By Barbara Lynn Terry

(Author’s note: The geographical locations in this story actually exist and their addresses appear in the footnotes at the end of the story. However, the place described in this story exists only in a place deep in the author’s imagination. Barbara.

Chapter 1 - Getting Ready

It was a day that will live in the history of my life. It was my twenty first birthday. I decided that it was time I made a stand for myself. I went to my closet and took out my turquoise sheath dress, with matching jacket, and matching turquoise full slip. I went to my dresser and took out one pair of tan nylon, stay up stockings. I couldn’t decide whether to wear my turqouise, two inch heels, or the lighter teal pair. Oh well, I will decide after my shower.

I went in the bathroom and turned on the shower. I went to the cabinet and took out a wash cloth and a soft terry towel. I took off my beige nightgown, stepped out of my slippers, and got in to the shower. I picked my lavender, perfumed beauty bar, and began to wash. After I was done washig my body, I decided to wash my hair.

I lathered my hair and massaged in the shampoo. I rinsed off the suds, then I conditioned my hair, and rinsed off the suds from the conditioner. I washed and conditioned my hair a second time, and towel dried all the excess water out.

I grabbed another soft terry towel and dried my body. After my body was completely dry, except for my hair, I stepped in to my slippers and went back in to my bedroom.

I had three bras, and they were white, black and light blue. I decided on the light blue one, which will match my whole ensemble. I quickly dried my hair, and set it in to a nice page boy. I put on light powder on my face, then got dressed. I put on my mascara, and a light tan eye shadow.

I looked myself over in the full length mirror, put my right index finger to the corner of my mouth. I went back to my dresser and took a pair of gold hoops and put them in my ear holes. I went back to the full length and declared myself ready.

Oh, I am sorry, I forgot to tell you my name. I am Dale Evans Roberts. I am twenty three years old, with long, sun yellow blonde hair, just past my shoulders. I was named after Roy Rogers, sweetheart, partner, companion and wife, Dale Evans. I am physically male, and I weigh one hundred and thirty five pounds and I stand five foot, eight inches tall.

I own an advertising agency with my brother and father. They told me that I should stop being a tom boy, and be myself. So, tomorow, Dale makes her debut at the Roberts Advertising Agency. But, for tonight, Dale is going out as herself.

Chapter 2 - Going Out.

I decided to have a cup of tea, before I went out. I chose a chamomile tea, because it relaxes you. When the water was finished boiling, I put a half of a capful of cinnamon in for a little added flavor. I was thinking where to go. There were several possibilities.

The places I had in mind were places I had gone to with my friend, Connie Rodriguez. Conchita Rodriguez is married to Hector Rodriguez, who owns the Crazy Arms/Golden Patio nightclub.

I was thinking about the Crazy Arms/Golden Patio. The cobblestone patio was painted a golden color, which is where the patio got its name from. I always sat in Hector’s section.

Hector Rodriguez is 29 years old and has been married for the last five years. I was good friends with his wife Conchita. She was 24 years old, and had long, shiny black hair. She wasn’t siren beautiful, but she did have a wonderful figure. Her smile was contagious, and she was one of those you came to like instantly.

I called her up, and told her my plans. She said that was great because Hector was working tonight. Connie said she would be right over, and we could go together. So I spritz on a little perfume and I was ready to go to a place I knew was friendly towards me, because every regular had respect for Hector and Connie. Of course, Hector and Connie knew about me, which is why Connie didn’t have to worry when I went there, because Hector would be looking after me.

Like there was this one time, when this guy nobody knew came in and he started talking loud. He was very vocal in what he wanted. The bartender tried to tell him this was a decent place, and the guy threatened him by saying he had a gun.

He came over by my and put his arm around my shoulder. The one sided conversation went something like this.

“Say, babe, what say we go to my place and see if the bed is made properly?”

Hector came over and told the man that if he wanted keep his arm, to get it off of his sister. Hector then told the man that he was the owner of the place. The man said, yeah, sure you are. Everybody told him that he was, and he threw his hands up in defeat. The nerve of some men.

Connie came over and we decided to walk, because the Crazy Arms/Golden Patio, was only five blocks away. On the way, we were talking.

