Interpol Heartburn -chp 3

Interpol Heartburn


After two years of heavy hard hitting make or break cases and a little arm twisting Maria as take her family to Sicily on vacation. Unknown to them or the OICA a deadly ghost from the past would rear its ugly bringing with it death and destruction.

by Snowfall and Jessie Wolf.

Dedicated to the men and women of the US Marshal Service.

Edited by my husband Paul, and AJC Snowfall.


This is a work of fiction an any persons in this work are purely fictional.

Chapter 3

Cargo ship Free Profit, somewhere off the coast of Morocco;

The captain looked on as three of his passengers disembarked his ship by high-speed launch. He was paid to bring these three men this far and to meet up with the launch. After that, he had one more drop to make. He would be dropping the last three men off in Lisbon, Portugal. Whoever these men were, the captain did not care. They were none of his business. His business was that of the smuggler. A business that he excelled at for over thirty years.

The fact that he owned his ship, was proof to his skill. All his crew were loyal in a way that only well-paid mercenaries or family could be. In other words, he didn’t trust them as far as he could throw his ship. Once the launch was clear of the drop-point, the captain turned to his XO. “Head for Lisbon, Gene. Remember to correct our records to show only three passengers.”

“Aye, aye, skipper. We should reach port in seven hours. That is if we proceed at half speed. Make it five if we go at full, skipper.”

The captain knew what his XO was getting at. He, along with most of the crew knew that their passengers were wanted men. The XO wanted the men off the ship as soon as possible. This was not their normal smuggling operation, and none of them liked it. The captain sighed. “Give the order for Full Speed ahead, Gene. Let’s get our guests off by nightfall.” The captain sighed at the look of relief on his XO’s face, and knew he done the right thing by his crew.

“Aye, aye, skipper.” The captain watched as his XO turned and headed for the bridge to carry out his orders. In truth, the captain would be just as happy as his crew to be rid of his passengers. They gave him the creeps.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania;

Judge Roy Bell walked into his chambers after a rather stressful morning in court. He had heard the opening arguments by the Defense in one of Philadelphia’s most notorious cases of the century. “Gladys, hold my calls for the next hour. I need some peace and quiet after that mess.”

“Yes, your Honor. Was it as bad as all that?” His longtime secretary asked in worry. She knew her boss hated it when defense attorneys got theatrical.

“I swear; if I hear one more time how innocent Richard Blair is on the charges of kidnapping, slavery, false imprisonment, sexual assault, forced sexual assault, sexual assault of a minor, and all that other shit. I might just shoot the fucker's attorney and him in my courtroom. What was the damned D.A.’s Office thinking, by allowing this case to get to court? The man was arrested in the act of forcing that child to have anal sex. Have you even seen the before and after pictures of the young person? There is no way in hell that child will ever have a normal life again. Hell, I don’t even know what pronouns to use concerning the child. Should I use her and she, or he and him.”

“Is the child one of the ones that was rescued after the Vassago International scandal, sir?” Gladys could tell right away that it was by the Judge’s face.

“Yes, Gladys, the child is. What is truly sickening, was what was done to the child’s body to make it more sexually attractive to Blair.” Handing over a stack of photos that were of before and after Roy sighed. “The doctors that have examined the child say there is no way for that child to walk without wearing a seven-inch heel. She’ll have to wear a damned corset for the rest of her life, just to support her torso. Forget about the fact she’ll need one that is heavy enough to provide the needed protection for her lungs. Those are just the tip of the iceberg. One of the doctors is a psychologist. That report is one that I wished I had never read. Even now, that poor child can’t step out of her room without being covered from the neck down like a Victorian Maid. They’ve tried every type of clothing to break her of the need, but to no avail.”

The rest of what Judge Roy Bell was about to say was cut-off by the massive blast that ripped through the floor. No one in the North-east corner of the Courthouse would live to go home that night. The fire that followed the explosion burned for more than eight hours before the Fire Department could bring it under control. In total; thirty-four people died in the blinding flash that destroyed part of the Courthouse. Another eighty-two would suffer life changing injuries.

