Alternative version of Actions Have Consequences

Alternative version of Actions Have Consequences

Author's Notes: First thank to everyone for helping me become a better writer and also enjoying my stories.

This is one of the first stories I finished. I did edit it a couple of times and did so again. It became Actions Have Consequences. I wanted to put it out here for people said that Doug should had left Helen. I had it that way at first but changed it for I like happing ever after.

Marci looked in the mirror one last time to make sure her makeup was perfect. She was shocked and disappointed at how good it was. She has only been doing her makeup for a month now but felt like she was a professional at it.

The woman stalling for time was not happy that she did not need to do anymore alterations to her makeup. Marci cursed herself for being too honest, for she was not looking forward to leaving the bathroom Once she left she would give her first and final performance as a stripper. If she could only stall for ten more minutes she would not have to give the performance.

Then lady close to going to oblivion thought that in ten more minutes she would cease to exist. She would become a bitter memory, a cautionary tale to a wounded man. That put a smile on her face, even with liking some parts of being Marci, it would just remind her of all she lost while paying off a bet.

Marci had to strip for her wife, all because she lost a bet 30 days ago. The loser of the bet had to be the other's house slave for 30 days. Marci would have never made the bet if she knew it was to be taken so seriously by her wife. She just thought that it meant maybe the loser had to do some extra chores around the house if the winner did not feel like doing what they were responsible for. She ended up having to do every single chore.

She also would not have made the bet if she knew that she would also have to be a sissy for duration of the servitude. Marci was not a woman, she was a man, her real name was Douglas Foreman.

Marci then looked at her outfit, a slutty schoolgirl uniform, with fishnet stocking, garter belt and 5 inch stiletto heels. She never liked this kind of outfits on ladies who wore them for Halloween. She liked it even less on herself. She hated how it showed her silicon breasts. If it covered a little more of her cleavage it would be fine.

Marci put her head up and started to leave the bathroom. Even with all the degrading actions she had to do this past month, the woman with morals still had her pride. That was the one thing the woman who was her wife could never take away from her.

Helen was getting bored waiting for the show so she screamed “Sissy get your stupid ass out here and perform for your Mistress.”

The impatient woman would have went into the bathroom and dragged her slave out of it a long time ago if she knew she only had 10 more minutes of being in charge. The woman who thought everything was going her way did not think it was going to be over at midnight. The night still went on after midnight and she had this night as Mistress. Plus she was going to have her sissy be a stripper after midnight so the bet winner was going to say that Marci must love being a sissy and keep her as one.

Helen was wrong about thinking she had more time than she did. Marci’s wife forgot that she started the 30 days right after the stroke of Midnight of the first day. Marci remembered that so she was not going to give Helen one second over midnight as her sissy slave.

Marci open the door and said in an monotone voice “I am coming Mistress.”

Marci was actually happy saying those words. She knew in a couple of minutes she would never have to call her wife Mistress again. She wondered how her wife would think that she would want to continue being a sissy full time or even part time. Then again, she wondered how her wife did not know their marriage was over and that Marci did not love, or trust Mistress anymore.

Marci did wonder a lot about the past 30 days. Why did her wife want her to be a sissy? Why did Mistress think Marci would enjoy it? What was this lesson which Helen always talked about but never elaborated in details? Why did her wife become crueler each passing day?

While waiting for Marci Helen thought about 2 weeks ago and the dance performance which her sissy slave gave. The woman in charge so enjoyed it, and thought that was where she broke Marci. Marci had a chance to have sex with Mistress and turned it down. Marci said it was for she had no passion for Mistress, but Helen thought she knew better. It was for Helen knew that sissies were scared of having sex with a real woman.

At that time Helen regretted not telling Marci the lesson, but now she knew she made the right decision. She was now going to have a sissy slave when she wanted it and Marci will learn her lesson. The lesson of never to disrespect women. She still did not fully understand why her husband called Cindy stupid and only good for being a stripper but he did.

Like most of her thoughts on the events of the past 30 days she was wrong that her husband needed to learn that lesson. Doug never said those nasty words to Cindy. He had too much class and morals to degrade another person, even in jest In fact, it was Cindy who said those words to one of Doug’s students.

