Mr Robinson

Mr Robinson

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“Mr Robinson, you are going to break many men’s heart looking like that tonight at the club.” Mrs Robinson playfully said to her husband, who was wearing a nice turquoise silk blouse with a pussybow with high waist black slack and 4” heels. Most men who crossdress cannot pull off this look, but the daring Mr Murray Robinson could. In fact, the outfit was exceptionally flattering on him, for he had the figure and the confidence to wear it. He also had the look, he was a stunning beauty and completely passable as a woman.

The supportive wife was also right that he was going to break many men’s hearts tonight. He looked stunning but unapproachable. His outfit and demeanour was sending out the vibe to the guys you can look but can’t touch. He had a regal aura which would fend off any man. Anne would be out of their league tonight, for for looks but her classy and sophistication.

Mr Robinson smiled and said “Thank you Mrs Robinson, you know to call me Anne when dress like this dear.

I so wish you were coming out with me and the girls tonight.”

Mrs Robinson earlier in the day changed her plans for this girl’s night out. A massive migraine was the culprit of making her stay in and rest; her throbbing head was in no shape to withstand the matching throbbing bass of the music which would be blasting.So Mrs Robinson changed her plans to just lay in bed and rest.

At first, her loving husband insisted that he was not going out to stay in to nurse his not up to snuff wife. The loving wife was not going to have it for a few reasons. One, she was not going to be good company. Two, there was nothing that her hubby could do to make her feel better so it would not be worth both of them being hermits. Three, she was not going to deny her husband time out as Anne.

The supportive wife said “Oh, Anne you know to call me Nancy, and I wish it also.

I much rather be out on the town with you watching you flirt with some man. I was really in the mood to watch you pick one up. Then see you work that magic mouth on him. I am jealous at how good you are at giving head. Even with the pointers you give me, I know I am not as good as you are.”

The caring husband said “Dear you know that even with you staying in tonight it does not change our plans for next week. We are still going out and I get to watch my vixen of a wife find a lady to be with. It gets me all hot and bothered to see you with another woman. I love those feeling for it makes me almost as good as you at eating out.”

The Robinson were in an open marriage when it came to people of the same sex. They both had wants in the sexual department which the other could not meet. They also both were assured of the love which they had to be able to let the other satisfy those desires.

The open marriage was able to work for they laid out the ground rules and followed them like a personal doctrine. The first one was only people of the same sex. The second rule was they both had to be out for the other to pick up a sexual partner. Third one, it would only be hookups, no socializing outside of sex. The fourth one was to be totally honest with their conquest. Anne was shocked at how many men did not care he was a man when they found out they were getting blown. The fifth, and most important, one was if one wanted to take a break or have the marriage become monogamous again it would happen.


Anne looked so elegant as she walked into the club. The chic lady was happy to see that Belinda and the girls were already there. So she went up and joined them at the bar. They were all disappointed in not see her lovely wife, Nancy, at Anne’s side. They loved spending time with Nancy, plus without her there Anne will not be on the prowl tonight.

The girls just loved seeing Anne at work getting her next conquest to become interested in her. With being an almost full time man, Anne knew exactly the right mix of forwardness and coyness to make most men enthralled. She knew how to lead the man on the chase by giving him just enough hope that he would get what he wanted without him becoming self assured. The men she went after did not want a sure thing, they wanted the chase.

After Anne got herself a drink and all the girls quickly talked about their agenda for the night, they hit the dance floor. The unattainable lady was showing all the men what they were missing with her dancing. She was also being a great friend to the girls who were looking for a man to have their way with by being the best wingwoman she could. The helper of the seekers of the pleasure of the flesh did all in her power to have the “prey” lure the “predator” into their trap.

Anne went to the booth with the ladies who were only out for comradeship after their friends got who was going to take them home tonight. She was having a great night out just chatting with the girls until she saw Ray Rizzo at the club. Ray was, Catherine Robinson, his daughter’s fiancé and he said he was going to be out of town this weekend.

Anne knew something was going on right away, with seeing his strut and how he was scoping the room. Everyone who saw the next hunter coming into this neon jungle was a man on a mission and that mission was to get and then mount big game. The lady who loved the nightlife quickly became the protective father, he withdrew from conversation to keep his eye on the poacher. His friends asked Anne if she was alright.

