Jexy Meets The Fly Girls

July 6, 2017

"Perfect way to spend a birthday," Paige giggled as she walked through the vast Mall of America, hand-in-hand with her new fiancée. "Is this really the largest shopping mall in the states?"

"Yep," Jessica said with a sense of pride. "Both in floor size and number of shops. It's not usually THIS busy, though... Did you HAVE to have been born on the 5th of July?"

"Blame my parents, I had nothing to do with it," Paige giggled as she stuck her tongue out at the American woman.

"I will when I see them on Friday," Jessica said with a giggle. "Well, you're the birthday girl, where d'you want to go first?"

"Where DON'T I want to go?" The newly 23 year old Scottish woman asked, literally bouncing up and down with excitement. "I've got $2000 spending money, you can be damned sure I'm gonna spend it!"

"Well don't spend it ALL in one store," Jessica advised. "There are 500 to choose from..."

"Aye, I know," Paige said. "Did you say your friend Nikki and her fiancée came here a few months ago?"

"They did, yeah," Jessica said, before snapping her fingers. "Oh- damn! That reminds me, I promised Elsa I'd get her a few bits and bobs from the Disney store... She always used to love going to Disneyland in Paris and actually proving that her name was Elsa, hehe!"

"As good a place to start as any!" Paige said. "Did you say that when they were over here, Nikki and Sarah bumped into another transgendered couple?"

"...Not so much 'bumped into', more 'arranged to meet', if I remember rightly," Jessica said. "Or a mixture of the two, I'm a little fuzzy on the details. Odds of us running into them are pretty low, though."

"You never know," Paige mused as the couple walked hand-in-hand through the crowded mall toward their destination...

"Seriously, you have more bags now than we brought with us!" Jessica teased her fiancée as they tried to settle into their cramped airline seats. "Good job we paid for the extra baggage allowance..."

"It's my birthday and I'll max out my credit card if I want to," Paige retorted, making the blonde American woman giggle.

"We're not getting a joint account until it's paid off," Jessica teased, giggling as Paige tried to pout at her, only to break into a fit of giggles as well. The two women tried to compose themselves as the flight attendants gathered throughout the cabin to perform the pre-flight safety briefing- performing actions that the two women were intimately familiar with.

"Ever wanted to work for an airline where you DIDN'T have to curtsey for the passengers?" Paige asked at the conclusion of the briefing (which both women felt they would have done a much better job of). "Or wear a skirt that isn't tight enough to show when you get goosebumps?"

"Or an airline where you have to wear trousers instead of a skirt?" Jessica asked.

"Umm... No," Paige replied, making both women giggle again. "Me and you would've SLAMMED that briefing, though."

"Oh, with our eyes closed and one arm tied behind our back!" Jessica giggled. "3 and a half hours to Orlando..."

"I know, I can't wait!" Paige squeaked, bouncing up and down in her seat as the plane began to taxi down the runway. "So kind of your parents to treat us to an overnighter there..."

"Well, you DID spend half your birthday checking out the university for Hayley," Jessica said. "Not many future sisters-in-law would do that, you know?"

"Hayley's family now," Paige shrugged. "You'd do the same for my sisters, I trust?"

"When they're not being exhausting, yes," Jessica replied, causing the Scottish girl to giggle so hard it almost caused her to hiccup.
"Aye," Paige laughed. "And you could say much worse than 'exhausting' about Fred and George!"

"And on THAT topic," Jessica giggled, "one day my parents WILL remember not to ask why you don't want to go to Disney World instead!"

"Ugh, got enough Disney in Paris," Paige snorted. "The Wizarding World is the ONLY, I repeat, ONLY theme park in the whole of Florida worth a damn!"

"Maybe even the whole of the country?" Jessica asked.

"...There's one in California as well," Paige retorted. "Though if the orange fart keeps going the way he is-"

"Enough politics!" Jessica interrupted, before giggling and calming her fiancée's mood with a kiss.