The one bright spot in the whole tragedy was the death of Richard Blair and his Lawyers. With him dead, there was no one to protest his victim’s claim to his fortune. Thankfully that teenager had been protected by the law and was not in the Courthouse at the time of the explosion, but a hundred miles away at a very private boarding school in the mountains of western Maryland, in Garret County. A place where the people are known for being very protective of each other’s privacy, and of children placed in their care. Just ask any local of Garret County, where the Garret School for Exceptional Girls is, and you’ll be answered at gunpoint. The residents of Garret County also don’t take much to outsiders poking their noses into other people’s private business. More than one interloper has been attacked by bears in them there, hills.

Somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean;

Kasey and Kristine were hard at work going through the files they had setup for each suspect. The two teens had not stopped working from the moment the airliner reached cruising altitude. Both were sure there was more information they could gather from the files about the suspects. They just didn’t know what that information was yet. It was the words of the mentor that drove them to keep searching the files. Kasey was the first to spot the needed intel.

Looking across the row in First Class at Sam. “Mama Sam, can you look at this?”

Sam, seeing that Kasey was on to something, got out of her seat and looked over Kasey’s shoulder. “What do you have honey?”

“I’m not sure mama, but does this look like someone who would setup transportation on a single ship for an entire terrorist cell?” Kasey asked.

The man in question was a known smuggler and drug trafficker. Someone who knew how to hide the transportation of illegal merchandise or wanted felons.

“Bobby, Hunter, Annette, come over here for a second. I think the girls are on to something. Mom, you might want to see this too.” Sam’s request had the adults moving with a purpose.

One of the Flight Attendants noticed their gathering around the young woman and moved to restore order in her section. “Excuse me, but you all need to return to your seats. I cannot have passengers just jumping around the cabin.”

Annette just looked at the Attendant and pulled out her credentials. “U.S. Deputy Marshals, ma’am. This is official business, please do not interrupt again.”

The Attendant looked Annette’s badge seeing that it was real, but still had doubts about the teenagers. “What about them? They’re not Deputies, so you will have to return to your seats.”

“Kasey be a dear and hand me your credentials?” Maria asked her granddaughter sweetly. She knew that Kasey had them in her pants' pocket.

Kasey raised up, pulled out her credentials and handed them over to her grandmother. Then she returned to her work on the laptop leaving the Attendant to the adults to handle. Knowing full well, that Maria was about to put the bitch in her place once and for all.

“I know that you know what one of our badges looks like, Miss. So, I won’t sugar-coat what I am about to tell you. If you do not walk away, I will place you under arrest for impeding a Federal Investigation that currently involves Interpol and our service. As this is a U.S. Flag carrier this is your only warning.” After Maria finished her little speech, she showed the Attendant Kasey’s badge and credentials. There was no mistaking the shocked look on the Attendant’s face.

“Um… ma’am are those real?” In response Maria pulled out her credentials. “I see Marshal. I had no idea that the Marshals employed such young Deputies.”

“The two teenagers with us are an exception to the rule, young lady. You will not talk about this to anyone. You do and you go to prison. Understand?” Maria snarled the last part out.

“If I may make a suggestion?” The attendant really wanted to smooth things over with the very angry Marshal just then. At Maria’s nod the attendant sighed. “There is a crew space just overhead. We can make that available to you and your deputies, if you would like?”

Maria could see that the Attendant was trying to restore her control over First Class and smooth over the Deputies. Looking around the cabin Maria could tell that more than a few eyes were turned in their direction, along with a few cameras. “Deputies, please ensure that all videos are deleted. Stewardess, we’ll take the offer to use the crew space.”

Sam and Annette moved to ensure that all videos of them were deleted. Hunter and Bobby helped Kasey and Kristine pickup their equipment. Maria, went to each person in First Class showing them her credentials explaining the reason behind what had happened and thanked them for their cooperation. The attendant thanked Maria for helping her soothe the other passengers and restoring order.

Once in the crew compartment area, the Black Badge Deputies gathered around Kasey and Kristine. Now alone, Sam pointed out what Kasey had found. Hunter, and Bobby both got deep and thoughtful looks, while Annette just snapped her fingers. “The only reason someone with this type of background would do this is as a decoy. Kasey pull up the shipping route for that cargo freighter. I have a feeling that ship is using coastal shipping lanes.”

