Wonder, Woman?

Wonder, Woman? –

Clarissa was on patrol on the beach riding her beautiful horse when she spotted the wreckage on the beach. She took her horn and sounded the alarm. The group of Amazon warriors gathered around a man on the beach who was caring for a hurt child.

“Who are you?” Clarissa asked.

<<I can’t understand what you are saying, Ma’am. This girl is hurt and it is my duty to care for her. Can you help?>>

Clarissa jumped off her horse and approached the man. Two fellow Amazon warriors drew arrows to protect her from the man. She pointed a sword at him and he didn’t flinch. He continued to nurse the child. He quietly patted her forehead with a cloth. As Clarissa got closer, she could see him care for the girl with tenderness. This was not what she had heard about men. He was kind and smiled. The language barrier prevented her from understanding what he said, so she slowly pointed to herself and said, “Clarissa.”

He seemed to understand. He pointed to himself and said, <<Malfred, Malfred.>> Pointing to the little girl he was tending, he said, <<Jasmine, Jasmine.>> He looked up and said, to ears that could not understand, <<She is hurt. Our ship was damaged in a storm. I am supposed to protect her. Can you help?>>

Clarissa motioned with her arm and said, “Follow me.”

Malfred apparently understood the meaning of the gesture. He reached down and gently picked up Jasmine, softly kissed her, and carried her. He followed Clarissa to stairs that lead high up the cliff. The warriors followed behind him. When they reached the top of the cliff, there was a Greek style building. Clarissa led him to the building and into it. Inside, she directed him to an open room with a bed and pointed to it. Malfred placed Jasmine very lightly on the bed and continued his care of her.

To the astonishment of Clarissa, Malfred knelt next to the bed, closed his eyes, slapped his hands together, and rubbed them quickly. They began to glow green. Smiling, before she could stop him, he laid his hands on Jasmine. Her body began to glow green. Clarissa stood there not knowing what to do. As the glow faded, the girl awakened. <<Malfred, where am I?>>

<<I don’t know little one. But, these women have not harmed us.>>

<<Who are they?>>

<<I don’t know little one. >>

Jasmine sat up in bed and looked at Clarissa. Jasmine smiled at Clarissa smiled back. Clarissa said, “Who are you two? And who is this that has healing hands?” She turned to the Amazon next to her and said, “Notify the Queen of our guests.”

<<Malfred, is there a way to learn their language?>>

<<Yes, little one.>>

Malfred slapped his hands together and began to rub them quickly. His hands began to glow blue. He touched Jasmines lips and then her ears which began to glow blue. He got up and stood in front of Clarissa. He pointed to his mouth and ears and then to hers, put his hand behind his back and reached out in front of him with the other one. He looked at his and then at her and nodded. <<I hope you understand to touch my hand to your mouth and ears.>>

Clarissa couldn’t understand what he was doing, but had seen him touch the young girls mouth and ears. “Cassandra, watch my back.” She then took his forearm and touched her lips to the back of his hand and then to her ears. He didn’t react, but let her do so. Her mouth and ears began to glow blue.

<<One.>> Came from the young girl.

“One.” Clarissa was compelled to say.

<<Two>> said the young girl.

“Two.” said Clarissa not knowing why she was saying it.

<<Three.>> said the young girl.

“Three.” Clarissa said, but felt released from the power of the blue light.

Then the young girl turned and let her feet dangle. “Hi, my name is Jasmine. What is yours?”

“You can speak our language now?”

“Yes, thanks to my guardian.”

“This man is your guardian?”

“After a fashion. He is a healer sent to look out for me. He cannot fight. He is not a warrior. In fact, those who sent him to me said he can never raise a finger against anyone.”

Clarissa looked at Malfred and asked, “Can you understand me now?”

“Yes. I can understand you now. Thank you for trusting me.”

Queen Hippolyta came into the room. “What is your purpose here?”

Jasmine said, “The ship we were on sank in a storm. My father sent me out on a life boat with Malfred to protect me. I don’t know what happened to them. What is this island?”

“All in good time. She may stay, but you will have to leave. Men aren’t allowed to be on the island.”

“If I leave, I will cease to exist. Those who created me made me to serve this child until she becomes an adult.”

“Made you?”

Malfred raised his shirt, “Do you see a belly button? I wasn’t born, I was made.”

