A Hunting they Will Go

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"Not again!" As Lone Wolf tosses his wrench at the floor out of frustration.

His pet timber wolf looks up at him as the wrench hits a couple feet away from him. He just stands there trying to figure out now how to get that rounded off bolt out. He considers cutting it off and then drilling the rest of it out. He hates stubborn nuts and bolts especially when he has been working on this antique car for the last few days. He doesn’t know where that guy got this thing but, he is sure spending a lot of money to fix it. He turns around to his tool box and starts looking for a special tool that he has that might work to remove the bolt. He checks the first three drawers and doesn’t find it there. As he pulls the fourth drawer out he spots the handle of the tool he is looking for. It’s a special tool that he made himself that has a slim jagged chain that can be tighten around the bolt head so he can get it off.

He turns back around to the vehicle and attaches the tool to it.

"Ah. Much better" as the bolt starts to turn as the chain locks itself on to the head. He manages to loosen it enough till it gets near the end and manages to get the rest of it out with the tips of his fingers. As he is pulling the part that the bolt was holding the doorbell starts ring.

“Now what?” He walks over to the door to open it. On the other side of the door is a very young girl that looks to be about ten years old. She has long straight brown hair and beautiful hazel eyes. Her face is covered in dirt and she is dress in cast off clothing.

“Sir, Sir! Come quick! My mother and father have been hurt! Please sir! You have to help!”
As the little girl looks at Lone Wolf with tears in her eyes.

“Ok, Ok! Stay right here.” Lone Wolf turns quickly and runs to gets his body armor on. He grabs his gun belt and his rifle.

“Better signal Winter so she can join me. She shouldn’t be that far from here.” As he is running out to join the little girl he presses a button on his wrist com to active the emergency signal from his hover tank.

“Fine day for Floyd to visit his girlfriend.” He hurries back to the young girl and the two of them hop on his bike as she takes him out to where her parents are laying dead in the woods.

He carefully looks around to see what had killed them and spots laser holes in their chest. Oh, great. That could only mean one thing. He searches the woods for any signs of movement. Without warning a laser beam, hits near him. Lone Wolf immediately takes cover pushing the young girl down on the ground and protecting her with his body. A second laser blast strikes him but, is absorbed by his force shield.

“Dam! I need to get this girl out of here and defend myself at the same time.” He rolls out of the way taking the young girl with him making sure she is always protected by his body. A third laser blast hits him and is absorbed again by his force shield but, he knows the shield isn’t going to take much more. He manages to get himself and the girl behind the protection of one of the trees. A fourth blast hits the tree. He takes aim with his rifle and let the infrared targeting sensor lock on to the heat emissions from the rifle that had fired at him.

He pulls the trigger and fires one of his specially design gyro- jets rounds that will lock on to the target by their heat source. Off in the distance he hears the round explodes. Two more blast hits the ground in front of him and he lets go with two more shots from his rifle. He is hoping that at least he got one of those stupid robots. He scans the area from which those blast came from. He spots four robots through his sights and is picking up more to his left. At least seven more. “Great! Really, really fucking great!” Lone Wolf actives the remote switch on his wrist communicator and sends his location to the hover tanks fire control computer.

As the hover tank receives this information the combat computer on board arms one of it short range missile systems. Lone Wolf signals it again for the hover tank to fire a volley of missiles towards his direction. Off in the distance Lone Wolf hears the whistling sounds of the approaching missile. He makes sure the young girl is cover up by his body. As the missiles hits he feels the explosion and the heat as they destroy four of the robots in front of him. His shield flickers several times as the impact from the missiles plays havoc with it. The tree he had been hiding behind is blown to bits and the little girl under him is scared to death now. As he is looking up he sees something very familiar coming through the smoke. He recognizes the shape, his Angel of Death the one person who is a better shot with a rifle then himself. Her name is Winter an Ex-Coalition Special Forces Operative and his wife.

“Well looks like you have been having a party again and forgot to inform me.” Winter sends to Lone Wolf. He replies by saying “Well you know me. I like to spring surprises on you darling.” Winter can only imagine that silly grin of his at that statement.

"As you can already see I have seven more to the left of me. I am going to try to make a run for it because I have a child here with me so I need to get her out of harm’s way.” as he gets ready to run.

