Dancing Angel

Phoenix practices the dance move again. She wanted to get it perfect for the dance recital on Saturday. That’s if she can find a way to get away from her foster parents. They didn’t approve of her dancing. That’s why she practices in secret. If they caught her practicing at home, she would be forced to wash the dishes and stand in the corner for a week till dinner. Also, to give up on her dancing. It was the one thing that she enjoyed doing next to sing. She could lose herself to the dance and forget about her life for a while.

Her foster parents didn’t know about her crossdressing. She kept it a secret from them because she was afraid how they would react. She already knew how they felt about her dancing. They had caught her one day dancing in the living room while doing her chores. They didn’t mind her singing, but they did criticize her voice and how feminine it sounded when she singed. They had a hatred for anyone or anything that went against gods words. The church her foster parents went to and belonged always preached that gays, lesbians and transgender were sick and needed their help to be shown back to the light. They were even against the Supreme Court decision about gay marriage.

They had sent the lawyers defending the DOMA money to help with the court cost to protect it.

When Phoenix wanted to attend the GEM meetings. She would tell her parents she was going to the library or museum, when in fact she was attending GEM meeting at the local LGBT centers that were held the second Saturday of every month. Sometimes, she would slip out and socialize with some of her friends from the center. They helped her learn more about herself. One of the ladies in the group was a hair dresser and taught her how to do her hair and make-up so she didn’t look like a clown.

Phoenix had a part time job as a singer for a high-end restaurant. The manager knew she was transgender, but he didn’t care because of how well she looked when she was dressed up. Some compare her to Jessica Rabbit from Where is Roger Rabbit.

Phoenix starts the music up again and take her starting pose and begin dancing again. She puts everything into the dance and let herself be swept away. She spends the next few hours practicing her dance moves and afterwards the songs she was planning on singing tonight down at the club. By the time she stopped practicing, she was tired.

Phoenix shuts down everything and takes a sponge bath before changes back into her street clothes. She kept a bowl, some soap, sponges and several jugs of water in the storage unit she rented to practice in. This way her foster parents would never find out or stumble upon her.
She checks the camera she has mounted outside her unit and comes out and locks the unit up.

Phoenix bikes home and as he gets closer he notices his parents were having their weekly bible study group over. He walks his bicycle around to the backyard and puts it in the storage shed in the backyard and head inside of the house. He could hear them talking about staging a protest at a funeral of a person that had died of Aids. Saying it was gods will for that person dying like they did.

Phoenix couldn’t believe the horse manure coming from their mouths. Phoenix wish he knew who they were talking about so he could warn them.

“Phoenix dear, could you bring in four glasses of ice tea please.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Phoenix gets six glasses of ice tea and place them on a tray and carry them into the living room. The stupid preacher from the church his
parents belong to was there along with a few others. He walks around with the tray letting each person take their ice tea off the tray. Phoenix wonders what his parents and followers would think of their precious preacher if they found out that he was having gay sex with a Philippine boy he sponsors to the US.

Phoenix walks back into the kitchen and put the tray away. Once he was done, he heads upstairs to his bedroom and start working on the red dress he was going to wear that night to sing in. He hears footsteps coming upstairs. He hides the dress and works on a pair of pants.
His foster mother walks right into his bedroom.

“Next Sunday, I volunteered your services to help out at the church for the choir since I know how much you like singing. You’re not going to be singing with them, but helping them by playing the piano. I don’t want to be embarrass by your feminine sounding voice. Me and your father will be out of town on Friday and Saturday. Pastor Kenneth Johnson has volunteer to come and watch over you while were gone.”

“Okay. I have a book report due, so I’ll be spending all day at the library.”

“Okay. You get some sleep.”

Phoenix listens as his foster mother heads downstairs. His foster parent’s bedroom was on the second floor. His bedroom, the main bathroom and the guest room was upstairs. He stays up late and working on the dress. It was two in the morning before he finally falls asleep. He lays his clothes out for tomorrow. He has been wearing women underwear that looked like men’s underwear to school and his foster parents hasn’t caught on yet and neither has the boys in his gym class.

The week goes by without a problem for once. When Phoenix can, he heads over towards his storage unit to practice his moves and songs. When Friday arrives, Phoenix takes his dress he made and the rest of the outfit to wear for tonight performance at work. He arrives at work before he needed to be there and starts getting ready to perform.

When it is time for him to perform on stage. He walks out to the music and does his number. The singing was perfect and his sex walk and voice was on key. When Phoenix gets done, he gets a big applause for his performance. He goes into a second number and finally into his last and final number. He was energized tonight and gives his own for his last number. When he was done, he was flying. He hopes everything goes well for his recital tomorrow.

