Do You Believe In Magic? Chapter 2

I slowly open my eyes and wonder how long I had been out. It looked to be early morning and I was lying face down on some grass. I slowly rise off the ground and stood there looking around. Taking in my surrounding and seeing where the heck I was. The air had a slight chill to it as I felt it against my warm cheeks. I looked down at myself and notice I was wearing an old fashion cloak like the women from the Middle Ages and its hood was covering my head. It surrounded my body keeping me warm from the chill in the air. In addition to the cloak, I had on a matching pair of leather gloves that matched the deep cobalt blue color of the cloak. The clothes I had on underneath the cloak that surrounded me, was a full-length dress of a soft material that was a lighter shade of color of the cloak and a pair of light color leather sandals. The sandals didn’t feel tight around my petite feet.

I knew I wasn’t in my original body any more. I had watched as it exploded and was in the process of being reformed when I blacked out. I felt the weight of something hanging around my neck. I reached up with my leather covered hand to feel what it was. It was in the shape of some sort of bird, but what it was exactly I couldn’t tell just by touch along. I felt another weight on my hip hidden under my cloak. I reached down and felt the handle of some sort of knife resting in a sheath against my waist. I stand there and wonder why I had a knife that felt like it was as long as a bowie knife my friend’s father uses to own?

I turned my attention back to where I was. A light mist covered the ground and it looked like I was in some sort of field or pasture. The clouds in the sky were dark gray and there was the feeling of rain in the air. There were only a few trees spread out in the field to provide cover for the horses I saw off in the distance from me. I couldn’t see any road or fence, so I figure I must be far in someone’s field. I reach up and lay the hood of the cloak back, so it was resting on my shoulders to get a better view. A few strands of my hair fell into my eyes and I notice it was as red as blood. I don’t mean dark red, but bright red. The redness the blood gets when it is carrying oxygen, not the darker red blood gets when it is carrying carbon dioxide or waste from your body. I wonder what else the spirit did to my new body. I could already tell, I was shorter then I use to be and petite as well. I mean an eight-year-old girl could wear the clothes I had on right now. I look around some more and wonder in which direction I should start heading. If there were horses near me, then that meant that there was a house or barn nearby, right?

I start walking east of my position, after putting my hood back up to protect my head from the light chilly breeze that had sprung up. The breeze brought freshness to my sense of smell. It confirmed that I was out in the country and that I was heading in the right direction. There was a hint of wood smoke in the air in the direction I was heading, along with the smell of fresh baked bread. My stomach rumbled and my mouth started watering when I smelled the baked bread. I must be hungry, as I wonder how long I have been out, since that spirit changed me and where she had placed me to get training in the use of the gifts she gave me.

After about thirty minutes of walking, I spotted a house off in the distance. You could see smoke coming up out of the chimney and was three stories tall. It was like something out of the past. It had a brick red tile roof and it looked from where I was to be a creamy white color. It wasn’t of a modern design, but something that looked like something you would find from the old colonial days. There was an old fashion brick red barn just behind and to the right of it. I also spotted several people looking towards me standing on the first-floor porch. They seemed to be watching me as I walked closer to them. There were at least five of them and only two of them were wearing cloaks similar in design to mine. Their hoods were up, so I couldn’t see their faces. The others I could make out as I got closer. There was a huge tall man with dark tanned weather skin standing near one of the cloaked figures. He was a good foot or two taller than the other person he was standing next to. His hair was a dark color and cut in a military style cut. He had on a red flannel shirt and was wearing blue jeans. His face and build is what made me pay close attention to him. He looked like someone who might be a lumber jack or truck driver type of person. He didn’t have a beard, but his face was that of a person who spent a lot of time out in the elements every day.

