The Life Of An Angel Chapter 8

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Angel wakes-up and notice that the girls had crawled into bed with her and Carol. Angel had talked Carol into coming home with her last night. One thing lead to another and they had made love till around midnight and finally fallen asleep when the girls had come in and snuggled up to them. Since it was Saturday and Carol didn’t have to get up and go to work. She just wanted to lay here with the twins and her girlfriend.

Angel wraps her arm around Tammy and pulls her close to her body. Tammy had snuggled up against her, while Sammy had snuggled up against Carol. Both her and Carol were sleeping in the nude. Which didn’t bother her, because her mothers had done the same thing when
she slept with them on the Sturgis trip.

When they had gotten home, Angel didn’t like sleeping by herself and it took a week for her mothers to get her to sleep in her own room without either of them. Angel looks over towards Carol and notice she had her arm around Sammy and was holding her close to her own body. Sammy’s face was nested against Carol’s shoulder with Carol resting her check against Sammy’s cheek.

Angel looks down at Tammy and a smile appears on her face. She never thought she would be a mother and then faith drops these two girls into her life. Not only did faith drops these two girls into her life, but a beautiful wife as well. Angel stares at Carols sleeping face and decided right then and there she was going to ask Carol to marry her. It may be too soon, but she couldn’t image her life without Carol in her life.

Angel turns onto her back pulling Tammy on top of her body and scoots over closer to Sammy. Tammy moves some and buries her face against Angels neck and right shoulder while straddling Angels body. She rubs Sammy’s back and watch as Sammy moves closer against Carol’s body. Carol moves some to let Sammy closer to her. She was already partially covering the child with her body.

Angel drifts back off to sleep. The next thing she feels is Tammy sitting upright on her playing with a lock of her long hair. Angel opens her eyes and look up at Tammy.

“Well good morning munchkin.” Angels rubs Tammy’s back.

“Morning mommy.” Tammy looks down into her mother’s emerald green eyes.

Tammy leans down and places a kiss on Angels right cheek.

“Mommy, is Carol going to be our mommy as well?”

“Well, we’ll have to ask her when she wakes up.”

“Ask me what?” Carol had woken-up when she heard Tammy and Angel talking.

Angels turns to look at Carol.

Carol did notice that Sammy was pressed against her body still asleep.

“Tammy wants to know if you’re going to be her mommy as well.” Angel was watching Carols facial expression.

Carol looks at Angel and feels Sammy squirming against her. She loosens her grip some so Sammy could be more comfortable. The feelings she was experiencing with Sammy against her body was something she had never felt before. She already knew she loved Angel.
There was no doubt what so ever about that.

“Would you and your sister like if I did.” Carol was looking up at Tammy as she sat straddle on Angels chest.

“I would mommy.” Sammy lays her head back to look up at Carol. She hadn’t really been asleep.

Tammy nods her head yes.

“I know I would as well. That way I would have my soulmate.” Angel leans close to Carol and kiss her.

Sammy sits up and notice her sister was sitting on their mother’s chest.

Carol looks at Sammy and rolls onto her back while pulling Sammy onto her chest like Tammy was sitting on Angel’s.

“Well, since I am out number by three to one. I guess I can become your other mother.” Carol tickles Sammy’s side.

Sammy just giggles as Carol tickles her. Angel just smiles and tickles Tammy’s side as well. Soon the bedroom is filled with giggles and squeals as the girls are tickle torture by Angel and Sammy.

“You girls want to see where mommy Angel is ticklish?” Carol had a wicked look in her eyes.

“Oh no, don’t you dare.”

Both girls nod their head yes. Carol goes for Angel’s ticklish spot. While she is doing that, the girls go for the standard ticklish spots.

Somehow Angel manages to turn the tables on Carol and she is straddling Carols hips. She leans down and kiss Carol on the lips. Both girls were sitting on Angels side of the bed smiling as they watched their mothers kiss.

Angels stops kissing Carol and sits up “girls, you know something. I think Mommy Carol needs to get some Tattoo’s.”

Angel wiggles her eyebrows at Carol.

“I’ll get mine after you get yours first.”

“Sounds like a plan to me.”

Angel pulls the girls over and let them sit on Carols body as she slides off and rush to the bathroom. She passes her mother’s as they come
walking out of their bedrooms. They had on underwear and t-shirts.

“You girls make such a ruckus in the morning.”

“Sorry moms” Angel rushes into the bathroom to relieve her bladder.

“Were going down to make breakfast. Why don’t you, Carol and the girls join us.”

“We will mom.” Angels shouts through the door of the bathroom so her mother hear her.

Once Angel is done doing her business in the bathroom and washing her hands. She heads back into the bedroom and notice Carol had on one of the MC’s t-shirt.

“D.A tossed it to me before following Angie down stairs.”

“It looks good on you. Okay, girls lets go help Grandma with breakfast.” Angel steps aside so the girls could go first. She waits till Carol
walks by her and lightly smack her on her butt.

Carol jumps some and looks back towards Angel “you know payback is hell.”

“Promises, promises.” Angels smiles and follows behind Carol.

Carol puts a little extra wiggle into her step to tease Angel.

“Oh, you are so going to get it tonight.” Angel smacks Carols bottom again, but with a little bit more force.

“Eeeppp!” Carol jumps forwards to get out of Angels reach.

Once the girls, Angel and Carol are in the kitchen. Angie and D.A. puts the girls to work helping them, while Carol and Angel set the outside patio table for all of them. They were going to eat breakfast outside on the patio this morning.

Carol notice that her mothers had taken to the role of being grandmas to the twins. She wonders if her mother’s ever thought they would ever be grandmothers at their age.

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