Phoenix makes over three hundred in tips that night and enjoys the applause afterwards. He drinks a few drinks and changes out of his outfit and makeup. He’s hoping the recital goes as well tomorrow as the performance did tonight. Phoenix packs all his stuff up and makes a stop at his storage unit to leave it there, that way his foster parents won’t find it. By the time he gets home, it’s past midnight. Which isn’t unusual for him on a Friday night.

“You’re late getting home.”

Phoenix was surprised till he remembered that it was Pastor Johnson watching over him.

“Yes sir. I work for a restaurant part time and on Fridays.”

“You must be thirsty.”

“Yes, I am a little thirsty.”

“Let me get you a glass of water.”

“Thank you.”

Phoenix watches as the Pastor goes and gets him a glass of water. They sit and talk for a while. Phoenix starts feeling tired and his words were slurry. He couldn’t move and he blacks out.

Pastor Kenneth Johnson just smiles as he goes over to the unconscious phoenix and removes his pants and underwear and prepares him for entry by rubbing KY jelly on his anus.

Phoenix wakes up the next day and felt kind of weird. His anal opening was sore and hurting him. He couldn’t recall anything. He wonders why he was asleep on the sofa, instead of his bedroom. He walks upstairs and takes a shower hoping it would make him feel better, but he still felt weak. Once he takes his shower and gets ready for his recital. He grabs his book bag to make it look like he was going to study.
He heads to his storage unit and grabs his things for the recital. Other than feeling tired, he was feeling excited today. Phoenix heads towards his recital and checks in with his teacher. She puts him where she needed him. Phoenix is nervous like everyone else as they begin. He gives his best and enjoys the recital. By the end of it, they all get a big applause.

Phoenix was happy as he made his way home. He had high spirits and enjoyed his time performing in front of everyone. He notices the lights were on when he went into the house. Pastor Kenneth Johnson was reading the bible and putting together a sermon for Sunday.
Phoenix walks upstairs and puts away his book bag and heads downstairs.

“I’m grabbing a coke for myself. Would you like one?”

Pastor Johnson had gotten up and gone into the kitchen and was fixing himself a drink.

“Sure, thank you.”

Phoenix was so happy about today, but he had to keep it down so the Pastor didn’t find out.

Pastor Johnson brings the drinks into the living room and gives one to Phoenix and sits down and starts working on his sermon again.
Phoenix had picked out a book and was reading it as he slowly started to drift off to sleep and passes out.

Pastor Johnson closes his bible and walks over and removes Phoenix’s pants, underwear and lubes him up. During the night, the good pastor has his way with Phoenix. He undresses Phoenix fully and takes pictures of him while he is pass out. After the good pastor is done with Phoenix, he carries him upstairs to bedroom and put him in bed. He makes sure that his clothes are dumped on the floor of Phoenix’s room.

Phoenix wakes up Sunday morning and feels pain from his anal opening. He slowly sits up in bed and wonders how he got to his bed. He walks into the bathroom to do his business and when he sits down on the toilet to take a crap. He finds it difficult and painful. Tears come to his eyes as he feels the pain. When he goes to wipe himself, he notices some blood on the tissue.

Phoenix looks at it and wonders why he was bleeding from his ass. He takes a shower and gets ready for church. His foster mother volunteered him to play the piano. Something was bugging him as he heads towards to church. This was the second time in the roll he can’t remember what happened or how he got to his room. Was he that tired after his recital yesterday?

When Phoenix gets to church. He heads to where the choir meets and leans what they were singing so he could look over the music to play. It hurts when he sits down to play, but he does any way. He practices a few songs and waits for the choir to show up. He wants to know why he keeps blacking out.

The choir shows up and they go into their routine for the church. Phoenix plays the require songs for the choir and keeps a steady rhythm for them to follow. The church loved the music and by the time service was over. He was happy and relax.

“Phoenix, could you help me move a few things to my office please?”

“Sure, Pastor.”

Phoenix picks up some items left for the church and takes them to the pastor’s office. When he walks into the office, he hears the pastor’s cell phone ring. He walks over to it and checks to see who is calling the pastor and notice a picture of him coming up. He waits till it goes to voice mail and checks the pastors cell phone and notice all sorts of pictures in it. Including ones of him totally nude. Now he understands what happened those nights. He downloads the pictures to his micro-sd card and pops the card out of the phone. He puts his in just in case and formats it.

Phoenix puts the phone back where it was and walks out. He finishes helping the pastor and heads home. Now, he knew what he had to do. When Phoenix gets home, he hides the micro-sd card and gets ready for bed. He figures that since a few police officers go to the church, he will have to deliver the card to either the State Police or the FBI or someone.

On Monday, instead of Phoenix going to school like he should, he heads towards a cyber-café and contacts a news company to meet up with a reporter to show her his proof. Phoenix heads towards his storage unit to practice some dances moves before he meets with the reporter.

At the appointed time, Phoenix meets up with the reporter and tells them everything that happened and show them the footage to back up his words. The reporter takes the information and digs into the information and footage given to her.

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