Doug pulled Cindy to the side after hearing those words and got her thrown out of his classroom. Cindy hated him for that and lied to his wife about it. Told Helen Doug said those words to her. Helen was shocked and could not believe it. Cindy’s performance and Helen’s bad history with men was what made her believe the lie.

The person who lost the battle but was going to win the war made her way down to the basement and Helen was sitting there waiting. Helen had a huge grin on her face, she was so going to enjoy her husband degrading himself for her pleasure. Helen loved that she had a toy to do with what she wanted. The new mistress knew that it would not be all the time after tonight at first, but she thought that Marci will be around at least once a week then more often until Doug was no more.

Helen asked Marci if she was ready to strip for her. Marci looked at the time and saw there was only 5 minutes left. She was going to stall more. She thought I will make a speech.

Marci slowly walked to where she was going to perform and clear her throat. She said. “Mistress I am ready to perform. Before I do, I want to inform you that I changed the song. I went for a song which better express how I feel about you. I waited to tell you for I wanted this to be one of the many surprises I have in store for you tonight.”

Helen was pissed at first hearing that her sissy changed the song. Marci needed to learn to follow instructions better. It is all about what Helen wanted. Then when she heard it was about going to express Marci’s feeling about her and more surprises she was happy. Helen thought that her sissy is so considerate and knew that Helen’s happiness was what was paramount in the relationship.

Helen said “Good job for once sissy,now perform”

Marci walked to the computer and looked at the time. It was one minute to midnight. Her plan of stalling worked. She hit play and Ugly Kid Joe’s “I Hate Everything About You” started to blast.

Helen did not know this song but like the rhythm, fast and steady, it was good for a striptease. The vain woman really did not pay attention to the words, who cared about words of a song when you had someone stripping for you. She was happy at how much Marci was smiling and shaking her moneymaker.

If she only paid attention to the first verse of the song she would have knew the other shoe was going to drop. The morally bankrupt woman was about to pay off that huge check she has written this past month. The song then went in the chorus. The volume of the vocals was loud enough for her to hear “I hate everything about you”

As she got up out of her chair and scream “Do you think this is funny sissy?” the computer shut down for Doug had it set to do updates at Midnight. It was his freedom alarm.

Helen was confused, what happen to the music and why did the smile on man in drag face become a scowl? Marci is taking off her shoes why? The stipshow is not over, the night is not over. What the hell does this sissy thing she is doing.

Helen commanded Marci to answer her. The newly freed man looked at Helen like she was crazy. Doug then used his old tone and in a stern voice said. “First thing woman I am not Marci, my name is Douglas and you will refer to me as Douglas.

I have paid off my debt, my 30 days as your sissy slave is over. You started it exactly at midnight 30 days ago. So it ended at midnight of the 30th day.”

Helen was taken back by hearing Doug being so forceful. She really did not like him talking down to her, how dare he not call me Mistress or at least by my name. My husband has always been such a level headed person who rarely allowed negative emotions to be shown in that manner. She always thought how calm and collective he sounded angry was chilling That pale in comparison to how chilling he sounded then now with showing emotions..

Helen quickly went to bag of tricks to try to steer the conversation to what she wanted. She knew better than to tell Doug to call her Mistress. The woman with a plan will get him back to being a sissy after she defused this situation.

She smiled and said “Doug honey, it is over but we were having so much fun. Why not apologize for stopping your dance and calling me woman and I will look past this transgression.”

She walked up to him and was going to touch his cheek in an affectionate way. The man who was disgusted by the thought of his wife touch stepped back and put his hand up to stop her.

Doug’s voice sounded bitter “Women, you did not hear me. You will refer to me as Douglas, that is my name.

I will call you woman from now on. For the past 30 days you said I did not have the right to call you by your name. I had to call you Mistress. Now those 30 days are over and how you acted you do not have the privilege to hear me utter your name ever again, that is one of the consequences of your actions.

You will call me by my given name Douglas. This is for the last 30 days you said that I did not have the privilege of hearing you call me by my name. Now that those 30 days are over you do not have the right call me by anything else than my given name. That is another consequence of your actions.