The other person was a male as well and was shorter than the first one. He had lighter color hair, but wasn’t as built as the first guy. He looked more like my father. He wasn’t as intimidating or threatening as the first guy. His build was average and he had maybe brown or reddish brown hair that came down halfway to his ears. It was style the way my father kept his, which meant business like. The shadow of the porch made his hair look darker then it was. His skin was tanned, but not as tanned as the other guy. He was very observant of me thou. It was like he was watching every move I made. How I stepped and how I moved. He reminded me of a police officer. The way he was dressed was the same style as the way my father dressed on his days off. He had on a dark gray short sleeve t-shirt and blue jeans.
The other person was a woman. Her hair was short and only came down to her shoulders. The hair color was like that of my mother’s hair color dark auburn color. She was watching how I moved as well, but not like the way the guys were. She was observing me the way my teachers in school would. I couldn’t see any of their eyes, so I didn’t know what hers was, but she stood a little shorter then both the guys. She was slim and had a medium sized chest on her. She was only a few inches shorter than the second guy and a good foot, foot and half of the first guy. The two cloaked figures were about her height. Give or take an inch or two. She had lightly tanned skin, like that of someone who spent most of their time indoors. She was wearing a dark blue short sleeve t-shirt that had a scene of a forest with an eagle flying off on it. She was wearing blue jeans as well, with a silver belt buckle.

I stopped a good five feet from the house and look towards them. I could tell all of them were paying close attention to me as well.

“I don’t know how I should introduce myself to you, but I was told that I could receive training for gifts that have been given to me.” I was nervous and a little scared. I didn’t know how I was supposed to speak to these people.

One of the cloak figures steps forward and looks down at me “who sent you to us?”

I try to stop shaking under my cloak and address the person who just spoke to me. The person sounded like she was a woman.

“I don’t know if you’ll believe me, but it was a spirit. I’m not sure what her name was, she never told me. However, she said that she would send me to someone who could help me develop the gifts she was giving me.”

“What do you mean the gifts she was giving you?”

I look towards the shorter guy that had spoken to me.

“She granted me the ability to use real magic. I don’t mean tricks or any sort of illusion. I mean god given magic.” Somewhere in my head, I knew I already posse some skill to use enough magic to show these people.

“Can you describe this woman that sent you to us?”

I look back towards the woman that spoke to me the first time.

“I can do better than that ma’am.” I raise my hands out in front of me and say a few words in a language I knew I never even spoke before. I watched as the image of the spirit I spoke to appears before me and them.

“This is the spirit that sent me here. I just woke-up in your field in that direction” I point off in the direction I just came from.

I stand there and watch as all of them came down a set of stairs to look at the image of the spirit I just made.

The woman with the dark auburn hair looks over at me “you say she granted you the ability to use true magic and then sent you here to be trained by us? Why did she grant you the ability to use magic?”

I look at her and then at all the others who had stopped to look at me as well.

“It might be better if I explain all of this to everyone that should or needs to know all at once. That way I won’t have to explain myself repeatedly.” I was starting to feel tired and my stomach was growling even more.

“Fair enough, what is your name?” The taller gentleman looks at me, like my father use too.

“Yasmin, sir, I don’t have a last name or even a middle name.” I wonder how the spirit came up with that name.

“Well Yasmin, if you promise to obey our rules while you are here. You may come inside and join us for morning breakfast. You can explain everything to everyone tonight at our coven meeting.”

The woman who first spoke to me lowers her hood and looks at me with her piercing gray eyes of hers. I have never seen anyone with gray eyes like hers before. She had a kind, motherly face and looked to be younger then my own mother. I knew my mother was in her late forties, because she had me after she had become a manager at the company she works for now. This woman’s skin was lightly tanned as well and she wasn’t wearing any make-up at all. She was foot taller than me. Her long straight strawberry blonde hair came all the way down to her waist and was braided. I lower my hood as well so everyone could see my face clearly. I watched their reaction, because I haven’t had a chance to see what my new body looked like. The expression everyone had on their face told me one thing. They couldn’t believe how young I looked. I removed my gloves and felt the cool morning air as it hit my warm exposed tanned hands. I already known my hair was blood red and I felt it at the middle of my back.

I followed behind the woman who had been talking to me, followed by the taller older gentleman. Behind him was the other woman who had on the eagle t-shirt, followed by the other woman who had lowered her hood as well and then by the gentleman who had the light brown hair.
I was leaded into an old fashion styled kitchen, where a wooden kitchen table had been set-up for breakfast and escorted to a seat just to the left of the woman I was following. Just as I was taking my cloak off and handing it to the other gentleman, he looks down at my waist and notices the knife there.

