The boy in the commercial

.The Boy in the commercial

Written by Dauphin
Was it the twilight zone of another world dimension conflicting with us, or simply a curse. A boy changes his life because of strange things that happen around him.
"A twilight zone story of how something haunts us and changes us" Diana
"Imagine seeing someone in a commercial, that looks like you and yet is not. This person has the courage that you do not!" Dauphin

The boy in the commercial
Written by Dauphin

Clint and I were best of friends, and have been best friends all our lives. We have a special connection as we were born the same day eleven years ago. So why was I standing in the middle of a shop and pointing my finger at him and laughing at him? The reason was that I heard him tell his mum that he wanted the frilly plastic panties. I looked in the shopping basket and could see he had frilly panties, as well as diapers and I even seen tights. I never laughed so much as I knew they must have been for him as he had no sister. I shouted that I did not know he was a baby sissy! Mum was embarrassed by my outburst and dragged me away.

When I came home, I got the speech that if I had nothing nice to say, I should not say anything. I tried telling her that it was strange that he had diapers and tights. Mum did not want to hear more, she told me to go to bed and think of how mean I was.

When I was in my room, I heard my mother speak on the phone with Clint's mother. She felt bad about what happened today at the shop. After some silence, she said that she heard some children have some problems, and despite diapers being embarrassing, they were necessary. She mentioned that after more silence that tights were a good solution if he wanted to be warm. Then I heard mum saying that it is her that should apologise. I had no right to tease Clint because he was different. She did not understand why I was so mean; after all, we were the best of friends.

I was in bed thinking it was bad that mum had to apologise to me. When I closed my eyes, I saw Clint crying after I laughed and teased him. This was not what a good friend should do. Maybe he wet the bed and maybe he was a sissy, but he was my friend and the best friend that I could ever have. I felt so evil when I remembered how I treated him. I went to the family room and snuggled against mum and cried telling her I do not know what to do. Mom whispered and said I hurt him, and even though it was not my intention to hurt him, I should speak with him the next day and apologise. Mom also reminded me that she would pick me up at school as we had to buy more clothes. She smiled and said I was a growing boy!

The next day, when I came to school, it felt like I was walking in the hallway alone. None of my friends would say hi to me. It was like I was invisible. I found Clint and gave him the apology speech I was planning all night. He just walked away. I was left alone confused and feeling sorry for myself. This girl in my class came up and hit me telling me that I was mean teasing my best friend. She didn’t know what I teased him about but said no one thought I was a good friend. Now I knew why I was being avoided by everyone.

It didn’t help that the teacher was telling us that what the world needs is people to treat each other better. He told us it’s a fact that most religions have a golden rule that we should treat others as we would like to be treated. Everyone was looking at me which made me look down in forgiveness. Was forgiveness not just as important? The teacher had a Bible in his hand and slammed it on my desk that sounded like a thunder. He told us that in olden days, people believed that God cursed people that did something wrong. Luckily the school bell rang, but on the way out a girl called Amber asked me did I not hear how the Bible sounded like thunder on my desk? She said I must be cursed.

I didn’t have time to remember, as mum was waiting for me to get some clothes. As we drove to the store, she asked how school went. I told her everything and told her I was hated because a mistake I was done and I could not even say I was sorry. Mom sighed and assured me it will be over soon, as the others were just protecting and supporting Clint. Things would be easier as classmates know who I am and would see this as a mistake.

We picked out a lot of clothes for the summer. This was great as at least I would look good. The last thing we bought was some shorts. Mom asked me to go to the changing room and try them on. I sighed as I went in and closed the curtains and changed the shorts. As I was changing them, I was getting very emotional. I wanted to cry because I didn’t want to lose Clint as a friend. I also wanted to scream and telling everyone that I couldn't help laughing at him. I mean he is 11 years old and he wore diapers and tights. I didn’t mean to insult him. It was just a reaction. People should lighten up. You would have thought I done something serious. The teacher's words came into my head that we should treat others as we want to be treated. The emotions became too much for me, as my legs became jelly and I sat on a small seat in the changing room. I was crying for help as the changing room was spinning around me.

This seemed like it lasted for hours. I heard my mother ask if I was done. I slowly told her that they fit. She peeked in and agreed. I then got my other clothes on and walked out. I looked around and was so confused. Suddenly I was on the girl's side. It was the girls changing room! I asked what I was doing here. Mum did not answer and told me that we should go. I tried asking her again how I went into the boys changing room and came out of the girls one? Mum didn’t answer as Amber was there and asked what I was doing in the girl's department. I mumbled that we were going home. She smiled and said we all had secrets, whatever she meant by that.

