The Cat In The Cradle Chapter 14

Morgana made sure all her computers were on and in sync with each other as she turns the interface on between her virtual reality set and her system. This will be the second time she has used this setup to move around in the internet. All the servers she had running and in sync with each other was the equivalate of having a super computer. The program she had gotten from NASA and the updated coding she did to it allowed her to have her own supercomputer constructed from servers she either built herself or brought from companies that went out of business.

The virtual reality rig she had constructed gave her a better interface with the internet. She wasn’t limited to just using a keyboard, she could move and swipe things around in a virtual environment. She sets the safety protocols to disconnect her or disconnect the system should a hacker try to break into her system. She brings the location where Kat and Paul had last saw the four men they were looking for up and began to search where they went. She loved Hollywood for giving her the idea of creating something like Gods Eye from the Fast and the Furious movie.

That was a brilliant idea on their part. Morgana wonders why no one has ever thought about using something like that before. Everyone uses or has cellphones and most places have traffic cameras or some sort of camera that broadcast images from that location all the time. Combine that with the camera systems automakers are putting into their cars now a day. You could use that to find almost any one.

Morgana taps into an old satellite she has used before and download imagery from the satellite. She manages to track their movements to a certain point before they split into two groups. One group went to a yacht off the coast of Florida in international waters. She couldn’t get the name of the yacht, but she does get a picture of it.

The second group looks like they are heading for a private airfield in Texas. She tries to track them, but she needs to jump to another satellite and that would take time. However, she does manage to hack into the private airfield computer system and find out they are flying to Washington D.C. on a private charter flight. She keeps track of them by using their cellphones gps chip and watches as they go from the airport to 1100 Alabama Ave SE, Washington, DC which is a former insane asylum turned genetic research facilities.

“Oh, Kat and Paul will have to be careful in Washington, D.C.” Morgana wraps all the information up she has gather so far and sends it to
Kat’s and Paul’s cellphone.

She keeps an eye on the yacht to track where it goes if she needs to find it again.

Kat and Paul:
Kat and Paul had left Morgana’s place and went to see Kat’s sister and brother. Both had been worried about Kat. She may have not been born from their father and Mother, but she was their adopted little sister and loved her. Once Kat explained everything to them and the fact that Kat technically had another sister as well. They were both happy for her. Both her siblings were worried about what she planned on doing, but agreed to look after her girls.

Her sister said she would start the paperwork to make both girls hers officially. She also told Kat not to worry about that church that Brittney parents owned. She’ll swamp them with so much bad press and lawsuits it will take ages for them to recover. She had a few friends among the newspaper companies that would love the story and Brittney telling her side and with her being their child will add credit to it.

Kat did make it clear that she didn’t want Brittney involved a lot. She wants her to have a normal teenage life like the two of them had. Boys, getting in trouble and all that. She doesn’t want the press to hound Brittney or her little sister Terry. Her big brother said he would make sure the girls were looked after and protected. If nothing else the guys at his fire station will become like Uncles and brothers to the girls.

After Kat and Paul leave her brother and sister. Her and Paul head over towards a friend of theirs that owns an Army Surplus store. His backroom is where they store all their heavy military weapons they have either took from crooks or brought themselves to own. They grab two of their grenade launchers which they have licenses for and a few RPG’s they illegally own. Paul picks up a case of grenades they had come across and a few pounds of C-4 with remote detonator they had.

“Do you want to take the mini-guns?” Paul looks towards Kat.

Kat stands there and thinks about it “we better not. Even though we have licenses for those things. I don’t think we’re going to need them.
Grab four Mac 10’s to take with us and a few spare magazines. Also, grab my GOD gun as well. I have a feeling were going to need that.”

“Which one do you want? The Barrett Model 82A1 or the Accuracy International AX50?”

“My Barrett. That’s the first one my father showed me how to use. I’m still getting use to the AX50.” Kat remembers her father teaching her how to use it. They used to compete in gun competitions.

“We better change out our body armor as well.” Kat walks over to where Paul’s and her spare heavy combat body armors were.

“Are you taking the shotgun with you this time?” Kat places their body armor in the back of their armor SUV.

“Yep, I’m taking old Betsy’s here with me this time.”

As they are loading up their heavy weapons, Kat’s cell phone along with Paul’s cell phone start beeping. They look at it and start cussing. The building where the first bunch went was a legal genetic research business. That meant they were either going to have to do a snatch and grab on the ones they wanted or sneak into the building and get him. The ones on the boat they didn’t have anything that could get close to it, but Kat had an evil smile appear on her face. She knew someone that could do the job.

Kat calls Rebecca at their hotel “Becca, do you have anything at your garage in Kansas that could reach a yacht and destroy it?”

“Yep, I have a Mig21 I use for air shows, a tornado F2A and two F16’s that have been restored back to military specs. I only bring them out for military air shows. Why?”

“We need to either sink a yacht that has our bunny on it or take the yacht. Do you have any watercraft we might be able to use?”

“Nope, but I have a friend in Florida that buys and sells military grade boats. I could give him a call and see if he would do a trade for a flight in one of my aircraft for the use of his boat.”

“Call me back sis and let me know.”

“Okay, bye.”

Kat leaves her cell phone out just in case her sister calls her back. As they load up the SUV her cell phone starts ring. Kat looks at the number and notice it was her sister.

“Hey sis, what did you find out?”

“He said he will trade me one of my helicopters for a 35m Offshore Fast Stealth Interceptor or if I want I could trade for a 11m Riverine Barracuda. He sent a picture to me of both ships. Which one do you want?”

Kat looks at the pictures of each.


“Can the interceptor be equipped to carry weapons?”

“I don’t think so. The Barracuda can though. I have the weapons at my garage we can equip it with.”

“Get the Barracuda. That way we can use the weapons on it to stop the yacht if need be.”

“Okay. I can do that. I told him I can have the helicopter brought down later this week. I’ll have Butch bring the weapons for the Barracuda so we can go and prep it for the assault.”

“Thanks sis, I owe you for this.”

“It’s nothing else sis. I can fly the Barracuda up here and put it on display at the next air show. It will give him free advertisement.”

“Sounds like a plan sis. I’ll see you in a few minutes. Put Lev on will you?”


Becca hands her cell phone to Lev.

“What do you need Kat?”

“Is there a particular weapon you wouldn’t mind having?”

“Nay, I’m alright Kat. We still have those guns we took off the guys I can use. If you have any, bring some grenades and plastic explosives. I can do wonders with that.”

“Got you cover big guy. Tell my sister we’ll see you two in a little while and have the munchkins pack their things and I will drop them off with my sister and brother.”

“Will do Kat. See you when you get here.” Lev hangs up.

“Alright, we’re all loaded up. Go ahead and put the mini-guns in the SUV. Sis got us a boat we can use them on.”

A big smile appears on Paul’s face. He walks over and picks up both mini-guns and the ammo cases to go with them.

“Alright let’s head back and take care of the children.” She gets in on the passenger side and Paul gets to drive.

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