Winter first tries scrambling their fire control and radar system by activating the jammers built into her armor. When she sees that the jammers were messing with their fire control and radar systems she then actives the missile pods and let loose with a volley of missiles towards them. As the missiles impact, Lone Wolf picks the girl up and starts running his butt off. Just as the explosion reach near where he is. He actives his jet pack and flies them back towards the edge of the woods where his bike is. He turns and watches the scene behind him as he hears railgun fire from Winter’s armor. He stands there and holds the girl in his arms and let her cry on his shoulders. After a few minutes Winter comes flying out.

As she gets closer he can see that she took a few bad hits. Her force field was down and one of the wings on the armor is cut in half and all her missile bays were empty.

He radio’s Winter “Looks like I have a couple of hours of work ahead of me darling. Did you get them all?” Her response to his question
“Seven skelebots destroyed.”

Winter sends “You know that with them destroy the Coalition is going to send a patrol out to investigate.” as she stands there

“Yep! But, I have a very special surprise for them darling.” He mounts his bike and makes sure the girl holds on to him as they both ride back to his shop. Once there he opens the bay doors so Winter can bring her armor in and park it next to his Super Trooper armor.
Afterwards, he closes the doors back and goes to get out of his body armor and sees to the young girl. He whistles for Razz his pet wolf. As the wolf comes running up to him he senses the presences of Winter and runs over to her.

Lone Wolf shakes his head as he yells “traitor!” at the wolf.

As Winter is getting out of her armor, she has a feeling that something is approaching her and sees out of the corner of her eye that it is Razz and let him knock her down to the ground. She grabs his upper leg area and starts wrestling with him. As she rolls over on her back he manages to wiggle free from her grip and lick’s her on the face. Before she can do anything to him he jumps off her.

Razz then runs over to Lone Wolf and walks beside the little girl. As the three of them walk to the back of the shop Lone Wolf opens a hidden door and takes the little girl to the living area of his shop. He then leads her to one of the spare bed rooms and sits her down on the edge of the bed. After making sure she doesn’t get up. He heads over to the bathroom connected to the room and gets a wet rag to wipe her face.

Winters looks at Lone Wolf carrying the girl through the door and looks amazed. “He always said that he would make a bad father, but the way he is handling that girl I think he is going to be a good father one day.”

She continues to smile as she finishes getting the rest of her armor off and then heads through the same door that Lone Wolf, Razz and the little girl did. She heads to the kitchen area and fixes a glass of milk for the girl and add a little something to help put her to sleep for a while. She then walks into the room and watches Lone Wolf clean the young girl face off with the rag.

“Here we are, one cold glass of milk for our special guest” Winter hands the glass to the girl and watches as the girl starts drinking some of the milk.

Lone Wolf walks back to the bathroom to put the rag away and then sits at the edge of the bed and pets Razz as the girl take another drink of the milk. She finishes the milk and Winter takes the glass and places it on the table next to the bed and turns around and coaches the young girl to lay down.

After a while the girl starts rubbing her eyes and slowly starts falling asleep. As soon as she is asleep

“Razz, protect.” Lone Wolf watches as his wolf climbs up on the bed and curls up down by the feet of the little girl. Winter and Lone Wolf both walk quietly out of the room.

“She will be safe with Razz watching over her.” Lone Wolf tells Winter as they are heading to the kitchen to get something to drink.

“Are you planning on calling Zeke and Jerodan in from their fun?” Winter hands Lone Wolf a beer from the fridge.

“Yep! Considering we are going to have trouble coming this way soon.” he takes a swig of his beer. Winter opens the can of beer she had gotten for herself and takes a drink as well.

“Are you sure you want to call Jerodan in on this?” She looks at Lone Wolf.

“Why do you say that?” replies Lone Wolf.

“Well he seems to be getting himself almost kill every time we go up against something.” Winter replies.

“True, but he is no different than me when I first started off. Now that he has someone that cares for him. I bet that he will be a little more careful.” Lone Wolf takes another drink of his beer.

“We’ll see, if you are right.” replies Winter as she turns and start walking towards the weapons locker to put her weapons away.

Lone Wolf heads back out towards the shop and wonders what brought that on from her. She doesn’t normally act this way about someone they call on or work with. As he heads out the door leading to the shop he turns left and heads towards another door hidden over near the back of the shop that opens to outside where he has his Hover Tank park next to the wall. He punches a few buttons on the key pad next to the door leading inside to the Hover Tank. As he walks in the lights turn on as life starts returning to the old girl. He walks over to the communication equipment he had built into the hover tank. He picks up the headset and types in the radio frequency that he had set on Zeke’s and Jerodan’s wrist radio com units.

