The Cat In The Cradle Chapter 16

They had arrived first thing in the morning and stayed at a nearby hotel to get some sleep from their journey. When they woke up later in the afternoon, they decided to rent a tractor trailer for Lev to drive back to Kansas with their new boat secured on the trailer. They were going to have to take the boat to a shipyard and have the boat lifted out of the water and properly secured on the trailer they were transporting it on.

After they had gotten done with making preparation for the boat. The four of them went out for dinner and when they returned from dinner, they were feeling frisky. Paula and Kat went to their hotel room and spent the night making passionate love to each other. Rebecca was in the mood to be rode hard by Lev. So the two of them went to their hotel room and spent the night doing the same thing Kat and Paul were doing. When morning came, Rebecca came out walking funny. Kat got up and came out walking funny like her sister. Both ladies were hurting as they sat in their chairs from being rode hard last night. When Paul came out for coffee, Rebecca saw Kat's claw marks on his back. A sly smile appears on her face as she hides it by taking a sip of her coffee. Kat notice her sister had left a nice bite mark on Lev's right shoulder.

“Did you have as much fun as I did sis?”

“Yes, and I don’t regret it at all. I just feel sorry for Paul. I think I dug to deeply with my claws on his back.”

“I don’t have claws, but I did bite Lev on his shoulder.”

Both ladies just smile at each other “well, at least we know they are our guys.”

“You know the trip back to Tennessee and Kansas is going to be a long drive with all four of us in the cab of the truck.”

“We could rent another vehicle sis.”

“Nay, let’s just take the truck. We can switch up drivers. I can drive the tractor trailer as well.”

“I think Paul can drive a tractor trailer. We can ask him, after him and Lev get back from grabbing breakfast for us.”

Rebecca turns the television on and was watching a morning show when Brittney and Terri show up being interview about the church Brittney’s
parents runs.

“Kat, you better get in here. You’ll want to see this.”

“What’s got your panties in a twist?”

Kat stops when she hears Brittney’s voice coming from the television and then Terri’s.

“I’m going to kill them both, along with my sister.”

Both Kat and Rebecca listen to what Brittney says about her mom and father and what they do and what they believed in. Terri tells them
about what went on at the gay conversion camp and that the church was behind it.

“I swear, I am going to kill my sister and brother. I didn’t give them permission to let the girls go on National television and tell their story.”

“Easy sis, you know this was coming sooner or later.”

“True, but I wanted to be there when this goes down. There’s no telling what will happen after this comes out.”

“I know sis and I would feel the same about August as well. Let’s just hope no one will do something so stupid like coming after Brittney and

“They better not, or there will be hell to pay.”

“Easy sis. When we get back, you can tear them a new hole.”

“Trust me, I will.”

The boys come back with breakfast and set it in front of the ladies.

“Here you go ladies, a breakfast fit for a King.”

Paul opens the styrofoam lunch boxes for the girls to show what they got them.

“Mmm, yummy.” Rebecca licks her lips and start eating her breakfast.

“If we leave tomorrow morning, we can be in Knoxville, Tn. By tomorrow evening.”

“So, we’re looking at an 8hr drive then?”

“Yep, we can spend tomorrow night in our beds, instead of a hotel room.”


“So, what are we going to do for the rest of the day?”

“Well, we figure you girls might like to stretch your legs after last night’s rumble.” Paul had a smile on his face.

“Ha, ha., but I think your right. Walking around for a while might be a good idea.”

After breakfast Rebecca, Kat, Paul and Lev take a nice ride to Virginia Beach, VA. and spend time down on the Ocean front. The girls buy a swimsuit and the guys buy a bathing suit and towels and spend the day down on the beach enjoying the sun and waves.

Kat and Rebecca drew attention to themselves, but they ignored it. They weren’t going to let the way they looked impact their mini-vacation. Since, neither one of them had been to a real beach before. They enjoyed the day with their boyfriends. Rebecca saw the claw marks on Paul’s back and smirked. By evening they stop and have a nice dinner at a restaurant at the ocean front and then head back to their hotel in Newport News. Lev plans on leaving at five in the morning, so they could get back home by three in the afternoon.

When Five o’clock comes around, everyone gets in a cab and go to pick-up the truck which had the boat already mounted and ready to go. Butch had called Rebecca and told her he had the plane back home. Lev was going to drop Rebecca off so she could get August and take the
Lear back home.

The trip back was uneventful. Kat and Rebecca let the guys have the front and they took the back. They stopped at a truck shop for lunch and to take a break. Lev and Paul made sure the boat was nice and secure. They get back on the road and head towards Knoxville, TN. Once they arrive back in Tennessee. Lev parks the tractor trailer at a company he knows and they take a cab back to Kat’s sister place.

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