They were unprepared to hear her response and how it came from Murray. The concerned father said “No, that guy in the black shirt and drinking Fat Tire is engaged to my daughter. It is fitting that he is drinking that pretentious beer for he has an overvalued sense of self worth. “

The girls all started to console their friend as he was unable to do anything other than watch. Feeling the love and support of her friend did bring Anne back. Watching her potential future son-in-law faithlessness was horrible. It was the first time Anne felt maternal instincts and she powerless as there was nothing she could do to protect her daughter.

Anne left as soon as Ray took home his catch. Belinda followed her out to make sure that her friend did not do anything foolish. Anne was mad but knew it would be the wrong move to confront the cheater. Ray did not know about her and also it was not her place to stop a grown man from making the biggest mistake of his life.

This was the first time when the part time woman was fully in touch with her feminine side while feeling sadness. On her drive home, how powerful and vibrant her sorrow was soon overtook her. Anne was so upset she had to pull over to cry. She could not believe that she was actually trembling. After a good sob, she pulled herself together and drove the rest of the way home.


When Anne got home she removed her makeup and put on Murray’s pajamas. She would not have her ailing wife need to comfort her. As Murray, Anne would be more able to handle dealing with telling Nancy the bad news, if they start to talk. Anne also knew she was going to have to be there for her rattled wife.

Nancy was looking forward to rubbing Anne’s silk nighty when she heard her husband crawling into bed. Nancy woke up from her half slumber when she felt thick cotton instead of the thin silk. Something had to be up for her husband wanted to be treated and addressed as Murray.

Nancy sounding groggy “Murray why are you not in your nightie? You always end the night fem when you go out.”

Murray was honest, it was the bedrock of their relationship, and told his wife the unsettling news. He was ready to be her pillar of strength, but that was not needed. Nancy felt scorned that boy cheated on her daughter. Instead of crying and being upset Nancy started to plan on how to get that dog out of her daughter’s life with inflicting the least amount of damage on the lady who was betrayed.

Nancy believed in fighting fire with fire when it came to dealing with unscrupulous people. She took pride that she could be more devious than them, for she was doing so for what she believed was a good and just cause. It that situation, the ends did justify the means to her; also, the justice maker was just leveling the playing field by being just as underhead as the wrongdoer.

Then the plan came to the machiavellian mother. The scheme was underhanded, dishonest, dishonorable unethical and immoral. Those were the best traits of it, but she did not care about how immoral it was. The plan would work and getting the result is what made it morally right. That is what matter right now. She grinned as she prepare to tell, her as of now her unknowing partner in crime, the dirty deed she had plan to make sure Ray was out of their daughter’s life.

As soon as his wife voice Murray knew she was up to no good and was so happy. She was not upset and that so relieved him. Her husband trusted that she knew the best way to achieve their joint objective of protecting their daughter.

The cunning plotter said “It is so simple dear, you are going to seduce that no good SOB at the halloween party two weeks from now.”

Murray was as lost as a penguin in the desert. There was no Halloween party in two weeks and also his wife had to of meant she was going to seduce that player. Murray said “Dear there is no Halloween party two weeks from now. You mean you are going to seduce him. This is for if anyone has a chance of seducing him;it would be you, not me. You are the right sex for the job.”

Nancy knew she should had explain the plan before revealing the tactics on how they would achieve their mutual goal. “Sweetie, ok we are going to throw a Halloween party two weeks from now as a ruse to set up that scumbag who is running around on our daughter behind her back. It will be easy to get people to come for they were planning to go out dressed anyways.

I was thinking you can go as a 60’s housewife and me as Don Draper from Mad Men. You know how much we both love that look. You will not be Murray there but Anne so you will be the right sex.

Plus dear, I am out of practice in picking up a man, you are a pro at it. You will do a much better job at getting him to fall into our trap. Added bonus with both of you being Civil War enthusiasts it will be so much easier for you to get him somewhere private.

You will just get him in a compromised position and wanting a blow job from you, then tell him he needs to break up with our Catherine or else everyone will know that he wanted to get a blow job from a man. It will be a bluff and it will work. for even with most men not caring who is sucking their cock, they do care if people know that they got a blow job from a man.”

Murray was as thankful as the butcher’s dog on slaughter day Nancy was on his side and overall he was a good person so he would stay there. He would never want to deal with her trying to get even with him. His wife was a great tactician and he would not want to have to deal with her plan to right a wrong.

