The Wildcats - Chapter 26

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Chapter Twenty-Six

This series is written by Leslie Moore and edited by Eric and Dee Sylvan. Graphics and formatting by Dawn Natelle.


Chapter Twenty-Six

Tasha hurried over to the backstage lounge, turning off her cell phone on the way. “Hey gang, you’re not going to believe this!” All four Wildcats turned and smiled. They were amused by the excitement on her teenage face. “Who wants to go to California and play on The Ellen Show next week?”

While she had everyone’s attention, she described her phone call from DJ Blank. She couldn’t contain the excitement in her voice.

Tiff stood up and pointed at her. “You see. This is what I mean. The Little Shit's our good luck charm. She's expanded our sound. She writes our songs and encourages us to help compose. She created the dance club hit. She made the videos happen. We’ve got the demo cut thanks to her. And now, our future hit record is ready to launch. And now, because of all of that, we’re headed to LA!”

Terry laughed. Tiff was right. Really, who would have ever thought so much could happen to them? They were on a roll!

The band played the second set in a fog of joy. Lisa called for a set of all Terry songs. And the Wildcats were pleased with themselves. They now had more original songs in the repertoire than they needed to fill forty-five minutes. The audience heard something special. While most bar bands rely on popular cover songs to keep a crowd going, the Wildcats had grown up. They had a new confidence about them. It was now an integral part of everything, from their guitar solos and their harmonies, to the polish of a tight sound. But, the crowd didn't realize the band was in its own happiness bubble tonight. Every time the girls looked at each other, they grinned. They were walking on air thinking about being on TV and playing Summer Song for the world.


Later on that night, Richard and Phil appeared backstage. They'd heard the news from Tony and were besides themselves with joy. “This is the best thing ever! What an incredible break this'll be! Ellen DeGeneres wants you on her show next Monday! Amazing! And now we have a week to get it all together. According to Tony Okungbowa, she’s excited to meet the band. She’s thrilled to be the one to introduce the Wildcats to the nation. And with all this, my hat is tipped to you. You’re making my job easy."

Richard walked around shaking hands with everyone as he rambled on. "Imagine! We’re previewing ‘Summer Song’ for the world on syndicated national TV. It’s unbelievable! And now our website's up and running, ready to download the song as well as show off our four-song demo. How awesome is that? All our videos are also on our YouTube channel."

As he walked around backstage, he stopped right in front of Terry. "Tasha, I think you’ve also headed off any potential money problems we could have had. You wait and see. With all this national exposure, we'll have money rolling into the bank.”

Tasha grinned, bouncing up and down. “Actually, it’s DJ Blank we need to thank. He got this all going. He hooked us up with Tony and Ellen as thanks for introducing him to Robert. Robert loved his club mix and figured he couldn't lose by hiring Blank. We all win. Blank's just thrilled about the gig at The Rendezvous.”

Richard was nodding and making notes on his phone. “Well, it’s amazing for everybody. We’re going to put the band on a plane next Sunday and fly out for a taping in Burbank the next day. Your Ellen segment airs that same day and the publicity will be the greatest thing ever for the video and downloads. This is going to be awesome.”

The band couldn’t stop talking about California. The last set at The Rendezvous took a back seat. Conversation was all about The Ellen Show. They’d wrap up The Rendezvous gig and have a week to rehearse for Ellen. They all were excited about playing on television.

No one in the crowd knew how distracted the Wildcats were during that last set. Everyone in the band couldn’t have been happier or higher when they introduced ‘Summer Song’ and reminded the crowd they could download all their music at

They played the third set with unbridled joy. Tasha was dreaming about California and playing live on television. She’d be playing the song they’d written together, a song that would now be heard nationally. It was all pretty amazing.

The band members were all having such a good time they got Robert’s permission to play until 12:30 am and close down the club. A drunken, tired, cheering crowd stumbled out to their taxis, Ubers, and designated-driver cars to wind their way back up to the suburbs. The club bouncers made sure no one drove home drunk.

The band packed everything up for the last time among random shouts of 'We're going to Hollywood" and "Unbelievable!"

By 1:30 am, they were in the diner. Everyone was 'up'. The conversation was animated.

Gina couldn't stop drumming on the table while they waited on their food. After growing weary of her non-stop energy, Tiffany grabbed both of Gina's wrists, holding them still, moving into her face, and whispering through her gritted teeth, telling her to stop. Taking advantage of the opportunity, Gina leaned in and kissed Tiffany smack on the lips. Tiff let go of Gina’s hands instantly saying an expletive loudly. Gina didn’t move, grinning like a cat.

