The Cat In The Cradle Chapter 17

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It’s been three weeks since Kat, Paul and the girls experience the kidnapping. The house had been repaired and Kat’s homeowner insurance had gone up. She was forced to get an additional policy added to the one she already had. Brittney and Terri were adopted by Kat and Paul and were enrolled in a private co-ed school.

The talk shows and television appearances Brittney and Terri made while under the care of Kat’s sister had caused a Federal investigation to take place of the church owned by Brittney’s former parents and Kats sister was handling the lawsuit filed by Brittney and Terri. Several more victims had come forward and were added to the lawsuit against the church.

Kat hadn’t been feeling well lately and noticed that she had missed her period. On the way home from dropping a bail jumper off at the police station. She has Paul stop at a Walgreens and buys several pregnancy test kits. Her breast has been a little tender and she’s been filling a little sluggish lately. She hopes she is what she thinks she is.

When Kat gets home she races inside to the bathroom and lock the door while she follows the instructions on the pregnancy test kit. She waits the require time and check the results.

“No fucking way.” Kat looks at the results indicating that she was pregnant.

Kat tries two other test kits she bought and they prove what the first one said. She slumps to the floor still in her panties holding the test stick and couldn’t get over the fact that she was pregnant. She always used protection just to be on the safe side. She thinks back to when it could had happened and realized that the night her and Paul had their sex marathon she hadn’t taken the pill for a while. They had been so busy planning their revenge, that she hadn’t taken precautions to keep from getting pregnant.

Kat digs her cell phone out of her pants pocket and calls Rebecca to tell her the news and to see if she is pregnant as well.

Kat dials Rebecca’s number from memory and waits for someone to answer.

Trenner Garage:
August was walking by Becca’s tool cart when her cell phone started ring. She knew Rebecca had gone to the bathroom and takes a looks at the caller id and notices it was her Aunt Kat calling. She presses the answer button.

“Hi Aunt Kat, how are you doing?”

Kat heard August’s voice answer the phone.

“I’m doing fine August. Is your sister around? I need to talk with her.”

“She’s in the bathroom right now Aunt Kat. Let me see if she wants me to hand her the phone.” August walks over to the restroom door out in the garage area and knocks on it.

“It’s occupied.”

Rebecca was looking at the test results on a pregnancy tester she had picked up earlier this morning. She had gone out to buy a part she needed for a car, instead of sending August to get it. She couldn’t believe the results it was showing.

“I know its occupied, goofy. Aunt Kat is on the phone and wants to talk to you.”

Rebecca opens the door wide enough to reach her arm out for the phone.

August hands the phone to Rebecca and walks off to continue what she was doing.

“Hey Kat, what’s the matter?”

Rebecca was still looking at the pregnancy test in her hands.

“I don’t know how to ask this question Rebecca, but when you and Lev had your all-night sex marathon. Did either of you take any precautions?”

“I had an implant, but it seems those doctors that created us took it out. Why, are you asking?”

“Well, according to three pregnancies test I took. I’m pregnant and I was calling to see if maybe you are pregnant as well.”

Rebecca looks at the second test she took and it had confirmed what she thought and the first result.

“I think they set it up so we would become pregnant Kat. Because I just got finish taking a second pregnancy test before you called and it is confirming what the first one said. I’m pregnant as well.”

“So, you think they were trying to breed us and made it so we would become pregnant?”

“I don’t know sis, but whatever they did to us when they capture us while we were out of it. All points in that direction. The thing is, I think we got pregnant by our boyfriends and not by the doctors. If you count back the days since your last period and when we were kidnapped and escape. It falls around that day we went out to Virginia Beach and came back and had our brains screwed out.”

Kat puts her hand on her belly and smiles. She was going to have Paul’s baby. Now she was going to be a mother to three children.

“Well congratulations sis. Are you going to tell Lev today?”