“Lone Wolf to Jerodan, come in Jerodan.” he waits for Jerodan to answer.

Jerodan starts playfully splashing Dennis with some water and watches as Dennis dives under the water. Jerodan knows what his’s lover is up to and moves before Dennis can reach him. Dennis pops up where Jerodan use to be and wonders where that fox has gotten to now. As he is looking around he does not notice a trail of air bubbles coming towards him from behind. Just as Dennis hears the breaking of the water behind him it is to late cause Jerodan pounces on him and pulls him down under the water. As Dennis is trying to free himself he manages to twist around and surprise Jerodan by slipping out of his grip and sliding between Jerodan’s legs. Jerodan jumps forward and starts swimming to the center of the river with Dennis following behind him. Jerodan tries to lose the Golden Retriever but, instead he is grab on his foot and pulled down under the water as Dennis ducks under the water so Jerodan does not see him. When Jerodan resurfaces he is coughing a little bit and is looking around for Dennis. He doesn’t see him as he is pulled a second time under the water by his foot. Dennis pops up out of the water is laughing at Jerodan as he surfaces. The two of them continue this type of horse play for a while and then swim back towards shore to enjoy each other’s company.

As Jerodan is sleeping in the curve of Dennis’s body. Jerodan’s wrist communicator goes off and Dennis hears Lone Wolf voice coming from it. Dennis tries to move without waking Jerodan up. He reaches over to the pile of clothes laying behind them and pulls out Jerodan’s wrist unit and answer Lone Wolf’s call “This is Dennis what’s up Lone Wolf?”

“I need for you and Jerodan to get back here to the shop as soon as possible. We have a problem coming this way and I can’t go over it on the radio.” Lone Wolf waits for Dennis’s reply.

“No problem we are only a few hours away.”

“Ok, see you when you get here.” as Lone Wolf leans back in the chair in front of the communication equipment he smiles at the thought of
Jerodan and Dennis. One’s a Mutant fox and the other is a mutant Golden Retriever. That is a weird relationship between the two of them. But who was he to tell them how to live their lives. He didn’t think it was possible for dogs to turn out to be gay. But whatever turns them on he didn't mind.

Dennis knows that Jerodan isn’t going to like this much but, Lone Wolf is their friend and he wouldn’t interrupt them unless it was important. Dennis gently shakes Jerodan to wake him up. As the fox, sleepy eyes slowly open he sees Dennis looking at him and smiles.

“We have to go Lone Wolf just sent a message asking us to come back to the shop.”

Jerodan as he is slowly getting up ask “Did he say what this was all about?”

“Nope. But, whatever it is you know he wouldn’t had spoiled are day together.”

Dennis knew Lone Wolf didn’t like to bother his people when they had down time.

“True! Lone Wolf isn’t like that and it was himself that had suggested that we take some time off to relax.” The two of them finish putting their gear back on and head to their Hummer and start back towards the shop.

Lone Wolf than pushes a few buttons to set Zeke's radio frequency.

"Lone Wolf to Zeke, come in Zeke."

"LoneWolf to Zeke, come in Zeke." as he waits for his response.

Zeke ducks just in time as a big black furry paw, swings pass him that would have caused a bad headache. Zeke just grins back at Regal with one of those "nah, nah, you just missed me" looks on his big red face. Regal just smiles back at the Juicer; if the two of them were not friends and sparring partners he would wipe that smug look off his face. Zeke darts in low and sweeps the legs out from underneath Regal.

As the big wolf is falling Zeke moves in again and hits him as hard as he can. He knows that Regal won't feel it but, he still tries anyway. Regal rolls out of the way and takes the punch on the shoulder.

As he is looking back up to see where Zeke is he gets blind sided with a kick to his head several times. He protects his head with one of his massive arms and tries to grab the juicer as he comes in for another attack. But, to no luck he misses him. Zeke watches as Regal tries
to get up. He knows if that wolf gets up he will not be able to do anything to him. So he moves in again to knock him back down on the ground again. As he is about to come in for a punch against Regal's head, his wrist comm. unit starts beeping and he hears Lone Wolf's voice coming out of it.

Regal's wife Colleen who is a Mutant Collie just stands by the fence with the others who had come over to see the fight that was going on. So far, her husband had mange to hit Zeke at least three times and she knows that he is pulling his punches because she has seen him go hand-to-hand with a couple of Coalition Skelebots and come out of it without a mark on him. She looks at Zeke and tries to figure out why anyone would want to go through the trouble of becoming a juicer and cutting your life span down like that. She knows that her creator manages to give him something that would at least give him a few more years but, is it worth it in the long run.

