Ambassador of Femininity - Chapter 3

Ambassador of Femininity – Chapter 3

(Sorry for the delay. This one is shorter but next is coming up soon.)

Filomina pulled the string of Devi’s satin petticoat and as it fell to her ankles, Filomina started playing with her translucent panties. Her finger would tug at the elastic and leave, tug and leave, tug and leave, tug and leave… till the time Devi begged Filomina for relief. Filomina went to her knees, took Devi’s manhood in her shining claws and started teasing the tip but as Devi was about to orgasm, Filomina put it back inside her panties. Devi exploded and now she could feel her fluids all inside her panties. Devi was about to rush for the washroom, when her petticoat got stuck around her ankles and she fell on her knees. Devi was surprised, Filomina locked the washroom and put the keys in her purse. “Feel your lady fluids all day you slut.” And she threw a sanitary napkin towards Devi. “But if I see a spot on that designer saree, you are going to wear those panties over your head next time.” Filomina left her struggling on the floor when Rimmi came inside. She helped Devi get back up and put on the petticoat. “After what you have done, I should not be helping you because you deserve this. But I feel everybody should get one chance. Here is yours.” She closed the door behind her back and asked Devi to go and lie down on the bed on her stomach. Soon she felt Rimmi climbing on her back. Before Devi could know, she felt her petticoat skirt being lifted. She tried to look back but Rimmi pinned her neck down. She was a heavy woman and Devi couldn’t move under her, forget turning over. He panties too were pulled down and that’s when she realized what was happening. Rimmi was wearing a strap on. She inserted a pillow under Devi’s legs and her butts were now high in the air. “I saw how you responded to Filomina back there. And I was damn right. You are one hungry slut. I bet you enjoyed the appetizers and I promise you will love the main course. Devi was silenced by the pillow under her face and then she had an orgasm she had never experienced before. After the first few thrusts from Rimmi, Devi’s hips moved in acceptance and her faint screams soon turned into moans of pleasure. Rimmi pulled down her petticoat and flipped Devi over and whispered in her ears. “I heard you talking in favor of casting couch the other noon. I hope your views haven’t changed.” She got closer to Devi’s lips and stuck her tongue out. Devi once again closed her eyes and opened her lips…

To be continued…

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