“Lev’s out on a run till the end of the week. So, I’ll have to wait till he gets back. I do know our younger sister is going to be nosy. So, I’ll tell
August at dinner tonight. Also, congratulations to you as well Kat.”

“Thanks. Well, I’m going to tell Paul tonight when he come back from picking up the girls from their gymnastics practice.”

“Sounds like a plan. Let me know how he reacts.”

“I will sis. Bye.”


Kat ends the call with Rebecca.

Rebecca ends the call and cleans up the bathroom and takes the evidence out to the dumpster so her sister doesn’t find out before she tells
her. Rebecca walks back in and goes back to work.

Kat looks at the mess she made and picks the torn open packages and take them to the outside trash can. She keeps one test strip so she can
show Paul at dinner tonight when they sit down to eat. She starts on dinner after washing her hands. She still can’t get over it. After giving the birds and the bees speech to the girls and making sure they were taking the pill. She ended up getting pregnant.

She just smiles and continue making dinner for everyone tonight. She hopes Paul doesn’t get upset with her. This wasn’t the way she wanted to get pregnant. The other problem with her getting pregnant was how much longer could she continue doing bounty hunting? She doesn’t want to jeopardize the baby or leave Paul collecting on his own.

She continues to cook dinner, when her ears pick-up the sound of their SUV pulling into the driveway and then the sounds of her daughters.
She listens while the girls tease their father.

“Mom, were home.” Brittney comes running into the kitchen and up to Kat.

“Hey sweetie.” Kat hugs her.

Brittney and Terri have gotten into the habit of hugging her when they get home from school and practice. Terri comes running in and hugs her.

“Hi mom.”

“Hi sweetie.” Kat places a kiss on her cheek.

“Now, go and get ready for dinner.”

“Yes ma’am.” Terri skips off to the bathroom to clean-up some.

Kat smiles as she hears Paul come walking in. He walks up behind her and hugs.

“How did the girls do during practice?”

“They did really well. Their coach thinks they will be able to perform with the team this winter.”

“Well, I hope they are enjoying themselves. I know Terri is happy that her breast have started coming in.”

Kat remember Terri coming into their bedroom one morning excited because her breast had started growing finally. She had been down in the
dumps since they escape from the center they had been taken too. The nanites still in her system were finally causing her breast to grow like they were supposed to. Neither girl liked when their periods started. That was an experience that they weren’t ready for. When it happened, their aunt had to walk them through it.

Once they were sitting around the dinner table and dinner was served.

Kat excuses herself from the table and walk back into the kitchen and brings the test strip on a small plate into the dining room and set it down
in front of Paul.

Paul looks at the plate and the test strip and then back up at Kat as she sits down with a smile on her face. The girls look at the test strip on the plate and then back at Kat.

“Mom, are you pregnant?”

Brittney looked like she was about to burst.

“Yes, I’m pregnant. You’re going to have a little sister or brother within nine months.” She smiles at Paul.

“Are you sure Kat?”

“Yep, I did the test three times."

"When did it happened?”

“Remember when we were in Newport News and we went to Virginia Beach and enjoyed ourselves?”

“Oohh, does that mean Rebecca is as well?”

“Yep, Lev is on a run right now and won’t be back till the end of the week.”

“So, we’re going to have a new cousin too?”

Brittney and Terri were looking towards their mother.

“Yep, you girls are going to have a new cousin as well.”

Both girls squeal with excitement.

“Ow. Look, wait till August tells you. Let your aunt Becca tell her sister.”

“Okay mom.”

The girls help clean the table off and head off to their bedroom to do their homework.
Paul pulls Kat down onto his lap and kiss her.

“We could move the wedding date up if you want to sweetie.” He had his hand over her belly.

“No, let’s keep it like it is. I don’t mind walking down the aisle pregnant with our baby.”

Paul just holds her and the two of them watch a movie together and when it is time for the girls to go to bed. Kat gets up and goes to make sure they go to bed.

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