Remember I told you that actions have consequences, while those are the first two of many “

Instead of processing Doug’s anger at her, Helen tried to think of a way to get back into control of the situation. The woman who was falling back to reality could not understand how she lost control so quickly. This was for she did not realized that she never really had true control of the situation. That Doug went along as her sissy slave for he gave his word.

She did coil in disgust at hearing him say actions have consequences. He used to say that all the time to her when Helen made him do something he did not like, or the results were not of her liking. The only reason he quit saying it was for she has barred him from saying it ever again.She made sure that the sissy knew that edict went for even when he was not Marci.

Even with him being banned from saying actions have consequences, he was still able to convey that message loud and clear just by showing her a grin. It was not just any grin, it was a special one which he would have after saying those three words. How she wanted to wipe that smug grin off of his face when he made it. She actually did once.

Helen went to a new ploy, appeasement. She will act like she is fine with his anger and then slowly show Doug the error of his ways. She also thought about how bad she was going to punish Doug for his disobedience.

Sweetly Helen said “Ok sorry Dougie I know you are a little mad about something. We will sort that out as soon as we sort out about you using that phrase you are banned to use in my presence. We will work it out so you are happy dear.

Doug laughed and said . “Again I said refer to me as Douglas. That means only Douglas, nothing else. I hope that I made that clear to you.

Oh you mean actions have consequences. I can say that all that I want for I am not your sissy house slave anymore. I think you do not understand that fact, woman.”

Helen saw that appeasement did not work. Doug was logical so the woman who was fighting for her new normal will just appeal to him it is logical for him to get back being Marci until I tell him he does not have to be.

Helen “Listen here Douglas, you just need to get back to stripping for me. You are getting me mad and I am losing my patience. I will have to start to punish you. I will be lenient for it is hard for a man to act out on being the sissy stripper she is. I do not care that you are, I love you for you are my sissy”

Those three words I love you was the first time Doug heard them from Helen in 30 days. At first he longed to hear them, for he so loved his his. Then he dreaded the thought of hearing them for he thought that he might forgive his woman for her actions. That is what people do when they love each other. Now those words are as meaningless as their marriage license for Doug had apathy towards the woman in his presence. The man who moved on from love just wanted her out of his life.

Doug did not answer right away. He was over by the bar using makeup remover to clean his face. He looked at the mirror behind the bar and was happy that he had it all off.

As he poured himself a drink, Doug told Helen “You do not understand I am not your sissy anymore. In fact, I never was your sissy. I played the role to keep my word I gave for losing that bet.

Now hear me out woman. I am not your sissy, your slave, I am not your honey, dear, sweetheart. Right now I am only your husband on paper and soon that will also be over. Actions have consequences ”

Hearing Doug say he was not going to be her husband was a reality check for Helen. As she stood there and for the first time since Doug was her slave actually processed what he said, Doug told her to turn around. Helen silently honored his command, the tone of his voice told her not to ask why and just do what was requested.

As she stood there in silence, she thought she better find out why Doug was thinking of leaving her. The last month was not that bad for him, plus he still had the payoff which he would want. Her foolish husband will learn that valuable lesson he needed to. The soon to be ex-wife formulated a new plan, hear him out on why he was thinking of divorce and then she will tell him the lesson. She liked it for he got to air his so called “grievances” and then she got to put him back in his place. She might not have Marci around for a little while but once Doug is calm she will bring her back.

While Helen stood with her back to him, Doug started to change back into his clothes, not the outfit his old mistress bought him. He had the woman who was Helen turn her back for he did not feel intimate enough with her to see him naked. It would have felt weird for that stranger to see him nude.

He took off the breast forms, the hip enhancers and the prosthetic vagina. He already had taken off the acrylic nails earlier today so all he had to do was remove the nail polish He then got the clothes he had hidden behind the bar and put them on. A plain black t-shirt, jean shorts with socks and his Chuck Taylor Converse, his favorite outfit.

After what seemed like ages, Doug told Helen she could turn around. Helen did and the first thing she notice was he changed. The woman who had priorities wrong disappointedly thought to herself “no stripshow tonight for me.”

