Being Different Isn't So Bad Chapter 9

“Becca, there’s a guy here that wants to buy the armored APC in the back.”

August looks down at Rebecca’s feet sticking out from under a car she was working on.

“How much is he willing to pay for it?”

“I don’t know. You never told me how much it was worth.”

“If it’s the one I think it is, its forty thousand. If it is the Russian made one, then it is fifty thousand.”

“Okay sis, thanks.”

August walks off to tell the gentleman in the office how much the American made APC was.

“Mr. Ratchet, sorry to keep you waiting. The APC that you are interested in goes for forty thousand dollars and yes it starts and drives. My sister let me move it last week so we could cut the grass.”

“Forty thousand? Would you be willing to come down some?”

“Unfortunately, no Mr. Ratchet. My sister had to replace a few parts in it and prime the system so we could keep starting it. If you want, you can go outside now and start it up.”

Mr. Ratchet sits there and thinks about it. This Rebecca person had put some time and wrench work into it. He had inspected the engine and the inside before he made the offer.

“All right, forty thousand than. I presume you take credit?”

“Yes sir. Will you need it transported, Mr. Ratchet?”

“No, I’ll have my own truck come by and pick it up. Expect him by the end of the week.”

“Yes sir.”

Ratchet hands his card to August and she runs the card.

“Mr. Ratchet, I need for you to enter an authorization code.”

August hands the portable keypad to Ratchet.

He enters the authorization code to allow the purchase.

The printer behind August starts printing up the purchase receipt and the ownership papers that Mr. Ratchet had agreed to.

“It’s been nice doing business with you Mr. Ratchet.” As the two of them stand up and shake hands.

“And with you as well Ms. Trenner.”

August escorts Mr. Ratchet out of the office and watched as he climbs into a custom-built sports car. When it backed up, it didn’t make any
noise at all. There was no exhaust or engine sound or whine, like an electric motor would make.

“Wow! I’m going to have to tell Rebecca about that car.”

August goes into the garage to see if they needed anything. Their supplies were coming in today.

“Did you sell it?”

“Yep, for forty thousand like you said. He didn’t want to pay forty, but when I told him what you did and I know he saw the work you did. He agreed to the price.”

“You’re becoming a good sales person. So, for now on I’m going to let you work the office and do all the paper work. You think you can handle it?”

“Um, I should be able to handle the office. Is there anything special I need to know about?”

“Yep, but we’ll cover that after everyone goes home for the evening. Now, go and see if you can locate a transmission for a 1955 Ford
Thunderbird. There’s a list on my father’s desk of places that deal in old cars that might have it. Normally, I would rebuild the old one, but the person ruined it and it can’t be rebuilt.”

“Okay sis.”

August heads back inside and locates the list and start making inquiries into how much it was going to cost. So, far she hasn’t found a good deal yet. Everyone wanted to much money for the transmission. August sits down at her computer and looks online to see if someone has one that wasn’t as expensive. She finds a guy out in Nevada.

August dials the number and waits for it to be answer.

“Hello, Rio’s Desert Rat Junkyard. How may I help you?”

“Hi, I’m with Trenner garage and I’m looking for a transmission for a 1955 Ford Thunderbird. According to your website, you have several in stock. I was wondering if you still had them?”

“Sure, do little lady. I got about five of them sitting right here in stock.”

“How much would you want for all five?”

“Well now little lady, I’ll be willing to sell three of them, but not all five. If you come and pick them up, I’ll sell them for thirty-five thousand. If I
need to ship them to you, you’re looking at forty thousand.”

“Thirty-five thousand? I don’t want to buy the whole car. How about five thousand for three of them?”

“Mmmm, make it six thousand and you have a deal, but you have to come and get them.”

“Okay, six and I’ll be out in two days to get them.”

“Deal and bring cash darling. I don’t take out of states checks or credit cards either.”

“Okay. Give me your address.” August writes the address down and hangs u afterwards.

“I hope Rebecca won’t be mad at me for having us go and get these transmissions.”

August walks out towards the garage and is hoping Rebecca won’t be mad at her.


“Over here.”

August walks over to the parts cleaner unit where Rebecca was cleaning a part.

“I found a guy that will sell us three transmissions, but we have to go and get them.”

“How much and where are they?”

“For all three, were looking at six thousand dollars.”

“That’s about two thousand a piece, I can live with that. Where are they located?”

“Reno, Nevada.”

“Okay, we can fly out there and pick them up. I know a guy that owns a private airstrip. How soon do we need to leave?”

“I told him we would be out to get them in two days. Is that okay?”

“Ya, we can do it tomorrow. Instead of two days, we can fly out tomorrow morning and take in a few sites before having to come back. How does that sound?”

“Sounds like a plan, sis.”

“Alright, tonight pack an overnight bag for two days,”

“Okay sis.”

August hugs Rebecca while getting grease on her clean clothes.

“What am I going to do with you.”

“Love me and keep me around.”

“Go back to work you scamp.”

August hurries back to the office to finish up some paperwork and get directions to the guys junkyard.

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