Fortunately, the Saturday night crowd had filled the place even in the wee hours. If the diner had been empty, the patrons might have taken notice of the overly active group of women. But it was a date night and the place was full. No one noticed or cared about a little more noise.

Zoe burst out laughing at Tiffany and watched her wipe her lips off with the back of her hand.

Tiffany was smiling while she wiped. "Diseased. I'll bet I've caught something." She leaned over and held Gina's beautiful face between her hands. "Here's your cooties back." And kissed her back on the lips with a smacking sound.

Gina acted shocked as she swooned. "Oh, Nordic Barbie! You've made my heart skip a beat!"

Lisa ignored all the clowning. She was describing the upcoming weeks on their schedule, trying to get it straight in her head. In the past years, it had been pretty simple. Since the beach scene didn’t start until June, the band would return South to play for a week in one town at some bar and then drive all day Sunday and Monday to play in another club or dive for the next week or ten days. April and May would find them staying busy, working every night. But, now things were so different. They wouldn’t need the van and the trailer. They wouldn’t need to make motel reservations; they wouldn’t be driving all around the countryside.

The week was ending on a high note. The Wildcats were looking forward to their April schedule. The pace would be a lot more relaxed. Traveling around in a van in the Georgia Peach Belt playing dives and bars every night then crashing in cheap motels got old fast.

It was tough for Lisa to get it all in her mind that they had someone to take care of all the details. They just had to show up and play. It was tough for Lisa to relax and just take it all in. She still felt the need to announce what they were going to do that month. And since the Rendezvous represented their March dates and they’d be starting a new schedule and month this week, well, she was just trying to get it clear in her mind. As she talked, she realized she sounded like she was buzzed on amphetamines.

Lisa was on an incredible high of excitement. “Hmm. Okay, so here’s our Wildcat schedule for the month of April. We practice for a week in our new digs. On Wednesday afternoon, we’re doing a fashion shoot for Jersey Girl. I was told we'd be in several locations and have multiple wardrobe changes.”

“We’re flying out to the West Coast on Sunday. On Monday, we rehearse then play on The Ellen Show. After the taping, we fly home on the red eye Monday night. On Thursday, we fly to Atlanta in the afternoon and play the weekend. We then fly back on Sunday. We’ll be at the house in the woods for a few days, then fly out again on Thursday. We fly back the following Sunday.”

“Now, here’s the fun part. In the fourth week of April, we’ll fly to New Orleans Tuesday morning to play both Wednesday and Friday for a couple of hours each night. We come back on Sunday. During those six days, we have a lot of free time to do what we want.”

“And that’s the Golden Ring, guys. We know almost a month in advance that we’ll have a week of free time in NOLA during French Quarter Festival. We'll each have a complimentary hotel room and lots of time to spare. What we do is up to each of us to decide. I'm telling Dr. Don to come on down and spend time with me!”

That immediately brought smiles to everyone's faces. The table dissolved into conversation about attending free concerts and all the parties they could go to. It all sounded like so much fun!

Tasha sat watching her giddy girlfriends carrying on. She knew they were releasing a lot of built up tension and excitement. It had been a tough week. And she was responsible for all that extra emotional distress. She realized that the whole Amos business was her fault. She’d created the problem. She’d led him on, totally unaware of his sickness. If only she'd been a little more cautious, all this kidnapping stuff could have been avoided. The only concession was Tasha knew if it hadn't been her, Amos would have preyed on someone else. Now he was off the streets and getting the help he needed.

As much as she tried to put it out of her mind, Tasha was still upset over the whole Amos thing. What just happened in the bathroom tonight was confusing. Where did all that emotion come from? Tasha was still trying to understand the source of her anxiety attack and why her body and mind responded in such a violent manner. It was something she’d want to talk to Grace about at her weekly session on Wednesday morning before the photo shoot. This panic attack was definitely out of her comfort zone. She knew she couldn't take care of it by herself.

As she listened to Lisa trying to get their busy April schedule under control, she mentally tried to fit an appointment with Grace into each week. She also had to find time for a weekly blood test and appointments with Isabella to keep her nails and hair maintained. She had to get replacements for her enhancements that were feeling snug and tight again.