The flight continued uninterrupted for an hour, with Paige reading and rereading the brochure for the theme park they were going to visit and Jessica attempting to get some rest after what had been an exhausting day of shopping. Eventually, however, Jessica's bladder began to fill, and she decided that rather than hold it all the way to Florida, she would try to relieve herself on the plane- a trick she had developed a knack for during her pan-European flights. On her way to the toilet, however, Jessica overheard a conversation that piqued her interest.

"...In public, where children can see!" One of the passengers- an older woman said in an indignant tone. "This NEVER happened in my day! The Bible clearly says Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve! Or even worse, Adele and Eve!" Jessica bit her crimson-coloured lip to keep herself from retorting, but found herself growing more and more incensed with every word that was seemingly aimed in her direction.

"...Need to pray that they don't get struck down!" The older woman continued. "If this plane crashes, it'll be because God was angry with-"

"Angry with you for not keeping your gob SHUT," Jessica snapped at the woman, who recoiled in shock. "I believe the good book also says 'judge not, les ye be judged yourself', and 'let he who is without sin cast the first stone'. So unless you happen to be the Virgin Mary herself, BE QUIET!"

"Well- well I-" the older woman stammered, enraged by Jessica's defiance. The blonde Baltimore native grinned as many of the passengers around her applauded. seemingly unable to think of anything to say in response to Jessica's quoting of scripture, the older woman scowled and stared straight to the front of the plane, avoiding eye contact with anyone else for the duration of the flight.

Jessica's grin widened as she continued to head toward the plane's toilet, before she was stopped by another passenger, a brown-haired woman only a few years younger than her, smiling and nervously waving toward her.

"Hey," the brown-haired girl- who was sat next to a blonde-haired woman of similar age- said. "Thanks for what you said there, that woman has been on our backs ever since she saw us kissing in the departure lounge."

"Don't mention it," Jessica laughed. "So- so are you two a couple?"

"Yep!" The other blonde woman giggled as she playfully wrapped her arms around her girlfriend's slender torso. "Been together almost nine months now!"

"Aww, that is SO cool!" Jessica sighed. "I'm on the flight with my girlfriend too- well, former girlfriend, current fiancée!" Jessica giggled as the two young women cooed over her sparkly diamond ring. "I'm Jessica, by the way, Jessica Tyler."

"I'm Jenny Thompson," the other blonde woman said, "and this is my soul mate Alexa Quinn!"

"Nice to meet you both," Jessica said with a giggle. "Do you- do you fancy getting a drink somewhere after we land? I'd love you to meet Paige..."

"That sounds PERFECT," Jenny giggled as the flight continued eastward...

“So where are you staying?” Alexa asked.

‘Well Paige is obsessed with Harry Potter, so we are staying at the Hard Rock Hotel at Universal. How about you two?” Jessica asked.

Jenny took this one. “Well we are staying at the Contemporary Resort at Disney. One of us has a Disney obsession.” Jenny says, “and they are not blonde.” Alexa blushed as Jenny said this and gave her partner a little kick. Jessica let out a laugh.

“I tried talking Paige into Disney World, but she would have none of it. Said she had enough Disney when we lived in Paris.“ Jessica replied. Jenny and Alexa’s mouths went agape when Jess mentioned Paris.

“You lived in Paris?” Alexa asked. The excitement evident in her eyes.

“Yes, that’s where Paige and I met. We were both stationed there for the airline that we work for.” Jessica explained as the couple at the rear of the plane grew more excited.

“You work for Soixante-Trois? Alexa said. Jess was shocked by the question. How did they know about Soixante-Trois?

“So, you have heard of us? That’s odd, because we don’t fly to the States. How did you hear about us?” the blonde Baltimore native asked.

‘Well, we read about it in an article a few months back.” Jenny said. As a blush came over her face, she continued on. ‘We tried to um, recreate the, um, uniforms once.” This really caused the Blonde woman to laugh. Alexa acted all embarrassed as well as she tried to hide her face.

“I would like to see that. They are not the most comfortable things on the world.” Jessica informed the two.

“Well, you can tell us all about it when we meet up. How about we both get settled. And we meet up. There is a Margaritaville at Universal. Plane lands at 1:30. Let’s meet up about 5. Does that work for you?” Alexa asked.

