The Curse 2: The Cursening, Chapter 3: In Which Things Progress

This took longer than I wanted it to, but I'm getting a better pace to my writing, so hopefully that speeds things up for everybody. Get ready for a rollercoaster.


“Kept busy?” Dr. Santos asked as he walked into the room. I sat there in nothing but my boxers, more than a little self-conscious. “Seeing anyone?”

I laughed. “Not really. To either question.”

He sighed. “It’s important for a young man to keep active and find someone in their life.”

“Did you just see that on Dr. Phil or something?”

He let out a light-hearted glare toward me. “I remember being a slack-off loser when I was your age, and would rather most of my younger patients not follow my example.”

I folded my arms across my chest. “Yeah, because who would want to be a doctor, heading out to the golf course every other day and driving a Lamborghini?”

He checked some things off on his clipboard. “It’s a Ferrari and I’m only at the golf course three times a week.”

“My mistake.”

He asked me the usual questions, health, the family, whether or not I was going to try out for sports at school. I gave the usual answers. The conversation went as they do whenever you see a doctor that you’re used to seeing.

Then, suddenly, I got oddly self-conscious. I wasn’t wearing a shirt, and felt like I really should have been. And then there was the cool draft I felt against my chest. What was going on? I shivered for a second, then Dr. Santos told me I could put my shirt back on. Why did I feel so much better wearing a shirt?

“You okay, Ken?” Dr. Santos asked.

I nodded. “Yeah, just… Weird chill, that’s all.”

He nodded his head oddly, then turned back to his laptop. I was happy he didn’t pry into that any further, because it confused the hell out of me. I’d never felt that before. I pulled on the shorts I’d worn and then my sandals. I was hoping that I’d be able to leave soon.

The minutes ticked by as Dr. Santos tapped away at on his laptop, then he finally turned around around and handed me his customary Tootsie Roll Pop, something he did despite the fact that I wasn’t a kid anymore. “Alright, Kenneth, you can go now. Talk to Mikaela at the front desk, she’ll have the card for your next appointment.”

I took the Tootsie Roll Pop and smiled. “Thanks, Doc.”


Mikaela was a new girl I’d never met, around my age and almost exaggeratedly gorgeous. I would’ve asked her out on a date, if she didn’t seem like she was annoyed with everything.

Not to mention if not for Gabby.

The card I was given listed an appointment in three months, so I assumed I was reasonably healthy. I gave Mikaela a smile that she didn’t return, and left the doctor’s office, where my mom was waiting in the parking lot with a magazine in her hand and the car’s AC going. Despite the fact that it was colder in the car than it was in the doctor’s office, I didn’t feel that chill that had hit me inside.

“How’d it go?” Mom asked.

“It was a regular physical, nothing weird.”


I nudged her with my elbow. “You’re being weird, what’s up?”

She shook her head. “Just curious how it felt having a man see you mostly naked instead of Gabby.”

I rolled my eyes. “If I was still Kendra, it’d probably creep me out.”

“If you were still Kendra, I’d rather you see a gynecologist.”

I coughed out a laugh. “So, what’s up today?”

“Hmmmm… You still have three days off before school, I’d say you get out there and enjoy the rest of your summer vacation.” She smiled. “And maybe go spend the day with Gabby.”

I noded. “Sounds like a plan.”



I was leaning up against the support beam beside the stairs that connected the first floor of Gabby’s house to the basement. She was moving boxes around, looking for something, but she wouldn’t let me help. I didn’t know why she wouldn’t let me help, though. “Is there some sort of reason you won’t let me help you?”

She nodded. “Yeah, it’s personal.”

I glanced down at the box that was sitting beside me. “It’s not sex toys, is it?”

Gabby grabbed the box and pulled it away from me. “No.” Then, with a smile, she added, “The sex toys are in my bottom dresser drawer. If you’d spent a little more time as Kendra, I would have introduced you to them.”

That weird chill hit me again. I shook and asked, “Can we go upstairs? It’s… Damp… Down here.”

She looked at me funny. “No it’s not. It’s dusty down here, but it’s not damp. You okay?”

I shook my head. “I’m… I dunno. It’s weird.”

She smiled again. “You’re weird.”

I nodded. “Yeah. Look, let’s just go upstairs. I bet you’re not gonna find what you’re looking for down here.”

She set the box down on a table. “Yeah, you’re probably right.” She patted me on the shoulder. “If you put something cute on, I might still let you see the sex toys.”

I smiled. “Whatever.”


“Okay,” Gabby said as she clasped her hands together in front of her, “we need to find something to do to kill some time before I have to kick you out.”

I raised an eyebrow. “You have to kick me out?”

“Yeah. You know my dad, he doesn’t like you being here for dinner.”

I’d never understood why exactly, but she wasn’t wrong. Her dad had never much cared for me being in the house in the first place, which I always attributed to him just worrying about me having sex with his daughter. If he knew what Gabby and I had done on the hood of my mom’s car the other night, I wondered how he’d feel.

I walked over to her bookshelf. Gabby had a decently sized collection of fantasy books I’d never heard of, which was pretty impressive because I had a decently sized collection of obscure fantasy books, in addition to the ones everybody knew about, like Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter.

Looking at her books made me think about that story I was writing at home. “Hey, you got a problem if we head over to my place for a second?” I asked.

She gave me a confused look, then said, “Sure. Whaddya need?”

“Just wanna grab my notebook, that’s all.”

She smiled. “Actually, that gives me a good idea.”

I dreaded that smile now. “What kind of idea?”

“Think you could write a nice little erotica short based on us from the other day?”

