WildFire Chapter 8

Richard had met Sasha at her storage warehouse and they built a gauntlet of traps and illusions to have fun with the kidnappers they were going to lure here. That had taken most of the morning and by lunch time they were hungry. Sasha and Rose rode with Richard so they couldn’t be seen by the kidnappers. Sasha wanted them to come to the studio so she could put part of her plan into action.

Between her and Richard they had come up with some nasty pranks to pull against these men. They had cruised by Roses place and while she slipped inside to gather a few things. Richard and Sasha had gotten close to the van without being seen and set some electromagnets on the van doors strong enough to keep them from opening. They did that to the sliding door using a metal weld epoxy to keep the sliding door and back doors from opening.

Sasha with Richards help had attach a bottle containing the worse stink gas she had gotten her hands on. The smell was so strong it was guarantee to make a person vomit. The bottle had a mixture of an itching chemical and sulfur smoke. There was no way they could survive the itching chemical. Even with clothes on the chemicals soak through to the skin. Both bottle could be activated by a remote along with the electromagnets.

Sasha had set one of her pyrotechnics devices on their gas tank and could active that with a remote as well. When they get to the recording studio for practice. Everyone gathers in the control room as Sasha turns the outside cameras on to record their entertainment.

Roy and Roger had been following the teenage girl they had sent to kidnap most of the morning. When she arrived at the recording studios, they figure they could get her there when she came out to go home. While sitting outside in the van waiting on the girl, Roy starts making faces as his nose started picking up an awful smell.

“What did you eat man.” Roy starts coughing because of the smell and trying to open the windows on the van, but they weren’t moving.

“What do you mean what did I eat. I thought it was you passing this bad smell.” The stench inside the van started getting bad. Roger tried rolling his window down, but nothing was happening.

He tries to open the van doors and they wouldn’t budge. He tries pushing against the doors hard, but they just wouldn’t open. Both men try covering their mouth and noses with their shirt, but it wasn’t helping. Their eyes were watering. The next thing they know the van is filling up with yellow Sulphur smoke and the smell of rotten eggs added to the smell. They also start to begin itching as whatever is mixed with the yellow smoke fill the van.

Everyone was watching on the security monitors as the men in the van were trying desperately to escape the van.

“Do you think they have had enough?” Sasha looks towards Richard.

“Remember we want them to follow us to the storage warehouse. So, let’s get that plan going.” Richard was grabbing his keys.

“Siren, take Rose with you. I need for you to watch her.” Sasha hugs Rose.

“I’m ready Sasha and Richard.” Dusk comes walking out of the ladies’ bathroom looking like Rose.

“I didn’t want to put you in danger, So I asked Dusk to help us.” Sasha looks towards Rose.

“Be careful mom.” Rose hugs Sasha. She had already decided to become Sasha’s daughter.

“Let the party begin.” All three rush out to Richards vehicle and get inside it.

They stop in front of the van. Sasha turns the devices off so the doors will open and the stink and itch containers will stop spraying in the van.

Roy and Roger notice the doors could be opened and that the smoke wasn’t coming into the van any more. As they open the doors a blue
Suv stops in front of them and they notice their target was inside. The vehicle sat there for a few minutes and then drive off. Roy and Roger get back into their van which still stunk and had smoke lingering around inside. They follow the blue suv to a storage warehouse. They were going to grab her inside the place. They watched as the woman they were thinking about kidnapping, a man that was with them and they knew was a band member and the girl herself walk into the storage warehouse. They wait a few minutes before going into the building.

Just as they walk in, the door behind them seal with a set of security bars. The room goes dark that they are in and smoke starts blowing in.

Strobe lights start flashing on and off.

“BEWARE THOSE WHO ENTER HERE!” as a wall of flames shoot-up in front of them.

“What is this place? A fun house?” Roger was staring at the wall of flames in front of him. He could feel the heat from them.

“Are you having fun?” Sasha’s voice echoes around the room.

“Just give us the girl and we’ll leave you along.” Roy was starting to get pissed about this.

“Sure, you can have her, if you can catch her.” The wall of flames disappears and standing in a hallway was Rose.

She waves at them and starts running further into the hallway. Roy and Roger give chase down the hallway. Halfway down a boxing glove pops out of the wall and hits Roger right in the face. Two clouds of smoke appear in front of them and Sasha is standing right in front of them dress in her magician’s outfit.

In a sexy voice “Oh, I was so glad you boys could join me today for this entertainment.”

A jet of flames leave her right hand.

Roy tries dodging out of the way, but some of his hair and his eyebrows get burned off.

Sasha starts skipping down the hallway singing “one, two, buckle my shoe, three, four knock at the door.”

A wooden door swings down from the ceiling and smacks Roger right in the face.

Sasha stops and turns around and in a childish voice “op’s I guess you found my door.”

“Now what was the rest of that rhythm?” Sasha stands there tapping her right foot thinking.

“Oh ya, five, six; pick up sticks.” Sasha kneels and picks up two wooden rods off the floor.