“Dale,” Connie was saying. “Would you like to come over for Sunday dinner?”

“I would love to, Connie, thank you.”

As we walked in to the Crazy Arms/Golden Patio, Hector was the first to greet us.

“Hello ladies, welcome to the Crazy Arms/Golden Patio. Would you like a table or a booth?”

“A booth, please,” I said with a cheerful smile.

Hector grabbed two menus and took us to a booth by the parking lot window. He told us that our waitress for the evening was Loretta, and she would be right with us.

Loretta came over with two glasses of water and asked us if we wanted to order. Connie and I knew the menu by heart, so we just ordered the chef’s salad deluxe. This is where they bring a big bowl of salad and another bowl to put in to so you could eat it. In this case, Loretta brought the salad and two bowls. Of course, we could never eat whole thing. So, we would end up taking it home.

We ordered a brandy/sour for me and a whiskey/Coke for Connie. As we sat there, we talked.

“Dale, I have an idea,” Connie said to me. “Why don’t we go shopping next week Saturday?”

“That sounds perfect, Connie. I would love to go to the Palace Plaza Mall. I heard they added two more stores.”

“Then it’s a date. Next week we will go to the Palace Plaza Mall.”

The two ladies sat there with their salad and drinks, just passing the time. About then, two men in business suits approached Connie and Dale.

“Hello ladies, we were wondering if you would let us buy you a drink?”

“Yes, but not from someone in your condition.”

“Condition, what condition?” Asked the taller man.

“I believe it is called ‘keep your eyes in your head, your money in your wallet, and no, we are not interested in what you have to offer,” Dale told both men.

“All we wanted to know is if we could buy you ladies a drink.”

“And, guess what? WE SAID NO! Now scram.”

The shorter man looked at his friend and remarked: “I think they dig us.”

“Yeah, Jim, it sounds like it to me.”

Both men forced themselve in to the booth. Hector saw what was going on, and asked the men politely to leave.

“I didn’t hear the ladies say leave.”

“They said no, here it means the same thing. You will get no more drinks while you are sitting in this booth with my wife and my sister. Now, leave, or I will call the police.”

“Who do you think you are?” Asked the taller man.

“I am the owner, and when I tell you to leave, you either leave or go to jail. The choice is yours.”

“Yeah, you’re the owner. Waiter, would please get the owner out here.”

“You’re talking to him.”

The two men didn’t know what to say. They got out of the booth, and tipped their hats.

“Good evening, ladies, maybe another time.”

“Did you hear that this is my wife and sister? There will not be another time. If I find you have accosted either one of these ladies here or when they are away from the house, I will have you arrested on a sexual charge.”

“Not going to happen, pal. See, we are police officers.“

“Let me see your identification.”

“We don’t have to show you anything.”

Two uniformed police officers walked in and went over by Hector.

“Hey Hector, what seems to be the problem?” Asked Don Rhodes, a sergeant with the city police.

“Well, Don, these two asked Connie and Dale if they could buy them a drink. They both said no, but these two men forced themselves in to the booth, anyway. When I told them I was calling the police, they said they were police officers.”

“Is that so. Well, it looks like you fried your gooses this time. You are both under arrest for impersonating a police officer, two counts. That is a felony in this state, so that means that you have the right to remain silent. If you choose to give up that right, anything you say now, can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney, and if you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed to you by the court.

“Do you both understand these rights, as I have read them to you?”

“Yeah,” both men said in disgust.

Sergeant Rhodes called for a transport to take the two prisoners in.

“You can only arrest us for impersonating a police officer if we are in uniform,” Jim told sergeant Rhodes.

“That isn’t true any more. You can be arrested for impersonating a police officer just by telling others that you are police officers. That has been a law in this state for the lastm oh, one hundred years. If you are going to tell people what is legal or illegal, you need, first of all, to know the law.”

“I want to call my lawyer now,” Jim Brewster told sergeant Rhodes.

“That is a good idea. My partner will take you over to the phone.”

“I know the way,” Jim said.”

“I don’t think you understand; you are under arrest. If you want to call your attorney, my partner will go with you, or you can call him or her from the station.”

“Never mind,” Jim told the officer.