Most of her reality check had already faded. With the crafty woman coming up with a new scheme she thought she was back in control of the situation. Plus, Doug was the most loving and loyal man she ever knew. He would not leave her over the little things which has happened the past month. She just got to let him bitch like the little bitch a sissy can be.

Helen, coming off sounding self-righteous, asked “Come on Douglas you are overreacting. What exact action did I take to result in the consequence of you thinking of leaving me?”

Doug was shocked at how nonchalant Helen was about the past 30 days. She really did not see how she treated him. The man in the right was more than happy to explain he was going to divorce her and exactly the reasons why.

Doug walked over and took Helen’s pack of Camel Lights and lit one. Helen was about to say sissy don’t smoke real cigarettes but Doug’s body language told her not to. He then went back to his drink.

He threw the shot down his throat, looked right at Helen and said “Woman before I tell you why I am divorcing you, I want to make sure you understand I am divorcing you. It is not that I am thinking of divorcing you, it is not I want to divorce you, it is not that I am building up the courage of telling you I want a divorce. It is none of those things, it is I am going to divorce you. We are finish, I do not love you anymore and I doubt that you ever loved me.

Him saying divorce over and over again hammered that he is going to leave to Helen. Then when he informed her that he did not love her that hurt her. The devastated woman thought Doug quit telling her he loved her to be petty about not liking being a sissy slave. She thought that Doug was only trying to hurt her when he said he did not love her anymore when he was Marci.

That did not wound her heart as much as Doug’s belief that she did not love him. She was devastated hearing his doubt of her love. She did all of this for him. So he would be a better person. Yes she found out she so enjoyed having a sissy that she was going to allowed him to remain one as much as he like, but still this was for his own good.

This was hard on her at first, not saying I love you back hurt her. She wanted to show her love for him and had to withhold it. Now she knew that she really did not have to say it for allowing Doug to be in her presence was enough to show him that she loved him.

The punishments were hard on her also. She did not like having to correct Doug at first. It was for his own good, that is why she did it. Did he really think that she liked hurting him? Now she liked it for it was a great way to ensure he did exactly what she wanted, but that is how it should be. The sissy was only for serving the Mistress.

She was going to let him finish but could not. She had to set the record straight. She had to let Doug know how important he was to her. That the man standing in front of her was wrong about her not loving him.

Helen rudely interrupted Doug “How dare you say that I never loved you! I did all of this for I love you. This was hard on me also, I made you a sissy and had been with a real man for over a month now. I made you a sissy so you would be a better person and the thanks I get is you doubt my love for you. I should….”

Intensely Doug screamed “Shut up woman. I will tell you exactly why I know you never loved me!”

The anger on Doug’s face frighten Helen. She never saw anyone this mad before in her life. She thought Doug was going to lose control. She did not put anything past Doug at this moment, for he was just a man. They were capable of being so cruel. Like her father who left her family when she was young. Like John, Doug’s best friend, who cheated on his wife and married the other woman. Like Carl, the best man at John’s wedding she flirted with, who would have slept with his good friend’s wife if Helen would have let it.

She cowered and pleaded Doug not to hit her. Seeing her fear calmed Doug down a little bit. He was still angry at her and her action, but did not want her to be scared. He asked her two questions. “Woman when had I ever hit you and also who in this room has hit the other person in this room in anger?

Helen felt ashamed for she has hit Doug while he was Marci. It was a slap to the face to wipe that grin off his face and spankings, but she was a woman and he was a man. She could not hurt him that bad. She had the false belief it was not in anger. It was, she justified it by thinking it was just one of the tools she could use to discipline him.

Helen said “That is not fair, I only spanked and slapped you to put you in your place. It was not to hurt you but to have you behave and do what you were told. I said I was sorry as soon as I did those actions and also relented on having you do what you were told, like you should had.
Ok spanking and slapping you was wrong,but that does not warrant you wanting a divorce ”

Hearing Helen’s justification for hitting him, sidetrack Doug for a second.

“You mean I would not stick a tampon up my ass for health reasons, that I did not want to take the unnecessary chance of getting Toxic Shock Syndrome.