Those enhancements were upsetting her, too. Isabella had ordered larger sized enhancements the last time because Tasha had swelled up in response to the hormone shot and the pills. After talking to the doctor, she thought that the swelling would stop after the first couple of weeks.

It didn't seem to have stopped, because now the enhancements were tight again. And this time, there seemed to be a mild itching under the latex layer of the silicone shapers. It was disturbing to her because, well, she didn’t like the idea of getting too shapely. After all, her female curves would have to be lost when she started the testosterone treatments after leaving the band.

Then, she'd change into a muscular guy, her voice would deepen, and she’d finally attend college. She knew it would make it harder to transition back if she lost too much ground being Tasha.

Too much Tasha sounded so odd. But, Terry knew that this temporary Tasha was not for a lifetime. He was born a guy and he should stay a guy. That’s what nature expected of him. And really, anything more only made life confusing. He had enough to deal with.

The sounds at the table quieted down as their food arrived. Trying to follow his sister’s advice, Terry had ordered a salad with a grilled chicken breast instead of his usual burger and fries. Maybe that was the problem. Maybe he’d just been eating too much fat and that was causing him to swell up.

As they ate their meal, Tiffany was talking about Mike Taylor between bites. They’d been dating for several weeks now and she was really enjoying his company. She was talking about his business and how successful he was. His production studio was busier than ever and he had more work than it could handle. “He wants to know when I can get away for a weekend. Now, I get to tell him six days in NOLA at the end of the month.”

Zoe was nodding. “That’s great, really great. I’ve never been to New Orleans and I wonder if Bruno would like to come down for a few days to enjoy the city with me. I’m sure after this past week, he could use a little rest and relaxation, too.”

Gina laughed. “Well, if you three are all into your honeymoons with your sweeties, it’ll just leave Tasha and me to explore on our own. I guess we can amuse ourselves with just the jazz clubs, concerts, and other touristy things.”

“Well, it’s kind of a vacation." Lisa laughed as she dipped a fry in vinegar. “But the band kitty is empty right now. Sure, this Hollywood offer is awesome and we’ve got an envelope full of cash plus the money each of us made this month. But, you guys just don’t realize how expensive it is just to keep the Wildcats rolling. We’ll be spending a lot of money on the house, airfare, hotels, food, and all that. So, what little money coming in this month goes right out again. That means no paychecks in April. And while everyone's clamoring for a piece of us, we’re not making those big bucks yet. I even told Jersey Girl they’d have to pay us for their day-long fashion shoot this week. Barbara's heard all about The Ellen Show appearance from Phil and she’s all excited about getting the Wildcat line ready for their Spring and Summer sales. They need pics of us in their outfits for their print ads and clothing labels. I’ve heard they have a big day planned for us on Wednesday. And also, Allentown Music is asking for the mini-concert we promised in return for all the shiny new equipment.

She paused for a breath. “Speaking of money, Richard was suggesting that we’re spending too much time in airports this month. He wants us to lease private jets to save some time. Time? I told him we’ve got time and no money!”

Zoe chuckled. “I don’t get it. We’re working. We’re busy. How come we’re not making any money?”

“We're making money, Zoe, just not enough. Our expenses are greater than the money we’re earning. Back in the old days, we made money but had much lower expenses. We worked longer and harder than we will this month. We’re going to have to look over that record contract again if this financial drain keeps up. We should talk to Mr. Dinardo and see if we should really sign a contract now. Richard says we should hold out and renegotiate. I just don't know.”

Gina used a fry as a pointer. “We shouldn’t make any decisions until we get back from Hollywood. I think that Richard was right when he said our money problems might be over when Summer Song is played for the world next week.”


When she woke up Monday morning, Tasha called the salon to go in to have her silicone enhancements removed. After getting an appointment, she took an Uber down to the salon and met with Gina’s older sister, Isabella.

While she waited for Isabella, Tasha busied herself reading fashion and hairstyle magazines. She looked up to see Isabella walking across the room with a brown cardboard box in her hands.

“Hey, Tasha. How’re you doing? I’ve got your new enhancements right here in this box. And by the way, I heard about The Ellen Show. That’s a great opportunity.”

“We’re so lucky to get that break. You met DJ Blank, right? He’s responsible for hooking us up.”

“That is great to preview your hit on The Ellen Show. And whoever thought of downloading and paying what you think it’s worth is a genius. I’ll bet you’ll all be rich real soon.”

“Speaking of money, Isabella. You need to give me a bill for all of this work and time you’re spending with me.”