A smile came across Jessica’s face. ‘I have to make sure someone isn’t trying to run off to the Wizarding World immediately. We’ll talk at baggage claim.”

“Sounds great” Alexa says. The two Minnesotans say good bye to the woman who returns back up the aisle. Alexa turns to Jenny. “This is so cool. Do you think that..?”

‘No clue” Jenny says. “She is very pretty. And it always good to see someone who will stick up for us. She does look familiar though. Do you recognize her?”

“I had the same feeling!” Alexa exclaimed. ‘But from where?”

"Hey," Jessica said with a grin as she sat back down next to her fiancée.

"Hey," Paige replied. "Was there a queue? Must've been one hell of a piss otherwise..."

"...It's called a 'line' over here," Jessica reminded the Scottish girl, who simply rolled her eyes and giggled in response. "And no, no 'line'. There's another same-sex couple on the flight, believe it or not. Couple of girls, maybe a couple of years younger than us. There was a bible thumper making their lives a misery, I decided they needed a guardian angel."

"You are SO my girl!" Paige said with a proud giggle. "How did the bible thumper react to finding out what you've got underneath that skirt?"

"Saving that for round 2, in case I need it," Jessica said. "I, um, I kinda agreed to meet up with the couple for a coffee, after we landed...?" Jessica sighed as Paige's mouth contorted into the deepest pout she'd ever seen. "Oh- it's just a coffee, Diagon Alley isn't going anywhere, I promise."

"Well... Okay," Paige said, her pout returning to its usual smile. "Guess it'd be nice to make some new friends. What is it your friend Jamie says? You can never have too many friends?"

"You have to admit, it IS a good catchphrase," Jessica giggled as the plane continued on toward Florida.

A short while later, the plane touched down at Orlando International Airport and the passengers disembarked, with both Jessica and Paige biting their tongues to avoid giving pointers to the flight attendants on their way past. En route to the baggage claim, Jessica smiled as she saw a familiar couple approach and greet her and her fiancée with hugs and air kisses.

"Hi!" Jenny giggled. "You must be Paige... I- I'm sorry, you probably hear this a lot, but I LOVE your eyes!"

"...Thanks," Paige mumbled, her face blushing. "I wa' a'way embarrassed o' them when I wa' a kid, bu' Jess seem tae lav 'em so..."

"...WOW," Jenny breathed as she tried to process Paige's near-incomprehensible words.

"What Jenny means is that she loves your accent too," Alexa interjected, giggling as her lover shot her a dirty look. "What- what part of Eng-"

"NO!" Jessica yelled, startling the four women, who quickly descended into a fit of giggles

As they made their way to baggage claim. The foursome made plans for drinks " So Paige, are you familiar with Jimmy Buffet?" Alexa asked.

"A little. He is sort of a surfer guy correct?" Paige said, causing her fiancée to laugh.

"Jimmy Buffet is the ultimate beach bum. He took one song and some devoted fans and created an empire." Jessica informed her fiancée. "He has restaurants, hotels, resorts, tequila, clothing. All off of one song."

"And his concerts are crazy. People singing along having a fun time." Jenny added. But as the group made their way to baggage claim, Paige noticed something.

"Look at that poor man. Vacation proved to be a little too much for him."

Jenny laughed. "That's not a person, that's a sculpture."

"No way" the couple stated. Both Jenny and Alexa nodded their heads.

"Don't worry girls. Everyone thinks the same thing." Alexa stated.

"How many bags do you have Paige?" Alexa asked. Jessica just giggled as the carousel continued to spin, and Paige kept reaching for bags.

"She has issues when it comes to shopping. I told her that we weren't getting a joint account until her credit cards are paid off." This earns an evil glare then a giggle from the Scottish girl directed towards her lover.

"How did you even get all of this over here?" Jenny asked.

"We did a little shopping when we came to check out the Uni that Jessica's sister is enrolling at. Found the Mall of America. What a place. Have you two ever been there?" Paige asked.

Alexa and Jenny look at each other and burst out into laughter. "Our roommate has banned us from going there." Alexa explains.