I raised an eyebrow. “You want me to write a story basically about us having steamy lesbian sex?”



She poked me in the chest, which felt… Odd. “Because we had a moment the other day, and I want a memento.”

I was about to say something when the room began to spin. Everything around me went in every direction except the one it was supposed to be. The walls grew taller, the floor shrank into a purple square, and the ceiling became a red and white umbrella that eclipsed the… two suns? Why were there two suns? What the hell was happening?

“Are you okay?” I heard Gabby ask. She was standing right in front of me, but she was twenty stories up at the same time. I tried to move closer to her, but then I was standing on a floor made entirely of her face. I moved my foot away from her nose, but I ended up by her left toe instead.

“No,” I said, though my voice was pure helium. I grasped at my throat, only to find myself scratching my arm instead. I tried to clear my throat, but instead ended up with a ear ache. I decided to seek out Gabby’s bed and sit down. It had to be somewhere around there. “Can you help me to your bed?” I asked.

“Yeah,” she said, or at least one of her did. There were suddenly about nine Gabbys standing around me, not including the one made out of putty that was clawing its way through the ceiling. There was another one out the window, waving a flare around for some reason.

I had to be dreaming, that was it. Except that, unless I’d fallen asleep on her couch, or something, I hadn’t actually gone to sleep. I had been wide awake when I’d gotten to her house, and I was fairly certain I’d been wide awake when we’d come upstairs into her bedroom, so why was everything so fucked up?

“Gabby?” I called out to her. She’d disappeared, all of her. The room was suddenly back to normal, except everything was in grayscale.

“I’m here.”


“Right in front of you.”

I didn’t see her. I reached out into the air in front of me, but she wasn’t there. I didn’t feel anything.

“No, you’re not.”

“Ken, swear to God, you just grabbed my boob.”

“No I didn’t.” My voice sounded normal again, but I could still hear the embarrassment in that line. Even though I couldn’t feel that I’d accidentally groped her didn’t mean that I hadn’t accidentally groped her. “Sorry, if I really did.”

“You’ve touched more than that, so don’t worry about it. What’s going on? If you can’t see me, what do you see?”

“The room. It’s completely gray, though.”

“That’s it?”

“Yeah.” The door opened. There was a figure there, female by the body shape. “Wait, did you just open the door?”

“No. Why, is the door open?”

“You’re not the one standing in the doorway?”

“No, Ken, I’m not. Are you high?”

The figure stepped closer to me. I recognized her, but I couldn’t peg where I knew her from. I moved closer to her, but I didn’t seem to be gaining any ground. Was the room fucking up again? “Gabby, where am I right now?”

“Uh, sitting on my bed. I helped you there, remember?”

“I’m not seeing the same things you are.”

“Oh, yeah. Sorry. This is weird.”

“No shit. Uh… Help me to the door?”


“But, the girl…”

“What girl?”

“Her! The one in the doorway!” I did my best to point at the figure, but God only knows if I was actually pointing. The girl in the doorway put her hands to her mouth and started to giggle. I could hear the giggle, almost as if she was standing right beside me.

Where the hell did I know her from?

“Ken, you are not getting moved. Just lie down, I’mma call your mom.”

“Don’t,” a voice said, but it wasn’t mine. “Don’t let her.”

The girl had moved closer to me again. I know I saw her at some point in the last couple days now, but I still couldn’t peg her. Why did she look so familiar to me?

“Don’t…” This time it was my voice.

“What?” Gabby asked.

“Don’t do that,” my voice again.

“Have her leave,” the girl’s voice. What was her name? It started with a K, I knew that much. Why couldn’t I remember more?

“I think I’ll be fine if I just have some rest,” I said. “Mind if I take a nap?”

I still couldn’t see Gabby, so if she was making any sort of look on her face, I didn’t know. Eventually, I heard her sigh, and say, “Okay. I’ll be back in here to check on you in twenty minutes.”

“Okay, thanks,” I said. I finally felt the bed underneath me. I heard the door open, then close again. I couldn’t tell if there’d been enough time for Gabby to have left, but I had no reason to believe she would have stayed in the room.

“Good,” the girl said. I felt her sit down beside me, and her hand suddenly started to caress my face. “Just drift to sleep. Drift… To sleep…”

It was strange. The second she started talking, I started to feel my eyes getting heavier, then close. I could still feel her hand on my face, I could feel warmth spreading from her body to mine. Then, the warmth started to spread through my body. From my face to my arms, to my legs, to my vagina, to my breasts.

I didn’t even have time to realize what I was saying to myself before I was asleep.


“Please get up, please get up, please. Get. Up.

The voice sounded like it was coming from a million miles away, but I knew that was just my fucked up sense of hearing after whatever the hell had just happened to me. I rolled over onto my side and tried to shut the voices out. The bed was too comfortable.

“Goddammit, Ken, wake! Up!

Ken. Ken… Ken… Why did that sound so familiar?

“I mean it! Get up, now!

I knew that I recognized that name, but I couldn’t think of who it belonged to. Was it somebody I knew? Was it somebody I’d dated? He didn’t sound like my type of guy. Come to think of it, I couldn’t remember the last guy I went out with. Maybe I needed to head out to the mall and start flirting a little before school kicked off.

“Kenneth Matthew Brewster, get your ass out of my bed now!”

Kenneth? Wait… Ken… Kenneth… That had to be where I recognized the name from, but there was a slight problem there.

My name was Kendra.

I opened my eyes to see Gabby standing there, looking down at me. “How long have I been asleep?” I asked.

