You're My Bitch Now part 7

Part 7

Chris stared at Rick. ‘Rikkie, what have you done? What have you told

‘It's a her, not a him, and I haven't told her anything. She caught me
in the panties I was wearing the other day in the office, then she saw
your text message to me tonight and she put two and two together. I
haven't told her anything, but she sussed that something is going on.’

Chris sat down on the bed. ‘Shit, shit, shit.’

Rick came and sat next to him. ‘I don't think she really knows anything.
I’m sure she just thinks I'm your boyfriend or something, that's all.
She doesn't know who you are or what you do here.’

Chris turned to him. ‘What we do here, you mean.’

Rick blushed to the soles of his feet. ‘OK, what we do here.’

‘Rikkie are you sure she doesn't know anything?’

‘No. Not about you. I'm the one who got caught.’

Chris started to giggle. ‘She caught you in your panties? How?’

‘It's not funny. I had to bend down in the office and she spotted them
when my jeans gaped open at the back.’

‘Oh my God, what did you say?’

‘I told her we had a bet on the football, and you made me wear them for
losing the bet.’

Chris laughed out loud. ‘Did she believe you?’

‘I don't think so.’

Chris fell back on the bed laughing. Rick was now redder than ever.
‘That's priceless, Rikkie. I'm sorry, but it is funny. What did she do?’

‘She took me for a drink and said that what I do outside of work is my

Chris looked at the expression on Rick’s face. ‘There’s more, isn't
there? Tell me, Rikkie.’

Rick was so embarrassed by now he couldn't bear to look at Chris. He
swallowed, ‘She said I had to wear panties at work all the time.’

Chris put his hand up to his mouth and his eyes were wide open.
‘Noooooo, so you wore them today to work?’

“Yes, and she checked I had them on.’

Chris collapsed on the bed, holding his sides as he laughed. ‘Rikkie,
you are so wonderful.’ He pulled Rick back onto the bed and put his arms
around him. ‘So, Rikkie, are we boyfriends? Or girlfriends, maybe?’

Rick looked at Chris to see if he was joking. Chris was grinning and
Rick shrugged.

‘Dunno, maybe, if you want to be.’ Rick was blushing furiously. ‘Oh, and
she wants me to go to Manchester with her on a work visit the day after
tomorrow as well. I'm petrified of her.’

‘Come on, Rikkie, she doesn't sound that bad. Go on, get back to your
room, I need my beauty sleep. I have some ideas about our show tomorrow
night. You’ll love it, I promise.’

Chris gave Rick a kiss and shoved him out of the door. ‘Sleep well
Rikkie. I need you to be full of energy for the show.’

Rick stumbled back to his room and collapsed on the bed. What was he
getting himself into? He was getting in deeper and deeper all the time.
Where would this end? He rolled over on the bed and put the panties to
his nose. Rick slipped the panties back on and shivered as he felt the
lace cradle his cock and balls. He was obsessed with Chris. He knew he
would do whatever Chris wanted, without question, and he was as happy as
he could ever remember.


The next morning, Rick found a fresh pair of panties hanging on the
doorknob of the bathroom. Chris had obviously left them there before he
went to work. Rick showered and went back to his room and picked them
up. He slipped one leg into them, then the other and drew them gently up
his legs. As he felt them settle gently around his balls, he had to
close his eyes at the thrill of excitement that began to run through
him. He stroked his cock through the lace and began to harden instantly,
his breath shortening and his mind a kaleidoscope of images of himself
and Chris.

He slipped down the front of the panties and let his little hard cock
spring free. He felt dizzy as he stroked himself harder and harder until
he felt the warmth spreading through him and he jerked as his cum
spurted out. His knees almost gave way and he had to steady himself
against the wall. He looked down and to his horror his cum had soaked
the front of the panties. He pulled them off and he realised he couldn't
wear them in that state. Shit, he thought, what should I do? He hurried
through to the kitchen and threw them into the washing machine along
with the two other pairs he had worn.

He frowned. Rhona would almost certainly check on what he was wearing
when he got to work. Only one thing for it, he had to buy some for
himself. There was a department store on the way to work and he would
have enough time to go in and buy some before work.

As Rick stood outside the store he began to panic. Remembering how
embarrassed he had been when his mum dragged him around the lingerie
section when he was growing up, he dreaded what was going to come next.

Lingerie was on the second floor and he rode the escalator up, emerging
to face racks and racks of brightly coloured bras and panties, hosiery
and so many other garments that he didn’t know existed. He was blushing
already, and he scuttled along trying to make himself as inconspicuous
as possible while he searched for the panties. Of course, instead of
being unnoticed, he stood out like a sore thumb. The sales assistant who
was hanging some new bras on the racks, spotted Rick immediately as he
walked, still blushing, between the racks.

She smiled to herself, she had seen that look many times before. She had
dealt with many men buying lingerie for themselves, and she had this one
pegged as an ‘It's for my girlfriend’ type. She watched him as he
stopped in front of the racks of panties, looking bewildered. She walked
up behind him.

‘What size is she?’

Rick nearly jumped out of his skin as he spun around to see the pretty
sales assistant standing right behind him.

‘What?’ he managed to squeak.

‘Your girlfriend, what size is she?’ Rick went as red as a beetroot and
she knew she had guessed right. ‘I mean, you are looking for your
girlfriend, right?’

Rick could hardly breathe now, let alone answer the girl. He nodded.

‘Is she my size?’ The girl smiled at Rick as he looked back like a deer
caught in the headlights. ‘Or, is she more like your size?’