“I need to meet your roommate." Jessica replies, which earns her a love tap on her bum. A quick kiss as attrition is soon required.
“I was going to say, why don’t we take a cab and get that coffee, but we may need a van." Jenny says as she leads the group of women out to find a ride to transport everything. As the four women walk out of the terminal the nearly oppressive humidity of central Florida hits the group like a wall.

"Is it always so humid here?" Paige asks. The three American women just nod. "I think I am going to need something cooler than coffee."

“Oh, that can be arranged too!” Jenny giggled as she led the group to the nearest coffee shop.

“So, you two attend the University of Minnesota?” Paige asked. “That is where Jess’ sister will be going in two years.”

“Really? That’s great. We may be gone by then” Jenny says, “but at the rate some of us are going we may still be there.”

“Hey” Alexa says in her own defense. ‘Last semester was crazy. Between coming out, the law suit and my dad and YOUR mom, a class schedule was hard to maintain.”

‘Wow!” Jess says as she looks over at her fiancée. “And I thought our lives were crazy.”

“Yeah, it was nuts, but Lex came through it all and I have never been happier” Jenny says as she wraps an arm around her girlfriend. ‘So, Jess I need to ask you a question. Did you work for Southwest?”

Jessica laughs at that. “No. I could never work for them. I worked for Bellman for two years before I decided to go work for Soixante-Trois. Why?”

“You remind me of a flight attendant who helped me a lot back on Christmas Eve. Her name was Jessica too.” Jenny stated.

“Well it must be the name” Paige says as she gave her fiancée a kiss on the cheek and wrapped an arm around her slender waist. “You mentioned coming out to your father Alexa. I take it he didn’t take you being a lesbian very well.”

Alexa looked on for a moment. She took a deep breath before answering the Scottish woman. “Well you see, the thing is I don’t know if you can really call me a lesbian I am, um, transgender. That isn’t too weird for your guys, is it?” Alexa asked fearing that her and Jenny’s new friends would reject them. Instead she watched Jessica and Paige turn and look at each other and begin smiling wildly at each other.

“That’s not an issue with us.” Jessica said.

“Considering we are both transgender as well.” Paige finished her lovers comment.

Alexa and Jenny just stared at the two beautiful women across from them. Jenny was the first to speak. “You two are as well?” You mean I’m out numbered here?” This caused all three of the others to break out into laughter. Jenny felt a little embarrassed by what she had just said. “I’m sorry about that. I didn’t mean for it to come out that way.”

Paige reached across the table and took Jenny’s hand. “Don’t worry. You didn’t embarrass us. It just sounded kind of funny. You’re not outnumbered. We are all women at this table.” Jenny let out a sigh of relief over the reassurance by their new Scottish friend. Looking down at her cup of coffee, Jenny spoke again.

“After that I need something stronger than coffee. You two want to go grab a drink instead of this?”

“As long as they have Maker’s Mark I’m in,” Paige said.

“Well we said we were going to meet up at Margaritaville,” Jenny said. “How about we drop the bags off and meet up down there?”

“Sounds perfect,” Jessica said with a grin. “Give me a chance to get a workout in too, hauling all of Paige’s shopping to our room…” The four women all laughed as Paige gave her fiancée a playful shove, before leaning in to give her a long, loving kiss.

“They seem really nice,” Alexa mused as she helped her lover unpack their suitcases.

“They do!” Jenny beamed. “Well, how much of Paige I can understand, anyway…”

“It is a hell of an accent,” Alexa giggled, her giggles intensifying as her lover surprised her with a cuddle.

“You know,” Jenny purred, “we did say we weren’t going to meet them until five…”

“… Let’s unpack first,” Alexa said, sighing as she earned a pout from Jenny.

“Am I being punished for the ‘outnumbered’ comment?” The blonde woman asked.

“No- no, of course not,” Alexa sighed. “Besides, like Paige said, it’s not a case of ‘outnumbered’. We’re four women. End of story.”

“Hell yeah we are!” Jenny giggled.

“There is just one thing that bothers me, though,” Alexa sighed. “About Paige.”

“What is it, babe?” Jenny asked.

“How can anyone possibly have too much Disney?” Alexa asked, earning another cuddle from her lover, which this time broke down her defenses as Jenny led the two of them to the hotel’s plush bed…


“They seem nice,” Paige mumbled as she and Jessica unpacked their many bags.