The ruse to sneak out the back door didn’t work. It appears these two have done this before, but were just never caught at it. Now they face felony charges because they couldn’t stop trying to get a one night stand with the two ladies. When Connie and Dale said no, the two men should have just left.

When the two men were escorted out to the transport car, and shackled to the floor, the two ladies continued talking about their shopping excursion.

“I want to get a new pair of shoes,” Dale told Connie. “Maybe I will even get a new purse and a new outfit. We will see.”

“That sounds good to me,” Connie replied. “But, we are going shopping, not just buying and leaving.”

“Oh! I agree, Connie. You can’t go to a mall and not shop around.”

Dale and Connie were full, and they asked for a container to take the salad home with them. They got the container, and they put the rest of the salad in there, finished their drinks and left.

“That was a funny night,” Connie was saying to Cindy. “I wonder what would have happened if we had let those two mashers buy us drinks?”

“Hector would have killed them both,” Dale answered her friend. Both ladies giggled.

We walked the few blocks back to the building. We both said good night to each other. Connie went in her apartment and I went up to mine.

I decided to take a shower and get in to my silver night gown, with my silver, day slippers. I used my Irish Spring* bar soap, to help get rid of the perfume odor from the soap I had used earlier. When I was finished with my shower, and got in to my night gown and slippers. I threw on my floor length peignoir. I curled up in the sofa to watch a little television.

When I woke up, my alarm was going off in my bedroon. I had fallen asleep watching television. I got up, went in to the bathroom and took my morning shower. I used the same soap I used when I got home last night.

Chapter 3 - Working.

Today was a workday for me. I got dressed and had my bagel with cream cheese. I had a glass of milk to go with the bagel. After I was finished eating, I washed my saucer and glass, then poured myself a cup of coffee in to my travel cup

I went to my garage and got in to my 2004 BMW. I backed out of the garage and in to the street. I headed for the Roberts Advertising Agency.

My brother, Thomas Edward Roberts, is forty three years old, has sandy blonde, wavy hair. He had a savior-faire way of doing business and a type of savior-faire attitude when at company or client parties. He is six foot, three inches tall and walks with a regal gait.

Tom greeted me as I walked in to the front door.

“Morning, Dale, You’re looking radiant, today,” he said with a smile. “There is a client coming in at nine o’clock. He wants us to make billboard signs for his new business.”

“I’m sure we can do that. Have you met this client?”

“No, I just talked with him on the phone. He seems like a nice fellow, so let’s treat him with kid gloves.”

“You know I will. We have never lost a client yet.”

“I know, Dale. See you at lunch

I went to my office and found the particulars of what this new client wanted. It was seven fifteen, so I had time to make out a basic drawing. I went to the sketch room and made a quick drawing. I only hope the client likes what I did.

I sat at my desk and sipped my coffee. I looked over the drawing several times before the client got here. It was then that my secretary came in.

“Good morning, Dale. Is there anything you need me to do, right now?”

“Not right now, Angie. I have a client coiming in shortly. Please show him in, when he gets here.”

“Yes, Miss.”

Angela Haines is thirty three years old and lives just three blocks from the office. If she was just coming in, that meant the client would be here in no time flat.

I prepared my layout for the client as best as I could. Angela announced that my nine o’c’ock was here. I told Angela to show him in.

“Good morning, sir, I’m Dale Evans Roberts.”

“It is nice to meet you, Dale. I am Stephen Earl Baddeley. I want to have billboard signs made up that will advertise my printing business.”

“Well, let me show you what I have worked out.”

I took Stephen over to the drawing board and showed him what I thought would work.

“This looks nice, Dale, but, I would like you to include these samples with what you have here. When my business grows, I will want your company to make better signs, and even advertise in magazines as well.”

“Let us take care of the billboard signs first, then we will talk about a magazine campaign. But, if we go for a magazine campaign, I would have to get in touch with the advertising department of that magazine or magaines.”

“I would want advertising in more than just one magazine, Dale.”

“Then, Stephen, I suggest that we do the billboard ads first.”

“I will leave the particulars up to you, Dale. I was told that you are the best planner in the U.S.”

“I take it that you have been quoted our fees for advertising with graphics and without graphics.”

“Yes, Dale, and I want the ads with graphics.”