That’s what you’re asking?” She looked like she’d just watched me grow a second head.

“Yeah, because I don’t remember falling asleep.”

“You’re not asking why you’ve suddenly become a girl again?”

“Again?” What the hell was she talking about? I’d always been a girl. “Are you okay?”

She now looked like she’d seen a thousand ghosts having an orgy. “Oh… Oh… Oh no… Oh shit oh no…”


“Gimme your phone.”

I reached into my shorts pocket and pulled out my phone. She took it from me, nearly scraping me with her fingernails. I thought I had longer fingernails than she did, mine looked weirdly short. And I wasn’t wearing any nail polish.

“Who are you calling?” I asked.

“Your cousin. I need her to talk to that sorceress she knows.”

“Uh, why?”

She looked over at me, concern flashing across her face. “You.”


“What’s your name?” Mom asked, staring me in the eye. Over a day of doing nothing and that was all the farther we’d really gotten. Oh, I’d told them other things, and they’d told me things about the boy they thought I was, but it always kept coming back to my name.

I sighed and answered for about the fiftieth time. “Kendra Selene Brewster.” I took a bite of the Snickers bar I’d been eating. “How many times to I have to say that?”

Gabby was standing on the other side of the room, a concerned look on her face the likes of which I’d never seen before. Why was she so scared? Well, other than the fact that everybody seems to think I used to be a boy. I don’t get it, I think I’d know if I used to be a boy. Had everybody taken crazy pills at exactly the same time?

Mom held up a photo of her and some boy, probably this Kenneth that they keep thinking I’m supposed to be. “And you don’t remember being male at all?”

“How could I remember being a guy if I was never a guy?”

“Sweetie, the pictures aren’t fake, you were a boy, you just don’t remember it now, for some reason.”

I leaned back in my chair. “Okay, say i really was a boy. Why don’t I remember it, if I was?”

“That’s what I hope your cousin tells us,” Gabby said, finally speaking up. She walked over to the kitchen table and pulled a chair out. “If she ever gets here.”

Almost as if on cue, there was a knock on the door. Mom got up and opened the door, and I saw Amy and a girl I didn’t recognize. That sorceress she talked about nowhere in sight. Whatever was going on, maybe Amy could explain that I had always been a girl, like I was certain of.

The unfamiliar girl sat down in front of me and that was when I realized she wasn’t a girl at all. Oh, she was wearing a bright yellow tank top with an obvious bra underneath and a pair of short shorts that looked absolutely adorable on her, and her fingernails and toenails were both painted the same bright yellow as her top; her hair was longer than mine and her makeup was perfect.

But she her flat chest and her slight bulge made it obvious that she was a boy.

Not that I had any problems with that. She was still cute, and if not for the fact that I wasn’t into girly boys, I might go out with her. Or, well, no. I was still treating her like she was a girl, so maybe I wouldn’t. Either way, if she wanted to express herself as female, I was okay with that.

Ugh... I was sounding stupid.

“Kendra,” Amy said, “this is my friend Dean. She’s Ms. Malski’s… um…”

Dean finished the thought, “Ms. Malski’s my stepmom. She’s also the reason I’m the way I am, but I’m better off this way. Last but not least, she’s teaching me the tricks of the magic trade.”

I nodded my head, just to make movements, if nothing else. “Okay. What’s that gotta do with me?”

“Mom thinks you… Affected… The spell she used to change you the other day.”

“What spell?”

“See, that’s what I’m talking about. Somehow, you’ve made your spell take effect again, and you’ve rewritten your whole past. Mom told me that part’s almost impossible, even for higher level sorceresses like her. She mentioned something about genies being able to do it, but then she tossed that idea away because something about genies not being around anymore. I’m only just starting my magic training, so what I can do is absurdly limited right now.”

Mom asked, “So why did your mother send you? It sounds like something she should be here for.”

Dean shrugged. “I dunno. I’m getting pretty good at reversing minor spells. Like, last week Mom turned an apple into a curling iron, and I turned it back into an apple, but then she turned me back into the old me, and I couldn’t reverse that, so she had to. Not only is this a pretty high level spell, Ken… Dra… Kendra… Reversed it herself and somehow changed her past in the process.” She looked back at me. “Mom says that you might be capable of magic.”

Mom sat down in a dining room chair and looked like the wind had been knocked out of her. “This is all… All this was supposed to be was Ken experiencing how it felt to be female while wearing girl’s clothes, how did all this happen?”

I folded my arms under my breasts. “From my point of view, nothing happened. I was a girl yesterday, a girl the day before, and all the way since the day I was born. Everybody acting like this is wrong somehow makes no sense to me.”

Gabby said, “Trust me, this makes no sense to anyone. You were a boy yesterday, not a girl, and you’ve always been a boy.”

I just couldn't see it. I remembered being a girl too clearly, from Gabby and I having sleepovers when we were little to that day at the mall when I had my first kiss with Shawn Breckenridge. It was probably the most disgusting kiss I’d ever had, but it was my first.

Hearing that this life I remembered was supposedly fake was starting to get on my nerves. “Look, I’m fine the way I am, okay?” I stood up and walked to the door. “I’mma go out and enjoy the rest of the day at the mall, or something.” With that, I shut the door behind me and set out for the nearest inner-city bus stop.


His eyes were on me the second I sat down at the food court with my ham, cheese, lettuce, tomato and mustard sub sandwich. I had to admit, I was doing as much staring as he was.

If course, I was dressed specifically to make boys stare at me. After leaving home, I made it to the nearest clothing store and bought myself some new stuff, mostly to keep me from sweating too much since it was almost a hundred degrees outside. I’d picked a scoop-neck tank top and tiny, tiny skirt, plus a pair of sandals with a three inch heel.

