Sunday Morning Pantyhose Part 23

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Sunday Morning Pantyhose XXIII
Tracy Davis

Jake called one evening and asked, “I’ve got to go back over to Center City to pick up my paycheck cause they didn’t have it ready when I got off work this morning. I thought you might want to get dressed up and go out. We could have dinner over there somewhere.”

The thought was tantalizing. “Sure. I’ll be over in a little while.”

I went in the bedroom and disrobed. It was really warm out, too hot for pantyhose, but I didn’t want to have panty lines either. I put on knee-high hose and put on my black slacks without underwear. Checking out my rear end in the mirror, it looked pretty good! I was worried about staining them, though, so I went in the linen closet, got one of Becky’s tampons out of the box, and slid my slacks back down and inserted it in my rectum. I put on my purple ribbed turtleneck and my black high-heeled strappy sandals, and left for Jake’s.

As I walked in his front door, he gave me the once over and said, “Mmmmm, you look so elegant in those black pants and sandals. You’ve even got pantyhose on.”

I answered, “Well, don’t tell anyone, but they’re actually just knee-highs. It was too hot for pantyhose, so I went commando.”

He smiled wickedly at me. “Mmmm, kinky. Let’s go.”

As we walked out to his car, I saw a few kids next door looking at me. I put my arm around his waist and walked heel-to-toe beside him, and I felt so sexy! Feeling the tampon in my butt as I walked added to the feeling.

After we got in the car, Jake said, “I need to stop at Jim’s and borrow his work keys. You can come in if you feel up to it, or just wait in the car.”

I was really feeling brave. “I can go in.”

As we walked in their front door, Jake introduced me to Lynn, Jim’s wife, and we sat down on the couch. We were making small talk discussing where we might go for dinner, and Lynn said, “You two look so nice all dressed up.” I saw her looking at my feet, and she said, “Cute shoes!”

I blushed and smiled, pointing my toe at her. “We thought we might go someplace really nice for dinner, so I got REALLY dressed up tonight. I even put on knee-high hose.”

She said, “I was thinking it looked like you had hose on.”

I smiled and blushed, “Mmmm-hmmm.”

We said our goodbyes and left. After we got to the fire station, Jake looked around, and said, “They’re out on a run. You can come in, there’s nobody here to see you.”

All the time we were in there, we were arm-in-arm, and I could feel the sexual tension building between us. After Jake found his paycheck, we got in the car to leave, and we started looking around for a place to eat. It was getting late on a weeknight, though, and everyplace was closed except for Taco Bell. We parked and went in, ordered our food, and then sat down in a booth. The air conditioning was really cranked up, and the plastic bench was freezing. I started to shiver.

“Are you cold?” Jake asked.

“Yes,” I said. “This bench is so cold, and I haven’t got anything on under these slacks.”

“I know,” he smiled wickedly. I crossed my legs and stuck my foot out in the aisle. I noticed people staring at it while we were eating.

After we finished, I cleaned up the table. I got up, pulled my sweater hem down, and strode purposefully across to the trash can, feeling people’s eyes on my derriere as I did so. I felt so attractive!

Back in the car, we headed for home. My feet were pinching, and I reached down and unbuckled my sandals and took them off. I looked at him and said, “Mind if I put my feet in your lap?”

“Sure,” he said. I swung them up and put them in his lap, and he laid his free hand on them, stroking my ankles, and feeling up my legs all the way to the elastic top of my knee-highs. It was so erotic, and I was so aroused. When we got home, he parked and shut off the car. He got out and came around to my side and opened the door for me. I picked up my heels and stepped out into his arms, and we embraced. As we walked arm-in-arm across the grass to the front door, I could feel the damp grass through my nylons. He unlocked the front door, and once inside, we threw our arms around each other, kissing deeply. He took me by the hand and we ran up the stairs to his bedroom. We kissed again, and fell down on his bed together.

His hand went to my crotch, and he started groping around. “Where’s your zipper?” he asked.

I giggled. “In the back, silly. They’re girl pants,” I said, rolling over so he had access to my ass. He found the tab of my zipper and pulled it down. He grabbed the waistband of my pants and pulled them down and off of me. He saw my tampon string hanging out of my crack and said, “You’ve got a tampon in?”

“Mmm-hmmm. I was worried about staining my pants since I’m not wearing underwear.”

“Oh. So are you, um, regular?”

“Mmm-hmmm. I had a BM this morning.”

“In that case, why don’t we suck each other off?”

“Sounds great to me.” We wrestled around till we were in the 69 position, and started giving each other head. The salty taste of his semen aroused me even more, and we frantically sucked at each other, cumming within minutes.

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