The Cat and The Wolves

“Hey sis, are we still flying to Hawaii to spend time with Tizzy?” Gina looks over towards her older sister.

“Yep, how did you manage to get the time off work?” Julia was taking some of her vacation time she had saved up from her job.

She had become a K9 police officer and the police Captain allowed her to keep Sphinx as her assigned K9 since he was trained as a military attack dog. Sphinx might be up in age, but he was far better trained then her police department currently had available. He could sniff out drugs and explosives. Her father made sure that Sphinx didn’t lose his edge and was kept up on his training.

“It’s nice when your father owns the company you work for. My manager threw a fit when dad said that he was granting me a week off with pay before my trail period was up. I know that wasn’t fair, but dad is grooming me to take over the business. Plus, I can still do my college courses on-line.”

Gina misses Arnold. He had decided to go to a college in Maryland. They kept in touch with one another and hopes one day that they could become man and wife. Her father was grooming her to run his body armor and armor vehicle business. The company that made their body armor also built privately owned armor vehicles for diplomats and celebrities. Her father was also making her keep up her tactical training. He did that by taking her and Julia to a private security firm that specialized in hostage rescue and making them spend a few weeks with them each month.

He had said that the girls could go into any business or career they wanted and would support their decision. However, he would prefer them to stay away from what he and Cheshire did. He wanted them to have normal lives and still have their sanity in check and not filled with nightmares of the things they have seen or done.

Gina knew Cheshire had given Tizzy the same speech as their father. Tizzy was like a cousin to them and when the three of them were together, they were the three musketeers. Tizzy had joined a special task force within the Honolulu Police department. Gina knew Cheshire didn’t mind her doing that type of work. She even had a liger of her own named Simba after the lion in Lion King.

“Are we chartering a flight or taking one of the family Lear’s?”

“If were taking Sphinx and Cadmus with us, you know we’ll have to take the family Learjet.”

“I don’t see a reason why we can’t take the wolves with us. Simba will enjoy playing with them.”

“Ya, right. Simba hasn’t forgiven Chaos for batting him around like he was a ball last time dad took Chaos with him. Think how he is going to react to Sphinx and Cadmus. These two boys are almost as big as their sire.”

“We could bring the other two wolves with us. Manes and Terror think how he’s going to react when they come along with the twins next month. Terror looks just like Chaos, except for the white spot in between his ears. They are going to be bigger than Sphinx and Cadmus.”

“Think how big Manes is going to be. He’s Terrors twin brother.”

“Well, at least the twins have their wolves now. Dad waited till they turned six years old before letting them have theirs. He said the next litter of puppies he breeds, I can get two puppies to raise and train with his help. One is going to take Sphinx place so he can retire and the other one is for another K9 officer I’m training. Since our police department only has me. Dad talked with the Chief of police to expand my department.”

“Think what would happen if Tizzy brought Simba? I think they would have a heart attack. The crooks would surrender right away. They would be too scared of Simba to do anything.”

Julia just laughs as she finishes packing her suitcase. She had her makeup case already to go and two suitcases filled with clothes, shoes and undergarments. Gina brings her luggage to join her sister’s downstairs to the front door.

“You girls look already to go.” Debbie comes walking up and notice her two oldest daughters ready to load their luggage in the new hummer Jack bought.

Sphinx and Cadmus were outside chasing Mischief, Manes and Terror. Chaos was on the porch watching the younger wolves. He was nearing his life span and Jack wasn’t looking forward to burying the old wolf.

“Your father said the Lear is ready, so go ahead and head over to the hangar. You girls behave yourself and stay out of trouble.”

“Yes, mom.”

Julia and Gina hugs Debbie. They were happy the day that their father had married her. She has been a wonderful mother to both and has helped them grow into wonderful women. Both girls take their luggage out to the new hummer. Jack had given the old hummer to Gina to drive back and forth from work. The new one was for family use.

“I’m driving.” Julia had hopped into the driver seat.

“That’s fine. If you scratch the paint, dad will have your ass.”

“As if, I’ll do something that stupid on the way over to the hangar.”

Julia backs the hummer then follows the road leading from the house to the hangar. Cadmus and Sphinx were following them. They saw the other hummer parked where their father normally parks the cars at when they go to the hangar.