The girls, naturally, were getting most of the attention.

I went to take my first bite out of the sub when that Dean girl sat down across the table from me. “You gonna eat the other half?” she asked. I slid it across the table to her. “Thank you, I’m goddamned starving! Amy never told me how long it would take to get here, and I haven't eaten since we left town.” She glanced over at the boy I was almost flirting with. “Oooh, he’s cute.”

I put my half of the sub down. “Why’d Mom and Gabby send you? No offense or anything, but you really don’t have any stakes in whether I was really a boy like they say I was.”

She shrugged. “No, but I volunteered. I love going to the mall back home. I honestly think I’ve developed some kind of shopping… Well, complex, really. I just like to shop.” She took a pretty big bite. “You freaked your mom and your friend out when you left.”

I sighed. “Whatever. I’m fine the way I am. They can leave me alone.”

Another bite. “Yeah, you said that.” She let out a light burp. “And your family says otherwise. Now, my mom sent me out here because she thinks I can help you, I don’t honestly know how, and you’re just fine with your change, which from what Mom tells me means one thing.”


Big bite again. “A sorceress’ body knows that it needs to change itself, and will do so once her power has finally been awakened. If you're really a sorceress, like my mom thinks you are, then your power awoke and your body reshaped itself like it should. Why your mind changed is the question.”

I leaned forward. “But I don't feel like my mind changed. I don’t remember being this boy they say I was.”

She nodded. “I know. And I don’t know how to fix that, but I think I know how to get you to fix it.”

I leaned back. “Now I’m confused.”


“Okay,” Dean said as she sat me down on my bed. Amy, Gabby and Mom all around us. I had to admit, my room did look like a boy’s room. I could have sworn I had yellow curtains. “I need you to lie down now.”


She pulled her phone out. “My mom gave me this list of spells to awaken deeper parts of someone's mind. Mom doesn’t think you actually rewrote your life after I texted her some extra details, now she thinks you’re one of at least two personalities. Y’see, everybody has some form of split personality, usually a part of us that we repress or just something we never knew was in us to begin with.” She tapped away at her phone. “Lie down.”


She glared at me. “When the alternate personalities are allowed out, your body may experience some… Effects. You’ll be fine if you're lying down, but you might accidentally hurt yourself if you sit up.”

I sighed. “Whatever. Just get this over with.”

She placed a hand on my chest and started saying something in a language I couldn't understand. Nothing magical seemed to be happening, at least from my perspective. I yawned, my hand was slapped away from my mouth.

That was when my body started tingling. My vision doubled, blurred, then finally, everything went dark...


The dark enveloped me, and then that was replaced by the light. The two danced around and swapped places constantly, but in spite of this, the brightness of whatever room I was in never actually seemed to change.

The floor… Wasn't there. I walked along it, never once hearing footsteps, despite the fact that my heels should have been making a distinctive clicking sound. The place didn't seem to have any sort of air, though I wasn't having trouble breathing. The whole thing was creeping me out.

I kept walking, despite no obvious evidence that I was even moving. The place was just a giant nothing, for all I knew I was walking in place. I stopped to look around for a moment to get my bearings, but my bearings never really seemed to get got.

I decided to sit down. Either something would happen, or I’d bore myself to death not doing anything. If I were lucky, one of those alternate selves Dean talked about would show up at some point.

A shadow crossed over me. I looked up and saw… Well… Me. A girl that looked exactly like me, wearing a short sleeved shirt and a pair of blue jeans. She held out her hand for me to take, so I did. She pulled me to my feet and patted me down like I was dusty.

“There you go, good as new,” she said, a smile on her face.

“Who are… You?”

“Technically, you. My name’s Kenneth.”

“You’re the guy everybody keeps mistaking me for! Well, but you’re not a guy.”

She shook her head. “No, I’m not, and, well, this is complicated.”

“Actually, that Dean girl explained it, I’m… We’re split personalities, and you’re the dominant one, but I’m the one that took hold when your magical sorceress powers decided to come out, for some reason.”

She scratched at her head. “Well. That… No, I can't say that makes sense. I’m a sorceress?

I nodded. “Yeah. And apparently your body changed because of it. I guess boys can't be sorceresses.”

She rolled her eyes. “That makes sense. Stupid as it was to hear out loud.” She walked around me, as if looking for something but not quite certain what. I looked around again, wondering if maybe I could actually find something if I actually knew I should be looking for something. Of course, that attempt failed horribly.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“Looking for the way out.”

“How do you know there is one?”

She grabbed me by the shoulders. “Look, this is your mind, this is my mind, this is our mind. There is a way out, we’ve just gotta find it.”


It took us five hours of searching before we finally found the way out. The girl, Kendra, looked completely out of it. I wondered what she’d been told in the real world to make her look so down.

I also wondered why she would be a split personality to me. Was there some part of me that wanted to be female? She seemed so very different from me, it almost made me wonder what her “life” had been like. Made me wonder if she still had a dad.

The more I thought about it, I wondered what would happen to her when we made it out of here. Would I be in control of our body? Would she? Would we merge somehow, and have the memories of both our lives? Would one of us just die off being pushed to the back of our mind? Would the other be a nagging voice at the back of the mind?

Did I really have the right to be in control of our body? Her life was just as real to her as mine was to me. I couldn’t take that away from her, it would be wrong. I wondered if there was something I could do to help her. If I was really the sorceress that I apparently was, maybe there was some way to give her her own body.