“Alright, Stephen, I will get right to work. You are always welcome to come in and see what we are doing, as we are doing it.”

“That sounds good, Dale. I will be in and out from time to time.”

“Alright, Stephen, I will get right to work, and when I am finished, I will call you.”

“That sounds good, old chap. I will leave you to your work.” Stephen left, and Dale went right to work planning out Stephen’s campaign.

Dale looked at what he drew, the he decided to scrap that idea and work on a fresh new idea. He took another board, and drew an arc in big, bold capital letters that read.


After looking over the spelling, and how the arc was formed, Dale added words in smaller, bold print goimg from the first letter of the arc to the last letter, in a straight line that read:


Then Dale seemed to get an epiphany. He placed another arc that said:


Dale drew a man standing at a printing press, then Dale called Stephen, and said he was finished with the design. He asked Stephen to come to the office and approve the design. It took Stephen thirty minutes to get to Dale’s office.

When Stephen was shown into Dale’s drawing studio, he saw the drawing on an easel.

“Hello, Stephen,” said Dale, greeting his client. “As you can see, this is what I came up with. It is a simple design, but it says a lot.”

“That it does. I would like to go with this design. How many billboards can we put this advertisement on?”

“Leave that to me,” Dale answered his client. “I will make sure this ad is strategically placed where it will do the most good.”

“Alright, Dale, I will leave this in your capable hands. I have to be going.”

“I will let you know, Stephen, when we get the ads on the billboards. Then I will take you in a tour of where we placed the ads, and explain why they are in the places they are.”

“That sounds good to me, Dale. Call me when you are done.” Stephen then left to go back to his hotel.

Dale took the board to the printing room, where the board would be photographed, plated and then printed on the big press.

“Hey, Joe, I have a new ad that needs to go up. This is from a new client who is from England. He is expandung his company to here and in Australia. How long do you think it will take to get it out on the billboards?”

Joseph (Joe) McPherson is 39 years old. He has worked at the Roberts Advertising Agency for the last twenty years. He started working for the agency right out of high school. He was trained as an apprentice printer, and is now a master printer.

“We have one project ahead of you, Dale, then we can start on the new client’s ad. I would say right away tomorrow morning. We are just about finished with the ad we’re running now.”

“Alright, Joe, call me when you have my project done. When it is done, I will tell you which boards this ad needs to go on.”

“Alright, Dale, as soon as it is done.”

Dale left to go back to his office

Chapter 4 - Shopping at the mall.

Dale called Stephen to tell him he was going home. Stephen told Dale that was fine. Dale, did tell Stephen that his ads would be on the billboards tomorrow. They exchanged a little banter back and forth for about five minutes, then they hung up, after wishing each other a good night.

Dale left work early, so he could get ready to go shopping at the mall with Connie. The mall we went to was on Canterbury Road, almost to the city. This was a huge mall. And had over twenty five hundred stores. You couldn’t shop there in one day.

I called Connie to tell her I was getting ready to go to the mall.

“Let me know when you are ready, Dale, and we will go in my car.”

“Alright, Connie, I will be ready in about a half an hour.”

Connie said she would be right up and wait for her. Connie always called Dale by the feminine pronouns. But, the two were like sisters, and it was a good feeling to have a close friend like Conchita Rodriguez.

Instead of going to the one they had agreed on, Dale decided to go to the Chadstone Shopping Centre** in East Towne.

“Chaddy” was actually located on the edge of East Towne at 2140 East Dorry Road. The Chadstone Shopping Centre has many stores that has three floors. This is a huge shopping mall and is centrally located.

Connie parked in the mall’s parking structure. They took the lift to the first floor. We started at Best & Less*** and looked around to see what we could get at a bargain, if anything. As we went through the store, we found a lot of bargains from shorts and tops to skirt ensembles and dresses. Coats were also moderately price

In Jackson Hole, Wyoming, it gets really frigid in the winter, so Dale though that getting a new coat would add to the life and spice of a Jackson Hole maiden. After she selected her coat, she started looking for a skirt ensemble that would match the tan of the sheepskin coat.

