Today's Parable - 2017 - 06 - 09 - Watch Where You Sit!

Watch Where You Sit!
(c) 2017 Haylee V

Once upon a time, there lived a clever carpenter in the town of Cedardale. he was known far and wide for being the best craftsman of his trade around, and as word of the quality of his work spread, he began to get an ego. it wasn't too long before he became boastful of his skill.

One day, he was heard boasting to his friend in the town square, "I can make just about anything you can imagine, and out of any kind of wood you bring me. Yes, when I build something, it's built to last."

The retainer to the king heard this, and immediately ran to tell the king her good news.

"Sire," she bowed deeply, "I have found the man you seek. he claims he can build anything, and it will last indefinitely. Perhaps he can solve our termite problem, and build you the throne you desire."

"Send for him at once! If he can do as he claims, I'll give him half my kingdom. But if he fails..."

So the carpenter was summoned, and soon appeared before the king.

"Is it true you can build ANYTHING out of wood?"

"It is."

"And it will last indefinitely?"

"It will."

"Then I will give you everything you need to build me a throne. I'll come in thirty days to test it. If it is as you say, I will make you second in command, and give you half my kingdom."
=== === ===
The carpenter was overjoyed, and quickly went to work to make the king the grandest throne he could imagine.

At the end of the thirty days, the king came to inspect his work.

"It is very beautiful to the eyes," the king admitted. "But can it pass the ULTIMATE test?"

The carpenter simply nodded.

The king, pleased, went to sit on the throne. A few seconds later, he began to hear cracking noises coming from beneath him. Before anyone could react, the king had fallen to the ground, soiling his regal robes.

"You idiot!" the king raged. "Did you not think to test the wood first to see if it was suitable to bear my weight? You have made me look like a fool. Guards! Seize him!"


Pride goes before a fall.

One should never boast of past accomplishments, or rely on them too heavily to establish a reputation.
A person's ongoing words and deeds should define him or her, and not the things of the past.

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