Yep, I can fly (part 7)

Chapter 18

"My friends. Please. Please. Your applause are too kind. I wish I could do more than simply tell you the truth. But alas, I don't have that kind of power," the Doctor preached as everyone suddenly listened. There wasn't a sound in the auditorium. Who is this man? And why is Janet all freaked out by him? "Before I go I will leave you with this. Just be careful out there. This post-Blue Day world is a scary place now. But please remember, I will be watching out for all of you. That is a promise. And if you need me, all you have to do is ask. Thank you and good night!"

The crowd again erupted in cheer. Literally, everyone was standing on their feet. This is crazy and…

"Ned!" I heard Jack scream as he weaved through the crowd towards me. "Dude! Where were you?"

"I got in the wrong security line," I lied as we walked outside.

"Man, that Doc was so amazing, I didn’t even drink my bag of vodka," Jack said as we walked. All around us people were also raving about the Doctor. What the hell?

"So other than that video, what did the Doctor say that was so amazing?" I asked which made Jack literally stop and stare at me like I had three heads.

"Are you kidding?! Who were you listening to? He just made sense. It's like he got me."

"But do you hate Blur Girl now?"

"Hate? Dude, I don't hate anyone. Didn't you hear anything Doctor Stuart was saying? I bet you didn't even do his meditation exercise.”

"Meditation? I think I got in too late and missed that," I said as I looked around. Everyone had this odd calmness about them.

"Yeah. He said that regardless of what the government is spewing, Blue Day dispersed a lot of negative contaminants in the air that can cloud the mind. See that chick is doing it over there," he said as he pointed at some woman sitting on the grass with her eyes closed and breathing deep.

"Does any of this seem a little weird to..."

"Ned? Don't talk just listen," a voice echoed in my brain. It wasn’t Janet this time…it was him. The Doctor. I felt this chill creep down my spine. “We need to meet.”

“Ned, you okay? You’re as pale as a ghost. You can have my vodka bag if you…”

“No. I’m fine,” I snapped. “I’m not going with you!”

“Go where? What are you…” Jack suddenly stopped talking. He just froze. Then they all stopped. Every person on the campus was suddenly frozen still.

“So Ned, do I need to ask you again or do I have to stop everyone’s hearts here until you say…”

“Yes! Yes! Just please unfreeze…”

“So crazy about?” Jack suddenly finished muttering as he started walking once again like nothing had happened. They all were clueless—except for me. But they were alive.

And now I had to pay the price for their safety.

Chapter 19

The location of where I needed to go popped into my brain. But first things first, I needed to change. I told Jack I needed to be in the lab yet again and then ran to a deserted alleyway. Right away I willed the change, and the blue light surrounded me. I felt my breasts return as my long blonde hair cascaded down my back in a matter of seconds. I then tossed my guy clothes in a bag, and I was Blur Girl once again. I thought briefly about an angry mob of haters attacking me, but it seems like that wasn't the good doctor's intent. Though he did just threaten to send every person on campus into cardiac arrest just to have a drink with me—so there's that.

Within seconds I was in front of a trendy dress boutique in town. It was right smack in the middle of everything, yet there wasn't a soul to be seen. It was eerie. Where did everyone...

"Ahh, Blur Girl," a woman called out from the entrance in a rather chirpy voice. "Brian is expecting you."

"Is he here?" I asked as I slowly walked into the store ready for anything. But there was nothing but dresses and another female sales assistant holding a big white box with a red bow on it. "No. Brian…um…Doctor Stuart is busy preparing your surprise. You're a very lucky girl, ma'am."

"Excuse me?"

"Brian wants you to have this," the other saleswoman said as she handed me the box. She looked visibly nervous.

"Thanks," I cautiously said as I took the... "Oh…hey…your nose is bleeding."

"Oh, it's nothing. I um spontaneously get those from time to time. Please...please don't let it spoil your big night. I swear it's nothing," she insisted as she handed me the box and then disappeared in the back room. What the hell is going...

"Are you going to open it?" the other woman prodded while totally being oblivious to the nose-bleeding incident. "I love presents."

"Yeah me too, I guess," I muttered. I listened closely. No ticking, but, then again I doubt the Doctor would go through all this trouble to meet just to blow me up now.

"Please, open it." I lifted up the box, and I was in awe. It was this gorgeous silky blue long dress. It was so simple yet elegant and sexy.