The exit before us looked an awful lot like that doorway made of light that I’d seen before I didn’t wake up. The doorway was about six times larger than any real door I’d ever seen, and yet I was certain only one of us would be able to go through it. I stepped toward it, but stopped.

“What’s the matter?” Kendra asked.

I turned to her. “What’ll happen to us?”

She shrugged. “I dunno. Dean didn’t tell me that.”

“What if one of us… Y’know… Dies?”

The color drained from her face. “If what they’re saying is true, I’m not real anyway. I can’t die, I’m just a part of you. You’re the real us, and I’m… The part of you born female, I guess.”

I stepped away from the door. “But if I’m really a sorceress, wouldn’t that make you the real one?”

She shrugged again. “I don’t know, okay? Maybe nothing will happen to either of us and we’ll both be okay when you step through that door, you’ll just be the dominant personality again. I’ll go find some cave in our mind to live in. But we’ll never know anything, our body will probably die, and then Mom and Amy and Gabby and everybody we know will watch it all happen if you don’t go through that door.”

I felt tears welling up in my eyes. She was actually willing to live with whatever consequences there were. I took a deep breath, then took a step toward the door.

Then a thought crossed my mind.

“Hey, while you were… Y’know, me, us, whatever, did you and Gabby do anything?” I asked.

She raised an eyebrow. “What? What are you talking about?”

I walked back over to her. “Well, Gabby and I kinda had sex the other day, and I was just - “

She cut me off. “I’m a girl, doofus, and so are you right now. There was nothing I could do with Gabby.”

“So what? I was a girl when we had sex.”

She shivered. “Ugh… I didn’t know that and I didn’t want to know that. I’m straight, you didn’t have to tell me you aren’t.”

I rolled my eyes at her. “Male brain, male urges, okay? Besides, Gabby’s gay, too.”

Shock spread across her face. “I didn’t know that either.”

That made sense. If Kendra wasn’t gay, Gabby would have had no reason to come out to her, since she didn’t come out to me until I was a girl.

I patted her on the shoulder and then turned back to the doorway. The light only grew brighter as I neared it. Then a warmth encased me, wrapped itself around me and spread inside me. The feeling was so strange and yet familiar at the same time.

And then for whatever reason, I had a song by Men At Work stuck in my head.


The reason for the music in my head was revealed to be Mom listening to the 80s station on XM radio. I sat up and rubbed at my forehead. There was Amy, Gabby, Mom and someone I assumed was “that Dean girl”, though she was clearly just an androgynous guy in absurdly cute clothes. Definitely cute enough to be mistaken for a girl.

They were all looking at me with concerned looks on their faces, especially Gabby and Mom. I just looked around at all of them and prayed somebody else would say something first. When it became obvious that nobody was gonna talk, I just said, “Hi.” It surprised me for a second that my voice was still female, but, it probably shouldn’t have. If I’m gonna be a sorceress, I guess I’ve gotta have the anatomy to have the ‘ess’ on the end.

None of them said anything. I could tell they were all anxious, probably not even sure who they would be talking to. I couldn’t blame them. They’d just spent the better part of an afternoon with Kendra, and now I was back in control.

Mom was the first one to say anything. “Sweetie, are you… Kenny or Kendra?”

“Kenny,” I said. “Though I guess Kendra’s probably the more appropriate name, now. I’m not the girl that didn’t know she’d been a boy, though.”

Gabby breathed a sigh of relief. So did Dean. Amy just looked relieved, but neither she nor Mom sighed. “It’s about time you’re back,” Gabby said.

I pivoted on my bed, but didn’t get up. For some reason, I was exhausted now. Something told me it had something to do with the heels. “How long was Kendra here?” I asked.

“Not too long, just a little over a day.”

“A little over a day?

Amy said, “Well, Dean and I had to get here.” She stepped closer. “It’s like a five hour drive and we couldn’t exactly make it in a night.”

“What did she do the whole time?”

Mom answered, “When we weren’t asking her questions, she took naps and watched TV.”

Dean stood up. “Okay, it looks like we’ve settled your personalities and put you back in control. Now I’ve just gotta text my mom and ask her what to do next.”

“Your mom?” I asked.

She looked confused, then smacked herself in the head. “Duh. The other one. My mom, the sorceress that turned Amy into Amy, fixed my life and helped you discover your feminine side. She’s our principal at school, and she adopted me after getting me away from my shitty old family.”

I realized for the first time that I was wearing a skirt and my panties were pretty plainly visible. I closed my legs instantly and probably turned red as a beet. “Um, so… Uh… Kendra said something about me being a sorceress?”

She nodded. “Yeah, my mom’s about eighty-five percent sure that something you did the other day when she let you experience femininity awakened latent magical power inside you, and then that power changed you to accommodate the fact that a sorceress’ magic physically needs a woman’s body to sustain it.”

Gabby said, “That seems kinda sexist, but if it keeps Ken as a girl, I’ll take it.”

Dean turned to her. “It’s actually a sad trade-off.” She turned back to me. “The magical power of a sorceress in a way replaces your reproductive system. Your body contains so much magic that you’re rendered infertile.”

“Completely?” I asked.

She nodded. “If there’s been a case of a sorceress having children, it’s never been recorded.”

I scooted across my bed back against my bedroom wall and hugged my knees to my chest. In the span of a day, I’d caused a split personality to come forth, be repressed again, become permanently female because of magic, and lost the ability to ever have children.

Tomorrow was going to be the hardest first day of my life ever.