“I will when you’re rich and famous, hon. Then, I’ll come to visit you in Hollywood. But, enough talk. Let’s get your enhancements off and give your skin a rest.”

As Isabella used the solvent to lift off the breast enhancements, she murmured to herself, “gosh.”

“Huh?” Tasha was concerned with the tone of Isabella’s voice. “What’s the matter?”

“Well,” she said as he removed the breast form enhancements, “I think you’re getting curvier. You’re still swelling up under your breast enhancements. I can see a noticeable swelling around your nipples and across your chest. It’s really hard to believe that you have grown so much in just a little over a month. Come over to the mirror and look at what I mean while I take the other four pads off.

Terry stood there in front of the mirror. He was bare-chested. Terry was having trouble believing what he was seeing. Terry had always been thin and lacking much chest muscles. He had been a bit concave around his chest area. He hadn’t gained any weight since becoming Tasha. If anything, he had lost a pound or two. But now, Terry was observing his chest was no longer concave. He turned sideways and could see what Isabella was talking about. His nipples stood out from his chest. They seemed to have doubled in size. His aureoles had more than doubled and around his entire chest, his breasts seemed to have started to bulge out. While his bone structure still left him with a concave chest, his two breasts were taking on a life of their own. Even as he turned the other way, his nipples seemed to sway from left to right.

He stared dumbfounded as Isabella removed his hip pads. He was also changing below his waist. His hips were increasing in size, too. Even without the silicone pads, he could see he was getting hippy. As she wiped his bottom with solution, he could see that the mass of flesh on his butt had grown and rounded out, too. No more pills, he thought to himself.

The enhancements came off and Isabella promised to order up new ones as soon as she measured Tasha for any changes. She picked up the tape and her notebook that contained the previous measurements and the order for the six pads of silicone.

Isabella consulted her notes and shook her head. “Honey, my records prove it. You’re still growing. Since the first time you came here and we measured, you’ve added three inches to your hips and bottom and two inches to your top. And your waist has shrunk by two inches. Your body is changing and it’s been just a few weeks.”

Walking over to her purse, Tasha got out her phone and dialed Amy’s number. When she picked up at work, Tasha didn’t waste any time. “Hey, I need your help. Can you get me in to see Dr. Frankel this morning? Isabella just took off my enhancements and I am swollen and distorted as if I were on a large dose of estrogen. I’m concerned and if I can see him this morning, that would be great.”

“Are you all right? You sound stressed.”

“No, I’m fine. I’m just a little shocked. The doctor said there’d be no swelling but it’s kind of crazy. I mean, I look noticeably different. Well, swollen and not good.”

“Hold on. Let me go look and see his schedule.”

Terry stood there looking in the mirror. As he was almost completely undressed, he watched his body respond to the cold. He was amazed what was happening to his breasts. His nipples and well, everything, were swelling up and reacting to the cold. He stared at himself.

“Terry? I checked his schedule and he’s back from surgical rounds at 11:00 am. If you’re waiting when he gets here, well then I’m sure we can squeeze you in right away.”

“Okay, thanks. I’ll be there at eleven o’clock.”

Tasha turned back to Isabella as she turned off her phone. “Can we hold off putting on the new enhancements? I want the doctor to see what’s happening to me before we cover it back up, okay?”

“Of course, sweetie. But, are you still taking hormones? Well, that’s a silly question, look at you. You look so much better in the past month. I guess you’re pleased with your development. Even your legs are filling out nicely. Your calves and thighs are filling out and you’re losing those chicken legs of yours. You go see the doctor and when you get all straightened out, we’ll catch up on your hair and nails, too.”

Legs? Terry looked and sure enough, his calves and thighs had grown heavier. If he were a woman, he guessed he’d be pleased. But, that was not the case at all. He quickly slipped on his bra, tee, underpants, then leggings. Even though his bra cups were empty, well, kind of empty, he felt a little better being covered up.

“Thanks, Isabella. You’re a doll. I’ll call and let you know what I find out. I might have to go back to mom’s falsies for a while if I’m referred to another doctor.

“You know, I’ve been taking a very small dose of estrogen. But honestly, I took my last one today. After this, no more female hormones. I’m done with them, well, all chemicals. I’ll just count on your silicone enhancements to take care of my figure. I don’t need the real stuff. This swelling is spooky. Everything’s happening too fast.”