“They do,” Jessica said with a grin. “They- they said they attended the University of Minnesota, didn’t they?”

“Think so,” Paige shrugged. “Gonna plug them for information for Hayley?”

“No, it just reminded me of what you said yesterday at the mall,” Jessica mused as she reached for her phone. “About the couple Nikki and Sarah met with in Spring, they said they went to that university… Yep. Take a look!” Paige giggled as Jessica showed her some of the photos on her phone, before bursting into laughter at the sight of a video of their new friends drunkenly singing along to Shania Twain.

“…We know they’ll be fun then, hehe!” Paige giggled. “Gonna shoot them a friend request?”

“Already done,” Jessica said with a grin. “Kinda wish we were going to Disney World with them tomorrow now…”

“Oh- no, just- no,” Paige urged her lover. “You know I’ve been looking forward to the Wizarding World for ages, and- ah, for god’s sake, not the pout…”

“You know, the last time I went to Disney World was 20 years ago this month, when I was five?” Jessica asked. “My parents took Aaron and Hayley after I went to university, but I’ve never been again since then.”

“How many times did you go to Euro Disney?” Paige asked.

“About as many times as you’ve been to the Warner Bros Studio tour in London,” Jessica retorted. “And how long were we waiting in line at King’s Cross to have our photo taken at Platform 9 ¾?”

“It’s not my fault JK Rowling created the single greatest fictional universe of all time,” Paige retorted. “Greater than Frozen, greater even than Star Wars. Yep- I went there!”

“…You’re just lucky your ass looks perfect in a Hogwarts uniform,” Jessica mumbled, letting out a giggle as a grin spread across Paige’s face. “I dunno. It’d have been fun to hang out with our new friends for a bit, though.”

“And they’re probably not going to be Potter fans?” Paige asked with a sigh. “…Guess we’ll just have to come back to American again later in the year, won’t we?”

“…I DO miss this place,” Jessica said, giggling as she shared a tender kiss with her fiancée.


Jenny and Alexa piled into the back of the town car after their own little ‘workout’. “I think I like the Contemporary better than Port Orleans.” Jenny said. Alexa just laughed. “What?” Jenny asked.

“When we were at Port Orleans we were awake for about six hours’ total in the room, and we know how those were spent.” Alexa said as she cuddled into her lover who giggled. The two sighed as they held each other. The drive was a bit long but they were excited to meet up with their new friends. Alexa looked up at Jenny. “Do you think they know Sarah and Nikki?” she asked. Jenny pondered it for a moment.

“They might, who knows. It’s not like we know that many transgender people. The only one we are good friends with is Nikki. We’ll have to ask them at the right moment.” The two cuddled back into the seat of the town car and talked about their plans for the next few days.

As Jenny and Alexa were working their way up I-4, Jessica and Paige settled into the back of the water taxi that was taking them from their hotel to Universal City Walk. “This is pretty romantic.” Jess stated as she leaned into her fiancée. Paige leaned down and shared a deep kiss.

“Aye. It is” Paige said, “Why haven’t we ever gone to Venice and enjoyed a gondola ride there?” Jessica answered that she wasn’t sure and that they should, Paige just nodded. Her eyes had moved away from Jessica and began taking in the towers of Wizarding World. Jess rolled her eyes for a moment before giggling at her lover.

“The reason we don’t go to Venice is that there is no Harry Potter theme park there.”

Paige snapped out of her trance and began giggling. “Huh? What? I’m sorry honey. I’ guess I am a bit excited. About the park, but anytime you want to go to Venice you just have to say the word and we are there.” Paige said as they shared another kiss. As they held each other they began talking about the upcoming meeting. “I’m excited that you had to use the loo when we were on the plane” Paige giggled again as they started to get off the boat. “They seem so nice and if that video is any indication, they will be a lot of fun. Just so they don’t talk you into going to Disney.”

The two walked hand in hand to the bar/restaurant that the two Minnesota girls mentioned. As they were seated and are handed menus, Jessica had one more thought about their two new friends. “You know it would be nice to have two people to keep an eye on Hayley when she is at school, I mean to be there in case she needs some help.” Paige began laughing at her partner.