It turned out that the day wasn't that difficult, only because Gabby, Dean, Amy and I all went to a lake party. There was this weird moment where that Mikaela girl from Dr. Santos’s office suddenly lost her clothes, but other than that, it was pretty uneventful and fun.

Which only served to make me feel today, the first day of school, would be much harder.

The only bright side to all of this that I saw was that years of crossdressing had given me quite the wardrobe when I became stuck this way. Cleaning out most of my guy clothes had been relatively easy and painless, though I kept some shirts and a pair of pajamas. For sentimental and practical reasons.

I didn’t worry about makeup, even though Mom offered to let me use some. I didn’t think I was ready for that yet, despite being pretty good at putting it on. I stood in front of the bathroom mirror and took several deep breaths. I wasn’t sure if I was ready at all, but I knew I needed to be, regardless of how I felt.

Then again, I was an uber-powerful sorceress, did I really need to go to school?

“Hey, do I really need to go to school since I’m some super powered magic person?” I asked mom as she walked past the bathroom.

“Yes,” she said, bluntly.

I sighed. “Okay.”

“Just act natural, you’ll be fine.”

Fine. Fine she says I’ll be. The one thing I didn’t feel like was “fine”. I sighed again and took a brush through my hair. It wasn’t a mess, but it wasn’t exactly neat either. Stupid tangles.

I grabbed my bookbag and then the purse that Gabby was loaning me. I didn’t carry the purse, though, I just tossed it in my bookbag along with my binder and notebooks. Not every girl carried a purse openly, I had to remind myself. A part of me was trying too hard to go to school presenting myself as a Valley Girl. Probably the Kendra part of me I created. The smarter part of me just wanted the day to be over.

Gabby was waiting for me outside. She was smiling, which told me the outfit I’d picked out was just what she was asking for. A cami top and a pair of short shorts and some bright purple sandals. I was wearing a necklace that Mom had given me, a small heart pendant that nestled itself in my cleavage. In fact, the cleavage was clearly on Gabby’s mind, as her gaze drifted there.

“My eyes are up here,” I said, pointing to my face.

“No, you did not just say that,” she said through laughter.

“I never thought I’d have a reason to say that.”

The two of us giggled almost uncontrollably, but we managed to get ourselves back together before the bus got there. We made our way to the back, our usual spot, except that I usually too the seat across from her. This time, we took the same seat and her hand grasped mine almost instantly.

I moved her hand from mine and slipped it under my shirt. She had a look of surprise on her face when I slid her hand under my bra and positioned her fingers to pinch at my nipple. “Somebody wants fun,” she said, a playful smile on her face. “Good thing we've got plenty of cover back here.”

I pressed my lips to her’s and slid my tongue into her mouth. She moaned lightly, which made me moan. I put my hand up under her shirt and mentally smiled when I found she wasn't wearing a bra. I rolled her nipple between my fingers, causing her to bite my tongue on accident. I broke off the kiss, but then we got right back to it almost immediately.


I stood in front of the principal, who was apparently a perverted old man, because he wouldn't look at my face, but my breasts instead. Annoying, but understandable. I’d stare at them if I wasn’t the one they were attached to. Hell, I stared at them in the mirror after my shower this morning.

“So, miss Brewster, you’ve moved here from Mississippi after your home was destroyed in a flood and your mother sent you to live with your aunt, and your transcripts were destroyed in the flood?”

I nodded. “It was a horrible flood.”

He rubbed at his chin. “It's not the best lie I’ve heard, but it's not a bad one.”

I was confused. “What?”

He leaned back in his chair. “You’re not the first person affected by magic to come into my school, Kenneth. I’ll approve Kendra’s transfer, the schedule we mailed you last week will still apply. Your teachers have been notified that Kenneth won’t be in class and that Kendra will. Just make sure there are no magical problems in my school, miss Brewster. Last year, I had to stop the gymnasium from being destroyed in a fight between a succubus and a magical girl, I don’t want a repeat of this situation, even if it did enlighten me to the existence of magic.”

I blinked, no doubt a look of astonishment on my face. “A succubus and a magical girl?”

He nodded. “Quite enlightening, but you need to get out now. Class starts in a few minutes.”


I felt eyes were watching me, despite the fact that I was blending in with the crowd relatively well. Nobody was really looking at me, I just thought they all were. And, honestly, there were probably guys looking at me, though I had absolutely no interest in looking at them. Guys did nothing for me, which was in a way reassuring and slightly weird. Some part of me that I’d created was into guys, so why wasn’t I into guys at all?

I shouldn’t think of it, though. I had a great girlfriend, and I didn't want to screw that up by turning myself… I guess dating guys would be straight now. I didn't want to be straight, there.

I found my newest locker assignment, a row and a half away from last year’s. There were three people chatting nearby, a girl and two guys. I recognized the girl as… Mindy, I think her name was. Neither of the guys looked familiar, but one of them was wearing a letterman jacket, so I assumed he had gone here last year.

The guy not wearing the jacket was glancing over at me every few seconds. Even if I was into guys, he’d be nothing to look at. Scruffy dark hair, light stubble and didn't seem to want to look clean. But above all that, the way he looked at me was… Creepy, for lack of a better word. Something was off about him, I could tell.

“Hey,” a voice said. I recognized it and turned around to see Terry Hughes walking up to me. He couldn't have recognized me, could he?

“Hi?” I said, almost nervously.

“Ken, I recognize you.”

I raised an eyebrow. “How?

“I’ve spent time around a succubus and a magical girl this past week, sorta been enlightening.”

“A succubus and a magical girl?”

He nodded. “Sorta been enlightening. But that's not important. So, what's up with you and why is it magic only seems to come to girls?”

