Crazy Girl

“Are you done dressing yet, Faggot?”

“You know, you don’t need to call me names. It’s bad enough your making me dress this way.”

“Well, if you didn’t dress in our mother’s old cheerleader outfit and was doing her cheer moves out in the backyard where any one could see you. I wouldn’t had known you like dressing as a girl. So, if you want me to keep your secret and not let your friends or our parents see this video of you. You’ll do as your told or I’ll let your secret out. You know the guys on the football team would enjoy this video of you. “


Sam comes out of their sister’s old bedroom dress as Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad.

“God yes. You look just like Harley Quinn from the movie.”

Bradley was dressed as the Joker and walks around Sam checking to see if he could see anything out of place.

“Where did you hide your tiny penis?”

Sam’s brother knew he was embarrass by how small his was compare to the other boys in his gym class. Their sister and Sam shared similar facial features. Besides her being born as a girl and having curly brown hair. Sam took after their grandmother and had her long straight blonde hair. Sam inherited a lot of their grandmothers looks.

“I hid it, so you can’t tell I’m a boy nosy.”

“Well, you better pass yourself off as a girl tonight. Also, don’t forget that you’re to do whatever I say tonight, no questions asked. Okay?”

“Fine, but after tonight this arrangement is over.”

“We’ll see.”

Sam’s brother turns around and heads downstairs. Sam follows behind him, since Sam was his date for tonight. Bradley got invited to a
Halloween party, but the catch was. He was required to bring a date with him. The problem was his girlfriend over at the other school dropped him two weeks ago after he had bought everything they needed to go to the party as Joker and Harley Quinn.

Since, Bradley’s friend didn’t live too far away. They walked down to his house. By the time they got there, Sam’s feet were hurting from wearing the heels Harley Quinn wore in the movie. Sam had a baseball bat with him that looked just like the one from the movie. So, if someone gave him a hard time. He could bop them with it.

By the time Sam and Bradley get to the house, the party was going full swing.

“Bradley my man, let’s party!” Bradley’s friend drags Bradley and Sam into the house. A drink is given to Bradley and another one is given to Sam.”

Sam looks over towards Bradley “drink it.”

Sam does as he is told and drinks the beer down. He stays by his older brother like he was supposed to do. Another beer is put into his hand. His brother forces him to drink it. Sam is hating the fact his brother is controlling him like this. Bradley pulls him close to his body during a dance and forces his tongue down his brother’s throat. Bradley leans in close to his brother.

“Don’t forget anything that goes on here is what I want you to do. No question asked or hesitation.”

“Fine!” Sam just lets Bradley do what he wants to him.

Sam along with several other girls are lead to a bedroom.

“Alright girls, it’s time to see how well you give blowjobs. So down on your knees.”

The girls all look at each other and turn back around to face their dates.


A blonde hair girl replies.

“There’s always one or two. Boys, we need to set an example.”

Several boys grab the girl and take her to the bed and rip off her costume and secure her. They gag her mouth. The boys start lining up.

“Now, unless you want to end up like her, you’ll do as your told.”

Everyone including Sam drops to their knees and watch as each boy uses the girl. They come over to their dates afterwards and gets a blow job from them. Sam tries to block out everything as he is forced to give his brother a blow job. As he finishes his brother, another boy takes his place. Sam is forced to service all the guys along with the rest of the girls. Thunder shakes the house as the lights go out. Lighting starts striking outside. A bolt of lightning strikes from outside through the sliding glass doors and strikes Sam. Sam starts feeling strange and laughter starts escaping from his/her mouth as the energy wraps around. The energy branches off and strikes each girl as it passes through their body. It passes through the barely breathing girl on the bed and back into Sam. The laughter gets louder as Sam starts feelings his body being reshape.

“HA, ha, ha, ha” as Sam’s is left standing in the middle of the room laughing with the baseball bat in her hand.

Sam strikes out with the baseball bat she brought with her at the first guy to rape the girl. She smashes hard into him with it, while laughing. The other girls the lightning had pass through were laying on the floor asleep. She swings the baseball bat into the next guy’s groin area smashing them from the force. She keeps on smashing each guy in the groin area, till she comes to her brother. The door that lead to the room was jammed shut. Bradley was standing in front of it looking at his brother.

“You forced me to be your date, you forced your tongue down my throat.” She punches him for those two.

“You took part in raping that girl and forced these other girls to give you blow jobs along with your friends.” She punches him again,
while laughing.

“Then you forced me to give you a blow job and your friends a blow job and made me swallow it.” She swings her baseball bat at his groin as hard as she could, turning his penis and testicles into jelly. She swings her baseball bat again sending him through the bedroom door.

She skips out into the crowd of people still there laughing her head off. The lights had come back on as she skips over to the front door. She smashes through the door with all her strength with the baseball bat.

“Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!” She skips down the street in the rain.

She heads downtown and smashes windows of jewelry stores taking the jewelry with her. She smashes the windows of gun stores and skips in taking a bunch of guns and ammo with her. She leaves the gun store and goes looking for an empty warehouse she can hold up for the night. She stops when she finds a sports car and breaks the window to get into the car. She hot wires it and takes off as police cars race by her towards the stores she had broken into. She drives till she gets tired and finds a place to hold up for the day.

Sam wakes up in some strange bed and feels sick to her stomach. She rushes to the bathroom and throws up. Sam stands back up feeling a little better and as she is trying to get the taste of throw-up out of her mouth she stops and looks at herself in the mirror and couldn’t believe what she was seeing. She stilled looked like Harley Quinn from suicide squad.

Sam starts undressing and notices that all the prosthesis she had put on. Has turned into actual flesh and blood. She drops her shorts and notice that her manhood was no longer, but an actual vagina. She starts laughing as she stands there in the bathroom nude. She remembers bits and pieces of what happened last night, but not everything.

She fills the tub up with slightly hot water and lowers herself down into the water. She closes her eyes and recalls everything that all those girls felt, including the one that had been raped repeatedly. Every emotion and physical sensation they felt as they were forced to give each guy a blow job. Everything the girl that had been raped felt she experiences for herself. She was feeling every emotion as it happened. Her body was reacting to it as if she was being raped. She screams like it is being done to her. She knew which girl’s fathers, uncles and brothers were molesting them. She knew which girls had been forced to be submissive and do as they were told. She was to be their revenge against those that hurt them. That was why she was changed and that was why she was given their memories. She knew the girls were fine, but they had amnesia and wouldn’t remember of what happened for the past four days.

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