Tasha was shocked. The doctor had assured her that the first time she found a little growth, it was a simple reaction to that shot. He told her that would be it. But, according to Isabella, her body was still changing, and way too fast. At this rate, Terry would disappear overnight and all that would be left was Tasha...

Tasha’s nipples were swelling in the cold air as she walked out to the next Uber. She was surprised at how big they were growing. They were like two pencil erasers, fat and swollen, responding to the cold. She just felt plumper in different places and this was not good. Her body needed to stop feminizing. This was not the plan.

All the way across town, Terry was lost in thought. Over a month had passed and things in his life had changed so much. What was going to happen over the next five months? It looked like he’d have a lot of decisions to make. If they signed a contract, he would stay with the band and work for the tour money. Maybe he’d miss a couple of semesters, but then school would be paid for and there’d be money in the bank.

But, how do you sign with a record company and say you don’t want to tour Europe and Japan? Wouldn’t they get suspicious? Of course they would. And what if he got a passport in Terry’s name? It would be perfectly legal. The big problem would be clothing and going through security and customs. He’d be listed as Terry Nelson, male. He thought about his look. If he were to tone it down a bit in the photo, maybe he’d look androgynous enough that no one would question him. But, even if he were to glam it up like an 80’s rockers, he’d still be wearing makeup. If he stayed as Tasha, who was sponsored by Jersey Girl, she’d be wearing dresses and bras. Now that would be interesting in a strip search.

So, he could probably raise a few eyebrows with his boy passport, but what if someone, like a Wildcats fan, were to find out about the boy passport? What would happen if there was a lot of publicity? If he showed up on the cover of one of those trashy magazines in the grocery store line, he’d die.

Dr. Frankel knew he was living full time as a woman. Maybe he could write him a letter and he could get his birth certificate changed to female. If he did that, then he’d have a woman’s passport to go with his woman’s look. Which reminded him, at the rate he was developing, he’d also have a woman’s body.

But, what would happen when he switched back? After the tour and the money in the bank, he’d go back to Frankel and say I’ve decided to go the other way and grow up now to be a man. How would that go over? Terry supposed you could switch your birth certificate back and get that all straightened out just as easily as he could take testosterone and change into being a guy.

He idly looked down at his nails and reminded himself that he wanted to get them filled in and maybe try a new color, too. He was really tired of the blue-black. He was conflicted. Here he was thinking about being a guy and the next second thinking about nail polish colors. He was sure that his brain was being worked overtime. Maybe it was good that he was stretching himself. Maybe this learning experience would help him somewhere down the line.


When he was riding in the Uber, he called Lisa. “Hey, what’s up?”

“Not much. Unpacking band stuff into the new house. You?”

“Can you pick me up at Frankel’s office? I’m hopefully meeting with him at eleven. You can flirt with Dr. Don while you're waiting for me.”

“Good reason to pick you up. I’ll cruise down there in a little while sis. See ya.”

Terry buttoned up his jacket and hunched over. He felt kind of naked without boobs in his bra. With no silicone enhancements, his clothes were falling off his body. He never realized how he relied on the shapers to hold up his jeans.

He paid the driver and went into his mom’s office. He sat down and looked over the other people in the waiting room. This time, he realized that there were several trans people sitting around the room. Each was in their own stage of progress. Terry wondered. What it would be like to have the need to live in a different body than the one he was born in? Then had an epiphany. He was experiencing exactly that. He was in the process of transitioning all on his own. His motives weren't as pure as the other people in the room. He was a phony compared to these people. They were transitioning for self-preservation and sanity. Terry felt guilty. He was transitioning temporarily just to make money and play music. He was there for all the wrong reasons. He felt bad and very, very guilty.

While he was sitting there feeling sorry for himself, he decided to text Jenn and see that she was doing after school. Maybe she’d like to come out to the house in the woods today.

He was putting his phone away and searching his mind for something to get him out of his funk. Just about the point where he reached the lower point of self-confidence and self-esteem, he saw his mom coming out to greet him. He waved tentatively. “Hi.” He stood up and gave her a hug and kiss on the cheek.

“Hi, honey. The doctor is ready to see you. Come on and follow me.”

Terry followed his mom back through the doors and down the hall. She led him into a larger examination room and handed him a gown. “You know the drill.”

Terry stepped behind a curtained area and took all his clothes off. Then, he put on a yellow gown that was open in the back. Even his butt and hips felt swollen and sticking out of the gown.