I sighed. “I’m a sorceress apparently.”

“Ooh, sounds interesting. And which side of the attraction fence do you land on? I ask for the sake of Mindy, because she wants a girlfriend and finds you attractive.”

I laughed. “Not that I wouldn't be interested, but I’ve only got eyes for Gabby.”

He sighed. “Well, that explains why she wouldn't go for it.” He patted me on the shoulder. “Well, catch up with ya later, gotta get to class.”

I watched him walk away and giggled to myself. Succubi, magical girls and sorceresses all at one school. I wondered if I’d ever meet one of the other two. I wondered if they’d be hot.


I set my food tray down beside Gabby’s. She smiled as I sat down and leaned over to give me a peck on the cheek. I put my arm around her and started feeding her some french fries. She returned the favor by plucking my burger apart and feeding it to me. If I’d known having a girlfriend would be this nice, I’d have done it before.

Then I noticed that guy from earlier. He was staring at us, specifically at me. I was getting even more creeped out than earlier, because at least he wasn't outright staring before. I tried to ignore him, but that was almost impossible

Thankfully, Gabby decided to talk. “What's up, beautiful?” she asked.

I shook my head. “Nothing. Just a weird feeling, that’s all.”

She smiled and kissed my lips gently. “That’s called being in love.”

I wrapped my arms around her, pressed my tits to hers. “And it’s a wonderful feeling.” I licked her lips and then took more of her mouth into mine. I couldn’t believe I’d gone years knowing her without knowing how good she tasted. It was something I didn’t want to go without ever again.


I hated gym class when I was a guy, and being a girl didn't change that at all. Sure, I was in the girls locker room with a bunch of attractive girls, and we were all in different states of undress, but at the same time, the bitchiest girls seemed to be the ones in my class. I’d have to text Amy later and see if she had this problem.

Case in point was Casey Vasquez. I remembered a big thing with her last school year where she and her friends on the cheer squad had used the pool for a nude photo shoot thing in an attempt to make it big online. Her dad was the local District Attorney, so she and her friends got off without even a single charge, despite what they’d done.

She walked into the locker room, turned on a radio that apparently had been left there for her, and started singing very, very badly along with pop music that sounded like it came from the early 00’s. I swear I actually heard some Backstreet Boys mixed in there, and I mean vintage. After that, she walked past every girl on the cheer squad and gave them a pat on the back, a little hug, the girlfriendly kiss (not the romantic girlfriend kind). Everybody she didn’t want in her locker room, she scowled at.

I received one of the scowls.

I couldn’t figure out why. She’d never met “me”, she didn’t know who “I” was, I was just in the locker room changing from my regular clothes to my gym clothes. I tried my damnedest to ignore her, but that wasn’t easy.

Next to me was that Mikaela girl from the doctor’s office. I didn’t know she went to my school. She looked even more nervous to be changing in front of everybody than I was. I honestly wasn’t sure if I could entirely blame her, too. I was looking at her boobs the whole time feeling a mix of envy and lust because she was huge. D-cup at the smallest. That was the lust part talking. The envy part wondered if Gabby would like me with bigger boobs.

“God, does she need to be such a bitch?” Mikaela asked.

“Some people are just like that,” I said as I pulled my gym shirt over my head. “Especially sluts on the cheer squad.”

“Whaddya mean?”

“Rumor has it she slept with most of the football team last season.” I honestly was surprised that rumor came in handy. I’d heard it over the summer, but considering I was a guy then, I didn’t think I’d get a chance to be a gossip girl.

“That sounds impressive,” she said, almost as if she were wishing she’d done it. I think she realized what she’d said, because she immediately covered her mouth and said, “I didn’t mean that.”

“Whatever,” I said, coming off a little more flippant than I intended. She put her gym shirt on and my eyes nearly popped out of their sockets when I saw our school logo stretched across her tits. Good god, why was she that damn hot to me?

“You’re staring at the assets a little more than I’d like…” she said.

I looked away from her boobs and mentally scolded myself for looking at a girl that wasn’t Gabby. “Sorry, just… Y’know, I’ve been kinda a late bloomer.”

She rolled her eyes. “I wish I was a late bloomer.” I heard her mutter something under her breath, but I I couldn’t tell what it was supposed to be. Either way, I just grabbed a rubber band and tied my hair into a ponytail, then followed her and the rest of the girls out into the gym proper.


By the time gym was over, I didn't think I could be so sweaty. The front of my shirt was practically glued to my sports bra, and my shorts were pretty much crawling into my ass. If not for my panties, they probably would be halfway in my ass.

Mikaela was probably just as sweaty as I was, and I’d noticed she did her best to stay away from the guys. I wondered why, but, I also could tell she was plenty self-conscious about people looking at her. Weird thing was all the guys sniffing around her. Cone to think of it, something about her did smell kinda… Enticing? Was that it? I couldn't tell, I just pushed it out of my mind. Gabby would kill me if she thought I was kissing another girl.

I was quite convinced the girls locker room had a better shower system until I actually got in there and discovered just how true that was. The water was warmer, the stream was finer, everything pointed to the girls locker room shower being 1000% better on the skin than the one in the boys locker room.

I was taking care of my hair when the curtain was pulled open and Casey Vasquez stood there, naked as can be and with a scowl on her face that almost implied she murdered pandas for fun. “What the fuck are you doing in my stall, whore?” she asked as if I’d stolen her kidney.

“It didn't have a name on it,” I answered.

