Do You Believe In Magic? Chapter 3

I stare up at the ceiling in the bedroom I was given as my own. Tonight, had been a very interesting night to say the least. All thirteen members of the Silver Crescent coven showed up for their coven meeting tonight and I had to explain everything that happen to me by the spirit to all of them and why she sent me to them to be trained. I answered all their questions afterwards and even demonstrated some of my abilities to them. I freaked out three of the members by revealing things they didn’t want anyone to know. I also learned that Aerona’s real name is Lydia Ann Quinn and that Esras real name is Ryder Allen Quinn. Bennu real name is Lily Nolan and she doesn’t mind me knowing her real name, mainly because I’ll be under her tutelage to learn the basics. She and Lydia said that once I have the basics down, Lydia would start teaching me more advance stuff. All three of them said for now their names were all I needed to know till the other members trusted me enough with their real names.

Ryder ran the farm here. It had several Apple orchards, strawberries, pumpkins and even blueberries here. He was a horse breeder as well. He was a retired Marine that had been wounded over in Pakistan while fighting the Taliban. Lydia owns a small occult shop and sells occult supplies to different covens and the public. She has real magical abilities like mine and now understands why I was sent to her for training.

Lily is like me and Lydia, but not as strong as the two of us.

She is more of a conduit that can direct and harness magical energies. She can sense where powerful ley lines are. As for the others, I don’t know much about them. The only reason I know about Ryder, Lydia and Lily is we spoke after everyone left the meeting. Some house rules were explained to me. One of those rules were that I wasn’t to use any magic till I have had the proper training. The only time I could practice my abilities was under the supervision of one of them. Ryder told me that the abilities I have are so strong, that I could end up blowing myself up or destroying something on the farm. As for schooling, they were going to home school me for now, till I could control my abilities. Lydia said I needed to learn how to act like a girl since I knew nothing about being a girl. She said that I needed to become comfortable with my new body and how to do the things most girls learn early in their life. Which meant to me that I had to not only learn how to walk, talk and act like a girl, but also about the other things girls my age go through each month, because I had a feeling that I would be starting mine soon. I close my eyes and slowly drift off to sleep.

“God, I hate this.” I rush to the bathroom to change my pad.

“You’ll get used to it Yasmin, I promise.” Lily smiles as she watches me run for the bathroom.

“Easy for you to say, you’ve been a girl since the day you were born and grew-up with this little nuisance. It’s all new to me.” I shut the door and drop my blue jeans and underwear, so I could change my pad.

My period started two weeks after I arrived here. Lydia hadn’t even gotten finish showing me how to get ready in the morning before this problem arrived. I couldn’t believe how bitchy and cranky I got since it came on. I change the pad for a fresh one and clean up afterwards. I get redress and head back out to the kitchen were Lily was waiting for me.

She’s been doing my home schooling, while Ryder was out doing farm work and while Lydia was running her shop. Lily was patient with me and I really like that about her. She knew how hard it was for me to get use to my new situation. We worked for a little while longer on the math I had to do today. Once that was done, we headed down stairs to the practice room that Lydia and Ryder built for me to use to practice my abilities. So far so good, I haven’t blown anything up that I wasn’t supposed to. Today, Lily was teaching me how to form what I wanted my magic to do and how to direct it.

“I can’t believe you did that.” Lily coughs to clear the smoke she inhaled.

“I didn’t know that it was going to do that.” I was coughing along with her. The fireball I had formed and caused to explode downstairs had filled the room with smoke.

Thank goodness for the wards Ryder and Lydia put up to contain any spells I cast downstairs or the whole house would be filled with smoke right now.

“Maybe next time I should wait till we practice outside to try anything like that again.” I collapse down in a chair in the kitchen.

“I think you’re right. We better let the practice room air out, before we go back downstairs to clean-up.” Lily looks over towards me when she says that.

I get up and walk over towards the cabinets and get down two glasses and fill them up with ice water.

“Here you go Lily.” I hand her one glass as I sit down with my glass and drink some of the ice-cold water.

Lily looks at me after drinking some of her water “do you regret being changed?”

I take a sip of my ice water and then look at Lily “not really. I didn’t have much choice in the matter Lily. It was either I choose what form I took or the spirit did. She said that she would turn me into the last person who owned the necklace.”

“But you choose to have magical abilities and such, why?” Lily takes another sip of her water.

“Because, I have always wonder what it would be like to posse real magic and do the things I’ve seen some of my favorite actors and actresses do or in some of my favorite television shows and movies.” I take another sip of my water and swish it around inside my mouth to rinse the taste of the smoke out of it.

“Well, I hope you’re ready for the rest that comes along with having real magical abilities kiddo. The world you have become part of is a whole lot bigger then you realize. There are things out in the world that are dangerous to mankind and sometimes we have to get involve either to stop them or act as emissaries.” Lily finishes up her ice water.

“Okay, that was something I didn’t know about. What exactly is it that I have to worry about?” I look towards her now and wonder what I have gotten myself into.

