Be Careful of What You Wish For Chapter 3

Freddy doesn’t know what time it is when he finally wakes up. All he does know was that he felt weird. He was in some sort of bedroom and curtains were pulled back showing a setting sun. As he moved, he notice he was wearing a light blue night gown that felt incredible soft against his skin. When he looks at his arms, one had a tattoo of a vein with flowers on it circling down to the tip of his middle finger. He also discovers he was no longer a he, but a she. She had tears sliding down her cheek as she continues to look around the room. The room she was in had a country quality to it and sheets covering her body were as soft as silk. The bed was bigger than his old one.

Freddy gets out of bed and notice on her right leg is where the vein started. She had to see what she looked like for herself and discover the back of bedroom door had a full-length mirror mounted on it. Freddy takes the nightgown off to stare at his new body. It was a little taller than his old body and she had freckles and long amber color hair, fair skin, button nose. Her eyes were the color of Cat's Eye Aquamarine.

“Wow!” Freddy couldn’t believe the tattoo or his new body. Sure, he really didn’t have a chest, but other than that his body was a knockout.

Freddy puts her nightgown back on and head down stairs. He could hear voices coming from the living room.

“Well good evening sleepy head. We all thought you were going to sleep the day away.” Titanis spots her new little sister as comes walking into the living room.

Freddy spots a teenager with short auburn hair sitting next to a woman with the same hair color, longer on one sofa. There was a huge bobcat sitting with them and another one sitting over near the blind woman he met yesterday. She was sitting on Titanis’s lap.

“Mom, are you sure you healed the body, right?” Angela was looking at Freddy.

“Give her time Angela. She just woke-up and needs to adjust being in a new body.” Leto looks over towards Freddy as well.

“I just woke-up.” Freddy walks over to stand next to Titanis.

“Well, let me introduce you to your cousin and Aunt. The young lady over there wearing the game warden outfit is your cousin Angela. She is Uncle Apollo’s favorite grandbaby. The woman she is sitting next to is your Aunt and her mother Leto. She is Apollo’s daughter and like me a demi-goddess. Her specialty is healing and she is almost as good as me with a bow and arrow. She didn’t inherit her father’s gift with the bow. Her daughter on the other hand, I wouldn’t challenge her. She was trained by both her grandfather and by her Aunt Artemis.”
Freddy waves over towards Leto and Angela.

“The fur balls you see are Gorgo who is your aunt’s companion and Leonidas who is supposed to be mine, but really is my wife’s here. This is my wife Shayla. Don’t let her blind routine act fool you. She’s an empath. She can feel your emotions. It compensates for her blindness. She was born blind, so her gift helps her. She can also look through Leonidas eyes to see. So, have you picked out a name for yourself?”

“I wasn’t sure of one. I thought Athena would have done it.”

“Mom, isn’t like that. I was name after the seven female Titans or the Titanis as they were called. Your Aunt was named after her grandmother and was the goddess of light and passing unnoticed. She was a younger Titanis. So, now you can pick yours and will see if mom likes it.”

Freddy stands there next to Titanis and thinks about it. Something inside her whispers Theia.

“How about Theia?” Freddy looks at both Titanis and Leto.

“It’s another female Titan name and it means the goddess of sight and the shining.”

“It’s fine with me. Now does mom like it?”

An elf owl comes flying in through a window and lands on Freddy’s shoulder.

“I think she approves of the name Auntie.” Angela was looking at the elf owl. It was a tiny little thing. Only 5 inches tall.

“I guess mom sent you your companion as well.”

Angela looks towards her mother “how come grandfather never sends me one?”

“Because you never asked him for one. You’re a lot like your Aunt Artemis. Always on the move hunting poachers and criminals down. Do you want a companion?” Leto looks at her daughter.

“It would be nice sometimes having a person to back me up.” Angela wouldn’t mind a companion.

“I’ll ask your grandfather for you.” Leto didn’t mind asking for things for daughter.

“Thank you, mommy.” Angela leans over and hugs her mother.

“Leto why don’t you explain to your niece about her new body please?” Titanis figures Leto would do a better explanation then she would.

Leto looks towards Theia now “you’ll need to be careful of where and who you interact with Theia. That body is known around these parts, so there is history here. She use to be a member of a local Wiccan coven and I don’t see why you can’t rejoin if you wish. Just be careful because you do posses some magical energies. Your original body posses some, but it was very weak. Now however, you’re a little bit more powerful. So, you’ll need to mask your power some. The previous occupant of that body was a drug addict. So, you might run into people she dealt with. Just pretend you have amnesia and ignore them. If they push the issue, then do what you need to do to protect yourself. Your sister and her wife will train you on how to defend yourself. Remember, you’re the daughter of Athena, so use you’re your brains instead of your bronze.” Leto looks at Titanis for that last statement.

Titanis sticks her tongue out at her cousin.

A smile appears on Leto’s face at her cousin’s antics.

“How about if they ask what happened to me? What should I say?”

“Just say your heart stopped and the paramedics were able to bring you back from the dead. It’s partially true. Oh, your old body is being cremated as we speak right now. So, you’re stuck now Theia like you are.”

“Good, I never want to go back being a boy ever again.” Theia says this with some force behind her words.

Shayla turns to face Theia. She couldn’t see the boy, but she could feel his anger and some sadness. She places her hand on Theia’s since
she was so close to Titanis.

“So, how old am I?”

“Since we couldn’t find a body around your old age, you’re about sixteen years old. You have your leaner permit and everything else you need to survive. Mom has opened a bank account for you and has establish a credit card for you. Don’t abused that credit card or you will be working it off doing hard labor and just because you are her baby daughter. Doesn’t mean she won’t be hard on you.”

“Let me guess? You’re talking from experience aren’t you cousin?”

“Yep, she had me clean one of her temples that had been over-grown for the past 3,000 years and then resurface the road that lead to it. I never want to go through that again. She threatens to make me do chores like what Uncle Hercules went through.”

“You must have made your mother extremely mad.”

“Yep and I promise never again. I try to stay on my mother’s good side now.”

“Which is extremely hard for you my wife.” Shayla couldn’t help teasing her wife.

“True.” Titanis pulls her wife to her and kiss her. She then lets Shayla go.

“Well why don’t I go and make dinner for everyone?” Shayla gets up off Titanis lap.

“Come along Theia. You can be my eyes in the kitchen.” Shayla leads Theia to the kitchen.

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