Kasey did as Annette ordered. She didn’t always understand right away what her mother did or wanted, but knew there was a reason for it. Once she had the map of the Mediterranean displayed, Kasey overlaid the shipping lanes. Once they were up Kasey placed the cargo ship’s registered route on the screen. All four adults could see what had happened before either of the teens.

“SHIT! Kasey, can you or your sister, get into the facial recognition for Lisbon and Sania Ramel Airport?” Bobby asked of his oldest daughter.

“Not from up here sir. Sure, we have a limited Internet connection, but that is all we have. Before you ask papa, it is a built-in safety feature. This way no one can remote access the flight controls and take over a plane in flight. Sorry.” Kasey really was sorry that she couldn’t do what Bobby needed.

“Don’t worry sweetheart. I should have realized before I asked. I wasn’t thinking about something like. Then again, that’s what we have you and your sister for. We break heads, kick down doors, and slam bad guys into walls. You and your sister tear apart computer farms and dance with electron orchestras. That is why you work form the Ops Center, and we work in the field.” As Bobby described the way the two halves of the team worked, Kasey was amazed. She had never really thought about the part she and her sister played in the investigations of the Black Badge Deputy Marshals. Nor how major of a part they played, now she did.

While this was going on Kristine was lost in her dive, and had no idea of the conversation between her adopted father and sister. Unlike Kasey, Kristine found a way to use the limited Internet aboard the plane. She found the course plot for the Free Profit. She knew that this would be key to their investigation, but not why. Kasey noticed there were two secondary port-calls listed for the ship. The problem was the time frame for the port-calls. Neither one was long enough to take on more cargo. Taking a deep breath Kristine came up from her dive.

“Excuse me, but why would a ship stop for only an hour at a time at a port-of-call, mom Annette?”

“Do you say one hour, Kristine?” Annette asked of her.

“Yes, ma’am. The ship those men took is named the Free Profit. Owned and operated by Johanna Grant of Newport News, Virginia. I can give you the specs on the ship if need be, but I can give you a short version.” Kristine looked up at her parents, uncle, and grandmother with a smile.

“Short.” Came from Sam and Bobby.

“Shorter.” From Annette.

“Shortest.” From Hunter.

The old joke worked and lightened the mood in the crew rest area. “The ship is a Handymax, long haul, freighter. Good for both cross Atlantic and river transit. Total tonnage is roughly forty thousand tons, deadweight tonnage. The Free Profit has four thirty-ton cargo cranes. Unlike the prison ships, the Free Profit is not in the Supermax or VLOC class of Handymax cargo ships.”

“This is the short version sis?” Kasey sniped at her.

“Hush you! Do not make me break out my Nerf Bat of plus three annoying older sister slaying.” All the adults laughed at the antics of the teens. They all knew how much the two girls loved and respected each other. The fact that both were willing to kill to protect the other and their little cousin Mindy was without doubt. “As I was saying before being annoyingly interrupted, this is also the type of cargo carrier that has self-boarding and loading capabilities. It makes them ideal for smuggling. Captain Grant knew what he was doing when he bought that ship.”

“So, we have a ship that is perfect for smuggling, with a sailing plan that has two short port-calls in it. Six suspects that most likely know this. That or paid for those port-calls. Each of which has an airport. Only one of which is friendly to the U.S. We have one team already operating in the U.S. according to the news. With two more able to come into play in over the next twenty-four hours instead of three days. Making a total of three Political Assassination teams working inside of the U.S. in thirty-six hours on the inside and forty-eight at the outside. Does that about sum things up Deputies?” Maria snapped.

“Yes, ma’am. That about sums things up. And according to these port-call times, our suspects could very well be aboard flights to the U.S. as we speak. So the time line is more than likely to be closer to ten to twelve hours before all three cells are in full operation. I wish I could give you a better estimate on the time frame.” Kasey answered for all of the deputies. “The big question is what are their targets?”