“Right now, the only thing you need to worry about young lady is learning how to control your abilities and how to act like a proper lady. Once you master them, then we’ll let you know more about the other things you need to worry about. You still carry yourself sometimes like a boy and act like one as well at times.” Lily just looks at me with a serious look on her face.

“I know, I know. Lydia has been saying the same thing to me as well. It’s just hard to overcome fourteen years of being a guy to learning how to act like a normal ten year old girl.” I close my eyes and try to remain calm. My emotions were playing havoc with me.

“Well, let’s go downstairs and clean the practice room up. It should be cleared out by now.” Lily gets up and heads towards the stairs that lead downstairs to the basement.

I follow behind her watching how she walks, so I could copy her style of walking. It still felt strange to be a girl, but I was starting to like it.

We spent about an hour and half cleaning up the practice room and then headed back upstairs to fix lunch for everyone. Today’s lunch was a homemade soup I got to make from scratch this morning. Lydia and Lily took me grocery shopping yesterday and let me pick out all the ingredients for the soup yesterday. I got too met a lot of people who knew Ryder, Lily and Lydia. Those who ask who I was, we told them I was Lydia’s niece that came to live with her, because my mother passed away. We weren’t lying exactly. When Ryder searched my cloak, he found a hand-crafted fancy leather bound case in a secret pocket in the cloak with a birth certificate, medical records, social security card and a letter saying Ryder and Lydia were my legal guardians, since I was still under age. There was a death certificate in there with the names of my real parents on it. We did some more digging and found out that they had died in a car accident caused by a drunk driver. I had a bank account in town in my name and was allowed a couple of hundred dollars every month from another account I couldn’t fully touch till I was twenty-one years old.

There was a check with Ryder and Lydia’s name on it so that they could buy any clothes and items I would need. So, Lydia, I and Lily spent three days buying me a complete wardrobe and other items I would need or wanted. I had responsibilities around the farm I had to complete every day. We also found out that the cloak and gloves I arrived in would change color to match whatever outfit I had on. Lily brought me a few more cloaks like the one I had that were non-magical.

As for the knife that had been on my waist. We found out that it was silver and titanium mixed blade, meant to kill any supernatural that was allergy to silver or iron. The blade itself was enchanted to produce flames around it. So, I could kill any creature that could only be killed by fire. The magic of the knife only responded to me. No one else could use the magic of the blade. We also found out that I could have another one appear if I needed it. I could make a total of four knives appear and once I didn’t need them any more they would merge back with the original.

I stir the soup and ladle some into a huge bowl we could take from to fill our bowls at the table. Lily puts a basket of fresh baked bread she made this morning on the table and a dish of honey butter, which I have become addicted to now. I listen as Ryder comes up the back steps that lead to the kitchen.

Just as the back door opens “clean your boots off before you come in dad.”

I stop and look towards the back door with Ryder standing there looking at me with a surprised look on his face. I couldn’t believe I just called Ryder, dad. I didn’t know why I did it, but it felt right for some reason.

Lily looks over towards me when she hears me say that as well and a smile appears on her face.

“You heard your daughter Ryder. Clean the mud off your boots before you step into this kitchen.” Lily gives Ryder a teasing smile.
Ryder steps back outside and knock the mud and dirt off his boots. He couldn’t believe Yasmin called him dad. He was still getting use to the fact that she was here and that she had been sent to him and his wife. It didn’t bother him at all that she called him dad. Actually, it made him feel proud. He steps back inside the kitchen after he knocks all the dirt from his boots.

I watched as Ryder stepped back out onto the back porch. I still couldn’t believe I called him dad, but it felt right to me. In the past two weeks since I arrived here he’s been more of a father to me, than my birth father has ever been. I finish setting the table for lunch and when Ryder comes walking back in I watch him to see if he dislikes me calling him dad.

Ryder walks over and just ruffles my hair.

“You can call me dad or father any time you want to Yasmin.” He continues over to his seat and sits down.

I just smile and start filling my bowl up with the soup I made. We make small talk at the table about things that needed to be done around the farm and the upcoming Halloween party we were going to put on this year. I already knew a little bit about Halloween about how it was the celebration for the dead and how the barrier between us and the dead is the thinnest around this time of year, but I didn’t know it was also the day that most Supernatural's came out and mingle with the public.

Ryder and Lydia were going to allow me to attend the Samhain celebration the coven did with the other covens in the area. Both of them told me to be careful and not reveal too much about myself to the others. Most of the other covens were made up of actual witches that posse true magic and then there were the ones that didn’t, but posse other types of gifts. Some covens didn’t posses any magic at all, but followed the Wiccan tradition. When lunch was done, Lily and I cleaned up the kitchen, while Ryder or I should say dad now went back to work out on the farm. Lily was going to work on the quit she has been making since I got here. I grab my jean jacket and head out to the pasture to get my horse and saddle him up.

He was a beautiful looking stallion. Ryder and Lydia gave him to me to ride when it was discovered I didn’t know how to ride. They taught me how to ride. We found out that I had a natural talent for horseback riding. I whistle for him and watch as he comes running up to the fence. He was a solid dark brown color except for a four-inch strip that ran down the middle of his nose. I saddle him up and head out for a nice relaxing ride.

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