“Hey daddy.” Gina gets out of the hummer first after Julia parks it and runs over to her father. She has always been a daddy’s girl since the day Jack rescued them. She hugs him and place a kiss on his cheek.

Jack just embraces Gina. He was very proud of the way that both girls had overcome what had been done to them and the women they have grown into. Who would had thought seven years ago the two scared and frighten teenage girls he brought home would turn out the way they had?

“You girls all packed and ready to go spend a week with your cousin Tizzy?”

“Yes sir. We are all ready to have fun in the sun and become beach bunnies.”

“Now remember, the wolves have to stay on a leash and have their tags with them. You shouldn’t have to much problems since Sphinx is classified as a police dog. Your Aunt Cheshire has rented a beach house for you girls to have to yourself. The same rules that apply here also
apply at the beach house as well.”

“We know dad. We promise not to kill, maim or throw wild orgy parties at the house.” Julia gave her father a playful smile.

Jack just shakes his head back and forth. Julia was too much like his sister Alva. He shouldn’t have sent the girls over to Ireland to spend two weeks with her last summer. He just helps load the luggage from the hummer to the Lear. Julia was going to fly since she was more qualified than Gina. Both girls had their pilots license, but Julia had done time with the youth national air guard as a pilot. She even had her own Fighter Jet that Jack had bought for her. It was stored here at the ranch as well.

Once all the luggage was loaded. Jack looks at his girls “alright you two. Have some fun and behave yourselves.”

“We will daddy.” Both girls walk over and hug him and give him a kiss on his cheeks. They let go and head inside the Lear with the wolves following them.

Jack steps back as he watches the Lear close and taxi down the runway. He felt so proud of his girls. It lifts off the runway and fly away from the ranch. The wolves hated to fly and laid down in the passenger cabin. Julia was the pilot and Gina had taken the co-pilot seat up front.

Cheshire’s House:
Tizzy was making cookies in the kitchen when she received a text from her Uncle Jack. It said that the girls had just left and should be arriving sometime in the afternoon.

“Mom, Uncle Jack said Julia and Gina just left and should be here sometime this afternoon.” Tizzy cleans her hands off and heads outside to where her mother was sunbathing. She saw the tattoo of her mother’s name sake on her left shoulder.

“Are you going to pick them up at the airport?”

“Yes ma’am. I was thinking about staying with them at the beach house while they are here.”

“That’s fine. Just don’t forget about Simba.”

Just as she says that Simba comes walking up and rubs against Tizzy’s leg.

“He’s coming to mom. Gina and Julia brought their wolves with them.”

Cheshire just shakes her head. There was going to be trouble between the wolves and the Liger.

“Do you girls think that is going to be a good idea?”

“Mommy, Simba won’t freak out seeing Cadmus and Sphinx. They aren’t as big or scary as Chaos.”

Tizzy remembered meeting Chaos a few months after living with Cheshire and meeting her Uncle Jack and his family. He had brought Chaos with him and she was scared of him for the first few days they were here. She had never seen a wolf so big or scary.

“Alright. You girls have a fun time together.”

Cheshire was proud of Tizzy. She had grown into a responsible caring woman. Tizzy was her pride and joy. She had taken an abused picked on transgender girl and raised her to be a wonderful deadly woman. She had done the exact same thing Jack had done with his girls. Gina and Julia were people you didn’t want to mess with. Both girls were just as deadly as Tizzy is. The three of them were more like Charlies Angel’s, then three plain ordinary women.

Tizzy heads to the bathroom and takes a nice shower and change into some fresh clothes. She grabs her suitcase and carries it out to the suv Jack keeps stored over here. She was on vocation from work, but if they needed her she would go in. She’s hoping something goes wrong so she could bring her cousins. Her Coworkers would be impress with their skills.

Tizzy drives to the airport and watches as their flight comes in and lands. Once they stop moving, Tizzy pulls the Suv up to the jet. Tizzy gets out as the door opens and both wolves jump out and run over to her.

“I’ve missed you as well boys.” Tizzy kneels and hugs both wolves.

“Oh, they get hugs from you first and we have to wait?”

Gina was walking over to her cousin and hugs her.