On the way out of the mall, we were stopped by a boy who was about 9 years old he said, “it's you!” and asked me for my autograph. He had a notebook. At first, I thought it was a joke but then said I was not famous. I scribbled my name on the piece of paper. He was so happy. Mum and I walked on and she told me that he must have seen me in the school play.

That night, I prayed to God that the next day would be better.

When I came to school the next day, I found out that it would not be a better day. People were not mad at me, however, they were laughing today. As I walked through the hallway, they were pointing, whispering and laughing. I tried putting a hand up to my hair to see if it was brushed. I also looked to make sure I put my pants on. I could not understand why they were laughing at me. It is hard walking by people who are laughing at you. It is worse when you do not know why. Amber came up and told me I was such a hypocrite.

At lunchtime, I felt like crying as I sat in a corner of the playground. Clint sat beside me and said he wanted to be my friend and I was forgiven. He told me he had a secret. He wet the bed and that’s why he wore diapers. I gave him a hug and told him I was sorry. He told me there was more. He said sometimes he felt like a girl and was allowed to dress as a girl at home. This shocked me, as it meant my best friend was one of those sissies. I was silent and looked ahead. Deep down I was thinking that being a sissy was against the will of God. If we were meant to be a girl, we would have got a girl’s body.

I did not tease him or say anything. The last few days taught me to respect him. He looked at me and asked why I teased him for diapers when I did that advertisement. Silence followed and ended with me by asking what advertisement? He rummaged through his bag and took out the latest “We Young” magazine. It had an advertisement. of a boy standing next to his bed naked except for a diaper on him. That boy looked just like me! He could be an identical twin. I tried explaining to Clint that that was not me. He just laughed and pointed at the small birthmark on my arm that looked like a heart. I started feeling anxiety as I could see the diaper boy had the same birthmark.

After School, I hid at home watching TV. Now I understood why everyone thought I was a hypocrite. They thought that boy in the advertisement was me. I was watching some cartoons while I tried to figure out how I would convince the school that it was not me. It didn’t help when a commercial came on TV that showed the half-naked boy in his room telling his mum that bedwetting didn’t worry him as much, as he had these diapers. It was amazing that he looked totally like me. He even had my voice!

Mum told me it was time to get ready for bed. I told her I would later. This got her mad as she said she could not wait all night. I did not understand as I could get myself ready for bed. She was getting more frustrated, so I walked into my room to see what was happening. She told me to lie on the bed so we could quickly do this. I started to protest and then she got extremely mad. I knew I best lay on the bed. I was so embarrassed when she took off my clothes. I then saw her hold a diaper and quickly shouted that I was 11 and did not wet the bed. She told me to hush and started putting the diaper on me. I cried telling her I did not wear diapers and besides, it was a girl’s diaper, as it had fairies on it. She put a pacifier in my mouth as I continued to cry and tell her that Clint and I were now friends. It was him that wet the bed.

When I was in bed, I wondered why I did not spit the pacifier out. What was happening? All this was too weird to understand.

The next day, people were a bit better. Some spoke with me and some even said I was brave for doing that commercial. I tried telling them that it was not me, but that was a waste of time. The school was nearly normal until lunch time when I tried fishing in my school bag for my lunch box. When I took it out I heard everyone laugh. I looked down and wanted to die as I saw a diaper and pacifier on the floor. Did my mum put those in the bag? Everyone was calling me pee pants and diaper boy. They asked me what right I had teasing Clint the other day. I was by now in tears as I told them Clint and I was now friends.

Things should have got better after lunch, as we had gym. While we were taking off our clothes, the other boys asked did I need a changing table or my mum to help me change the diaper. I pulled down my pants in defiance and stood there as proud as I could know I was not wearing a diaper. Again there was silence and then the room was full of laughter. I then looked in the mirror and could see I was not wearing briefs. They were panties! Yes! They were pink ones with hello kitty on them and a ribbon in the front. While I was being teased and laughed at, I put my trousers and ran home.

I sat all day and evening in my room feeling sorry for myself. Why were all these strange things happening to me? I was suddenly in a commercial nearly naked with a diaper on, then I suddenly wear diapers to bed and now girl panties! Was I being cursed? It was before bed when I cried again. I put a pacifier in my mouth.

Clint tried to ring to me several times, but I did not answer. Then he sent me a text message stating that I was on TV. I turned on the TV expecting to see the commercial. It wasn’t. It was an interview with me or the boy that looked like me. I was so confused that I could not see the difference. The boy was talking how fun doing the commercial was. He said it was hard suddenly that everyone knew me and I was suddenly famous. However, he had his mum and his best friend Clint to keep him from getting a bloated head.

Clint… best friend… this boy was me! Why do I not even remember doing the commercial?