Also yes hitting someone just once does vindiciate someone wanting a divorce. That is physical abuse”

Thinking of the consequence of that action got Doug back to his answer to her question of what she did. Helen mentally denied what she did was abuse. The liar told herself she was not that type of person.

Doug said “Back to your question of what actions of your what exact actions did you take to result in the consequence of me going to divorce you?”

He then started to list the actions Helen took which destroyed their marriage

“Your actions of deceiving me about how serious you were going to take the bet, planning this behind my back with Cindy, her knowledge of this and, leading people to believe our marriage was about over for I was gay led to the consequence of me not trusting you. Your actions of demeaning me with name calling led to the consequences of me not cherishing you. Your action of flirting with another man led to the consequence of you losing my fidelity. Your action of not allowing me to be the best man or attend my best friend’s wedding led to the consequence of me pushing myself away from you. Your actions of not treating me as your equal led to the consequence of me not wanting you in my life. All of these actions and your action of not saying or showing your love to me led to the consequence of my love for you dying.

I do not love, cherish, admire or trust you. I resent you not for what you did but for you now bring out the worst in me. You made me feel like less of a person, you tried to make me feel like I was not worthy of your love. Those are the reasons why I am getting a divorce from you. You should have known this was coming, I told you.”

Helen knew she did all of those actions but there were great reasons behind them. Doug just had to hear those reasons and the lesson and they can start working out the issues he has about it. She did not like that would lead to Marci not coming around for some time but once she got Doug’s love and trust back, she would make Doug bring Marci. Helen was not going back to never being the Mistress again. She enjoyed it too much. Plus, she should not have to do anything around their house which she did not want to, that was what slaves are for.

Helen started to explain her actions “Douglas I only did those things for I love you. It was for your own good to prepare you for the lesson.”

Doug interjected “I never want to hear that lie again. The lie about the lesson. You know that there was no lesson. You used that lie to try to confuse me. It did work at first but it does not work anymore.

Even if there was a lesson. No lesson can defend how cruel you were to me.”

Helen was hurt that Doug did not believe there was no lesson and she was just an evil person. An evil person could not be with someone as nice, kind and generous as Doug. They would push him away. Little did she know, she exactly did that.

Helen went back to trying to justify her actions. Doug stopped her again, demanding her to get to what the lesson was and why he needed it.

Helen was happy to hear that. Doug was finally going to understand why she has treated him in such a bad manner. He was going to be sorry that he doubted her love for him. Helen told Doug he needed to learn to respect women and the lie that Cindy told her. How Helen was so disappointed in him for saying those nasty things to Cindy. That she understood that Doug must have been mad and did not mean, it but Helen had to make sure he never did that again to anyone. For no one ever deserved to be treated in that manner.

Doug thought that nothing could shock him, that moment proved him wrong. He was shocked that Cindy lied about what happened in the classroom and his wife believed the lie. He most shocked the most by how hypocritical his wife was. She treated him with so much disrespect to teach him to be more respectful.

Doug said “Woman, when have you ever heard me ever name call or degrade another human being? I know the answer to that, never. That is not in my nature. You know with all the mean and cruel actions you have taken in the past 30 days, this is what hurts me the most. You thought that I would actually say those vile things to another person. You trusted the person who actually said those words to one of my students over me. You did not even talk to me about it. You took her word at face value. Yet another reason why I am going to divorce you, you don’t trust me.

Also think about what you just said. You told me that no one ever deserved to be treated in a disrespectful manner, yet that is how you treated me.

We are done talking, send me an email of where you are staying and I will have the divorce papers served to you there.”

Helen felt bad about what has happened, but she enjoyed the results too much for her to regret them. She had a sissy slave for 30 days. She now knew that she never had to do anything around the house, for she would just have Marci do it. She had the freedom to do as she pleased in her social life. What she gained from that mistake in her mind outweighed the negative that her hubby was mad and had a new station in life.

Helen told Doug. “I am staying here dear, Douglas. We can work this out. You will stay in the guest bedroom while we do. I should have talked to you about that but did not. I learn my lesson and we will be a better couple because of it.”

Doug just laughed.

Helen said “Fine you can sleep in our bedroom with your loving wife.”

Doug was still laughing

Helen retreated some more “Fine, be a baby about it. I will sleep in the guest bedroom until your tender feelings aren’t hurt anymore.”