"You are so lucky," the saleswoman commented as I held it up to my buxom chest while staring at the mirror. It looked like it was perfectly fitted for me. "That is a Rachel Ven original. She's a top designer in Paris. There's no other dress like it."

"And how did a dress store in a small college town get its hands on one?"

"That's the Doctor's secret. Now try it on," the sales lady insisted as she led me to the dressing room.

I quickly closed the door and took a few of deep breaths. This is all so insane. One second I'm rescuing someone from a flaming car, and now I'm trying on a dress? I shed my tight superhero outfit, and there I stood in front of the mirror. Completely naked. I had this smooth, soft skin. Long blonde hair. Plump lips. When I glanced below at my very feminine body, I blushed a bit. I now have these teardrop shaped breasts that look so perfect and squeezable. My vagina too was so smooth and cute. The whole thing was surreal since I have never been with a woman except when I touched myself before. Slowly I ran my fingers over my breasts, and my nipples started to harden. It felt so...

“How are we doing in there?” the sales lady suddenly called out.

“Um fine,” I stammered as I opened up this other pack that contained frilly silk blue panties with a tiny bow in the middle. Do women actually wear this? So odd. Slowly I held it up and stepped into the unmentionable. It was so weird feeling the soft material against my skin. Almost alluring. I then pulled the panties up and was still amazed how it rested flush against my pussy. I have nothing to adjust. I then ran my fingers over the area and felt these tingles, but I quickly put that urge out of my head seeing as the doctor’s henchwomen were lurking right near me. I just picked up the silky sleeveless dress and let it fall over my body. The dress was a bit snug and hugged my curves. It was also slightly a bit lower cut in the chest area than I wanted—showing off a lot of cleavage. I looked in the mirror and did a twirl and saw it how it clung to my curvaceous rear. I even did a playful shimmy. I looked like that hot girl I could never ever approach. And now I’m her and…

“Sorry, to bother you, but the Doctor wanted you to have this,” the saleswoman called out as she slipped an envelope underneath into the dressing room. It looked so fancy—like a wedding invite. I opened it up, and it was an ornate looking invitation that simply said…

Stonecrest Peak Now

Chapter 20

I walked out of the dressing room, and the place was empty. I guess the doctor wanted no distractions to prevent me from seeing him. It was an odd choice to have a drink at Stonecrest Peak. It’s the highest point in town, that’s owned by the university. So instead of a swanky bar or restaurant, there’s just an observatory. I’ve been there a few times, once even with Janet for an astronomy lab assignment. I wish she were here now—buzzing in my head about what to do. I can’t do this alone. But I guess I have no choice.

I raced up the mountain while holding my dress up so I wouldn’t trip over it. In a few seconds, I was there and…

“Oh no.”

Chapter 21

There they were. All the professors I had seen before. Only now they were outside of the observatory wearing tuxedos. One was at a mini bar mixing drinks while the others were setting up the table with the Doctor supervising. He was now wearing a t-shirt and jeans. Nothing like the suit and tie guy I saw…

“Madam, the Doctor is expecting you,” one of the most respected professors in the university said as he led me over to the table near the edge of the peak.

As soon as I came close, Brian stood up. Gone was his confident charm on stage. He looked normal, way more human and sorta…nervous?

“Hi,” he said as he held out the seat for me, but I just stood there. Not budging. “I get it. You want answers.”

Why are you doing this Doctor…”

“You can call me Brian. Just Brian. Honestly, I’m not really a Doctor of anything. Please sit. I promise I’ll tell you everything. Plus, I had these lobsters flown in from Maine so it’d be a shame to waste ‘em.” Slowly I sat as he held the chair for me. And then he went back to his seat. A professor that actually gave me a C on my report once poured us wine, which I hated to admit was kinda cool. “You want to know why these people are all under my control. Why I don’t just let them go.”

“Do I even need to speak?” I mumbled.

“See that’s just it. The mind reading. Controlling people. I can’t stop it. Even me.”


“Yeah, I’m Brian. This nobody of a guy. But then I become him. Doctor Stuart. This confident, powerful man who is…”

“Controlling,” I muttered as I took a sip of my wine.

“Yeah, it’s like I’m…”

“Two people. I know the feeling…now,” I said as I tried the lobster. I hated to admit, it was amazing. “So you can’t control all this? Turning professors into waiters and freezing students?”