“I know exactly what you are talking about. You are being a big sister, looking out for her little sister. Making sure she isn’t too crazy. We have been together long enough you can’t get that one by me.” Paige stated while Jess blushed. ‘Let her be. She will be eighteen when she gets there, let her spread her wings and leave the nest mother bird.” Paige finished off before taking sympathy on Jess. They shared a quick kiss,

“Aww, see Lex we aren’t the only ones who do that” Jenny said as they joined the two women at the table. Jenny and Alexa sat down and smiled at their new friends. It was so wonderful to see two other people like them sharing their love for one another in such an open way. “So, did you guys order anything yet?”

“Not yet, we just got seated. So how is your room?” Jessica asked. Alexa laughed.

“It’s wonderful but I still don’t think we needed to get such a fancy room, but I was out voted.” Alexa said as she stuck her tongue out at her girlfriend who returned the gesture. Both Paige and Jessica laughed at the playfulness displayed before them. “So, who is up for a Margarita?” Alexa asked. The two flight attendants nodded enthusiastically while Jenny shook her head furiously. “Aw come on babe” Alexa said “You have to have recovered from that by now. It’s been almost three months.” Paige and Jessica looked questioningly at the other couple as Alexa began to explain. “We met some girls a couple of months back and it turned into a crazy night where lots of margaritas were consumed. Jenny awoke the next morning saying she was never drinking tequila again.” Jenny almost looked physically ill as Alexa was explaining. Paige and Jessica looked at each other and giggled. This was their opening.

‘Is that when you recorded the video with Nikki and Sarah?” Jessica asked. Alexa and Jenny’s mouths hit the table.

“You’ve seen the video” Jenny asked nervously. As the Scottish-American couple began to laugh.

“Aye. Since we are friends with them we saw all of it. You guys were good. I do think you could challenge Out of Heaven.” Paige said with a smile.

“That was so embarrassing” Alexa said. “But we did become Snapchat friends with Steph. Do you know her too? She seems so sweet.”

Jessica handled this comment. “She is very sweet. And she is very fond of Nikki, who you already know a lot about. I have even teased Steph about being replaced by Nikki.” Just as she was saying this the waitress came up.

‘Hi, I’m Liv and I will be you waitress tonight. Can I start you off with something to drink?” the server asked. Jessica, Paige and Alexa all ordered the ‘Who’s to Blame’ margaritas, the house standard. Jenny began to hem and haw, but peer pressure finally took over and she ordered one too. “Great I’ll be right out with those; do you need any appetizers to go with that?” The foursome declined as they settled back and waited for their drinks. Soon the tales of the night with Snikki began being told that left Jess and Paige in laughter. Paige and Jessica told the two Minnesotans about the glamorous life in the sky. They took in the sites and Paige was awed by the ‘Volcano’ that blew every few seconds, and mixed the margaritas. The drinks arrived shortly and three of the girls looked excited as they took the drinks in their hands, while Jenny eyed the frozen concoction nervously. Alexa held her glass up to make a toast.

“Here ‘s to new friends.” She stated before pausing and looking at Jenny ‘What is that line Nikki told us?”

“You can never have to many friends” Jessica replied. Both Alexa and Jenny smiled before Jessica went on ‘Jamie-Lee’s most famous line. You guys have to meet her.” And the four women each took a sip before Jessica took over again. “And I would like to share a toast. Happy Birthday again Paige. Thank you for bringing so much happiness into my life. You are the most beautiful, kind, loving woman in the world. May this day and all days be filled with happiness.” And the four shared a drink. Jenny began bouncing up and down in her chair.

‘It’s your birthday, Paige? We have to celebrate!” Jenny squeals before Paige informs her that it was yesterday. ‘Who cares? I just wish we would have met you yesterday, we could have showed you the town on your birthday, so we will have to make up for it. Let’s call it your Birthday Vacation! Who’s up for a little celebrating tonight?” All four cheered and clinked their glasses. Alexa made the next comment.

“Look out Orlando! Here come Jexy and, and..we have to come up with a nickname for you two.”