On the inside of the coat was about an inch of wool and the outside was 100% sheepskin. It was three quarter length. She looked through the store and found a light brown skirt set that consisted of a skirt, a blouse, and a shell. She figured this would match the coat. The shell of the outfit was white.

Connie found Dale. Connie showed Dale the dress she had picked out. It was purple with a white stemmed rose that went from the hem to just below the scoop neckline.

“What should we do now, Dale,” asked Connie.

“I think we should get a bit of lunch. I know a nice place that serves a wonderful Devonshire Tea.”

“I think that would be a wonderful lunch,” agreed Connie.

They went to Gen Ars restaurant and sat down at a nice table. They could see people and cars going hither and yon. When the waitress asked for their order, Connie ordered for them.

“We will have the Devonshire Tea.”

“Thank you, Miss, your order will be right up.”

The waitress put up the order, and it was served within five minutes. Dale and Connie both sat there and enjoyed their repast if scones, butter, jam and Earl Grey**** tea.

We sat there enjoying our lunch and we talked about what we were going to shop for next.

“I think we should shop for lingerie next. We can go to Victoria’s Secret, next,” Connie told Dale.

“I agree,” Dale answered her friend. “There is a Victoria’s Secret at the other end of the mall. What say we walk off the calories we just ate?”

“Let’s go,” Connie said, agreeing with her friend.

Connie and Dale walked a good twenty minutes Gen-Ars to Victoria’s Secret. When they entered the store, there was pleasant odor that greeted the senses. The two ladies looked around, to see what they could find.

There were bra and panty sets on hangers, there were bins of panties in different colors, scents, styles and fabrics. Dale picked out several bra and panty sets, that would match her clothes. The Connie did the same. When they were done, Dale had eight bra and panty sets ranging from cotton to nylon to silk. The single panties and bras were of the same material.

When the two ladies checked out, they had separately paid over two hundred dollars for what they selected. Well, maybe slightly more. With their shopping done for the day, they took their purchases to Connie’s car, and drove back to their apartment complex.

As they got in to Dale’s apartment suite, the phone was ringing. It as Hector calling.

“Dale, this is Hector. Is Connie there?”

“Yes, she is, Hector. We just got back from the mall. Here’s Connie.”

Hector told Connie that he was coming home early to shower, have a cup of coffee and chat a while.

It took Hector no time at all to get to their apartment suite.

“Hi love,” Hector said, greeting his wife with a kiss. ‘I’m going to shaower and shave, then spend some time talking, while I have a cup of coffee.”

Hector went to take his shower, and or course, being a man, it didn’t take him long at all. When he came out of their en suite bathroom, he put on his semi formal suit and went to the kitchen. Hector poured himself a cup of coffee and sat down.

“What did you and Dale do at the mall, honey?”

“We each bought a couple of new outfits and had lunch, then we went to Vixtoria’s Secret where we were tempted to buy more than we did.”

“What did you have for lunch?”

“Dale and I had a Devonshire Tea at Gen-Ars.”

“It sounds like you two had a wonderful time.
What else did you do?”

“Mothing, we brought our purchases home, and that was when we heard Dale’s phone ringing.”

“I love you, Connie,” Hector said, giving her a large hug and a kiss. “I will be back by ten. Love you, dear,” He said, blowing her a kiss as he walked out the door.

Meanwhile, in Dale’s suite, Dale was mirror modeling her new outfits. She had put away all of her lingerie either hanging in her closet or in her dresser drawer.

As she looked at herself in the full length mirror, she smiled as she remarked to no one there.

“Welcome home, Miss Dale. You are finally liberated.”


*Irish Spring is a product of the Colgate-Palmolive Company, 1-800-268-6757 (US only) 9:00 am to 5:30 pm (ET).

The actual Chadstone Shopping Centre is located at 1341 Dandenong Rd., Chadstone, Victoria 3148, Australia. +61 3 9563 3355.

Mon & Tue - 9:00am to 5:30pm
Wed - 9:00am to 5:00pm
Thur - 9:00am to 9:00pm
Fri - 9:00am to 9:00pm
Sat - 9:00am to 9:00pm
Sun - 10:00am to 7:00pm.

***Best & Less email:

****Earl Grey teas are products of Adagio Teas, Inc. (Address, phone number and email unknown).

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