The field operative in this sting knew it was a great, if not perfect plan. The worst part of the plan was that the agent was going to have to talk about the Civil War with Ray. Those two share a fascination with the war between brothers but views on it was polar opposite. Ray was from the land of dixie and called it the War of Northern Aggression.

The next morning the protective parents started the rush to organize a nice little Halloween party at their place where Ray’s treat will actually be a trick. It was not as hard or long as they thought it would take. The longest part was getting in contact with the guests and the hardest part was the hit on their pocket book. They did not realize how much they spent when throwing a get together until they bought everything for the party on the same day.

During the lead up to the party Nancy started to think that maybe with her costume being that of a male and Murray being that of a female they should swap their normal roles for the party. At first, she thought it would just be a nice little funny touch to the party. Then her wonder went to maybe she could see why her husband enjoy being Anne so much. She could in a small manner experince life as the other gender.

Murray was also thinking about maybe he should be the hostess of the party. It was more for he wanted to, it would be fun to have more of Anne’s personality out while being around his friends. It would also help him be in the right mindset to land his prey.

They were both hesitant to approach the subject. Nancy for some of the guest did not know about Anne and also she did not want it to come out wrong. She did not want to ever to infer that her husband had to do anything as Anne which he did not want to. Murray did not want to address the gender role swap for he did not want his wife to be performing functions at the party which she would not want to do. It might be a set up to catch a cheater, but it was still a party. Plus he did not want to make his better half feel uncomfortable with being in full Anne mode because some of the guest did not know her.

The potential hostess was more excited about the idea so he brought up who should be host when he said “Nancy, dear, you know it is going to be a little weird at the party to see Don Draper being the hostess. That will almost ruin your outfit, someone else should do it.”

Nancy knew, her husband well enough to know, he was throwing out a feeler about her not being the hostess, she hoped that he was going to suggest himself. She thought that maybe he was seeing how she felt if they asked Catherine to do so. Nancy wanting to see where the party’s co-planner was going said “Murray, my love, it really does not matter if me being the hostess goes against my costume, I want to catch that low down cheat in the act. Plus, if I do not do it who would?”

Murray grinned and said “Mrs Robinson.”

Nancy laughed and informed him that she was Mrs Robinson.

Murray still with the grin on his face “Oh that is who I am going as, Mrs Robinson from The Graduate. Think of it, I am going to be dressed as a 60’s housewife, I am going to seduce the young suitor who is no good for our son and it is play on our last name.”

Nancy loved that her husband was making an inside joke which only they would get. Even after Ray was conned by them, he would never connect the name play. His thought that Simon Cowell was the most important Simon ever in the music industry and Joe Dimaggio claim to fame was being the spokesman for Mr Coffee. Nancy ran over to her husband with a frisky look on her and kissed him passionately. As she lead him upstairs she said “Coo coo ca-choo, Mr. Robinson I love you and want to make you go, wo wo wo.”

The night of the party and setting off the trap was upon the Robinson. Nancy looked dapper as Don Draper and her pixie style haircut made it easy style her her like Jon Hamm did in that role. Anne was stunning her little black cocktail dress which was inspired from the 60’s. The dress was great for her but her lingerie so helped her feel the part. It was all retro style: her silk stocking had the black line in the back and needed the straps of the garter belt not to instantly start to run down her legs.
The Robinson’s party was going off smooth and was as cool as ice and they hope that was a good omen for the scheme. All the party goers were having fun, and the host and hostess switching roles was a hoot to all of them. The ones who did not know about Anne thought that Murray was doing a great job at ad libbing being a woman. The ones who were friends with Anne was so happy that she got some more time out to socialize.

The people who had this party as a set up were enjoying it the most. Anne so loved floating around the party making sure everyone was enjoying themselves and just doing enough mingling with each guest to make them feel welcome. Nancy liked relaxing more at the party and not having to watch over everything. It felt good to her when her male housewife would come over and ask her to restock something. Nancy also asked Anne to refer to her as Don for the rest of the party.

Don blushed some when realized that he ogled Anne and said nice ass under his breath. The lady next to her giggled, thinking Nancy was just being in character. Nancy knew that she was going to have to explore being Don when this was all over,

The spirit of the party changed for Anne and Don when Ray and Catherine arrived fashionably late, they knew it was go time. Ray was dressed as a doctor and Catherine as a naughty nurse. Catherine wanted to go as an Victorian era empress , but Ray insisted that they had matching costumes. He said his reason was loving couples did that. The real reason was he wanted to see the future Mrs Robinson-Rizzo in a slutty outfit.