“No. But um on the bright side that dress fits you amazing and did I mention I um can’t control you.”

“You can’t? But you can read my thoughts, and you controlled Janet.”

“Who?” Brian asked in an honest, clueless way like he really wasn’t lying.

“She’s this…um ghost that…wait…why?”


“Why can’t you control me, Brian?”

“I honestly don’t know. Some people that have been affected by Blue Day I can control. While others like a piano player I met and you I...”

“I can’t do this!” I snapped as I pushed the chair back and stood up.

“But I thought you like lobster. You had it once on a trip long ago with your parents when you saw…”

“STOP! Get out of my mind!” I yelled as I slammed my hands on the table, almost breaking it.

“You’re angry. I get it.”

“Do you Brian?! ‘Cause this is all wrong! You’re a…”

“Don’t call me a monster!” Brian suddenly snapped as he pounded his fist. As he did all the professors suddenly froze. “Sorry. I…I…want to help. I swear. There!”

Brian startled me by suddenly pointing over the peak.

“Where are you pointing to?”

“Over by Izzy’s Bakery. A worker. Connie. She’s going to be throwing out the trash and be killed by this…this thing. A monster. A real one created by Blue Day. And I can’t control it.”

“If this is a trick to get me to trust…”

“I’m being honest. I swear,” Brian said as tears formed in his eyes. “I’m trying to be a good guy here. Honest. Go. Please.”

Chapter 22

I had changed into my super outfit and sped towards the bakery. I didn't know what to make of all this with Brian. Is he good? Bad? One thing is for sure, right now he wasn't the Doctor Stuart person I saw on stage. He claimed he couldn't control that personality, but someone had to be in the driver's seat. Too much to...

"I'm sorry Ned," Brian echoed in my head. Great, my life is an open book to him. "I don't mean to be inside your head, but you need to know what you're up against."

"I need you to get out of my brain. I can handle my...holy shit! What is that thing?!"

Chapter 23

A beast was putting it mildly. The thing looked like a gorilla on steroids. Connie was literally paralyzed with fear. Just as the thing swung at her, I super sped in front of the thing, grabbed Connie and hid her in an alleyway five blocks away.

"Thank you," she cried as she hugged me. It felt weird. So not used to this superhero game.

“Just run!” I yelled as she then ran off. Now I just have to figure out how to...

"That thing is a normal human who has this power to become a beast," Brian answered.

"That's fine, but how do I stop it?”

"Regardless if he changes he has a human heart, which can’t really handle his bigger gorilla form—too much stress. So if you hit him in the chest area, you can stop his heart for a few seconds to stun him. I'll then get the officers to shoot him and…”

"No. No one dies!" I yelled as I sped back. The beast has broken the wall of the bakery and was chomping on four cakes at once. I just ran at top speed while focusing all my energy on hitting him dead center and…


I smacked him square in the chest. He fell back a few hundred yards. He was down for the count. I saw animal control was on the scene, so I sped over and grabbed their dart guns.

"That's not going to work. He's too..." Brian suddenly stopped talking. Thank God I was finally able to tune him out as I got to the beast. It was just laying there. Very calm. It almost looked like it was about to fall asleep. I got the dart gun ready and...

"No. Please don't," the gorilla cried.

"You can speak?"

"Yes. Just listen. There isn't much time," he said as he took my hand, but in a gentle way.

"Time for what?"

"Eight hundred and fifty-two feet. Remember that."

"What are you..."

"Just say it. Eight hundred and fifty-two feet."

"What is eight hundred and fifty-two feet?"

"The exact distance you need to be away so he can't control you any..."

"Ned. Are you okay?" Brian echoed in my brain. The gorilla looked terrified.

"Just remember. Eight hundred and...aaah!!!" the gorilla screamed and then his eyes suddenly closed. I just knelt down beside him.

"Are you okay?"

"I'm fine, Brian. But the gorilla is dead."

"How did that..." Again Brian popped out of my brain as I stepped a few feet past the gorilla." that I know Brian's weakness, the question is how do I use that knowledge to stop him.

And, do I need to kill him.

Author’s Note: Want to know more about Doctor Brian Stuart? Check out my new Blue Day tale at @Ms_JessieAsh. Remember to follow for updates and mini 1978 story tweets.


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