Zeke looks over at the fence and sees that there is a Dwarf taking bets from two Ogres and from some type of Bionic Borg he hadn't seen before. He was hoping that someone would come and watch them because he wants to try himself out against someone else other than Regal.

As he is about to come in for a punch against Regal's head his wrist comm. units starts beeping and he hears Lone Wolf's voice coming out of it. He raises his hands to inform Regal that he has to stop and answers Lone Wolf.

"This here's Zeke, whatcha got good buddy?"

"I need for you to get back here to the shop as soon as possible. We have trouble heading this
way soon." Lone Wolf sits quietly waiting for Zeke to reply.

"Well about time, this better be something I can dang well shoot at." Lone Wolf smiles cause
that might had been something he would had said at one time.

"It will be. Just get here as soon as you can. I have already gotten in touch with Jerodan and
Dennis and they will be back here in two hours." Lone Wolf replies.

"Ten-four. I got Big Black here with me, reckon he should come too?" Zeke asks.

"Sure! The more the merrier!!" Lone Wolf replies back.

"OK then, we're on our way, good buddy."

Lone Wolf smiles to himself as the link goes dead. He knows that 'Big Black' is the juicer's nickname for Regal. Zeke grew up in the cypress swamps east of the great river Mississippi, so he calls himself a "good ol' boy." Zeke has his own pet names for almost
everyone in the group, but Lone Wolf knows he means no offense by them. The juicer calls Winter 'The Ice Queen,' Colleen 'Lassie,' and Jerodan he just calls 'Boy.' But Lone Wolf, he just calls 'Lone Wolf' -- apparently that name is good enough for Zeke.

Zeke walks over to Regal "Hey Big Black, we gotta go now. Lone Wolf sez he's got some kinda trouble, an' natchurly he needs our help."

"I wonder what he has done this time?"

"Beats the hell outa me but, you know Lone Wolf he ain't saying anything over the radio. Ah, reckon he just poked his big ol' head into another hornet's nest..."

Regal "true! Well let’s get going, it is going to take us at least a couple of hours to get back to the shop." as Regal starts walking over to his cyclone.

Colleen had spotted that there was something up when Zeke had given the hold signal. She had only gotten a little bit of the conversation between Zeke and Lone Wolf.

She looks over towards her husband and sends a telepathic message "What's up?"

Regal thinking mentally to himself "Lone Wolf has sent us a message requesting that we head back to the shop."

Colleen frowns at that. She knows that something must be wrong for him to call them back and he probability called Jerodan and Dennis too. She knows that Floyd is too far away to be in time to help if it is something that needs to be take care of right away. She runs to catch up with her husband and mounts her cyclone as well. Zeke heads towards his hover cycle and takes off in the
direction leading to the small village that Lone Wolf's shop is located in.

Lone Wolf turns and sets the headset back down on the communication equipment and heads out of the Hover Tank and back to the shop to start the repairs to Winters armor.

As he enters in the shop he sees Winter already working on her armor. He watches as she unbolts the support systems for the small wings systems that her armor has. “Better be careful dear. That’s a wicked looking edge on that broken wing.” As Winter carefully handles the broken wing with the assistance of an electro-magnet attach to it. The two of them work together for a couple of hours on her armor repairing what they can.

Several hours later Jerodan and Dennis pulls up in a rebuilt Hummer that is equipped with a Laser Cannon and two Mini-Missile launchers. As they park the vehicle in front of Lone Wolf’s shop the antenna that is mounted on it stops swing back and forth. Dennis is the first one out and goes around to the other door to open it for Jerodan, As the two of them walk inside the shop they see Winter putting the finishing touches on her armor. As they look for Lone Wolf they see him putting away the missile cart he uses to move the missiles he keeps store here at the shop.

“Hi Winter, what have you done now to that thin can of yours?” Dennis looks at her with a mocking grin.
Winters replies to that is “Next time I’ll leave seven Skelebots for you to handle.”

“Skelebots? When did you run in to them?”

Dennis watches Lone Wolf walking towards him “oh, about several hours ago.”

Now that got Jerodan’s attention. “I’ll explain everything once Zeke and Regal get here until then come and give me a hand getting the remote combat units ready for deployment.”

Lone Wolf takes Jerodan and Dennis over to the floor lift that will take them down to the lower levels where he keeps most of his dangerous creations.

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