Be Careful of What You Wish For Chapter 2

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“Well not exactly what I told him to do.” Titanis had been watching Freddy since he got home. She wanted to help him when she saw how his father tossed him outside on their lawn still dress in the lingerie he had put on.

“You know, you could had stopped that Ti.” Shayla was a little disappointed with her wife.

“No I couldn’t, my love. Mom said to let this happen like it did. This way everyone sees him committing suicide and taking his own life. No one will be looking for him now. His old body will surface and be found by a fisherman in a day or two.” Titanis had to admit her mother’s idea was a little better by slowly turning him into a girl. Now, they will have to find a girl’s body for him and put his soul into that body.

Titanis starts her car and drive off thinking about getting in touch with her cousin and seeing if she could help.

“Don’t bother your cousin daughter. A body has been found and his soul has been put inside it. Just head home and be prepared to guide and train him.” Titanis hears her mother’s voice in her head as she was driving.

Shayla felt Athena’s presence inside her wife’s head.

“I take it your mother has told you her plan for this kid?” Shayla couldn’t see her wife, but could feel her emotions.

“Yep, it seems we have just become parents. Mom wants me, but I know you’ll help because you love me to guide and train her how to be a girl.” Titanis and Shayla have been a couple for the past twenty years, before same sex marriage become legal in the United States. They were married in one of her mother’s temple in Greece and blessed by a Dianic priestess.

“She found a body already for the boy?” Shayla couldn’t believe how fast Athena had worked.

“Yep, she has already picked out a new body and placed his soul inside the body. She didn’t say where she found the body, but she will be waiting at our place when we get home.” Titanis knew she was going to be driving all night.

“Well I’m going to pull a Leonidas and get some sleep. You’re a demi-Goddesses and you don’t need much sleep.” Shayla makes herself comfortable as she closes her eyes.

“That’s fine. I’ll just play with your body while your asleep.” Titanis reaches under Shayla’s dress and rub inner thigh.

“Stop that or I’m going to beat you with my cane. Keep your hands on the steering wheel.” Shayla smacks Titanis’s arm. She may be blind, but she could sense where her wife’s arm is and she was very good beating her with her oak cane.

“Will you two up there keep it quiet. I’m trying to get some sleep back here.” Leonidas was stretch out on the back seat. He was a big bobcat and black as night.

“You could sleep through a nuclear blast, Leo.” Titanis knew for a fact he could. He slept through an argument on Mount Olympus between her grandfather and Uncle Ares.

For the next seven hours Titanis drives in quiet while her wife and partner slept. By the time, she pulled onto the drive way leading to the main house she owned in Albany, Georgia. She figures the two of them would be waking up soon. As she pulls into her favorite spot, she notices her cousin Leto’s tan Land Rover parked beside her pick-up truck.

“Wakey, Wakey people. We’re home.” Titanis gets out and walks around to help Shayla out of the car.

Shayla stretches when she gets out with Titanis help.

“Thanks sweetie.” Shayla taps her cane and follows behind her wife. Leonidas follows beside Shayla just in case she needs his help. He was her blind seeing cat after all.

As they walk through the main doors of the house. Noise could be heard like a stampede was coming down the stairs as a teenage girl with shoulder length auburn hair and tanned skin, dress like a game warden stops in front of all of them.

“Hi Aunt Titanis and Aunt Shayla. Mom is upstairs looking after your new sister. She just got done undoing all the damage the girl had done to herself from taking drugs. That’s how the original occupant of the body died. She was a drug addict and was a member of the local Dianic coven in the area. The priestess of that coven tried to get her to stop, but she wouldn’t. She just lost the will to live after her boyfriend died. Mom said to give her a few seconds because she is placing that soul Aunt Athena sent inside the body and making sure it stays instead of passing on.”

“I thought you were in Africa tracking down poachers and killing them?” Titanis knew her niece was like their Aunt Artemis.

“I was, but granddaddy wanted me here with mom. He said I was to run interference for a certain red hair hardheaded girl, while his daughter finishes her work.” Angela smiles at her aunt when she says that. Because she knew how stubborn and hard headed her aunt could be.

