Never Pull on the tail of a Wolf (revised) Chapter 16

It’s been three months since that nasty business with the Cartel had been dealt with and Jack was enjoying his daughters first competition event. Debbie had worked and trained the girls to ride their horses as well as she could. The first event the girls were in was calf robing. Both girls were competing in the team roping event to take down a calf. Julia and Gina had practice every day and worked as a perfect team together. They won that event by seconds. The next event they were in was bareback riding, which both girls could do with their eyes closed. The final event was barrel racing, Gina beats her older sister by seconds.

Debbie wanted Jack to compete, but he refused. She knew he was a good bull rider and saddle bronc rider. He did compete in the shooting competition event and trick shooting competition along with his girls. He taught them how to shoot and they weren’t bad shooters. They could shoot his old fashion peacemakers pistols and his Winchester rifle. They still had a problem with his triple barrel shotgun, but they were excellent shot with most of his handguns. Debbie had come in first place on several of her events as well.

He had been made to promise to tell Debbie how he felt about her by his mother. He knew she wasn’t going to let this die either. So, once Jack told Debbie he loved her, the two of them made plans and got married. The girls were happy their father was marrying their Aunt. They had a small wedding with just close friends and family attending on the ranch.

Most of his guest had never met Chaos and some of them feared him and the other two wolves. Don Juan Carlos had been invited and brought his daughter and her husband with them. He was impress by the wolves and how well trained they were. He had asked that next time Jack decides to breed any of the wolves to call him and let him know. He might be interested in having two on his ranch to protect his daughter like he saw Cadmus and Sphinx doing for Julia and Gina.

Debbie had gotten pregnant while on their honeymoon. She was expecting their first baby. The girls were excited because they were hoping for another girl. Jack didn’t care either way he was fine with a boy or a girl.

Alex and Robert had adopted a ten-year-old girl and a twelve-year-old boy whose parents had run out on them. They had brought them to the rodeo with Jack and his family. Jack was wearing his typical western wear with an old fashion Marshal badge. The organizers had asked him to be the Marshal this year for the rodeo. Debbie had nominated him for the position.

He was still allowed to compete. There was one competition they had come up with to see who could out shoot the Marshal. Many tried, but few even came close to out shooting Jack.

Jack and his family slept out under the stars instead of sleeping in the trailer they had rented. He wanted the girls to have the full experience of what it was like for the cowboys back in the day. As Jack sat up drinking some whiskey with Alex and Robert while Debbie and the kids slept. He can’t help, but to smile as he thinks about how far his girls had come since he rescued them. They still had some problems and they always will, but he knows the girls were strong and wouldn’t let their past haunt them. They had blossom under his mothers, Debbie, Selina and his own teaching and care. He challenged the girls and made them stronger in facing their fears. Jack knew they still had one fear. That they were afraid of losing him. He had promise that he would do everything possible to make sure that never happens.

He knew what the bigger picture was and that everything he did to eliminate whatever could hurt them to make the world better place was a good goal to have. He had a higher responsibility to them. That was to make sure he was around to see them grow-up and be there when they needed him the most. He will do whatever he needs to protect his family and friends and the hell with everyone else.

Alex and Robert had seen a change in Jack since coming back from Mexico. He had become more attentive to his girls and to Debbie. They knew he wanted to spend more time with them and was more protective of them. They knew Debbie had talked Jack into enrolling the girls into a private school so they could socialize with girls their age. It was nice they were taking online classes, but they needed to know what girls their age did. Plus, it had allowed them to make friends and experience the life of a teenager.

Some of the guys at the girl’s new school had already tried to bully and forced them to do something they didn’t want to do and found out the hard way what happened. Robert had told him about the incident at school and how the two girls had taken care of the problem.

Gina and Julia had made several friends at school and had a sleep over one night. Their friends feared Cadmus and Sphinx when they first saw them, but relaxed once they learned the wolves wouldn’t hurt them. Now, the one wolf they didn’t care of that much was Chaos. He really scared them. Jack did keep Chaos away from the girls so they could enjoy the visit. He had been glad Debbie had been there to help control the madness. Having a bunch of girls under one roof was something he wasn't use too. Still, he was glad the girls had enjoyed themselves and their friends were always welcome to come over and visit them.

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