“I think I have that figured out, sis.” All eyes turned to Kristine. “So far the tangos have only targeted judges that have ruled on civil or criminal cases that involve LGBT teens or LGBT Civil Rights. The one cell that is already in operation is going after judges in the New England and Mid-Atlantic states regain form the looks of it. I know that this is going to sound crazy, but I don’t think that they’ll make a headlong run at POTUS for another two maybe three days.”

“Okay short-round, wow us with your reasons.” Smiling down at his niece Hunter encouraged Kristine to show off.

Kristine took a deep breath, then let it out slowly. “This is the way I see them operating for the next few days.” She opened a second window that she had been keeping track of a separate file in. This file showed a list of judges that had all set legal benchmark decisions for LGBT Civil Rights over the last five years. “I got to thinking that the first two judges weren’t picked at random. They had or were currently residing over cases that involved the rights of transgender teens. The one in New York being the most current Civil Rights case. While the one in Philadelphia was a criminal case against a former slave owner that had ties to Vassago International. Now, from Philadelphia on, we have four possible targets all within a four-hour drive. Boston Massachusetts, Richmond Virginia, Pittsburg Pennsylvania, and Baltimore Maryland.”

“Kristine, why did you pick those four cities?” Sam asked her quickly.

“Because all four have a First Circuit Court Judge who has made similar rulings as the first in the last five years. With Judge Arnold J. Royce making the biggest and most damaging of them all, Boston. He was the one who signed half of the arrest and seizure warrants against the LOG party in Massachusetts. That man bankrupted the LOG party in that state with a stroke of his pen.” When Kristine finished her explanation all five adults were looking at her like she just grew a second head.

Bobby summed up what they were all thinking. “SHIT! Just when we thought that snake was dead, it rears its fucking head again. I swear it’s like playing whack-a-scumbag. Any idea of who could be funding this shit storm girls?”

“Yes, sir.” Kasey smiled at Bobby as Maria gave him a disappointing look for his use of foul language. “Before, Kris took down their servers there was a lot of movement in their offshore accounts. Now, we did manage to grab most of their funds and assets, but there was still more than twenty-five million that was unaccounted for that we’ve been trying to track down. Even with Miss Krystel’s help, we haven’t had much luck. The problem has been the accounts were most of the money wound up are in a Swiss bank. We know there was one major player that escaped during the take down of the LOG party, Mister Robert Hines. Now, for the last year and a half the man has stayed off every radar there is, totally off the grid. No one, and I mean no one, has seen hide nor hair of the man in all that time. We have looked at reports of him being in South America, but nothing ever panned out enough to deploy an asset. As for the man, himself, what we do know for sure is he was way up on the food chain for the LOG. If there was someone out there with an axe to grind against these judges, with the means and funds to pay, it is Robert Hines.”

“Let me see if I have this straight. We have a former big wig with the LOG party spending what looks like the last of the Party’s cash to get revenge. Revenge against the system that took them down hard. Using what amounts to three teams of professional assassins who all specialize in political assassinations. We have one team on the ground already, and in play, with two more flying in to back them up. What I want to know is where is the man pulling the strings, girls?” Maria was beyond pissed. She and Annette had spent more than twelve years gathering the needed evidence to take down the LOG party. Now, it was looking like all that work was about to go down the tubes. “Bobby, how much longer till we land in Miami?”

“Three to four hours mom. If your planning on using that Sat-phone forget about it. With all the new security measures put in place, plus the fact that we’re traveling at speed and altitude contacting Control will be a bitch. Just save for when we touch down in Miami. I’m sure that Rodrick will let you use the radio on the Lear to contact Lyssa. As it is, I believe that we have done all can for now. I say we head back down and get as much sleep as we can before landing.”

Maria agreed with Bobby and ordered her granddaughters to close up shop. Hearing this the teens took the hint and shutdown their laptops. Annette, and Samantha, helped the girls to pick up their equipment and pack it away. The two mothers knew their teenage daughters better than most. They knew that if the teens had a chance they would be right back into their laptops, hunting for the next digital clue. Once they returned to their seats in First Class the teens laid back and were out like a light in mere seconds. Maria, wasn’t far behind them, as her age was starting to catch up to her. The four adult Deputies just smiled and followed their examples. They knew that somewhere in the U.S. bad men were planning to do bad things, and it would be their job to stop them. One way or another.