“Our friend Natalie calls us ‘the Special Relationship’,” Jessica giggled. “Because, you know, The UK and America…”

“Even though I hopefully WON’T be a UK citizen for much longer!” Paige said smugly, earning a loud groan from her fiancée.

“You know the rules,” Jessica said, giggling as Paige downed her drink in one go.

“’Rules’?” Jenny asked.

“Anytime Paige gets talking about politics, she finishes her drink,” Jessica explained. “And she, well, she talks about politics a LOT. Whatever you do, do NOT say- ehh… Well, any words that rhyme with ‘Ronald’ or ‘Dump’.”

“That’s gonna be kinda hard to avoid!” Alexa giggled.

“Tell me about it!” Jessica said with a tired laugh. “Fortunately I have two ‘safe words’ in the form of ‘Harry’ and ‘Potter’!” The three American women all suppressed giggles as the mention of the fictional character caused Paige to almost choke on her drink. “See?”

“That’s hardly fair when I have a drink in my mouth!” Paige protested.

“We had a look on your Facebook page before we came out,” Alexa said. “You really love Harry Potter, don’t you?”

“Aye,” Paige said with a sigh. “I… I guess it’s just, you know, wish fulfilment? I always wanted to be able to live in that universe, where nobody cared if you’ve got weird eyes, or you were shorter than the other boys… Or you didn’t even want to be a boy. A place where the weird was normal, you know?”

“Oh yeah, trust me, I know!” Alexa laughed.

“You’d better not be calling me ‘weird’!” Jenny pouted at her lover, before instantly breaking down in a fit of giggles.

“And you’d better not be calling me ‘normal’!” Jessica teased her fiancée.

“Never,” Paige whispered, exchanging a kiss with the blonde American woman. “You’re my bonny blonde Baltimore bombshell, hehe! No one with THAT many Bs is ‘normal’!”

“Ah, so you two will be heading up to Baltimore after the Wizarding World?” Jenny asked.

“Yep!” Jessica said with a grin. “My brother will be home from studying at NYU, and I’ve got to give my ‘report’ to my sister, heh. Don’t worry, I’ll only be saying good things about the U of M!”

“And bad things about the Mall, probably!” Paige teased. “After that it’s over to see my parents in Scotland, then straight back to London and straight back to work, heh! Summer holidays are by far our busiest time. That’s when the uniform gets REALLY awful!”

“Really awfully sexy, depending on who’s wearing it,” Jessica said, earning squeaks of laughter from the other two American women.

“Ahh…” Jenny giggled, giving her lover a playful nudge. “I am SO getting you into one of those uniforms again!”

“Careful before you have a public display of affection,” Paige giggled. “You never know who might disapprove.”

“Let ‘em disapprove,” Jenny giggled, before planting a long, deep kiss on her lover. Not to be outdone, Jessica and Paige leaned in toward each other, and between giggles, gave each other a kiss just as long and deep as their new friends had.

“…Kinda disappointed, in a way,” Jessica said as the two couples ended their make-out session and looked around the crowded bar. “Part of me was almost hoping for a fight.”

“I’m happy enough just being left alone, especially after the flight,” Alexa said with a smile. “I came to Florida to be with the person I love the most.”

“Well, umm, if- if we’re intruding-“ Jessica mumbled.

“No, not even close!” Alexa giggled. “Love making new friends.”

“I think this calls for a toast!” Jenny said in an excited voice, raising her glass. “To new friends!”

“New friends!” The four women toasted.

“Ah, we are SO getting you two an invite to the wedding,” Paige said. “Don’t worry, it won’t be Harry Potter themed. SOMEONE banned that…”

“SOMEONE still doesn’t want to have the wedding at Loch Lomond!” Jessica retorted, making Paige roll her eyes and their two new American friends giggle awkwardly.

“…Sorry,” Paige mumbled to Alexa and Jenny. “We kinda get carried away when we’re discussing the big day, heh.”

“Have you set a date yet?” Alexa asked.

“’Date’, no, ‘month’, we’re pretty sure it’ll be next August,” Jessica replied. “Give us plenty of time to get everything ready, and before my sister starts college but after she turns eighteen, you know, so she can come on the bachelorette party, heh!”

