because of their time in bed. He loved how she responded to his touch and kisses. He loved how she smelled and how soft she felt under his touch. He notices that she had on the bikini he had brought her just before he left.

Once the tractor trailer shuts off, he gets out of the truck and walk up to his beautiful mouse girl.

“Hey sweetheart, did you miss me?” He wraps his arms around Rebecca and held her tight to him.

“Mm, you smell stinky and manly.” Rebecca rubs her butt against his manhood.

He tightens his grip around her and nuzzles her hair. He could smell her perfume and notice how arousal she was with him touching her body.

He wanted to explore her young body tonight and have fun with her.

“You know, if we continue, we’ll never get dinner?” Rebecca leans back and kisses him.

“You keep rubbing my groin and I’ll take you right out here in the public.” He presses hard against her bikini covered bottom.

“Then I better get dinner done, so we can go inside and have some fun.” She wiggles one more time and tends to their food.

Lev presses himself hard against her and squeezes her chest as he steps back to fetch the paper plates and such.

Rebecca was ready for her lover now, but she wasn’t going to let good food go to waste. They will have all night to explore each other’s body.
She knew that by the time morning comes, she won’t be able to walk without wincing. Once the food is ready, she takes it over to the table she normally keeps set-up outside.

Lev was excited, one from the smell of the food and two because of what Rebecca was doing to him. He knew she was ready for him. He had spotted a wet spot in her bikini bottom, letting him know she was feeling the same way.

Rebecca could smell how arousal she was making her boyfriend. Her nose wasn’t as sensitive as some animals, but because of her unique genetics. She could smell beyond what normal humans could. Just like she could hear in ranges normal humans couldn’t. She does brushes up against him several times and smiles when he wraps his huge muscular arms around her tiny waist. She spreads her legs when she feels him reach down in between her legs and press her bikini bottom against her opening. She feels his fingers press the material of her bikini tight against her body. She knew she was wet and his fingers were big. She moans when he presses harder against her bikini bottom She was so ready for him to take her.

“Are you sure you want to wait till after dinner, sweetie?” Lev lifts his hand up from between Rebecca’s legs.

Rebecca licks his fingers, tasting her own wetness. She looks up at him afterwards.

“Yes, I am not going to waste this food I just cooked.” She smacks him with her tail lightly.

“Now, let’s sit down and enjoy our dinner.” She had an innocent smile on her face.

Lev just gives a hearty laugh as he sits down at the table and enjoys the meal Rebecca made. She may not be a classically trained chef, but the food she cooked always tasted like it was. He bites into his hamburger and could tell right away she had cooked it to the way he liked, which was medium rare. He knew she liked her hamburgers well done. He could taste the spices she had used and a few other things he couldn’t put his finger on.

Rebecca watches her boyfriend as he ate and hoped she made the burgers the way he liked them. Hers were perfect as well as everything else. She wonders if she should tell him about what happened today or not. He might know something about this group the guy mention or not mention.

“Lev, I was thinking about visiting daddy tomorrow in the hospital. Would you like to come along to see him?” Rebecca picks up the corn cob she had cooked on the grill.

“Sure, sweet heart. How is your father doing?” Lev liked Rebecca’s father. He thought very highly of the man after he had heard how he had rescued and raised Rebecca as if she was his own. He knew the old man was very protective of his adopted daughter.

“He’s doing better, but the doctor’s give him a short time to live. The cancer has spread to other parts of his body. I thought maybe something in my blood would help him, but the doctor’s there said that there wasn’t anything special in my blood that could help him.” Rebecca would miss her adopted father. He had always been there for her and gave her a family.

Lev looks at Rebecca and could tell she was unhappy. He reaches across the table and gasp her hand in his.

“Sweetie, your father has had a remarkable life and raised an incredible daughter. I know you will miss him. I wish there was something I could do to help him.” Lev felt a little guilty because he hadn’t gotten around telling Rebecca about his secret, but he figures she suspected something unusual about him with that nose of hers.

After dinner, the two clean the dinner dishes and put away the left overs. Before Rebecca and Lev turn in for the night. He helps her make the cookies and treats her father loved. He knew her father was the most important figure in her life. He had raised her when her own mother had abandon her. No one knew who her father was. All any one knew, was that she had been born slightly deform and nothing could explain why or how it happened to her. He didn’t care, to him she was perfect.

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