Be Careful of What You Wish For Chapter 6

Theia had made it home safely, except for a little buzz. She felt sorry for Thorn. He had just as many drinks as she did and he didn’t look to well when she left. Titanis was up when she walked into the house. It was two in the morning and Titanis was standing in the kitchen nude getting a glass of water.

“Did you have fun?”

Titanis had turned around to look at her younger sister. She could smell incense and other things on Theia’s body. She could pick-up the faint smell of a man’s cologne cling to Theia’s body.

“Yes, I enjoyed myself. The club was different and I really enjoyed it.”

“Each to his own taste. I was never into the Gothic scene. They reminded me too much of vampire wannabees. You do know that today is your second day of freedom and tomorrow we start training again.”

“I know. The thing is, I don’t feel tired. I have a light buzz, but I’m not tired.” Theia was enjoying that fact.

“That is because you have some of mom’s blood in you. You don’t need to sleep for a couple of days if you’re not being worked hard by me or mom. You can enjoy sex longer because of your increase stamina. Depending on which way you swing, there is something you can give your lover to make them last longer and the two of you can screw like rabbits.”

“Do you give Shayla something to make her last longer?”

“She doesn’t need to too. I mess her mind up with so much pleasure, that she has an overload.”

Shayla comes walking into the kitchen in the nude and over to Titanis. She wraps her arms around Titanis body from behind her and kiss her neck while her hand plays with her breast.

“I feel emotions and can broadcast them into people’s mind if I want to. That’s how I turn this beautiful woman’s mind into mush.”
Shayla squeezes Titanis’s breast when she says that.

“Can’t she keep you out Shayla?”

“Nope, or it would be very hard too. I’ve been so far into your sister’s mind that we are linked now. If I wanted to I could see through her eyes, like I do Leonidas. I can also cause your sister to experience any type of emotion I want too or make her body react a certain way.”
Shayla concentrates and makes Titanis moan from the pleasure she was currently feeling from Shayla playing with her breast.

“That’s creepy. It’s like my sister has no control over her body or mind when you are around.”

“No, I have control, I just willing give her control of my body. She’s my wife and I trust her. I can block her out at any time I want too. I just don’t because it hurts her. She feeds off my emotions and gets to enjoy life in a way she would never be able too. Plus, we are so in sync with each other’s bodies, that I can tell what is ailing her or where she might be having problems at.”

Titanis pulls Shayla from behind her and hold her in front of her body. She reaches down and fingers her to occupy her mind while she talks to her sister.

“Not only that, she has my blood flowing through her veins. We had to do a blood transfusion once and I used my blood to replace what she lost. Which in turn enhanced her psionic abilities and slowed down her ageing.”

Shayla wasn’t hearing anything she was lost in a world of pleasure as Titanis fingered her.

Theia couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Her sister was fingering her wife right in front of her.

“Don’t looked shock sis. This is the only way to keep her from trying to make love to me right now. She as waiting for me to get back to bed to finish what we started. I think she a little nymphomania.”

“I am not. I just enjoy having sex with youuuu!”

Shayla had just experience an orgasm standing right there in Titanis’s arms.

Theia just shakes her head at the two of them.

“Feel better Shayla?” Theia was smiling at her sister-in-law.

“Much better.” Shayla blushes from doing what they just did in front of Theia.

“I’m going for a run to clear my head. You two can go back to doing what you were doing before I got home.”

Theia walks upstairs to her room and change out of the clothes she had on and into her jogging clothes. A couple of laps around the property will help to burn the alcohol out of her system. She forgot to ask her sister something that’s been on her mind. She knew Apollo had a daughter and granddaughter because she met them. The question she has is does the rest of the Greek gods exist and do they have offspring like her adopted mother?

She thinks about that as she runs around the property lines. Her owl was out and flying with her as she ran around the property. The early morning air felt nice and clean as she breathed it in. She couldn’t remember if she told Thorn if she was coming back today or not to the club. It was a nice place, but she’ll have to change how she dress to fit in with the crowd.

Once Theia is done with her run, she freshens up and start looking through her clothes for something more suited for the Vamp club. She has nothing in her closet, so she goes down to Titanis room and knock before she enters.

“Sis I need to borrow some clothes form you. Can I look through your stuff?”

“Help yourself.”

Titanis had looked up from between Shayla’s legs at Theia.

“Don’t you too ever stop?”

“Yes, when I am training you or doing chores around the house and property.”

Titanis goes back to what she was doing before she was interrupted.

Theia just shakes her head and explores Titanis closet for clothes to wear to Vamp today. She finds the perfect outfit that was all leather and revealed what she wanted to reveal and kept what she wanted kept hidden. She had the perfect boots in her closet to wear with the outfit.

She could hear Shayla moaning louder as she left the closet and go into her room to get dress.

She wasn’t going to blow her second day hanging around the house. She was going out and having fun at the club.

Thorn had told her the club never closes and stays open all the time, except on Sundays for a few hours. When the club needs to be clean they block off that area and do what they need to do. The shelves were restocked during the night and day when they weren’t so busy.

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