“Seven, eight lay them straight.” Sasha charges towards them swing her wooden rods. She connects with Roy’s head and knocks him out.
She comes back around and ducks as Roger tries to hit her. She smacks his head real hard with the wooden rod and knocks him out.

“I broke my playmates.” Sasha starts pouting.

Jack of Hearts and Dusk come out dressed in their stage costumes.

“So, what do you want to do with them now?” Jack looks at the two men.

“I want to go fishing. How about you guys?” Sasha had an evil look on her face.

“Remind me to never piss you off. You’re dangerous.” Dusk just looks at Sasha like she is crazy.

Sasha wraps her arms around her friends “we’re off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of Oz!”

The three of them walk down the hallway to get the push cart to help move both men. Once they are loaded on the cart. The three of them take the men to main finally. Dusk and Sasha puts one guy on a dunk tank that Sasha has used and escaped from. The other guy is stripped naked and put into a model that will fill up with concrete sealing the guy inside, but leaving his face visible.


Dusk sprays the two men with a pump action super soaker in the face.

Roy and Roger wake-up and notice they are bound. Roy is sitting on a dunk tank broad and Roger is inside a playing card mold.

“Now, if you’re wondering why you are sitting over a dunk tank, it’s simple. That’s one of my tricks. Now I have a bucket of live electric eels I use in the act that I normally have up there while I’m bound inside the tank and I need to get out before someone manages to hit the target. If not, well I become fish food. Instead of setting you up that way, I’m going to wait and see you dunk and pour my babies into the tank with you.” Sasha holds up the jar she has the eels in.

She sets them down on a table nearby.

“Now for you bad guy number 2. I love watching The Batman cartoons and the joker did something interesting by turning people into playing cards. So, I thought why not make it an escape act as well. Well, I can’t have you escaping so I have rigged it that every time you lie to me, it fills with concrete. The more it fills, the more you become encase inside the concrete. Now we are going to play twenty questions and for every wrong answer I am going to administer the punishment. Wait a minute I screwed up, it’s going to be me and my friends. You see we hate kidnappers and well you just happen to be our plaything right now.”

Sasha stands next to Jack and Dusk “So who wants to ask the first question?”

Roy looks over at Roger who was encased in a form with only his face visible for the jack of spades. Their mouths were still able to be used.

“Don’t tell them anything.” Roy wasn’t going to talk.

A buzzing sound could be heard “that’s a wrong answer. So, I think I’ll try my luck first.”

Sasha walks up to the throwing line and picks up one of the softballs and throws it at the target. She misses the target.

“Rats!” She walks back over to her friends.

Roy looks smug at her losing.

Sasha notices the look “oh, were not done yet. Dusk, I do believe it’s your go.”

Dusk walks up to the playing card one and throws the ball and misses.

“YOU THROW LIKE A GIRL.” Roger was yelling at Dusk.

“I am a girl stupid.” Dusk had missed on purpose.

“Jack, your turn.” Sasha just smiles.

Jack walks up and picks up his softball and looks at which target he wanted to hit first. He chooses Roger’s since he taunted Dusk. Jack steps up and throws and hits the target and the concrete starts flowing out to fill the form.

“Op’s it looks like you are going to become a statue. Sorry!”

Sasha hands another ball to Jack of Hearts.

“Jack, can I add my electric eels to the dunk tank please?” Sasha is standing in front of him giving him her puppy dog eyes and pouting.

“Didn’t you rig the doors to fall down and trap him in?”

“Yes, but my eels haven’t shocked any one lately.”

Jack stands there and pretends he is thinking about her request.

“Okay, you can add your eels to the tank.” An evil smile appears on Jack’s face.

“Oh boy, I get to feed my eels.” Sasha skips over towards the tanks with her eels in her hands.

Roy looks at them. He knows he better cooperate or he was fish food.

“Wait! I’ll talk. Just don’t let those eels get me.” Roy was white as a ghost.

“Phew, my eels don’t get to eat.”

Sasha looks up at Roy “start talking. I mean everything you are involve in. Who hired you and where were supposed to take her?”

“Roy spills his guts. He tells him the name of the person that hired him and how to get in touch with him. He tells them that house is a sex slave den for clients and who is involved. The entry code to the house and that Rose was going to be sold to a person for Seventy thousand dollars because of her uniqueness.”

“Well, now what to do with you two.” Sasha wouldn’t mind killing them, but that wasn’t her way.

Sasha pulls out her cell and dial a number.

“Hi Aunt Janet. I have a problem I need your help with. I have two nasty bad guys that need to disappear. Can you send your retrieve team here and get them please?”

“Yep, there here at my storage warehouse. Okay, thanks auntie.” Sasha end the call and put her cell phone back in her hidden pocket on her costume.

“You guys are in trouble now. My aunt is sending her special people and you are going to disappear.”

Dusk and Jack look at them and shake their heads. They have heard stories about what Sasha’s aunt does to bad guys.

“Come one guys, we need to get back to practice.” Sasha walks off.

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