Ram’s Rock Island…

Anna stood facing the massive screens studying the profiles of the nine men that her family were now hunting. Each man was his own mystery to the retired Mistress of Assassination. They all had their own ways of operating. Each was a perfect foil for taking out just one or two political targets. Yet, here were nine professional killers that had no political ties. None at all, it was as if someone had cherry picked the perfect members for each team, no matter how they were arranged. She would know, as over the past few hours she had rearranged the men countless times.

“Anna, what are you looking for?” Lyssa asked from behind her.

“Insight.” That one word answered twisted Lyssa’s tit but the Operator knew that the old assassin was using all of her formidable skills and experience at profiling to try and give them an edge. Lyssa knew that this was Anna and Maria’s world. The world of the assassin. Lyssa knew when to step back and let the experts do their thing. She may be one of the best special operations operators out there, but she was not an assassin for hire. Anna never looked back at Lyssa, she had to figure out these men’s next target hopefully in time to stop them.

Try as hard as she could Anna just couldn’t see where those three men were heading. There were just too many targets, and this had to be kept quiet, out of the news. As much as Anna would love to just leave behind the blood splattered fence that was no longer an option for her or her team. As it stood now, Anna had twenty-three possible targets. All of which fit the needed parameters for these men’s normal victim profile. That was the problem, one too many targets to choose from.

Anna looked long and hard at the one judge that in her mind stood out above the rest. Judge Arnold J. Royce, is an honorable and well-respected man of the times. Like most good hitters Anna had kept up with who was sitting the bench on the First Circuit. Like a lot of her fellow assassins, Anna had her favorite judges, and Royce was at the top of her list. “Krystel, can you bring up Judge Royce’s schedule for the next five days?”

“If he has it on a network sure. Doubt that he would have his personal itinerary posted though, Miss Anna.” Krystel answered.

“It is not his personal itinerary that I am concerned with Krystel. In fact, it is his court appointments and cases he is currently scheduled to hear that we need to look at.” Anna never took her eyes off the screen that held the list of judges as the Cyberwarfare operator worked her magic. To Anna, that is exactly what Krystel, Kasey, and Kristine did with computers in her mind.

“Here you go Miss Anna. Is this what you wanted to see?” Krystel had pulled up the court dock for the First Circuit Federal Court in Boston.

It took Anna less than ten seconds to see what she was looking for. “Yes, it is Krystel. Can you do the same for Richmond, Pittsburg, and Baltimore? The same level court, please? They should be under the following Judges; Anthony J. Price, Stephany R. Marks, and finally Lizbeth A. Borden. All three should be hearing similar cases.”

“Anna, what are you looking for?” Lyssa asked again. “Please don’t tell me insight either. I know you’re looking for something more.”

“Think Prima Lyssa, what is the one court case that has all of the country up in arms right now? Why target judges? Shouldn’t these men be going after political figures not law enforcement. Why target sitting judges hearing civil and criminal cases involving LGBT? None of this makes sense if your final objective is the Executive Branch, why target members of the Judicial Branch? The answer to this has to be somewhere among the court cases being heard.” Anna explained.

It took the rest of the OICA team a moment before they understood what Anna was driving at. Lyssa, Kimberly, Rodrick, and Krystel began to pour over the court dockets with a fine-tooth comb. Not Surprisingly, it was Kimberly who spotted the connection between the first two judges and the next ones. “Oh, fuck me in a back-alley! These judges are all presiding over cases against former owners of those slaves from the Farm and those damned ships. This whole damned thing is heading back to all that shit with the LOG Party and Vassago International. Please, someone tell me that we can at least put these sick fuckers down for good this time?”

“No, Kimberly. This is not tied to those people. Not directly. This is what a non-official group would do to undermine part of a government infra-structure. You target a set of high profile cases with something in common, ones being heard by honest judges. Then kill the judges. Next, you target a few state level Congressmen or Senators. Ones that are well known or publicity hounds. Next, you go after a Governor or a much-loved Mayor. Finally, once you have every Law Enforcement agency jumping at shadows, you strike at your true target. The problem with this plan is it takes training, time, and above all, money. We’re talking about millions here, and I don’t see someone shelling out that kind of dough for this kind of operation.” Lyssa told her friend.

