The Lucky Charm Chapter 12

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The Lucky Charm

Chapter 12: Natural Selection

Last Time:

Freya said to Darla and mom, "We were talking before the game about the girls' future. We're from Eugene, for the Career
Fair the school held today. It's a pleasure to meet you ladies." First to mom, "Magdelien," Then to Darla, "Darlene, my name
is Freya Lawrence Blake, and this is my family. Well, most of it."

And Now:

Freya continued introducing her family. The other redhead was her wife(?) Lauren, the older of the men was Jimmy, their
husband, really? It would take a while to understand their marriage. Two of the twins were hers and Jimmy's, Nerys the girl
and Eddie the boy. They were cute! The other twins just as cute were Lauren's and Jimmy's, Anika, or Seven, the girl, and
Tommy the boy. And finally Katie and her husband Austin. Wow! and this was only part of their household that came on this
side trip.

Later, Freya told me privately how the whole thing with Jimmy and Lauren had started and eventually led them to where they
were now as a family. Her point was to reinforce what her mother had told me before, that it didn't matter what the label
was, but just be true to yourself. Then we hugged.

We decided to finish our talk about our futures over Chinese takeout at our house. Jimmy insisted on paying for dinner, say
it was his treat for disrupting our family time. I was starting to see what Freya found so irresistible about him. We
stopped at a regular Chinese restuarnt and placed our order. Lots of those neat takeout boxes. Then headed home.

Once we got home, it looked like it was going to be more than a little cramped, since our house was on the small side. Freya
offered, "If you don't mind Maggie, I can make the house bigger on the inside and your neighbors will never know, it'll look
the same as ever from the outside. Just something we learned from watching Doctor Who on the TV."

Mom said, "This I've got to see. Go right on and do your magic dear." We all followed Freya outside, where she took her
phone out, looking like she was messing around with an APP. After a minute she said she was done. The house looked exactly
the same as before, that is until we went back in the house.

Inside the house, though, all the rooms were larger. The kitchen and dining room were fantastic, with all the modern
conveniences and an enormous oak and glass dining table. Mom looked in wonder first, then stepped out the side door, then
back inside. The look on her face was priceless.

Freya was about to say something when mom said, "It's smaller on the outside!" Giving Freya a smile that said, 'Yes, I watch
the Doctor' also look. Freya just wagged her finger at mom, and we all broke into laughter.

Plates were passed out and the food shared as we talked the evening away. Freya explained how it was in our best interests
to follow what she laid out as a great plan for our futures.

First, finish high school with the best grades possible, with summer camps as interns as Jr Rangers, either locally here or
at her own park in Eugene, Oregon.

Second, four year college with at least a major and a minor degree that would help in their selected fields. Any help needed
after scholarships would be provided by 'The Family'. The term was used to describe in part, her family, but hinted at
something more far reaching. And continue as Rangers as was necessary.

And lastly, after graduating, we take places and positions that would help stem the loss of our national parks and our world
in general. And maybe assist 'The Family' from time to time on special projects.

When we asked, why us, specifically, Freya told us, "Because you three have a natural affinity to nature, you always have.
Both of your families have for as long as they have been around, been protectors of nature. It is in your nature to protect
Nature. Mother is just trying to help in her own way."

When the three of us agreed to become part of 'The Family', mom gave Freya, Lauren and Jimmy, hugs and kisses. Later, after
Lauren told us that she owned a Victoria's Secret store, she and Katie showed us a clothing APP for our phones that let us
select and make clothes from thin air. Goddess, magic is so cool!

We played with the little ones for a while before they had to go home, and had a very great time of it. It was awesome to
think that sometime in the future, maybe I could even have kids of my own. Thank you FREYA.

When it was time to say goodbye, Freya offered to have all of us to their home tomorrow, if we wanted to visit and fish with
them. We all wanted to go and made plans to see them early tomorrow. They would come and pick us up around 7am. We hugged
and kissed and said our goodbyes for the night.

We thought that after Freya and her family had left, that the house would return to normal, but it didn't do that. Cleaning
up the boxes from dinner, we found a note from Freya, telling us that you can never have too much room, for family. That was
very sweet of her.

Since we were getting up early anyway, Sammie called her dad to ask if she could stay over the night with us. All he asked
was if it was okay with mom, my mom, then it was ok with them. Mom heard that and assured him that it was. She hung up
saying, 'Goodnight daddy, love you and mom.'

We went to get ready for bed, finding that each bedroom now had it's own en-suite bathroom. The bedroom now had a king size
bed, though the sheets, were the same yellow 'Hello Kittie' ones, now just bigger to fit. Sammie thought it was just plain
cute. The bathroom had large walkin shower and tub with Jacuzzi jets.

We talked to see who would take their shower first. We loved each other, but were young and had plenty of time. We decided
we could shower together as friends and not get carried away. In the shower, she cleaned my hair and my back, and I in turn
did hers. We laughed and giggled at each other as a finger strayed a little into dangerous territory. But that's all that

Once out of the shower, we dried off. Taking time to dry our hair completely, before we got dressed for bed in some comfy
PJ's. At one point before we were in bed, mom stuck her head in the doorway, which had been open the whole time, after all,
it was just us girls in the house.

She said, "Do I have to worry about the two of you in the same bed together, girls?"

We answered together, "No Ma'am!"

I said, "Mom, we've talked about it and neither of us wants to ruin what we have together by moving too fast."

