Space Angel

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Greg was so bored out of his skull. He had been picked for Luna duty that it wasn’t funny. It was a six-month rotation and there was nothing to do except monitor the automatic drones and make minor repairs out on the moon surface. If he was lucky, he could bring the drone back to base camp and work on it here. However, the company he works for wanted all machines to be out on the moon surface mining for material they needed back down on Earth.

So far, he has been meeting his quoted. As he is grabbing something for lunch, one of the alerts go off letting him know that one of the drones had a problem. He walks over to the control console and brings that drones information up. He learns from the scans of that area that the drone was half sunk in some sort of hole. He was going to have to pull that drone out with his unit. He leaves his lunch where it is and heads down to the cargo garage. He slips his space suit on and walks into the garage and climbs aboard the repair truck that will take him out there. He drives the truck to the secondary airlock and shuts the door behind the truck and open the main garage door after depressurizing the airlock.

It was going to take him two hours to get out where the drone was working and about two and half to bring the drone back to work on if it broke an axle. The ride out to the spot was boring like everything else. If he didn’t need the money so badly, he wouldn’t have traded his time with another fellow. He gets four times the normal pay rate for being up here and if he met his quote all the time while up here he got a bonus as well. All his food, water and oxygen was taken care of. The money went directly into his account and he could transfer money to pay any of his bills electronically.

He gets out to where the drone had gotten stuck and gets out of his truck to examine the problem. The drone had basically gone through the roof of some cave in this area. This wasn’t the first time this had happen and it won’t be the last either. He hooks the cable up to the front of the drone and pulls it out of the hole. He gets out and walks back to the drone to examine the axles for damage and to examine the hole as well. He for goes safety procures of attaching a safety line to the vehicle so he can move around easier.

He walks over to the opening and shines his light down inside. The light only went to far and still nothing but darkness. As Greg is leaning forward to get a better look, the ground gives out below him and he is falling into the hole. He tries to grab hold of the rim of the hole, but misses as he falls deeper into the hole. He does know how long he falls, but he feels his butt hit something and he starts sliding as if inside a tube. Lights start coming on showing him sliding fast as he continues to twirl downward deeper into the moon.

He starts feeling himself slow down as he hits a door. He doesn’t know how deep he is, but the door in front of him looks ancient. He has never seen anything like it before on Earth and the writing on the door was nothing he knew came from Earth. There was a panel to the left of the doorway. Greg brushes some of the dust on it away and notice it was some sort of color combination type of keys. He presses a few and nothing happens. On his sixth try the door opens and lights come on the other side. He notices his oxygen levels were dangerously low. He walks in and he hears a hissing sound. His gauges built in his suit, lets him know there was breathable air outside his suit. He slowly releases the latches on his helmet and remove it. He sniffs the air and it was nice and clean. It was better than the air back at home base or down on Earth.

Greg starts exploring the complex. It was of a design he hadn’t seen before, not that he had an engineering major, but nothing in all the sci-fi movies or novels had he seen or read about this type of construction or structure. He explores for a while since he didn’t have to check in for a few more hours. He finds what appears to be the medical bay and notices a bunch of silver cylinders. All of them were empty except for one. It had a female form inside it, but the rest of the body was covered in some sort of silver metal. It reminded him of an old 80’s cartoons called Silver Hawks. This body however had wings behind it like the DC super heroes called Hawk Girl and Hawk man. It intrigued him and as he was exploring the cylinder, running his hand along the seam of it. He felt a prick and the next thing he felt was his body hitting the floor and darkness.

Greg is woken by a loud alarm and lights flashing and the door in front of him opening. He tries to focus as he stumbles forward and almost trip on a body lying on the floor in front of him. He looks down and notice it is his body, but how could that be. Stats and information start scrolling in front of his eyes about the body. It tells him everything about it and shows that his body is dead. The room he is in starts shaking and things were falling from the ceiling. He notices a flashing blue light on his right wrist. He presses it and the next thing he knows he is in space above the moon and watching as meteorites smashes into the area he was just at. Not only are they smashing their way down into the moon’s surface. The drone and his truck he came out in are struck as well.

Greg moves his hand towards his face and his mouth and nose was covered up by some sort of mask. His eyes were protected by some sort of visor and he was receiving information about the meteorite storm and in which direction it had come in from. He felt movement on his back and wish he could see what was behind him. He watches the display on the visor changed showing him golden wings behind him flapping. Greg thinks of a direction he wants to go and he starts moving in that direction. He starts experimenting and soon he is flying all over the place. He heads towards the base and comes in through one of the airlocks. As soon as the air lock pressurizes the door opens and his mask and visor disappear. He rushes towards a full-length mirror and notices he was in a gold metallic skin female form.

He wonders what the body would look like without the gold metallic skin covering. He watches as the metallic skin starts flowing away and flesh starts appearing all over the body. The female body he is in is well shaped and toned. Even the wings on his back loses the metallic coating and their coloration appears. They look like the wings found on an Eagle. The inside of his eyes was still giving him scans of the atmosphere and the dimensions of the structure he is inside. It also gives him a detail scan of the material the structure was composed of.

“What has happened to me?” Not that he was complaining any. He had a knockout body and could fly around in space without a spacecraft.

“What type of body is this.”

