Challenging Test Results

Challenging Test Results –

Calvin Summers never thought that drooling was going to change his life. His Mom and Dad frequently corrected him on his manners growing up. Now twenty-one, he could drool and they couldn’t stop him. He laughed at that thought. He knew his parents’ were right about manners. But, filling that plastic vial was briefly liberating. He felt awesome. It would be worth it though. Filling it now would mean that his DNA would get tested by and he would be able to start doing a complete genealogy for his Mom and Dad. Something he had wanted to do for a while, but his college studies prevented him. Now, he took the money he saved by not going on spring break and used it to do the test. In a month or so, the results would come in and he would have time during May to do a genealogy of his family that his Mom and Dad could put up on the wall.

He posted the kit and headed off to his dorm room to work on his Senior thesis and do some research on the genealogy of his family.

Time flew. March was soon the beginning of May and he had just a few weeks before he would get his degree in Mechanical Engineering. Much of the family tree was done and the results of the DNA, he hoped, would help break loose the brick wall on his Dad’s side.

Susan, his girlfriend of three years, knocked on his dorm room door. “Hey Honey, you want to grab something to eat?”

“You bet. Let me just check my email first.” He clicked on his email. His DNA test results were in. “Hey look! I can find out who I am related to now!” He clicked on the link in eager anticipation of the results.

Susan and Calvin looked over the results together. “What is this?!” he said. “It says my Mom is on here!” He clicked the link. Sure enough, a woman he had never met was listed as his parent. Her user name was Mfilly. Further, it said she hadn’t logged on in almost six months on to the website.

Susan asked, “Is that your Mom?”

“Yes,” he said sounding unsure of himself, “according to them, but it is not my Mom. I mean, I don’t know this person.”

“Maybe you are adopted?”

“I don’t think so. Mom sometimes talks about how difficult it was to give birth to me. She was under a lot of strain because Dad was deployed in Kuwait. They must have switched my test for someone else. I’ll call the company tomorrow.”

The two of them headed down to dinner arm in arm. But, the whole evening, Calvin felt tugged at by the results. He couldn’t get it out of his head that night. Finally, in the morning, he called the company and asked them to check. They checked the numbers and their tally sheets. And they assured him that the results were valid.

Getting back on line, he found the lady, who was his mother, had done a fairly complete genealogical tree. He saw her grandfather’s name and googled it. Darren Derek Holston of Cleveland, OH, showed up in a obituary. It listed a Marianne Filmore as a granddaughter and a great grandson, Oliver, his first born great grandson born a few months before his passing. Checking the year, Calvin’s jaw dropped. Oliver was likely born at the end of 1991, the year that Calvin was born. Moreover, Marianne was living in Dayton, Ohio, where Calvin was born.

Calvin googled Oliver Filmore of Dayton, Ohio, and to his surprise, got a hit. A high school era photo of Oliver showed up. He was being honored for saving the life of a little old lady whose house burned down. He went in and got her out before the flames took her.

Looking at the photo, he almost choked. He realized the boy had his Mom’s nose and eyes. Calvin always knew he looked a little different than his family, but not that much different. In looking at Marianne Filmore’s family tree, he could see that the family was very similar to his own in their ethnic origins. He was taller than his Dad by three inches which surprised the doctors. They said he should have been three inches shorter based on his birth weight and size. His Mom blamed her good cooking.

At six feet tall, he was ruggedly handsome and full of life. Frankly, the girls loved him and he had no problem finding a companion in life. Susan was gorgeous and the two made a stunning couple. Their future together was going to be awesome. But, this turn of events needed some resolution.

He dug further. He found a wedding photo in the paper for a Marianne Lawson and Gerald Filmore in the paper about two years before the birth of Oliver. The couple in the photo were nice, but he noticed that Gerald had a distinctive cleft chin as did Calvin.

This wasn’t something he could just send an email about until he was sure. Nor could he talk to his parents about it until he was sure. He had to find this couple and find the truth. He looked them up and found their home in Dayton. It was near the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base where his father was once stationed and had met his Mom. He went downstairs and began to drive over to Dayton from Miami University, where he went to college.