Sammie said, "We took a shower together and nothing happened."

Mom said, "I know that dears, because I checked on you. I'm happy the two of you can be so mature about this, though Georgie
has the benefit of being older than she appears. So Goodnight dears!"

I say, "Night mom, love you!"

Sammie says, "Night MRS L."

With that, I turned out the lights and snuggle in next to Sammie as close as I can get. We both said Goodnight.


The next morning before the alarm sounded, I woke up. Without moving, I remembered going to bed and falling asleep next to
Sammie, and now find myself entwined arm and arm, our faces nearly touching. I stared at her face breathing in her scent,
mmm, strawberries, she smelled like heaven. How could I be so lucky to have her. Only the gods could know.

As I watched, her eyelids fluttered open, a smile cross her lips also remembering how we went to bed together. Barely
moving, we kissed good morning. Breaking the kiss, we both breathed, "Morning." Neither of us wanted to lose this moment,
when the alarm sounded.

We separated and stretched, easing muscles, and shut off the alarm. I said, "I could really get used to sleeping like that,
I never slept better."

"Me too!" Said Sammie, then she kissed me again.

Keara stuck her head in the doorway, "Really! If you two can stop long enough, mom and Grans, has breakfast ready. Come on!"
And sprinted off before either of us could throw a pillow at her. Laughing as we chased after her.

As we ran into the kitchen laughing and screaming, mom watched with a smile on her face, when I noticed a small tear in her
eye, I asked her what was wrong. She replied, "It's nothing sweetie, just thinking how much your father would have loved to
hear these sounds in the house again. He would have been very happy right now."

Darla and I went to her and hugged her, "Aw, mom!"

Mom pushed us away, then stood up before wrapping me in a big hug, then kissed me on the cheek. Then she said, "Happy
Birthday Georgie! My little girl is having her 'Sweet Sixteen' today!"

"OMG, really!..." With all that had happened in the last week, I had completely forgot my birthday was a week after Keara's.

Though, the last few years, it wasn't something that I cared to celebrate.

The others were quick to offer congratulations. Thing quieted while we ate our breakfast, Darla had made my favorite,
waffles with strawberries and whipped cream. I loved it all, though now I had to watch how much I ate, otherwise it would
have to come off somehow, and that meant exercise. Not that I really minded. Still got to remember 'Once on the lips -
forever on the hips'. I was done with being overweight, never again.

"Happy Birthday to me!" Then I yelled, "Best Birthday ever!"

Mom told me, "Have a great day, today sweet heart. Enjoy your day. And always remember that I love you!"

That's when I noticed that she was dressed for her regular day of work at them assisted care facility. "You're not coming
with us to Freya's for the day?" I asked.

That was when Freya, Katie and Austin, knocked at the back door before entering. Freya, seeing I was a little upset asked
what the problem was. Before I could answer, mom said, "Georgie, as much as you are dependent on me, so too, are those
unfortunate old people at that care home. You understand that, don't you?"

I said, "Of course I understand mom, I just thought that you would want to go fishing with us, as much as you always loved

to go before. But there will be other days."

Freya said, "Georgie, why don't you kids have a day at our house, take your sister too. I'd love to help your mom at the
care home. You wouldn't mind helping with the little ones, would you?"

Mom thought it was a great idea, pushing us to go get dressed to leave. While she and Freya sat down with some tea. When we
came back down ready to go, Freya had already changed into slacks and a blouse similar to mom's, except for the color, just
like every doctor's office nurse would wear. Mom in blue and Freya in green.

We headed out the door as Freya and mom cleaned up after our breakfast. We were ushered to a large black RAM dually truck
with red accents, it sat so low that it looked like it was laying flat on the driveway. It was in front of the garage that
sat at the back of the property.

We buckled up, Austin is driving with Katie and Darla in front, while Keara, Sammie and I were in the back seats. Austin
placed his thumb against a reader, then the dash lit up. It looked like something out of a Sci-fi movie. Then asked if we
wanted to go straight to the house or take the scenic route.

"Scenic route it is then." He announced. With the touch of a few buttons, the truck lifted a couple of inches, before he put
it into reverse and backed out of the driveway. Out on the street, the truck was so smooth and quiet, making nearly no noise
at all.

Katie said to Austin, "Why don't we just zip ahead to just pass Mom and Pop's Cafe, and give them the view coming onto the
property. Ok with everyone?"

With that, Austin accelerates. With no perceived change to the feeling of inertia, the scene through the windows begins to
blur. The way the blurs kept moving, gave to a feeling of going around corners as well as ups and downs. Before too long,
the blurs shorten into solid shapes, the first thing we pass at regular speed was a road side country diner.

Darla is the first to ask, "Where are we?"

Austin says, "Outside of Eugene, heading east to the lake house." None of us can bring ourselves to ask anything else for
the time being.

Winding through the trees on the twisting road, we soon make a turn just before crossing a small bridge over a stream. The
next thing we see is this fantastic panoramic view of a large house near a very pretty lake. Austin pulls to a stop in front
of a four car garage, hitting some more buttons. The truck lowers to the ground and the dash lights go out before the door
to the garage opens.

Darla finds her voice, asking the question on all our minds. "How did we make a four and a half hour drive in less than
fifteen minutes?"

Katie laughs, "We'll discuss that through the day. But first, let's get some gear and catch some fish."

End of Chapter 12

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