WildFire Chapter 16

A few days after Sasha arrested Adam Ludlum. She and Susan; were outside enjoying breakfast on the back patio. When her cellphone starts to ring. She checks the number and notice it was Detective Lucas Strange.

“Thumper’s brothel, we got the best women in the state.”

“Funny Sasha. I hope you’re still in a good mood after I give you the bed news.”

“What’s the bad news?”

“Remember Adam Ludlum and his men?”

“Ya, I remember that jackass and his men.”

“Well, you’re not going to like what I have to say.”

“Don’t tell me he got bailed out?”

“He didn’t get bailed out. All the charges you and the city were going to charge him with were dropped.”

“WHAT! I never agreed to do that.”

“I know, but the city attorney was told to let him and his men go. A black van came out and took Mr. Adam Ludlum and his men last night.”

Sasha was fuming and wanted to kill someone right now. That creep was getting away with what they had done to all those women and children.

“How about the Russians? Were they let go?”

“No. They are still here in the jail. The other prisoners want to get their hands on them.”

“Let them. After what they did to those women and children.”

“You know I can’t Sasha. As much as I agree with you. I can’t put them in general population. Don’t you think about breaking in and putting
them in general population either. The chief of police is still mad about you breaking into the prison last time.”

A smile comes to her face when she remembers that day. She needed some information and they were refusing her request to talk to one of the prisoners. So, she broke in and got the information she needed. There wasn’t a jail or prison she couldn’t break in or out of.

“Thanks for calling me Lucas.” Sasha hangs up.

Susan notice the look on Sasha’s face.

“Bad news sweetie?”

“Ya, Adam Ludlum and his men were released from custody and all the charges were dropped against them. Including the ones, I filed
against him.”

“There’s more going on then you know sweetie. Someone high up is looking after him. Come mere.”

Susan scoots back so Sasha could sit on her lap and wrap her arms around her body. She gives Sasha a kiss while holding her against her body.

“Why don’t we go back upstairs and you let me make love to you till you’re feeling better? Because, right now I know you want to kill someone.”

Sasha gaze into Susan’s gray eyes “you know me to well.”

Sasha leans down and passionately kiss Susan. She loved this woman very much. The two of them stop kissing and head inside the house.
They make their way upstairs to the bedroom. Susan and Sasha start taking their night clothes off and embrace each other as they start kissing and exploring each other’s bodies. They make love to each other most of the morning. Later as they laid in bed with Sasha snuggled up against Susan’s body. The alarm on Sasha’s cellphone go off reminding them that they had afternoon band practice. Sasha and Susan take a shower together and get dress afterwards. They had evening practice and Sasha still had to stop and pick-up her corvette.

“Is Rose going to be at practice this evening?”

Susan was driving Sasha over to Jack’s house to pick-up her corvette.

“Yep, mom is dropping her off. Her and dad have been spoiling their grandchildren. Mom has been wanting to take Rose shopping and to
the spa. She also took Gracie with her. Gracie had to get twelve stitches because of that city council member raping her. Mom has been looking after her.”

“You know, you should spend some time with her.”

“I am. Mom is bringing her with Rose to practice so she can come home with us. Oh, my mom said we didn’t fool her. She knew me and you were married and is disappointed that we never told her.”

“I know. She pulled me aside and chewed my ear off. Still, we need to keep it this way because you’re to well-known and your enemies would use me against you. I know sooner or later our relationship is going to come out, but until then.”

“I know, let’s keep everything secret. How about our children?”

“I’ll make sure that they have my last name instead of yours. That way we can keep them safe.”

Sasha just sighs and watch as houses in Jacks’ neighborhood go by. As they approach Jack’s place. Susan pulls into the drive way right next to Sasha’s corvette.

“Here you go sweetie. I’ll see you at practice.”

Susan leans over and kiss Sasha before she gets out.

Sasha smiles and watch as Susan backs out and drives away. As Sasha watches Susan drive, away. She hears a low buzzing noise approaching her. She looks around to see where the noise is coming from and notice a drone coming directly towards her. She didn’t have her guns with her or any of her gear.

The drone starts firing at her.

She ducks beside the corvette as the bullets bounce off the skin of the car.

“Dam it! I just had the car detailed.”

Sasha could hear the drone coming back around for another run against her. She gets into the corvette and start the engine up. She hears the corvette get hit again from bullets on the driver side.

“Now, let’s see who is controlling you.”

She locks onto the signal going to the drone. She backs the corvette out of the driveway and drives towards the signal location. She follows it until she notices the drone coming directly towards her in a suicide run. Sasha steps down on the pedal and the corvette closes the distance so the drone will miss it. She heard the explosion behind her.

Directly in front of her was a black van where the signal was coming from. She arms the hydraulic ram mounted into the front of the corvette and rams the front end of the van. The five-point harness holds her in place as the corvette smashes the radiator, and engine into the cabin area of the van. She backs the corvette up and releases the harness as she grabs the mini-Uzi from the storage unit under the passenger seat along with the two spare magazines for the mini-Uzi. She opens the driver side door and steps out of the corvette.

“Alright, out of the van now with your hands up!”

She had the mini-Uzi aimed right at them. Four guys step out of the van.

“Who sent you and who are you?”

“You know who sent us Ms. Wolfhart.”

“You know I should just shoot you and get it over with. However, I’m in a good mood. You tell Mr. Ludlum that I will hunt him down and I will
make him pay for what he did.”

She shots each of them in their leg and get back into her corvette. She does a U-turn and head towards the studio for practice. The corvette was driving fine, but she should give her aunt the car to go over. It has only done two ramming jobs since it has been built.

She arrives at the studio and heads inside.

Mystic looks at her “you’re late.”

“I ran into some trouble.”


Rose runs up to Sasha and hugs her. Gracie comes walking behind Rose carefully and hugs Sasha was well.
Sasha carefully picks Gracie up off the floor.

“Did grandma and grandpa treat you good?”

Gracie shakes her head yes. She liked her new grandparents, aunts and uncles.

“You ready to hear mom and your sister sing?”

She nods her heads yes.

Sasha places a kiss on her cheek.

“Looks like you’ll have some company.”

Sasha spotted the twin India girls and the boy Dusk adopted.

Mystic walks over towards the twin girls “I saw the girls and felt I could help them.”

“Thank you. Well, let’s go ahead and practice. We have a performance in a few days.”

Sasha carries her little girl into the studio and let them sit and listen to the group.

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