“I am afraid this time you may be wrong Prima Lyssa.” Anna held up her hand to forestall Lyssa’s response. “There is a personal reason behind all of this, and someone is more than willing to pay the bill. The answer is in the cases that are being heard in those courts. To gather the needed men or women for this type of contract, get them a place to plan, plan their escape, have the needed materials in place for their use, plus the correct number of court cases to be heard within a certain time frame, that all takes time and planning.”

“How much time are we talking here, Anna? Are we talking about someone with your background and connects or Joe Snuffy here?” Rodrick asked from behind Lyssa.

“If I were the one organizing this, four to five weeks.” At the stunned looks on the OICA members faces Anna just smiled. “Please, I have years of connections which to draw on, plus more than enough resources to pull it off in that short amount of time. No, this contract and the holder is not a professional or Don. This is someone that has vengeance on their mind and nothing else. Someone that is not worried about the long game, solely fixated on the short term. They want to send a message to the system that says payback. Yes, Gemini named this file well.”

“Okay, Anna, we can see that now, but what kind of time frame are we looking at here? Six, nine, twelve months, for planning, another year to gather resources?” Rodrick was worried about the possibility that this could happen again.

“If someone had the money, they could arrange the whole thing in as little as nine months. With the rest of the time spent by the teams preparing for the attacks on their chosen or assigned targets. Grand total; eighteen months from start to finish for John Q. Public to pull this off. IF they had the money.” Anna’s very blunt breakdown of the current situation had the whole OICA looking at her in a new light.

“Anna, have you ever thought about applying your expertise to counter-terrorism?” Lyssa asked her, with Rodrick nodding his head behind her.

Anna shook her head. “No, not really. It’s not like I can apply what I know to fighting terrorism.”

“You just did. You may not think so, but you have a very unique perspective to how the supply and revenue chain works for something like this.” Kimberly pointed out. “I know we have asked you this before, but we really could use your expertise around here.”

Anna had heard their requests and arguments before. More than once she had told them she was happy just acting as a Maid to the DeMarco household. Now though, this case was showing her that her time as a useful member of the teams was not over yet. Oh, the South Carolina Contract had proven she was no longer fit to directly handle a contact, she could still direct the team where to go.

Then there were the teenagers. Madam Maria’s granddaughters, the next generation of DeMarcos. Yes, she could become a teacher to those fascinating young minds. “If you’ll have me, I’ll be more than happy to help.”

A private residence outside Lausanne, Switzerland;

The maid knew her Master was in a good mood this evening. He had not beaten her before sexually taking her, like when he was angry. Even the Mistress was in a grand mood as she played her maid. They were being playful and kind to the two slaves. Yes, the maids knew exactly what they were, and they were happy about it. After all, they knew what happened to those who fought back or tried to escape. The two teenagers figured it was better to be sexual playthings and household slaves than dead on the bottom of the sea, or thrown out on the streets in a foreign country with no papers. Today had been a good day for the two maids.

Robert Hines looked over at his second wife, Sharon, as she mounted her favorite toy. “Do you think they’ll make it through the full list?”

“No. To be honest, I give four targets a piece before they are taken down, but it should be enough of a distraction for Blip to find the rest of the Party’s money.” Sharon answered as she greased the nine-inch dildo that was attached to her harness. “It is the secondary teams that I am worried about. I doubt they’ll make it pass the airport security teams. It will be a great waste of money if they fail.”

“No, my dear it won’t be. Those two teams will mean the U.S. Federal Authorities will be looking hard elsewhere while our pet hacker finds those lost millions. Look at it this way. They are a short-term investment with a small return.” Robert started to grunt as he forced himself into the maid he was using that night. “I think this little bitch has been using Ben-gay on her ass again.”

“No, darling. I’ve been making them take hot oil treatments so they remain tight. I know you prefer a nice tight hole to drill.” Sharon got a very sly smile on her face. “Oh, I do have another tidbit of good news for you. I found that slut Missy. She should be here at the end of next week.”