“Everybody knows this is my stall. You must be a new girl, because otherwise you would know where your place on the pyramid is here. I’m on top, and you're somewhere on the bottom making sure I don't fall on my butt. If you're lucky, you’ll climb high enough to guard my panties from the perverts or the swim team. But you will never be on top.”

I folded my arms across my chest. “That mean girl shit may work on others, but don’t even think it’ll work on me. There are tougher girls out there than you. You wanna be a bitch, be a bitch, but I will not be pushed around by someone who can't even walk past a door without checking out her reflection.”

She stood there with her hands on her hips and an annoyed look on her face. She ran her tongue around her mouth, then said, “Whoever you think you are, you're not. You wanna get ahead in my school, you need to get behind me and know your place.” She pushed past me and shoved me out of the stall. “And just wait until you try for a boyfriend. I know all the boys in school, and none of them will date a girl I’ve blacklisted.”

I rolled my eyes and wrapped my towel around my chest. “Whatever,” I said. I was gonna have to ask Amy’s sorceress friend how cursing people worked. She'd be less of a bitch if she was forced to do something outrageously embarrassing. Heh. She fancied herself a gift to men, maybe she’d calm her shit if the guys saw her kissing a girl. Then she’d have trouble getting a boyfriend.

Mikaela was standing at the door out of the locker room, less sweaty, but still with that weird smell. “I would not have been able to do to that bitch what you just did.”

I shrugged. “I dealt with cunts like her at my old school, she’s no big deal.” Not an outright lie, but a minor bend to the truth. “I never told you my name. I’m Kendra.”

“Mikaela, but my boyfriend and my best friend call me Mike.”

“Ooh, boyfriend?” That made her nervousness around guys seem weird, unless she was just trying to make sure she wasn't tempted to cheat. She musta moved here during the summer if she had a boyfriend, because I thought she was an actual new student.

She smiled. “Yeah. Oh, there he is.”

“Hey, Mikey,” Terry Hughes said as he walked up and gave Mikaela a kiss. She wrapped her arms around him and kissed him back. When they finished, Terry looked at me. “Oh, hi, Ken.”

Mikaela asked, “You two know each other?”

Terry looked surprised. “Oh, yeah, this is Ken Brewster,” he said, motioning to me.

The wheels seemed to be turning in Mikaela’s head. “The guy from Dr. Santos’ office that kept staring at my boobs?”

I blushed. “Can I help it if you’ve got a great rack?”

She rolled her eyes. “Please, I get enough of that from Mindy. So, are you being possessed by a magic sex demon, too?”

“Magic… Sex demon?”

“Yeah, I’m sharing headspace with a succubus.”

Terry added. “And her sister’s a magical girl.”

That explained his comment from before, but it still confused the shit out of me. Succubi and magical girls were real? Then again, I was a sorceress, I guess anything was possible at this point.

“So, Kendra,” Mikaela said, “we should hang out sometime. Maybe bond over what it’s like to be girls who used to be boys.”

“Wait, you were a guy?!”

“Shhh! Keep it down! Yeah, I was, and like I said, we’ll have to bond over it sometime. Right now, since school’s officially over for the day, I wanna go have fun with my boyfriend.”

I smiled. “No problem. You two seem like a cute couple.” I waved. “See you later.”


Gabby was in a good mood when I got onto the bus and sat beside her. She immediately unzipped my shorts and started fingering me. I payed her back by slipping my hand under her top and fondled her breasts. Her other hand went up to my head and she tangled her fingers in my hair. I brought my lips to hers and kissed her hard.

The bus ride was pretty much the two of us making the other one moan and trying to keep it down the whole way. We decided to get off at the stop by Gabby’s house, because she wanted to see my ass wiggle as we walked home. I obliged her, putting on a show I’d only seen in porn videos. She reciprocated by putting a $20 in my panties. I told her I wasn’t her stripper and gave it back to her, but kissed her nonetheless.

The walk home was slow, but peaceful. It was still hot, but the combination of wind and the outfit I was wearing kept me from sweating too much. I still felt the sweat trickling all down my body, but it was manageable for the distance I had to travel, then I’d be right back in air conditioning, probably sitting at my desk and writing. I’d probably text Amy later, ask her if that sorceress she knows could give me some pointers on magic. No point in being a really powerful magic user if I wasn’t gonna use it, right?

I spotted Mikaela getting dropped off by that boyfriend of hers. She waved, then walked into her house. I didn’t even realize we lived like two blocks away from one another. Amazing how much smaller this town feels now that I know there’s a shitton of magical people here. I still needed to ask what was up with all the magical girls and succubi that were apparently tearing up schools left and right.

Suddenly, that thought was shifted elsewhere. I could feel something off, something very off. It didn’t take me long to figure out why, either. He was twenty paces behind me, pretending like he wasn’t following me. That guy from school, the one that had been watching me. He had his bag slung over his shoulder and he was walking around like he didn't have a care in the world.

I sped up. I didn't want him catching up to me. He didn't try to match my speed, instead he just sauntered along like he was in control of the situation. Honestly, I couldn’t dispute that, because I didn’t know the situation. I started walking as fast as I could go without running.

I rounded a corner at a house that was just down the road from mine and came face to face with the guy. One second, he’s behind me, the next he’s in front of me and sniffing at somebody’s flower bed.

“You’re a hard girl to catch up to, Kendra,” he said. He turned to me and a smile spread across his face. “You’re pretty fast for someone who isn’t running.”

“Who the hell are you and how do you know my name?” I demanded.

That smile didn’t fade. “Sorry about that, I forgot we hadn’t actually been formally introduced. My name’s Lucian, and I know that you’re a sorceress.”

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