The interviewer asked about my preferred style and I watched myself saying, “Now my hair is growing and I want it very long. The problem I have is more than bedwetting. I also am transgendered. That is why mum puts girl diapers on me. I feel like I am a girl inside. I have a boy’s body, but a girl’s soul. I want to look more and more like a girl and be treated like a girl. I want to be considered a girl. This is why I got my ears pierced today.”

I sat in shock. I sounded exactly like Clint when he told me he was a sissy. I also remember myself thinking that sissies were weird. I put my hand up to my ears and felt the earrings. My heart was pounding more and more. This boy in the commercial was either me or taking over my body. After mum put the diaper on me, I cried myself to sleep not knowing what was happening in my life.

I didn’t want to go to school the next day. I was afraid they would all tease and bully me over the interview. However, I could not lock myself in my room all day. Clint gave me a hug when he saw me. He said we were alike, but I was braver, as I told the world. I was an inspiration to him and many others that were transgendered. In fact, everyone at school was so nice to me. Some said I was a good role model. They suddenly forgot about me teasing Clint and considered me a role model! The problem is that I had no control over what the boy on TV said or done.

When I came home, mum was in an excited mood. She told me she saw the interview and wanted to support me. My bedroom was the same, but the boy sheets were now girl sheets, and I had girlish posters and fluffy curtains. All the boy clothes were thrown out and replaced by girl clothes. I have never seen so many frilly clothes in all my life or so many dresses.

I didn’t know what to think or say. Later I cuddled with mum on the sofa wearing a light pastel nightdress and a diaper. I told her to thank you. She told me I would be seeing a doctor the next day... so no school.

When I was trying to sleep, I was so confused. I decided not to fight what was happening, but accept it, so it did not become worse.

The next day, I was wearing a crop top and a skirt and panties, as well as ankle socks and sandals. We were sitting in the doctor's office. I could hear a boy a bit older than me whisper to his mum that I was the boy from the commercial. His mum smiled and told her son that I was a girl, not the boy from TV. The older boy whispered that he could see the bulge in my panties… a bulge that girls do not have. I was now blushing thinking that lesson number one as a girl is to keep legs together when you are wearing a skirt.

I was confused when I was speaking with the doctors. He was explaining how my body would transition from being a boy's body to a girl’s body. I didn’t understand a lot, except he gave me a shot that hurt a lot! He said it was a blocker shot and stopped by boy hormones. In other words, I would no longer develop as a boy. He explained that in a year’s time, I would be getting female hormones, so I could get boobs and my voice wouldn’t change. I was no longer a boy and was now on my way to becoming a girl.

The agency rang and asked would I like to be a model for some girls swimming outfits? I was a bit surprised that it just did not happen. Maybe since I accepted things now, I was not being forced to do them. I explained to the agent that a lot was happening in my life and I was not ready for the model job yet. He was disappointed and promised he would ring back.

I was now living as a girl. Mommy treated me like a little princess and I had lots of friends at school. I liked the fact that I had a variety of clothes I could pick from. They were not the dullish clothes that boys wear. They were bright and pretty. Not only did they feel good, they made me look pretty. I don’t care what people say. But panties and tights felt so nice and were a perfect start to every day.

I was accepted at school as a girl and I started playing with girls more and more and began to think what they talked about was so much more interesting. However, there was one boy that could not accept it. His name was Martin. He kept calling me weird and a sissy. I tried to ignore him. I never liked when I saw him coming as he never had anything good to say. One day he came up to me and called me a misfit and weird. He told me I was not a girl, but a sissy boy and in the middle of the playground he pulled down my leggings and my panties and reminded people that I had a penis. I collapsed to the ground and cried.

This humiliation affected me for some time, as when all this started, I was happy being a boy and never ever considered being a girl. My male organ reminded me of that I was happy as a boy and it was only because of that boy in the commercial and the interview telling the whole world I felt like a girl that I accepted being a girl and who I am now. The good thing is the boy from the commercial is gone. I can decide what I want to do. I never planned to be a girl, but now that I lived as a girl, I was never as happy as I was now. I was very lucky to get the support of family and friends at school. That was the main thing. I was happy and I knew I was now a girl. People saw me as a girl.

I said yes to the swimming outfit’s ad. This time it was me deciding and it was fun being a model.

I went to a priest and told him the story you just heard. I asked him was I cursed or what happened. He told me I was a happy girl, so it couldn’t be a curse. He told me it sounded like another world dimension conflicted with ours. He said maybe I done the commercial but did not remember. The main thing is that I was not being haunted anymore and I was a happy girl blessed with a good life.

He was right. I can't control the past, but I can look forward to the future.

This boy stopped me outside the church and asked me for my autograph. He said I was his idol as I inspired him!

Then I met Clint. He was wearing a dress. He told me I gave him the courage to be a girl full time. I hugged him and suggested we go and look at the girl's section at the department store.

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