“Weapons aren’t permitted at the table.” He holds his hand out for the knife.

“Yes sir.” I pull the knife and sheath off the belt around my waist to hand it to him, when I notice that the handle was made of silver and had the head of a wolf on it. The eyes of the wolf head were rubies and the handle fit the grip of my hand like it had been custom made for it. I made sure to hand him the knife carefully and then took my seat.

We all made small talk around the table and enjoyed the food. Most of the conversion was directed at me. They all wanted to know about where I came from, how I got here and who the spirit was that I showed them. I learned that I was no longer in Richmond, Virginia, but in the northern part of Massachusetts. The woman I was sitting next to was High Priestess Aerona of the Silver Crescent Coven and her husband and High Priest of the coven was named Esras. Their maiden or second Priestess was named Bennu and the other Priestess was named Emuishere and she was the wife of Gahiji. He was the gentleman that took my cloak and knife. Gahiji was Esras second and sort of the guardian of the coven. It was his job to protect the coven. I understood what each of their names meant and how in some ways it suited them.

I look towards Aerona “is there a bathroom with a full-length mirror in it that I could use please?” I wanted to know what I looked like now.

“Yes, you can use the one down stairs. It has a full-length mirror in it.” Aerona looks over towards Bennu “would you mind showing Yasmin where the bathroom is, please?”

“Yes, my priestess.” Bennu gets up out of her chair and looks towards me.

I stand up and follow behind her as she leads me to the bathroom.

“Thank you Bennu, I won’t be long.” I walk into the bathroom and close the door.

I look around the bathroom and notice that the mirror was on the back of the door. I look at my image in the mirror. Looking right back at me was a petite girl that looked to be about ten years old with long bright blood red curly hair that stopped at the middle of her back. She had lightly tanned skin and deep emerald green eyes that looked innocent and youthful. Her eye brows were thinly shape and matched the color of her hair. She had a light splattering of light brown freckles under her eyes that went across the bridge of her nose. Her cheeks had a natural blush look to them and her lips were perfectly shape. The features of her face made her look angelic and made her look like she was of Irish or Scottish ancestry. The dress was floor length and belted around her petite waist by a crafted leather belt with a Celtic cross belt buckle. The dress was a light blue color, where the cloak had been a cobalt blue color. It had silver trim around the collar and around the sleeves of the dress with a deep ruby red phoenix necklace hanging around her neck and resting against her lightly tanned skin. The sandals she was wearing had silver thread lining right above the soles of the sandals and around the opening of the sandals. The colors of the sandals were the same color as her dress.

I stood there stun. The spirit had done an excellent job of taking the image of the character I had created in the superhero’s game I normally play and gave her the prefect look. I lift the dress up to see if everything underneath had been changed as well. I couldn’t believe what I saw underneath my dress. The plumbing that made me a boy was now replaced with the plumbing that made-up a young girl. I had no idea how I was supposed to do anything. I open the door to see if Bennu was still outside waiting on me, but I didn’t see her. I head back to the kitchen and found all of them sitting at the table waiting on me. I stopped at Aerona’s seat and lean in to whisper to her my problem. She turns her head and looked into my eyes to see if I was telling the truth. I felt embarrass asking her for help, but I didn’t know the first thing about being a girl or how they went to the bathroom.

She stands up and takes my petite hand in hers. Aerona looks towards everyone “I’ll be right back. I need to help Yasmin with a little problem.”

We walks back to the bathroom and comes in there with me to tell me what I need to know to do my business. I felt like a child with her explaining everything to me.

Aerona places her hand on my shoulder and looks down at me like a mother looking at her little girl.

“You don’t need to be embarrass, Yasmin. The spirit that changed you, should had at least given you the basics of what it means to be a woman. If you have any more questions, you can come to me and ask me.” She gives me a motherly smile, as she walks out of the bathroom to let me do my business in private.

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