The Life Of An Angel Chapter 14

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Angel was out doing the bi-weekly grocery shopping for the house. Carol had taken the girls to their ballet lessons and was going to come back and pick her up. While she was shopping, a tall black hair woman hits her from behind with a shopping cart.

Angel turns around pissed off to see who just rammed her with a shopping cart. Just as she turned to confront the woman. A fist comes out of nowhere and hits her square on the jaw. Another fist hits her in her belly.

“How dare you steal another woman’s children.”

Angel was using her shopping cart for support after being hit. She saw the person who hit her and didn’t know this woman.

Angel looks at her “lady, I don’t know who you are, but I doing what is right for those children. Also, you should keep your nose out of other people’s business.”

Angel swings with her good arm and knocks the woman out, causing her to fall on the floor of the grocery store. People had heard the commotion and came to investigate. Angel just looks down at the woman and wonder who the fuck she was. She was wearing blue jean pants and a blouse, but she looked like a drug addict or something.

Angels jaw hurt from being punched as well as her stomach, but she wasn’t going to let that stop her. She pulls out her cell phone and dials Rachel’s number.

“Hi, Aunt Rachel, can you send a police car down to Food Lion on Blare street please? I just had to defend myself against a woman who assaulted me. “

“Angel, what did you do now?”

“Nothing Aunt Rachel, I was just doing our bi-weekly shopping and a woman came up and sucker punched me and then punched me in my stomach. So, I reacted and knocked her out.”

“Alright, I’ll send a police car to your location. Scratch that, one has already been dispatch to you. Let me know if you have any problems with the officer.”

“Thanks Aunt Rachel.”

“Take care Angel.”

Rachel had disconnected.

Angel puts her cell phone back in her back pocket.

“Are you alright Miss.?”

The assistant store manager had heard what had happen and came over with the store security officer to investigate the matter.

“Ya, I’m fine. The police are on their way to arrest this woman.”

“We have footage of the woman striking you first. If they need it, let us know.”

“Thanks Chuck. How’s your sister doing? I heard she had to go and have some female problems fixed.”

“She’s doing better Angel. She said that she can’t wait to get back on her motorcycle and join you all for the Memorial Day ride.”

“Well, let us know if we can do anything to help her.”

“I will, here are the cops.”

Just as the cops show up, Carol comes in and notice Angel talking to the cops and the woman knocked out on the floor. A female cop comes in and wakes the woman up with some smelling salts and arrest her for assault.

Carol steps over near Angel.

“I can’t leave you along for five minutes without you getting into trouble.”

“I didn't start it Carol, I was minding my own business picking out some can vegetables, when this lady came up and sucker punched me. While I was recovering from that, she punched me in my stomach. I’m innocent of everything.”

“I bet, were you this much of a trouble magnet with your mothers around?”

Angel had to stopped and think about that one.

“Actually, I think trouble followed me around back then. I was almost raped by the son of the leader of the Hell Angel’s angels at their pool
house. Then, I was almost killed by a drug my father made. I think trouble does follow me around, but only when I’m around the people I love.”

Angel places a kiss on Carol’s cheek as she finishes up the grocery shopping. She buys some treats for the girls that both women knew they liked. They check out and head over to the dance studio.

Since the girls came into Angel’s life. She has felt like a real woman. She liked being called mom or mommy and enjoyed it when the girls share what they did in school with her. It made her feel whole, just as having Carol by her side. She loved her job and she loved being a mother and wife just as much.

Carol notice the pleased look on Angel’s face.

“What’s got you so pleased?”

“Just thinking about how lucky I am to have parents that love me. A little sister I can help and guide into being a responsible adult. A woman that I love and that loves me back and two adorable daughters that bring joy to my life. I think an angel is really looking out for me.” As Angel rubs the angel hanging from her necklace.

Carol smiles and put her arm around Angels waist. Angel rest her head on Carol’s shoulder and watch the two little angels that have come into their lives dance.

Angel thinks its her birth mother still looking after her all these years. That she has been watching and protecting Angel since D.A. and Angie found her that terrible day. She would had died in that ditch if they hadn't come down that road that morning and nursed her back to health. Her mother was looking after then and she is looking after her now. Letting her experience what it is to be a mother herself and a wife to someone that loves her.

Angel knows there isn't anything she wouldn't do for the twins, even if it meant giving her own life so they could live. Just like her own mother did for her.

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