When he came out, his mom was rather blunt. “Let me see.”

His mom was examining him critically when Dr. Frankel walked in. He was carrying Terry’s files.

“Hey, Terry. How are you doing?”

Terry explained the discovery of the swelling when he had the enhancements removed.

“So, you haven’t seen yourself in how long?”

“Ten days.”

“Well, what changed in ten days?”

“Everything. My chest, my butt, my hips, and my legs are growing larger. Even my waist has shrunk. I'm a bit freaked out over how fast these changes occurred.”

The doctor was using his fingers and a tape measure to evaluate what Terry was reporting. He kept checking his records and files spread across the counter. “You know, this is very unusual. You've grown quickly. And it’s a puzzle for me. With the low dosage of estrogen product that you’re taking, this shouldn't have happened. And all this happening in only one month is remarkable.”

“That’s why I’m here.”

“That’s good that you are. Now let’s figure out what’s changed and why. Some questions first. Do you take vitamins or supplements? Have you taken any off the shelf estrogen products? Have you taken any female birth control pills?

Terry shook his head. “I don’t even take a vitamin. I’m pretty much eating the same foods that I have for months. My only crime would be more burgers and fries at the diner at night when we’re done playing. I’ve been pretty normal.”

“Well, let’s go backwards. After your surgery, I prescribed two shots. One: an anti-androgen and the other a very small dose of estrogen. Neither of which would have affected you under usual circumstances. Then, after seeing your blood work, we stopped the anti-androgen because you had little or no testosterone in your body and they weren’t necessary.”

Terry was listening carefully. So far, everything Dr. Frankel was saying was as he remembered it.

“We’ve drawn blood and looked at your hormone levels once a week. And yes, your body has obviously responded to the tiny bit of estrogen we’ve been feeding it. In all the years that I have been working with transitioning patients, I’ve never seen anyone respond quite like you have. You’ve responded to the estrogen in a very strong fashion. Normally, we wouldn’t see this kind of response without much larger dosages for a longer period of time. I’m stumped. And to be honest with you, most transgender people wouldn’t be upset, they’d be pleased.”

Terry shook his head. “Oh. Well, first I’m surprised and seeing the swelling worried me. I just wanted to make sure that I’m healthy. I just got startled. Second, I’m still not sure that this is the direction I ultimately want to go. I’m not convinced this is my destiny. That’s why I wanted to try this out.”

“How does it make you feel?”

“I honestly don’t know. The Tasha side of me is doing fine both physically and mentally, but I still want to retain the Terry side of me, too.”

“How have you been doing with your counsellor, Grace Goldman? Are you seeing her?”

“I am. I see her once a week.”

“And did you make an appointment with an endocrinologist?”

“I did. But, the doctor couldn’t see me until the summer.”

“That’s too long.” Richard Frankel turned to Amy. “Could you call up someone who can see Terry sooner?”

Amy nodded and made a note on his chart.

“Well, Terry, you seem healthy. And if you were transitioning, I’d say everything is going well and you seem to be ahead of schedule. So, let’s keep monitoring any changes and I’m sure you know that I’m going to tell you to stop taking the prescription for a while.”

Terry nodded. He decided that this wasn’t the time to talk about a birth certificate with female on it. He knew there’d be better opportunities to discuss it.

“Thanks, doctor.”

“No pills, keep getting your weekly blood test, and your mom will get you an appointment with an endocrinologist, ASAP.”

When Terry finally headed out towards the waiting room, he passed Lisa in the hall chatting with Dr. Don. He smiled and exchanged pleasantries. Lisa grabbed his arm and asked him if he was ready.

Terry nodded and they headed down the street to the band van.

“You want to stop at home before lunch?”

“Yeah. I need to get changed and dig out mom’s pads. I left my enhancements with Isabella. I’m going to get them put back on in the morning.”

They stopped and Terry had enough time to change and put on the pads and a body shaper. He also brushed his hair and freshened his makeup.

All he was thinking about was meeting Jenn in the afternoon.

“Hey, Lisa. Can we stop and get some sheets and pillows and stuff?”

“Sure. This for your new room?”

“Yeah. I need a mattress pad, a set of sheets, and a couple pillows. I guess I should buy a couple blankets and a bed spread, too.”

“You sleeping over?”

“I’m not sure. But, I’ve invited Jenn to come over this afternoon and well, I guess it’s what you might call a hot date.”


This story will continue next Friday.

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