“Aloha to you cousin.”

Julia comes walking down after she parks and secures the Learjet.

“Aloha, cousin.”

“Aloha Julia.”

Tizzy hugs Julia.

“Where’s Aunt Cheshire?”

“Mom is at home. She just wants the three of us to enjoy ourselves.”

Tizzy leans closer to Julia, “but between you and me. I know mom is watching us. You know how she is. Old habits die hard.”

“Tell me about. Daddy is the same way.”

“I just sent dad a text letting him we arrived.”

“See what I mean?”

Gina looks at her older sister with a puzzled look.

“We’re talking about dad and Aunt Cheshire.”

“Oh, so where is this beach house Aunt Cheshire has rented for us?”

“It’s right down on the ocean cousin. We can go from the house to the ocean and swim in private. Mom knew a guy that doesn’t advertise about the place. It’s word of mouth only.”

“Cool, he doesn’t mind the wolves and your cat, does he?”

“Nope, he won’t mind and even if he did, you think mom wouldn’t had twisted his arm?”

“I know, so what are we going to do once we are done unpacking?”

“I was thinking we go and hit the town. Explore the nightlife.”

“Sounds good to me. That means one of us has to remain somber.”

“I’ll do it, since I’m the youngest.” Gina had volunteered.

“We can switch up sis.”

“I know, I’ll be the first one for tonight.”

Tizzy drives them to the beach house and help unload everything. The wolves patrol the house and lay down while the girls get ready to go out
and party. All three wonders should they take their guns with them and then something Jack said echoes in their head. Always be prepare for trouble.

Julia and Gina tuck their guns in their purse. Tizzy takes hers as well. She had her badge with her. All three girls meet in the living room and then head out.

“Be good boys.” Gina shuts the door behind her as they head towards the Suv and drive into downtown Honolulu and go bar hopping.

They come back home at three in the morning. The next day they get up and go down to the beach and play with the wolves and visit their
Aunt Cheshire as well play with Simba. Simba and the wolves just look at each other, sizing themselves up. Simba wasn’t afraid of Cadmus and Sphinx. So, the three played in the backyard of Cheshire’s place. They spend the day with Cheshire.

On Thursday Tizzy gets a call for help from her leader asking her if she wouldn’t mind helping on a case.

“Do you girls want to come with me and see what I do?”

“Sure, how about you Gina?”

“Sure, why not maybe we can shoot someone.”

Julia just smiles as all three of them and the wolves load up in the suv.

Tizzy drives them where she was told to show-up at. She could see several police cars and her team’s cars as they were surrounding a house.

“What’s the situation?”

“Man, inside is holding his family hostage. He’s wanted for the murder of his partner and claims he has the door wired with explosives. We
can’t get close enough to check.”

“I have the solution with me. See those two wolves?”

Tizzy points to Cadmus and Sphinx.

“Yay, what about them?”

“They are military trained and can confirm if there are explosives on the door. The two women with me are their handlers and my cousins from Montana.”

Derry looks at the two wolves and must admit, he’s never seen wolves that big and he has heard stories about the two women from Tizzy.

“Alright, go ahead and let them confirm if there are explosives and then we’ll go from there.”

“Thanks Derry.”

“Gina, Julia show them what Cadmus and Sphinx can do.”

Both girls smile and release the wolves off their leash.


Both wolves move quickly and separate to search the doors. Cadmus sniffs and detects nothing on the doors. Sphinx sniffs and doesn’t discover anything either.

Tizzy notices Cadmus and Sphinx and the fact they haven’t discover anything.

“It’s safe. Why don’t you let us handle this?”

Tizzy, Gina and Julia move quickly and quietly. Julia peeks and discover that the guy had his gun aimed as his wife and the two girls. Julia sends the motions with her hand what she saw. She pulls her picks out and pick the lock on the door.

“Tizzy, take Sphinx with you. Have him take the gun from the guy, while Gina and Cadmus distracts him.”

Tizzy shakes her head. Gina had heard her sister and was going to attack from the front door.

“On three, one, two, three.”

Cadmus and Gina cause the distraction which draws the guys attention and Sphinx comes out of nowhere and snatches the gun from the guys hand and stands in front of the family guarding them. Cadmus knocks the guy down to the floor and Tizzy covers him.