Light footsteps could be heard coming down the stairs. A woman with long auburn color curly hair and fair skin wearing an old fashion white southern style dress comes walking toward the teenage girl with another huge black bobcat following behind her. The woman had golden color eyes.

“Hi cousin. How is my new little sister?” Titanis would know Leto anywhere. She had her father’s eyes.

“She is doing better now. At first the body didn’t want to accept the soul, because it still wanted the old one it had. I had to coach the body to accept the new soul. She’s going to be out for a while, but everything should be fine. Also, she is going to need to get used to being a female and learning how to move around in her new body. Her body should sync up to yours since you’re the dominate female here and start her period at the same time you have yours. So, you’ll have to prepare her for that. Oh, one more thing. The girl originally had some tattoos on her body. Some were kind of rude and inappropriate for a girl her age. So, I changed them as well. I either removed them completely or changed them to things her other tattoos showed. The rest were real nice and well inked, so I left them on her skin. She’ll be the only teenage girl with tattoos in her class.” Leto had been summoned by her Aunt Athena to tend to this girl.

“Well, I’m going to the kitchen to make some coffee. I drove all night last night and I need a pick me up. Would anyone else care for some?” Titanis looks at everyone around her.

“I’ll take some cousin. This one needs to lay off the coffee. She’s to hyper and trigger happy.” Leto had rested her hands on her daughter’s shoulder.

“Mom.” Angela hated when her mother embarrassed her.

“Where’s that no-good protector of yours Lady Leto?” Leonidas was looking for his twin sister Gorgo. He had wished she had been assigned to Titanis instead of him. The two of them were so much alike.

“Right here you over-grown lazy cat.” Gorgo comes walking down the stairs and over to stand behind Leto.

“At least I don’t sass back at a God like you did.” Leonidas heard about how his twin teased and sass back at Apollo.

“Alright you two. Let’s head towards the kitchen.” Shayla walks towards the kitchen and start brewing fresh coffee for everyone. She sets out some blue berry muffins she had made the other day with their head housekeeper Sera’s help.

“If don’t mind me asking Titanis. What’s the story about your new little sister?” Leto takes a sip of her coffee.

“According to what I found out from her. She was born a girl, but trapped inside the body of a boy. She’s been praying to the statue of my mother in Nashville, Tennessee at the replicate of the Parthenon. I guess her home life wasn’t the best and she wanted a parent that would love her. I figure that’s why she asked to be my mother’s daughter. Even if she does become my mother’s adopted sister, she’ll be more like what your adopted daughter Angela is to you and my wife Shayla is to me. She’ll have some traits from mom, but won’t be like what me and you are like.”

Titanis takes a sip of her coffee and moans with pleasure. She loves this blend she picked out.

“Leto, is it okay for me to go upstairs and see what my new sister looks like?” Titanis was curious what she would fine.

“Sure, go ahead. I think you’ll come to see she is a knockout. Aunt Athena choose a good body for her new daughter.” Leto drinks her coffee.

Titanis heads upstairs to the spare bedroom and looks in on her new sister. She saw the girl sound asleep wearing a light blue nightgown. She had fair skin with tattoos of butterflies and different type of flowers on a vine that started at her right ankle and twisted around her right leg and circles around her waist twice, before going up her abdomen under her small breast and dropping down her left shoulder while circling her left arm. There were different type of butterflies and some bumble bees flying near the flowers or on her body somewhere. She had long amber color hair that came down to her waist. She looked to be no taller than her original body, about five feet tall with tiny feet, waist, and hands. There was a splattering of light freckles under her eyes that went across her small button nose. Her body was slim and petite like her wife Shayla.

Titanis thinks Freddy will like her new body. It is a good traded up from his old body. She’ll never be a model with the breast size she has. They barely show through her night gown. Titanis figures she might be an A cup.

“Welcome to the family little sister.” Titanis turns and walks out of what will become Freddy’s new bedroom.

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