Gun Princess Royale - Book 3 - The Thousand Yard Princess - Intro.

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From the author of the Gun Princess Royale, and with Book Two's imminent release in mid-July, comes a sneak peak at Book Three.

The Thousand Yard Princess

- I -

There is a marked difference between me and the other girls.

They take a bullet to the head…their avatar dies.

I take a bullet to the head…I die.

Game over. Farewell life. Adios muchacha. Head for the light—the light!

True, the Sanreal Family, House Novis, and my cold-hearted bitch of a sister could imprint the most recent backup of my mind into another copy of Mirai…if they can make one. Please recall that my beloved cold witch of a sister called me a miracle—a miracle she said with a zealous light in her eyes—so enough said on that count.

True, a copy of my mind could exist within a virtual space like Clarisol, waiting for a new Mirai to be produced and installed into…when they make one…if they make one and get her to wake up.

Regardless, it wouldn’t be me.

It wouldn’t be the me that I am now.

That me would die, and perhaps fly off to Heaven or Hell, depending on whether I’ve been a good or bad girl because I do believe that Mirai has a soul. At least, I want to believe that she does. She has Angel wings, so why not a soul?

Nonetheless, that instance of me would perish and be no more, so why do I care about what happens to the copy? Or why would the copy care about what happened to me? After all, I’d blown it so now it was up to her to pick up the pieces.

If anyone has ever watched that really, really old movie from a few centuries ago called “The Sixth Day” then you’ll know what I mean.

My copy would probably laugh and call me stupid for getting my head shot off.

From my perch in Heaven or Hell, I’d give the copy the one-fingered salute.

Let’s see how well you do, Bitch!

However, the truth is that I don’t want to die.

I don’t want a copy to be made of me, because I am the true, one-and-only Mirai.

So I don’t want to die.

And that’s what I thought to myself as I listened to the bullets from a sextet of Gatling guns rip through the air, tear up my surroundings, and turn the dozen odd Gun Princesses around me into perforated metal dolls.

I mean those six guns were ripping the buildings, the ground, and the girls to shreds.

They were turning the plaza into Swiss cheese.

We’re talking chunks of permaglass and permacrete clouding the air; bits and pieces of artificial arms, legs, musculature, and risqué clothing tossed into the wind.

Hell, I can hear one of the high rise buildings nearby groan as it crumbles to the ground after being struck by a flock of missiles.

Those tough hombres from days long past who served in those wars that did nothing but drain their countries’ coffers dry – they ain’t seen nothing like this.

But those metal Princesses wouldn’t go down. They were screaming and yelling and cursing a blue streak – yes, girls can curse too – as they shot back round after round of heavy ammo at the owner of those six Gatling guns…until one of a few things happened.

One, they took a salvo of bullets to the head which meant the Meister could no longer control the mechanical avatar because the quantum link was broken. No head. No connection.

Or two, they took a shot through the heart which happened to double as their power core, effectively killing the avatar.

Or three, they lost their arms or hands or fingers and couldn’t pull the triggers no more.

Until then, they were pumping those triggers like there was no tomorrow, lighting up that metal monster from Hell, cursing it to kingdom come.

All the while, I’m hanging back because this is one shit storm I don’t want to get mixed up in. It’s going to be a long night and I have plans for tomorrow, such as deciding whether or not to be fashionably late to class as Telos Academy’s bitchy new filthy rich Princess.

But then the blasted metal demon catches sight of me exiting stage left, and sends a few dozen rounds of tanking killing bullets my way.

Seriously, I don’t want to die, so I dodge those bullets like that hero from that ancient film where you can see bullets tunnel through the air in slow motion.

I don’t have a cool black coat, but I do have a long, flowing midnight-blue skirt, and boy is that thing whipping around as I do my best to imitate the hero from the movie.

With my Awareness hyper-accelerated, I can definitely see those bullets coming at me whenever Mirai’s giant bouncing boobs aren’t blocking my view.

That’s why I don’t like my new outfit – it doesn’t offer me the same support – and I’ve got cleavage hitting my chin as I twist through the hail of bullets stitching the air.

Good thing I emptied my bladder before being dropped into the battle ground, or else I’d be peeing myself dry about now.

So how the Hell did I end up playing Twister with my life on the line?

That, dear readers, is a very long story…but I’ll try to keep it short…and I’ll probably fail…so it’s going to be a long story.

Dear readers of the Gun Princess Royale series, with Book Two to be released on July 14 (at the latest July 21), I thought I'd post the Intro to Book Three which is currently in development.

Book Three picks up where Book Two ends.
As you may recall, I only posted to the end of Chapter 6.
However, book 2 has 8 chapters, plus the Outro, and comes in at a pretty decent 120,000 words.
So there's about 30% of the book that wasn't posted here on TG BigCloset.
And that 30% is crucial to the story. You'll see if you read it when it's out on Amazon Kindle in three weeks time.

For those of you interested in Book One, as always I'm posting the link below:
Amazon Link: here!

When Book Two is released in mid-July, I'll post the link to it and make the general announcement.

The serialization of Book Three's draft one, will begin properly i.e. regularly in August, 2017 (knock on wood three times).

This is just a sneak peek that my editor has yet to approve for release. Hahahaha. I'm going to get it from him later though.

The title of "The Thousand Yard Princess" is tentative as of this writing.

Cheers and thank you for sticking with this weird series for so long.

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