“Don’t move or my friends are going to eat you.”

Julia and Gina takes the family outside to Tizzy’s partner.

“You better believe her. Those two wolves love human flesh.”

Gina says something and both wolves growl very loudly.

“Up oh, I think you upset them.”

Tizzy’s Commander comes in and notice two very angry wolves standing in front of the man.

“Tóg go bog é”

Both wolves walk over to Tizzy and sit by her.

“Dam, I wish we had them on the force now.”

“They wouldn’t like it here Commander. It’s too hot for them.”

Tizzy, Gina and Julia walks out with the wolves by their side.

“You think these wolves are well trained. You should see what Tizzy’s liger can do Commander. He’s worse than the wolves.”

“I’ve met Simba and I still can’t get over how friendly he is to Tizzy.”

“Ligers are friendlier then normal Tigers Commander, but don’t let his friendliness fool you. He is still wild at heart. He can be a handful when he feels like it.”

“You should put him on the unit. None of your criminals will ever commit crimes again after meeting his teeth.”

Julia just smiles as she thinks about Simba grinning at the bad guys. If she was a criminal and had to face those teeth, she would change careers from being a criminal to going straight.

“Actually, one criminal did get up and personal with Simba. It was the last mistake he ever made. He broke into mom’s house when she was away on business and I was home by myself with Simba. He was going to kill me for something mom did to the yakuza. Well, Simba got a hold of him and made him wish he never enter the house. His partner was mauled by Khan outside in the yard. When mom found out when she got back about what happened. She kidnapped the head of the Yakuza and several of his men here and put them in the backyard with Khan and Simba. They learned never to mess with me or mom ever again or she would let Khan and Simba loose on them.”

“Dam, dad would had skinned them alive and left their bodies hanging from a palm tree or let…never mind. That’s sounds like one of Dad’s tactics as well.”

Julia had to think about her statement. Her father had been known to turn Chaos loose on his enemies and let the big ass Wolf have his fun.
So, it was just like her aunt to do the same thing.

“How did we end up with vicious parents?”

“Luck, sis. I think me, you and Tizzy were lucky enough to get some of the deadliest parents around that would move heaven and Earth to protect us. There might be people out in the world as deadly as our parents, but I don’t think they would go to the extreme like ours would. I know Dad and Cheshire would destroy a country to make a point or to retrieve us. Dad has said he would carry a nuclear football into a country and set it off if they didn’t give us back to him. We know Aunt Cheshire would do the same thing. Tizzy means a lot to her. Isn’t that right cousin?”

“Ya, mom would do just like Uncle Jack would. Mom said that is why MI6, the CIA and FBI keep such a close watch on the two of them. They don’t want Uncle Jack or mom to start World War III. The last time the heads of the CIA and FBI threaten mom and Uncle Jack with throwing them in the deepest and darkest hole forever. Uncle Jack and mom said go ahead and all your dirty secrets will be broadcast to ever nation on the planet.”

“I wonder what they have on them?”

“I don’t. I prefer not to know. That’s a hot potato that can get you killed.”

“The government tried to find out. Let’s just say Uncle Jack gave them a taste of what he had and said next time they try it again he’ll release the information. They even had their best hackers try to break into Uncle Jacks and mom’s computers. Which was a mistake, because they don't keep important information on their computers. Both mom and Uncle Jack tracked the people who did it down with some help of hackers of their own and broke their fingers and told them they try it again and next time they will kill them. There’s a saying mom made me remember. You may be good, but there is always someone better or more talented then you out there. Never underestimate your opponent and never think your better then someone else.”

“Dad said the same thing. He said sometimes a group of people can get more things done then a single person can, so always be prepare. Also, he said, he who has the biggest nuke always wins.”

“God, our parents are nuts.”

“You can say that again sis.”

“Let’s go and have some fun cousins.”

“Lead the way oh mighty Tizzy.”

All three girls go and have fun with some of Tizzy’s friends at a pig roast.

They bring some pig back for the wolves and Simba so their poor pets didn't feel left out.

The rest of their stay is uneventful. By the time Julia and Gina leave to go home, they are sporting dark tans and aren’t looking forward to going back to work.

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