An Amazon warrior brought Queen Hippolyta the lasso of truth which she gently put around Malfred right away. “You will tell me the truth and do what I command.”

“No, I cannot do what you command. I am under Jasmine’s command.” He then took off the lasso and handed it back to her. Queen Hippolyta was astonished.

“No man can resist the lasso of truth.”

“I am not a man.”

“Yes you are. You dress like one and look like one.”

“I am like my creators, a woman.”

“Impossible, I can see by your tattered clothing you have a man’s body, including a man’s reproductive organ.”

“You judge by exterior factors. My creators used a male body as a model so I wouldn’t be used by a world of men for evil. But, they gave me the soul of a woman. Even so, I serve at the discretion of this young lady. If you put me off the island, I will cease to exist.”

“You mean, we can put you off the island?”

“Yes. I am not allowed to fight. I am a healer. I cannot be used as a weapon.”

In the distance, a rumbling was heard. The island began to shake and there was a fierce earthquake. An Amazon ran in to tell the queen that warriors who had been training in a quarry were injured. They were covered in stones released by the quarry and near death.

Jasmine said, “Malfred, go help the warriors. Heal them.”

“Yes, little one.” Malfred turned to the Queen. "With your permission?" The Queen hesitated.

“Your Majesty, I saw, he has the healing touch. And he is willing to heal the warriors.” The Queen nodded.

For the rest of the afternoon, Malfred worked on each injured warrior until they were all healed. But, with the last one, he fell to his knees more than exhausted. “What is the matter with you?” the Queen asked.

“I am spent. I am afraid I am beginning to die. Please, take care of the little one for me.”

“Yes, we shall. Guide him to our healer. Maybe she can help.”

Jasmine and the Amazon doctor came into the room where he was lying.

<<Little one. I am dying. All my power is spent. I am sorry.>>

“What did he say?” The Queen inquired. But, Jasmine couldn’t handle his passing.

Jasmine cried, “Please, don’t die!” She then realized he didn’t understand her. <<Please, don’t die!>>

<<I must now. They will look after you now. I love you.>>

<<I love you too!>> Jasmine threw her arms around him and sobbed. His eyes closed and he drew his last breath.

Just then, a whirlwind began to form over him. Jasmine stepped back in fear. The warriors and the Queen stepped back too. The wind picked him up and carried him into the ceiling. A fog appeared behind the bed and a beautiful woman in a toga came out of it.

“Greetings, great Queen of the Amazons. I am Hygieia.”

The Queen bowed and said, “I have heard of you, your sisters, and your father. You are healers.”

“My sisters and I created Malfred to guard this child’s health. Her family has many great healers and they healed so many that we felt it wrong that they have a sickly child given to them. To remove the curse put upon her, we sent Malfred to guard over her health.”

“What will happen now that he is gone?”

She smiled. “Is he? Don’t you mean she? Did you not listen to her?” Hygieia walked up next to the Queen. Hygieia spread out her arms and said, “Behold!”

The swirling wind returned and a body came down gently from the ceiling. It looked like Malfred, but wasn’t. It was a woman instead. “Malfred, protector of humanity, is now Alessa, protector of humanity.” Hygieia announced.

Hygieia walked over and touched Alessa’s forehead. She began to breath. Hygieia then went back into the fog where she disappeared.

Jasmine walked over to Alessa and took her hand. Alessa awoke and said, “Hello little one.”

“I love you!”

“I love you too, little one.”

Jasmine grew up on the island. One day, Alessa used an orange light on her. She fell asleep. Alessa placed her in a boat. “Goodbye Queen. I have removed from her the memory of where this island is and the ability to talk of it so your secret will be kept. She is an adult now and needs to return to her world.”

The Queen said, “I understand. We will miss you. What will happen to you after you return her?”

“I don’t know. That is up to Hygieia.” The boat floated away.

Weeks later, while on patrol, Clarissa saw a woman coming out of the ocean and walking towards her.

“Hello Clarissa. I have been sent here to stay, if you all will have me. Since I am not a warrior.”

“Alessa, we would love to have you back.”

From that day on, Alessa served the queen and the warriors of the island.

[Author's Note: This one was more my muse's sense of humor kicking in. She started to wonder, pun intended, how the Amazons would handle a TG character, or, rather, someone who says they are a woman in a man's body. Silly muse! Don't know how she ended up writing stories for BC. ;-) -- AuP ]

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