Today's Parable - 2017 - 06 - 05 - The Crow and the Dove

The Crow and the Dove
(c) 2017 Haylee V

One day, a dove was flying in unfamiliar skies and became lost. Seeking help, he landed and began walking to a nearby town.

Now, in this town lived a very old, but very wise crow. Unlike most crows, this one was extremely kind, and known for both his generosity and good deeds. Everywhere in the town he went, he was treated with the utmost respect, and he gave far more than he received. When asked why he wasn't like the other crows -- usually harbingers of strife, discord, and ill fortune, he simply replied, "Someone in my youth was kind to me. When I hungered, they fed me. When I was injured by a hunter's bow, they nursed me back to help. If someone could show that level of compassion to me, just a lowly crow, should I not go and do the same to others?"

The dove walked into the town just before dusk, tired and hungry. He was full of pride, and knew he could get what he needed by merely taking what he wanted. After all, everyone knows that doves brought joy, happiness, and good fortune. No one in their right mind would deny a dove's requests. Or so he thought.

So the dove began to strut his stuff, and just took anything he wanted, without regard for anyone else. After all, he was a dove...

Eventually, word of his actions got to the town constable. Something MUST be done about the rogue dove, the townspeople cried.

So the town appointed the crow to be sheriff. "You must go and apprehend the dove," they said, "and make him pay for his crimes."

The crow set about his task, but was deeply saddened by it. How could someone so beautiful -- a harbinger of peace -- be so inherently wicked? he thought.

Before long, though, the crow caught up to the dove, who was once again up to his evil ways.

"You must stop this," the crow admonished.

"Why should I?" the dove replied. "I am a DOVE, after all. I should just be able to take anything I want. Everyone knows doves bring peace and happiness. So what if I'm looking out for myself first?"

"Then I'm afraid I must arrest you, for you are breaking the laws of our land, and bringing evil to our people."

With that, the crow captured the dove and locked him up in the town's jail. Peace once again returned to the town.


It takes more than fine feathers to make a fine bird.

So many people rely on word of mouth, and let their reputations preclude their deeds. A truly wise person will never just rest on his laurels, but will daily strive to make new ones in his wake, letting his ACTIONS define him rather than simple word of mouth.

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