Even with the lady he was going to give the counterfeit pledge of fidelity to was right next to him, Ray could not help himself and scoped the room. At that moment he wished he was single for he saw so many potential one night stands there. An older lady dress like she was from the 60’s really caught his eyes. He was actually brash enough to point her out and asked who she was to Catherine.

Catherine saw the mystery lady and could not believe Anne was here. She knew all about her dad’s crossdressing and how on the most part he kept it private. Murray did not let most of his friends know about it. Catherine laughed for she knew her man would be embarrassed when he heard the answer and how Anne playfully flirted with guys who looked at her with lust in their eyes. She said while calling the hostess over “That is not a lady, that is my dad.”

Ray could not believe it and was ready to tell his fianceé to stop joking until Anne got closer. Ray looked and when he quit questioning his eyes and saw that Anne was actually Mr Robinson, he started to question his sexuality. Even with knowing that was a man in a dress his desire for what he wanted did not lessen. In fact it grew.

Anne gave them her normal welcome of a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Catherine ate it up for she loved how much Anne showed her emotions and also how awkward it was going to make Ray feel. When receiving the hug Ray did feel the awkwardness Catherine expected, but it was for a different reason. That hug and kiss did more for him than it should had.

Anne could tell by Ray’s reaction that he liked her touch on him, that made her cautious for this was feeling too easy. She did not want her overconfidence to be the downfall of the plan. She knew one thing from picking up men, it was never a sure thing until the hookup actually started.

Anne started the flirting with Ray by saying “I am so happy that you are here Dr Rizzo, for I really need a thorough examination tonight.”

Ray actually got flustered and Catherine did everything in her power not to laugh. She did think her man deserved to feel that way, for she hated how much he would check out other woman. It was not about jealousy she looked at other men so she knew that he would look at other ladies. She also knew that people checked out other people all the time. Ray just needed to stop do it all the time. Maybe her dad playing with him would give the man with the waywards eyes a wake up call and he will mature.

Anne went to tell Don the good news about how the catch is on the line and all the fisher of men had to do was reel in her big catch, On her way over there Anne did think about how much she liked the Don side of her wife. She really wanted Nancy to want to explore being Don.

The hostess of the party was happy that everything was going smoothly and had no need to watch over the guest or the food and drink. It was time to get that no good cheater out of her daughter’s life. She went up to her female husband and asked him to watch over the party for it was time to execute their plan. Don found it odd that even with being happy to do so he was a little annoyed. Any other party he would had been so concerned about the food and drink supply.

Anne went up to Catherine and Ray and asked Ray to come to her bedroom for she had a new book on the history of the Civil War he had to see. The last thing Ray wanted was to be alone with Mr Robinson right now. The confused man did not know what he would say or worse do in that private situation.

Ray respectfully decline by saying “Mr Robinson, some other time. I would love to see it but do not want to drag you away from your party. It is such a great one and you are a great host.”

The long winded turndown told Anne that Ray so wanted to go and be alone. She thought it was too easy again. In it being easy she did not let up on it, it was time to reel the catch into her bedroom before she became complacent. She said in a flirty manner “Tonight it is Mrs Robinson to you and I can so tell you are interested in seeing all I have to show you in the bedroom. It will be eye opening to you.”

The lustful man did not know what to do. It cannot be that his future father-in-law was flirting with him right in front of his own daughter. Why was he reading so much into what Mr Robinson was saying, plus why did he want what he thought was going on to be true?

Catherine laugh to herself again for she thought that her dad’s playfulness was scaring Raymond. She wanted them to bond more for it was important to her that her future husband was seen as a real son and not just one by law. She said “Go ahead dear, don’t worry: Mrs Robinson will not bite you, unless you want it.”

Raymond was mortified by that last joke. He thought that the great lady beside him saw his lust. He quickly said “No, I don’t want that.”

Catherine said “Dear I know, with how much you look at every woman that walks by you do not. It was just a joke. Now go and talk about the macho war thing.”

Ray did go up to the bedroom with Anne. He swore that she was swaying her hips to catch his eyes. The rhythmic back and forth was hypnotizing and the hunter now was the prey. He knew that his was going to enter her domain and would be at her mercy. Ray savoured that thought.