Doug did not quit laughing. She has talk down to him one too many times. He was ready to kick her out of his house. It was his house, he paid the entire mortgage and also half of the utilities. He did so to help Helen get out of her credit card and college debt. She had no claim on his house.

Doug decided that he was going to tell her the rest of the surprises he had in store for her.
“Woman, you really don’t understand. We are over and with this being my house you are leaving it tonight. You will never step foot in this house again I will pack your belongings and send them to you. I do not care where you sleep tonight, but it will not be here.

Now remember I said I have some surprises for you tonight. The divorce was one of them, here are the rest of them. All of our joint credit cards, I cancelled them today. I love online banking, this is for I was able to transfer all the money we had in our joint account out of it. I hope you have some money in your account for the summer. You better find new car insurance in a week for I took you and your car off of my coverage.I was going to end your policy tonight but I wanted to make sure you had a way to leave.

Now get your ass out of my house.”

Helen was pissed at hearing what Doug did. She was not going to let him kick her out of her house. She was not going to let him take away all that money from her bank account.

She started to tear him a new asshole.

“Listen here you sissy faggot. I was being nice for you were a little mad about how our relationship is going to be from now on. Guess what, I am done being nice. You want to see cruel, you little bitch, just wait. I am going to have you do so many demeaning things until you finally accept that the only reason I have to be nice to you is if it amuses me to be so.”

For the first time in 30 days Helen actually heard what she said to Doug. This was for she was actually talking with him not at him. She could not believe what she said and how much she enjoyed it. She could not believe she thought she had the right to talk to her husband like this. She hated herself at that moment. Tears started to come down her face as the tone in her voice changed to desperation.

“I am so sorry. I do not know why I said that, or did all those mean things. Please give me a chance to show you it was all a huge mistake. I will do anything. I will be your slave for 60 days and you can treat me the same way I treated you. Please, just give me a chance, Douglas”

Her pleas fell on deaf ears. Doug was cold inside towards someone for the first time in his life. Helen also knew that Doug would never accept the deal she offered. He would not want to treat anyone how she treated him.

“I have nowhere to go tonight. I will find somewhere tomorrow and we can start working this out. You should have said how you were feeling about this. I promise, you will never have to be Marci again. I promise that I will do anything right now to make you happy. If I do not then I know we are over”

Doug smiled hearing that last part. Helen thought that she made a breakthrough to the man she loved when she saw him smile. She was thankful that he was going to give her a second chance.

“There is only one thing you can do, woman, to make me happy right now.” He put a pregnant pause in the sentence to build up her hope. “That is leave my house.

Oh you do have places to go. You can go be with a real man, Carl. You can go be with the person you trust more than me, Cindy. So. Leave. Now before I start to get real nasty with you”

Right then Helen knew all of the consequences of her actions. She lost the man she loved, she lost the life she cherished. She got up and left. She turned around and went to say I love you to Doug. She saw the hurt look on his face and did not utter her feeling. She knew that if she have how felt and somehow he believed her that would hurt him even more. She did not want to make giving Doug more pain a consequence of her action.


Doug went on to get mental health for the abuse and joined a battered spouse support group. His first girlfriend, John’s younger sister Maria,, found out about Doug getting a divorce and was there for him. She messed up by breaking up with him many years ago. Being there for him was a way to make up to the man heart she broke so many years ago. Shehad genuine concern for the greatest man she knew. He got better with her love and support. After nine months they ended up dating.

Helen went into a deep depression, she has lost everything. She did find a small apartment a week after getting kicked out. She started to try to rebuild her life. She got Cindy out of her life. She found her friends were distant to her, they did not know the story but sided with Doug. They could tell by how hurt he was, he was the wronged party. Also, they did not like the changes they saw in Helen the couple of weeks before they separated.

The school year started and they both had to go back to their jobs teaching. Helen had hope that Doug might not be as mad at her. He was a kind forgiving person. She saw him in the halls and said hi Douglas, hoping to get hello Helen back. She did not. The smile on his face disappeared and he said hello woman. She knew right then she would never hear him utter her name again- He was a man of his word.

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