Don't Underestimate Her. (Fixed) ?

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Don't Underestimate Her

The DI was sort of irritating but I obeyed and did whatever he asked. After all he could get me put in prison; ruin my life. The 20-mile run/hike, “forced march” he called it was the worst, but when I was about to sag a little, the chubby guy that had the bunk over me stumbled. I turned around and got him to his feet and talked to him and pulled him the rest of the way back to camp. In formation at camp, the DI was giving me the evil eye but I just looked back at him with what I thought was a neutral face but later in the mirror, I saw it was a smart assed grin.

Training went on for the rest of the week and then we had Sunday off after morning formation, police call and breakfast The Bacon tasted like it had soap in it, but the rest of the food was pretty good. Monday was more training. There was this big rope that went way up there and most of the big guys struggled with it. Some couldn’t do it. When it came my turn I just zipped right up it and back down; wore my pack too. I was light; half the size of the jocks. That was a mistake, I knew it would bring trouble.

That afternoon was the pujil sticks and he knocked me on my ass because I’d never even seen one before. I thought he’d show me how to do it but he just went to the next guy. I didn’t care, I had 1071 days until I got out. Didn’t know what would happen next week.

He followed me into the barracks that night while the rest went to dinner. I was bleeding and had to clean up. How often does a guy have a vaginal opening behind his sack? How was I to know that the sack was supposed to have something in it? I showed the Doctor but he kept me in because I told him how my foster father would fuck me if I went home again. The Doc said he’d try to get me out or in a female unit. Yeah, right. I could shoot anything better than the guys in the Company, so knew that wasn’t happening. With the Russian beachhead at North Carolina, and the Chinese occupying most of California I knew I was staying bleeding or bred. We found out that day that America had been invaded.

I liked shooting the C-2 best, the daughter of the Barrett. It was a recoilless rifle firing a 40 cal., explosive, guided round, easily out to a couple clicks. There just weren’t many machine guns anymore because a semiauto “guided” could take out so many of the enemy. Even that damned A-10 was still around but it too fired guided rounds. Rather than the dramatic, burpee strafing runs, it would just lurk around up there and pop, pop, pop the rounds would hit, most often getting a target. Friendly fire killings were way down.

Anyway, like I said the bastard DI followed me inside to my bunk. “I’m going to break you. You and that smart little grin, I’m gonna make you cry like the baby you are…” He went on like that while I gathered my shower things. Then I stood up and pinned him with my most evil gaze.

“You never met my foster father did you Sergeant? He’d have you for breakfast”. After that I just looked at him and didn’t say nothin more. He tried to stare me down and suddenly shrank back. He saw my 2” knife folded in the palm of my hand, and I suspected he realized I could make a few wallets and a purse out of him.
He never had another word for me.

6 weeks later I’m lying up in Northern California on a ridge top waiting for the Chinese to come over the ridge across the way…
In regards to the day thing, I started with supposedly 1095 days. It was a very tense international situation and in that time both Russia and China had invaded. I'd enlisted to get away from the bastard foster father. His supposed wife just allowed him to run amok, packing fudge when he liked. He found my vaginal opening by accident, and was so surprised that he did not violate me that night. The next day, I did not return from classes and due to the fact that I had started school a year late, found I was old enough to enlist to avoid the plonker.
The international situation was so tense that the Army took me the next week. I slept over at a friend's house until then. His parents were sympathetic and agreed that the Army was my best chance, and the guardians did not report my disappearance, I suppose that he feared the involvement of the police.

Both the Russians and the Chinese were pissed because of America’s constant economic sanctions. We showed ourselves to be strong enough to avoid losing the whole country, so the Chinese agreed to keep Southern California and the Russians kept North Carolina if we agreed to no more unfair trade practices.

Probably won't be more to this.

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