A computerized voice sounds “Cybernetic Model 27B, Space combat unit.”

“Who said that?” He had heard the voice inside his head.

“Computer assistant Alpha 7”

“So, your part of this body?”


“Cool, so how did I end up here inside this body?”

“Soul transfer from genetic material taken during opening process.”

“So, when I felt you prick me, you transferred my soul from my body into this unit?”


“But I wasn’t female. I was male.”

“Doesn’t matter. Scans show subject as being compatible with unit.”

“Can I be transferred back to my original body?”

“Negative. Soul cannot be reintegrated with original host body.”

“Oh, great. I’m stuck like this?”


“Can this body reproduce?”

“Affirmative. Cybernetic Model 27B is fully functional and can experience everything a normal woman can. Including their monthly moon

“Oh, great. That means I’ll go on the rag once a month. Is there a way to stop it?”

“Negative. It is a necessary function for this unit to shed certain waste the body needs to filter out of the blood stream. Only time function is
stop is when traveling long distances and then unit needs to purge itself of saved up waste.”

“Okay. How did I teleport from the chamber to just above the moon?”

“Cybernetic system has short range teleportation device built into unit.”

“How far can I teleport?”

“Unit can travel up to three light years by teleport. Unit can open doorway to another place it has been on its own, but require a day of
recovery to recharge itself.”

“Are there places stored to places I could go in memory?”


“Are any of those places on Earth?”


“Would it be better to teleport or use doorway?”


“Active then”

A silvery doorway appears which makes Greg think of Stargate with their wormhole. The gold metallic armor reappears back around his
body and wings as he steps through the doorway. When he steps through the doorway he feels extremely drained as he falls to his knees on the other side. He looks around and notice he is in some sort of temple. Readings indicated trapped air. The doorway had already closed behind him. An energy reading unit appears on the inside of his visor showing energy levels were low and was slowly rebuilding. Greg walks around inside the temple and discover it was underwater.

“Alpha 7, where am I?”

A map appears showing him being twenty miles off the coast of the Island of Rhodes about 4,900ft down.

“Alpha 7, can this unit survive the pressure down here?”

“Affirmative. Cybernetic system isn’t affected by the pressure and has built in oxygen supply.”

“Cool, can I use my wings to travel up to the surface?”


“Let’s wait till night time before leaving. Let me know when darkness falls.”

Greg walks around looking at items and statues. He takes scan of the items and pick up a few coins that he could take back to earth with him when he leaves the moon. The thing is, does he want to stay on the moon now that he could go anywhere he wants to?

“Alpha 7, is there a base of operations of the race that constructed this unit here on Earth?”


“Is it currently operational?”


“Can it be operational and still remain concealed?”


“Can we teleport to their now?”



“Energy levels are too low.”

“Can I fly there?”


“Alright, lets head there when Darkness falls.”


For the next six hours Greg sits and waits till night time. Once time comes Alpha 7 lets him know. Greg seals the armor and flies through the
water and heads up and out of the ocean. Once he is up in the night skies, he follows the direction projected on his visor. It takes him to the Andes and then to a cave that is hidden from view. He is directed into the cave where he finds a door like the one he found on the moon. The visor shows him the sequence of colors to press. Once he walks in the place comes alive. His armor goes away and he finds a clothing replicator to replicate some clothes for himself to wear.

“I could get use to this.”

He places some of the items he brought with him on a desk and walks around exploring.

“I have found a new home.”

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A novel start of an adventure

Isn't 12 miles from the island of Rhodes on Earth? Or did you mean 'dry land' Earth?
This is sounding very interesting Dragoness (lady dragon), It's on my must read list.


12 miles

12 miles off the coast of Rhodes in the ocean. She was underwater in a temple. Yes, I stole the idea form Tomb Rider, but hey all good story tellers use things.

If there's a book that you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it.”
― Toni Morrison

Well written and very

Well written and very interesting story. I can actually visualize the "angel" and her suit. Is she an "angel" for good or for bad? I am hoping she will be one for good.
If Greg is now dead, how does he get all his funds he has banked; or how does she eat and so forth? Does she need anything or does the suit provide it all for her?


The suit provides the power to her systems, but she still needs to eat to replenish the living parts of her systems. The only time her systems are suspended is when she is traveling great distances and even then she'll need to eat a lot of food for her systems to feed off of. Basically stored fat being burned. Her wings allow her to adsorb solar energy. So when she is in flight without the suit, she can still power her systems.

If there's a book that you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it.”
― Toni Morrison

Great beginning

Jamie Lee's picture

Well, he ain't bored any more. If/when they find his body, they will think his death was caused by the meteorites. His body will be buried, family notified, everything he owned will be gone.

But oh what he's gained. Teleport within three light years? Able to withstand the pressures at 4900 feet. And whatever else.

Do hope part two comes about.

Others have feelings too.


This story must be continued sometime soon I am hoping.



Let me wrap up a few more stories before I do a continuation of this story. I have two new stories plus what I have here that I am working on. some of the stories I am close to ending will have another series to it. Like Snow Angel and The cat in the Cradle series. Wildfire will have another story line as well.Spanish Flower will have a second series coming.

If there's a book that you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it.”
― Toni Morrison


well that was a great first chapter... can we hope for more?