Rick wanted to die. She knew, he thought. His heart was pounding as he
stood there, looking for the way out so he could bolt. The girl leaned
into him, touched his hand gently and whispered, ‘Don't worry, there’s
no need to be embarrassed. I help a lot of young men buy lingerie for
their...’ she paused for just a beat, ‘..girlfriends.’

Rick swallowed and squeaked, ‘Thanks.’

‘Now, Let's say she is your size, so that's a start. So, do you want to
buy plain or pretty?’

‘Er, pretty,’ Rick mumbled.


Rick gulped and nodded, his face burning.

She looked him up and down and smiled. ‘That's nice, she deserves to be
pretty, I think. Now follow me and I’ll show you some lovely ones over
here in your size, I mean the size you want.’ She turned to make sure he
was following her. ‘My name’s Alice, by the way. What's yours?’

‘Rick.’ he mumbled.

She bent her head close to him, ‘No, what's your special name?’

‘Rick went even redder, looking around to see if anyone else had heard.
‘Er, er, Rikkie,’ he whispered as quietly as he could. Alice thought he
did look nice underneath all the embarrassment. His hair was held back
in a scrunchie, but she was sure he would look so pretty with it undone
and framing his narrow face.

‘Rikkie, that's so cute. I love it. Now, here are some really pretty
ones.’ Alice was flicking with practised ease through the rack and she
pulled off a pair of pink panties, and to Rick’s horror held them up
against him.

‘Don't do that, someone might see.’

‘No, they won't. We’re the only ones here. How about these?’ Alice held
up something else against his crotch and Rick squirmed with
embarrassment. ‘These are called boyshorts, quite appropriate don't you
think, Rikkie?’

Alice dropped both the pairs into a mesh bag and kept rifling along the
rack. ‘This one?’ She held out a wisp of scarlet material in front of
Rick. ‘No, they’re crotchless, or is your girlfriend ready for them,
yet?’ Rick shook his head, aghast at the thought. ‘Pity, I think they
would look wonderful and so liberating. Ah, now this is perfect for you,
I think.’ She placed a piece of flimsy silk into Rick’s hands, and he
stood rooted to the spot as he felt the silk sliding over his fingers.
‘That's a yes, then.’ said Alice, as she watched the look of bliss flash
across Rick’s face. She placed them in the bag and then said, ‘Now this
is part of a matching set, Rikkie. Bra, panties and suspender belt.
These are to die for, don't you think?’

Rick stared at the things Alice held in her hand. It was delicate shade
of ivory and French blue, with lace around the edges of the panties and
the suspender belt.

‘Touch it, Rikkie, see how soft and pretty it is.’

Rick’s hand moved towards them. He wasn't controlling it, it was moving
of its own volition. His fingertips brushed the delicate ivory and blue
material and at that moment he knew he had to have them. He looked up at
Alice, excitement and desire lighting fires in his eyes. Alice bit her
lip, she was getting quite excited seducing this pretty little boy, and
she found herself getting wet. He was so sweet she could have thrown him
down and taken him there and then on the floor. She shook herself; she
needed to be professional. ‘You’ll need some stockings to go with the
suspenders, Rikkie. I’ll pop a couple of pairs in your bag. Tell you
what, let's add this purple set as well, they are so delicious. Follow
me and we’ll settle up.’

By now Rick was almost incapable of thinking for himself. He allowed
Alice to lead him to the tills, where she rang up the purchases, folded
them neatly and put them into one of the shop’s bags.

‘Don't tell anyone, but I've given you a little discount. I think you're
going to be one of my regular customers, don’t you Rikkie?’

Rick nodded. ‘Thanks Alice. You’ve been very kind to me.’

‘It's been my pleasure, Rikkie, I hope your er, girlfriend loves the
lingerie,’ and gave Rick a big smile.

‘Now for our records, do you an email address?’

Rick gave her one of his addresses.

‘Phone number?’

Taken by surprise, Rick gave her his number.

‘Rick, that's so nice of you to shop here. Here’s my card.’ Alice picked
up a pen. ‘I’ve written my personal number on the back for you.’ She
bent forward and whispered, ‘Rikkie, if there’s anything, I mean
anything, I can help you with, please give me a call.’

He took the card from her in a daze and turned to leave. He had gone
only a few steps when he heard Alice call out, ‘Rikkie, don't forget
your lingerie.’ He whipped around and Alice was holding out the bag
which Rick had left behind in his confusion. A couple of women close by
looked across at Alice’s words and smiled knowingly. Rick grabbed the
bag and scuttled out, his face once more burning.

Rick slipped into the coffee shop next to the office to try to calm down
before he went in. He ordered a cappuccino and sat staring into space
trying to figure out what had just happened to him. He took out the card
Alice had given him and the on the back was a phone number. He wouldn't
ever ring it, he thought. But, she had been so nice to him, he would
keep it. He slipped it into his wallet just as someone sat down next to

‘Been shopping?’

He looked round in shock to see Rhona grinning at him.

‘Er, yes. Just picked up a few bits and pieces.’ He moved to push the
bag away from Rhona, but she beat him to it, opened it and peered

‘Well, well, Rick. What have we here?’

Rick wanted to die for the second time that day as Rhona began to
rummage around in the bag.

‘You can't do that, that's private. Give it here.’ He tried to grab the
bag from her, but Rhona pulled it out of his reach once more.

‘Rick, these are lovely. You have very good taste. She made to take
something out of the bag and Rick knew he would faint if she did.

‘No, Rick, I won't take them out of the bag here. Just make sure you
bring that lovely purple set with you when we go to Manchester tomorrow.'

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