He turned onto 1683 Wilbur Avenue and parked in front of the house of Marianne Filmore on the opposite side. There were two cars in the driveway, so he knew someone was home. He debated for a moment, but decided to sit there and think about it. While he was thinking, the front door opened up and a young woman, about his age, came stomping out. She was blond, like his mother. She was followed by a man pointing a finger at her. She was in tears and he was ripping into her. He threw some clothes at her. They looked like a man’s trousers and dress shirt. He slammed the door and she looked back to look at the clothes, adjusted her dress and slowly, with tears flowing, walked to one of the cars leaving the clothes where they were.

It was a ratty old car she got into. It was a well used Bonneville. It had dents and scratches all over. She got in and pulled out and headed down the street. Calvin was surprised it was still running.

“Maybe,” he thought to himself, “this isn’t a good time to contact them. Maybe I should send her a message via the website. That might be best.”

After talking to himself, he decided to head on down the street. It was in the same direction as the woman who had left just a moment ago. About a mile down the road, he saw the woman who ran out the door next to the beat up old car. It had its bonnet open and she was checking the engine. She needed help. He pulled over and parked behind her.

Coming up along side the street side after checking for traffic, Calvin interrupted the young lady’s train of thought, “Excuse me, Miss, can I help you?”

Brushing tears from a face that was marked by the traces of recent upset, she looked at him. “You sure you want to help me?”

Calvin, taught to treat all with kindness and a smile, responded, “Of course. What kind of man would I be if I didn’t help a damsel in distress? What seems to be the problem?”

“Oh, my car died when I turned the corner. It keeps doing that. It scares me. It sits there for about ten minutes and then it starts up again as if nothing happened. I don’t know what to do. The guys at the shop can’t tell me what is wrong.”

“Oh, that is easy. The ‘89 Bonneville has a crank case sensor that needs to be replaced. Once it is, the problem goes away. Very easy repair.” Calvin confidently said.

She looked at him. “Are you a mechanic?”

“Mechanical engineer. I also like tinkering with cars with my Dad. I have had to repair a few of these for friends of my family. The problem is that once your car is turned off, the computer loses the information of what went wrong. I drove a friends car around until the car stalled. Then I put a code reader on it and was able to trace the problem.”

“So, in a minute or so, it will be fine?”

“Pretty much. Just have them replace the crank case sensors and you won’t have that problem again.”

“Thank you. I am glad you stopped, sir. My Dad is a mechanical engineer, like you. But, he hasn’t helped me with this like you have.” she added. Calvin came around and lowered the bonnet and made sure it was shut.

“My name is Calvin Summers. And, it was my pleasure. Come on and stand away from traffic please.” Calvin motioned for her to come to the side of the road.

“It’s not my car. It is a friends. She will be very happy to know the problem has been found.”

“Did you want me to follow you to make sure you get home safely? I promise to be a good boy. I have references. And you can text your friends my information if you wish. I think that would be a good idea.”

She giggled. “Oh, and what would those references be?”

“Well, my girlfriend Susan says I am nice and well trained.”

“Is that your way of telling me that you aren’t following me to pick me up?”

“Yes. I just want to make sure you get home safely. I am worried about you. You look upset.”

“What if I don’t deserve to get home because I am an evil person?”

“I don’t know about that. You seem like a nice lady. What is your name?”


“My name is Calvin Robert Summers. I was born on the 27th of December, 1991, here in Dayton.”

“Wow! What a coincidence!”


“Wow! I was born on the 27th of December, 1991, here in Dayton, Ohio. We are the same age!”

After a few minutes of chatting, Calvin said, “Look, I need to get something for lunch because I am hungry. Can I follow you home and take you to lunch nearby. Nothing fancy. Just a McDonalds or something. You seem like you need to just talk.” Calvin realized he witnessed a family argument and he could help her by easing her burden.

“No judgments?”

“No judgments. I promise. You could be a mass murderer and just need to talk.”

She agreed and he followed her home. He took her a couple of blocks away to a Wendy’s. They sat down. She had a baked potato and a drink. He had a hamburger, fries, and a drink.

“You can walk away and I will understand. I am a freak. At least, my family thinks I am a freak.”


“I was born a boy.”

“So?” She looked at him astonished at his response.

“So? I said that I was born a boy and changed my sex. That doesn’t bother you?”

