The Spanish Flower Chapter 16

Two months have passed by since Renata and Jesse returned from their honeymoon in Hawaii. Renata was sitting back stage at a concert hall in Richmond, Va. Her manager managed to get her a spot at a benefit concert for abused women. Her and the band her manager had put together had practiced everyday up to just a few days ago. Her husband was handling security for their equipment and their people. Her father had arranged all the transportation for them. This would get her name out there and give her a giant step of into the business.

Renata waited her turned to step onto the stage. She had butterflies in her stomach and had been unable to eat. Her father steps up behind her.

“You’re going to do fine sweetie. I’ve heard you sing and you sounded like an angel. I know you will impress a lot of people.”

“Hey squirt, where do you think you’re going?”

Renata and Don Juan turn around and notice a platinum blonde teenage girl wearing a silvery Roman style dress. The way she was dress made her look like something out of mythology. Stopping and turning around to talk with a guy that looked like he stepped out of a deck of playing cards.

“Mom’s not here yet and we’re supposed to go on after Spanish Flower. I was going to see if she had checked in with Dusk.”

“Make it quick. Siren is looking for you. She wants to go over a piece that we’re introducing tonight.” Jack hated when Siren did this, but she was the lead singer of the band.

Rose turns around and accidentally bumps into Renata and Don Juan.

“Sorry sir, ma’am”

“No problem. By the way. What band are you with?” Renata was amazed at how Rose looked.

“We’re Siren. I’m one of the singers. My mom plays the guitar and does all our special effects. There she is now.” Rose had spotted her mom walking towards them. She was dress in her normal fiery outfit that produce real and holographic flames.

Sasha had spotted her daughter talking with a Spanish couple. The girl was wearing a nice Spanish gown that showed off her heritage. The gentleman was older and wore a tailored suit.

Sasha walks up to Renata “Hi, I’m Wildfire.”

“I’m Don Joan Carlos and this is my daughter Renata Carlos.” Don Juan shakes Sasha’s hand.

"Is this your first concert.” Sasha notice how nervous Renata looked.

“I have just the thing. There’s nothing up my sleeve.” Renata slides her sleeves up to show them.

A ball of fire appears in her hand. She blows on it, causing the flames to go out and sitting in her hand was a Spanish Flower a yellow pedal flower appears in her hands.

“This flower is guaranteed to bring you good luck.” Sasha tucks the flower in Renata’s hair.

Don Juan smiles as he watches Wild Fires attics.

“Thank you.” Renata gives her a hug.

“You’re welcome, now get out there and bring the ceiling down.” Sasha gives Renata a little push.

Renata walks out onto the stage and her band starts immediately.

Rose had quietly watched Sasha as she helped the girl. She was impress with how her mother did things.
“Thank you.” Don Juan looks towards Sasha.

“Don’t mention it. I’ve been in her shoes before. Come on Imp, let’s go and torture our band mates.”

Don Juan just watches as the two women walk off. He notices that the flames on Wild Fire costume dances as her body moved. He’ll have to invite her band to perform next time at the city festival.

Don Juan listens as Renata and her band play. He was watching her and feeling proud by what he was seeing. His little girl was out there putting on a class act show. He had seen recording of her performances, but this took his breath away. She was moving and singing her heart and soul out on stage. Her music was like an angel singing to him.

When Renata finishes, she couldn’t believe the applause that followed her performance. The applause was so loud that it could lift the ceiling off the place. He couldn’t believe how well she had done. She comes back stage and jumps right into Jesses’ arms. Then she leaps out of his arms and hugs her father.

Don Juan and Jesse could see the happiness on Renata’s face. She was so excited and giggly.

Renata just looks at the two men in her life that meant so much and realize that they would always be by her side.

A fiery image appears before all of them “see I told you that you would bring the house down and you did.”

The image shoots up into the air and explodes into a burst of fireworks.

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