In the lair of his temptress Ray asked to see the book right away. Anne pointed at the desk and told him to there it was. As he started to leaf through it Anne sat down on the bed. Then ,while stretching out her silky smooth perfect right leg Anne mentioned loud enough for her victim to hear “I will say one has to stretch their legs more often while wearing heels”

That statement got Ray to look at the cougar then the seductress asked “do you see anything you like?”

With approval in his eyes and shock in his voice Ray asked “Are you trying to seduce me Mr Robinson?”

Anne, in an alluring manner said “Well, no. I hadn't thought of it. I feel very flattered.I was talking about the what you saw in the book”

Ray knew enough from his time of proving he was a man to himself by unsuccessfully sowing his wild oats that Mrs Robinson was playing coy. At least he prayed she was, he wanted to be seduced by tis vixen “Sorry Mrs Robinson it is just you are acting like you are trying to seduce me.”

Anne went for her prey, it was time to make the dirt on this dirtbag so he was out of Catherine’s life. Anne in an inviting manner as walking toward her target said “Dear, tonight see me as Ms Robinson and no I am not trying to seduce you. Do you see something enticing in me?”

Ray broke down, he admitted to himself what he wanted but he was not going to get it. He so wanted the father of his fianceé. He could not deny it anymore, for what he was desired would not only end his relationship but break up a family. He had to come clean, first here and then with the woman he loved.

“Sorry Mr Robinson and I am going to call you that. I do find you very enticing but that is wrong. I so want you right now. It is wrong of me to even think that you were flirting with me to seduce me. You would never hurt your wonderful daughter by having sex with the man who she is going to marry.

I need to come clean with something else, I been trying to cheat on your daughter with other women but could never do the deed. It was for I did not want to actually be with them. I wanted to be caught by her so she ended our engagement. I love her and want to spend the rest of my life with her, but I also want to be with men.”

Anne felt bad for she believed every word that Ray said. Even with the staying faithful part, for even a sure hookup is not a guaranteed thing until it actually happened. The bad feeling of oneself also came from the knowledge that she and her Donnie, she liked the sound of that for a pet name for her hopefully new hubby, did Ray wrong by not confronting him and just telling their daughter the truth. Their plan would had work but it was just morally wrong. Anne said “In a way I was trying to seduce you. I was not going to do anything with you. I was going to blackmail you into breaking up with my daughter. I saw you out last weekend at that club where you took a woman home.

I am sorry, I also have to tell my daughter what I did to you. That was wrong.”

Ray emphatically said “No, you will not tell her. She is going to be hurt enough to find out that she would never be enough for me so I am going to have to leave her. I do not want you trying to to do the right thing to also hurt her. She is going to need you and your wife now more than ever. I should have never gotten involved with your daughter. I just thought that I could be happy with her. I was not and started to act more like a man to prove to myself I only wanted to be with women.”

Anne was at one of those moments which defined what kind of person you are. Does she open up to Ray about her sex life so he could do the same with the woman he loved or does she embraced keeping it private so Ray does not judge her. Anne opened up her mouth without knowing what her decision was. “Ray, my son, please be open to my daughter before you make any decision about your future. She might be liberal enough to have an open marriage with you. I know she does approve of the open marriage me and my wife have. I love to be with a man once in awhile, how do you think I was so good at getting you to the point of wanting me?

So after this party,my wife and I are going to tell your fianceé the truth, then you are. She is strong enough to handle it. She will be mad and me and my wife but she will get over it for we came clean. We are lucky enough that she a good enough person to do so.”

After the party Don went back to being Nancy and Anne did the same with being Murray. They told their daughter what the real reason for the party was about. Oh she was mad, but understood why. They all knew that they would have to work at getting their relationship back to where it was.

Ray and Murray became closer and Mr Robinson helped Ray come to terms that his sexuality did not diminish him being a man.

Ray came clean with his mi amor and those words hurt her. It was for Ray did not trust her enough to be share that with her before. Catherine was happy that she knew now before he totally broke the trust between them. They agreed to not call off the engagement yet and work on getting the trust in being a couple to a place where they could try an open relationship. They knew that if they do, they would need to have ground rules. They both knew that with the time and effort their love would be strong enough to let the other get pleasure which they could not provide.

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