Like a lot of other guys, my work is something I endure so I have the money to enjoy my weekends, when I can relax.

Although, the way I “relax” is a little different than most guys ...

See, once I get home on Friday afternoon until I have to get ready for work on Monday, I spend the whole time in women’s clothes.

I dont think its a fetish, at least not exactly, because for the most part, I dont get turned on by dressing up.

What I mostly feel is ... at peace.


No, I dont go out dressed up. I am under no illusions that I look enough like a woman to not get into trouble out there, so my weekends are mostly spent reading, listening to music, sometimes watching TV, sometimes flipping through the net, and doing my weekly chores.

I say “sometimes flipping through the net”, but honestly, I am on a lot. It's the only place I can be my girl self around others, even if it's just as an avatar in a chat room. But even on the net, I have to be super careful. Nobody who knows the girl me knows my real name, where I work, or where I live, just in case.

It's kinda sad, to be honest. I’d love to be totally “out”, both online and in real life, but sometimes, you have to play the hand you’re dealt.

And when Monday morning rolls around, I put away the girl stuff, put on my work clothes, and do what I must to pay for my weekend's “relaxation”.

All the while counting the hours till Friday afternoon ...


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