“Even though the legal drinking age in America is 21?” Paige asked, laughing as Jessica groaned once again.

“I don’t get it,” Alexa chuckled. “You’re Scottish, but you want to have the wedding in America, but you’re American, and you want to have the wedding in Scotland?”

“Aye,” Paige explained. “The fact that I was born on the FIFTH of July just sums up my life, really. Born one day too late, born on the wrong side of the Atlantic… Born with the wrong set of equipment, heh.”

“Though the last two kinda apply to me too, heh,” Jessica sighed. “I’ve always been fascinated by Europe, I’ve always enjoyed travelling…”

“Sounds like you’re in the right job for it, then!” Jenny said, making Jessica and Paige giggle.

“Travelling’s best when you have something amazing to come home to,” Jessica replied, sighing happily as she gazed into her fiancee’s mismatched eyes. “Like a beautiful, black-haired, big-hearted babe!”

“Oh my god, that’s it!” Jenny suddenly gasped, startling the other women at the table. “That can be your nickname- the BBs! As in ‘beautiful, black-haired, big-hearted babe’ and ‘bonny blonde Baltimore bombshell’!”

“…Works for us!” Paige shrugged.

“To the BBs!” Alexa toasted!

“To Jexy!” Jessica and Paige replied, before the foursome whiled away the rest of the evening with talk of weddings, Disney and Harry Potter.

Later, after the couples had returned to their hotel rooms, they reflected on their new friendships before they headed to bed.

“Can’t believe we’ve made yet more Eng- umm, friends from England!” Alexa mused, blushing as her lover teased her for her inadvertent near-use of the word ‘English’.

“I know!” Jenny sighed. “Almost like there’s some higher power leading us to new friends, or something.”

“Well, as long as that ‘higher power’ keeps us together, that’s all that matters,” Alexa said, sliding onto the bed next to her partner and giving her a long kiss, before relaxing into a lazy, loving embrace. “Though I will admit I did kinda Google ‘Loch Lomond wedding’ earlier…”

“Ooh, ooh, let me see!” Jenny urged, taking Alexa’s phone from her and sighing at the photos on the screen. “Oh my god… It is SO beautiful there.”

“It’s okay,” Alexa shrugged. “I kinda prefer Lake Minnetonka more, though.”

“…You’re right!” Jenny giggled, giving her lover another kiss, which quickly escalated into much more as their clothes found their way onto the hotel room’s floor…

“’Jexy’ are cool!” Paige giggled, removing her make-up as her fiancée changed in the room’s en-suite. “Pity they had to be Disney freaks, would’ve been great to go to the Wizarding World with them tomorrow.”

“Always next time we’re over,” Jessica replied.

“Aye, that’s true,” Paige said, before letting out a long sigh. “…Which won’t be for the wedding, we can have that at Loch Lomond if that’s what you really want.”

“There’s nothing stopping us from having two weddings,” Jessica said. “One in Scotland, one in America, that way when we choose which country we want to settle down in, one of us can more easily apply for citizenship.”

“Yeah, I guess…” Paige said. “Unless both of us decide to settle in a foreign country. Like England, for examp-“

“Take a drink!” Jessica ordered her fiancee.

“Not got one!” Paige retorted. “Unless you want to come out here and make me one? Or unless you want to talk about Harry Potter and take my mind off of it?”

“Well…” Jessica said. “Maybe not TALK about it, hehe! You know how I said we won’t have a Harry Potter theme for the wedding?”

“Aye…?” Paige replied, before her jaw dropped as Jessica emerged from the bathroom glad in a miniscule pleated grey skirt, a tight white cut-off blouse, a long flowing cape and a red and gold coloured tie.

“…No reason the wedding NIGHT can’t have a theme,” Jessica purred, crawling onto the bed and giving her fiancée a long, deep kiss.

“New friends, the Wizarding World and you’ve FINALLY got into that costume?” Paige asked. “Best. Holiday. Ever!”

“It’s only just beginning,” Jessica whispered, giving her fiancée another deep kiss as they ended the night the same way as their new friends…

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