“That’s great news. Where did you find that ex-wife of mine?” Robert kept his displeasure over hearing this off his face.

Sharon smiled with glee. “I found her the same place that I found your ex-partner, and my ex-husband. A okiya in the Kyoto district. They were both work in the same teahouse as geisha. From what I understand their former owner was reluctant to give them up. It seems that foreign geisha are a growing concern and a foreign she-male is like hitting the jackpot on a progressive machine in Vegas.”

“Damn. How much did it cost us?” Robert couldn’t believe that his wife would go behind his back like this. Didn’t she realize how dangerous it was for his ex-wife and her ex-husband to just show up.

“Nothing really. I just had to send her two fourteen year olds as replacements. Not that hard, really. I paid for the boys to fly out this morning. They should be meeting their new owner about now, and finding out what their life will be like.” Sharon giggled at the thought. “I must say Rob, I never thought you had it in you to be so ruthless. Hell, what I want to know is how did you ever find out about Carstairs' overseas operations?”

“That was easy, Sharon. Who do you think handled all the negotiations? The man might have thought he was able to keep everything under the radar or from me, but he was wrong. All these fuck sticks wanted to show me just how good a job they were doing for their American Partner. I just never said anything to Carstairs. Before everything went sideways, I had already started moving the needed funds around so I could take over the overseas operations. I just never expected the Feds raiding the party when they did. It really threw a monkey wrench in my plans.” Robert didn’t see the harm in telling her now. As it was, she would never be able to use the knowledge to her advantage or to harm. Not after tonight.

Sharon nodded, preparing to thrust inside. “I know. By the way, thank you for getting rid of my husband for me. My only question was why did you sell him to that geisha house?”

“I didn’t, the Organization did. By the way she was one of our first test subjects for the gene splicing treatments. She turned out quite well considering her radical changes. I saw the finished product before they sold her. Now, why did you want to know where my ex went to?”

“Well, you knew where my ex was, and thought it would only be fair to know where yours was. So, I hunted the slut down. Now, they will both be here in a few days. Right where we can keep an eye on the both of them.” Sharon just smiled. What the poor women didn’t realize was that she had just signed her own slave contract.

Robert Hines orgasmed one last time in his maid and pulled out. Walking over behind Sharon he nuzzled the back of her neck as she rode her maid to her own orgasm. Once she was done Sharon sighed, the last thing the woman remembered was a sharp blow to the base of her skull, before blacking out. Robert eased her down to the floor. Looking over at the two maids Robert quickly gave them their orders.

“Get a transfer case ready for her, Mary. Lisa, bring me the black bag in the back of my closet.” The two maids didn’t have to be told twice. They rushed to carry out their orders before the Master turned his anger on them. While the maids were carrying out their orders Robert made a phone call. A half hour later, a van pulled up to the house and a pair of large men removed a heavy metal case from the house. Once it was loaded into the van Robert looked at the driver.

“Full conditioning, then sell her ass to Madam Metsiku. Cancel the dual purchase the bitch made and return them. As for the two new acquisitions have them returned for programing and modification. Full training as geisha then brought here. Understand?” he told the driver.

“Sure, thing boss. What about the recovery operation for the ones in Maryland?”

“What recovery operation, Johnson?”

The driver looked at his boss with real fear in his eyes. “The one that Mrs. Sharon ordered, Boss. She said she wanted all those slaves back in our control by the end of the week. Something about the assassination teams work being the perfect distraction.”

“Bloody Hell! Is anyone in contact with those men?” Robert demanded.

“Sorry Boss, but Mrs. Sharon handled all that. No one knows who she hired or where they are. She just paid Handready to have the job done.” The driver told Robert.

“Get that son of a bitch here by COB or they’ll never find your bodies.” The driver and his partner just nodded their heads and drove off. They knew that someone was about to have a shitty day and it wasn’t them.

Robert Hines had spent a good deal of money and resources to keep his operations under the radar. But this little screw up of his now second ex-wife could very well bring down Interpol and a whole lot more heat than he wanted. No, he had to get ahead of this mess before Sharon’s scheming gets him dead.

----- TBC -----

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