“Nope. Two reasons. First, I promised you no judgments. Second, I mean, it bothers me to hear that you cut off your you know what. But that is my problem because I am rather attached to mine. So, that part creeps me out which, again, is my problem, not yours. But, that you have become a lovely young woman is not a problem.”

“You think I am lovely?”

“Yes. You aren’t replacing my Susan. But, I am a red blooded American male. I have to be honest and say you are attractive. Have you had your surgery yet?”

“Yes. I used up my student loans, which I shouldn’t have. My Dad just told me that he won’t support me and help me out. I have made my own bed, so I should lie in it. They have pretty much disowned me and kicked me out of the family.”

“Aside from that, are you happy with who you are now?”

“I seem to be.”

“That is a good start. I am fortunate. I have terrific parents. They have been so good to me and I plan to do wonderful things for them. In fact, I am headed over there after lunch. Would it help you if you talked to them?”

Olivia seemed shocked. “Are you sure you aren’t making a pass at me?”

“I guarantee it. I think they would help you now more than you could ever imagine. Please trust me.”

“Okay. If they reject me too, you promise to take me home?”

“Yes. But, I know it would be worth it to you.”

After lunch, she went with him to his home. He led her up to his front door and he opened it. “Mom, Dad, are you home?”

“Yes, Sport! You brother and sister are at the movies.” Calvin’s Dad came around the corner wiping his hands with a shop towel. He had been working on one of the cars in the garage. He saw Olivia standing next to Calvin. “Oh my, you are not Alice. Yet, you look exactly like my wife did when she was your age. Is this a new girlfriend, Calvin? Has Susan left you?!” he said looking flabbergasted and concerned.

“No Dad, Susan is my love still. I would like to introduce you to Olivia.” He turned to Olivia and said, “Olivia, I would like you to meet your biological father.”

Olivia and Calvin’s Dad looked at each other and then Calvin for an explanation. “Dad, Olivia was born a boy on December 27th, 1991. She has had a sex change operation recently. She is your biological daughter. She was switched with me at birth at the local hospital. I found out because I took one of those DNA tests.”

Calvin’s Dad started to tear up and opened up his arms. “Please come here sweetie. I am so happy to meet you.”

Olivia looked at Calvin. He beamed and nodded his affirmation that what he said is true. She was also astonished to see how accepting her real Dad was of what Calvin said. “Go to him. He is your real Dad. We’ll fix things with your current Dad when it is time.” Calvin proudly stated.

Maurice Summers came up and hugged Olivia. He then took her into the living room while Calvin went into the backyard to call his Mom in from her gardening. She was excited to meet Olivia and astonished at how they looked so much alike. It was like looking into a mirror into the past for her. There was a younger version of herself sitting there. She cried as she caressed Olivia's hair and face. “You are so much like me. I cannot believe how beautiful you are. It must have been so hard on you growing up like you did.”

“Yes, it was." she said with tears forming. "Thank you for accepting me. It hasn’t been easy.” Olivia broke down and cried. Both Maurice and Linda comforted their brand new daughter.

For the next few hours, they talked and talked. Olivia began to learn about the family she came from. All this time, Calvin just beamed.

Finally, the realization hit the parents and Olivia. They turned to Calvin and said, “You just discovered that her parents are really yours. How do you feel?”

“Excited by the prospect of being able to show them something they need to learn.”

“What is that?” Olivia asked.

“What unconditional love is.”

“That’s my boy!” Calvin’s Dad said proudly. “I knew we raised you right.” He gave Calvin a big hug.

“I know you did. I love you both so much! You too, Sis.”

Olivia discovered that she had a new family. They began to help her sort out her life. She loved meeting her new siblings, Alice and John. They both enjoyed meeting her. Alice and Olivia looked very much alike. They were only separated by a couple of years.

The next week, Olivia, Alice, and Calvin drove up in front of Olivia’s parents’ house. Alice got out and went up to the door. She rang the doorbell. Olivia’s mother answered.

At first, she was about to shut the door on her, but stopped. “You aren’t my son. I mean, my … Anyway, who are you and how can I help you?”

“Hi, my name is Alice Summers. Are you Marianne Filmore?”

“Yes. How can I help you?”

“No, I am here to help you.”

The world changes in little ways. A harried hospital staff made a mistake. But, years later, it was corrected. And now a family is learning that unconditional love starts in the heart and not the head.

Copyright © 2017 by AuP reviner

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