SRU Can't Help Me

Alex froze as he finally saw the store. He had come down here after an incident at his school over a year ago. Once he transferred to the school here he started seeing the effects that gave him even more evidence that magic was real. All of his life he felt different that he was a girl inside. Yet his 220 muscular frame hide his true nature from others. He had tried to look and dress like the girl he saw in his mind, but it never worked not with how he looked. Girls flocked to him and he had slept with a few but they never appealed to him. Neither did men or gay guys. Tgirls were interesting, but not enough to have a real connection. He had thought of transitioning as he had the money but all the test results he had with different experts said he was an all American boy.

Yet still he felt he was a girl and for a brief time he was a girl last year. It didn't last long and it was everything he knew it would be. The shock and relief at being a girl caused him to cry for hours and then just walk around for the next few. It was at a party when someone brought out this jar and dared people to take a small sip. A few drops in a shot glass was all he gave out. It was a gag to get the party started, but what it would do the promoter said was to show you your true self. No one else will know and you would enjoy it for a full twelve hours. As the party got started Alex was one of the first ones to partake and he had fled up into the house to start crying. Exploration was next but she needed to think and so she left and just enjoyed walking around as herself. Then as the sunset she went back to the party and had fun. By morning she was the same guy she had always been except there was a guy in his bed. That caused a fight and the guy always looked at him strangely after that.

Three months later she found the guy who had the strange bottle after some well placed pain he confessed that the bottle was empty, but he knew where he could go to get some more. So he went and now that he could finally see the store, he was afraid. He had heard so many stories about the Spells R Us store and the wizard that ran it. Most were okay stories and some were happy. Others were really strange as the person didn't like the changes, but had to live with them. Still no matter what happened they were okay with the results. Alex had tried the frat house that changed guys to girls and girls to guys. He watched in shock as everyone changed but him. Why didn't it work? He left in disgust yet it didn't stop him from digging further. He even discovered a girl or guy who was really a real life Bugs Bunny and another who was like Mystique. Bugs tried to give me one of her suits but it didn't work at all. Mysty just gave him a black eye.

Yet this was it. He was in front of the store that he could finally get something to be her true self. He took a deep breath and fought the urge to run for the hills it took every effort to take each step forward taking the handle to the door was like fighting being shocked by an electric fence. The little bell tinkled and the door finally closed and he was inside. The place was a junk store and he nearly walked out right then, but the little wizard came out smiling. The bathrobe looked strange on him, but it looked more like monk's frock if it had been one piece. Man he hated people who smiled like that all full content and with a hidden smirk. Like they knew everything and how it would be so much fun to screw with his next customer. I glared at him and his smirk faded.

“Alex I know why you are here and I have done nothing to you to get you so angry at me. Why don't you relax and share a cup of tea.”

“I am mad cause you have done something. Or rather you haven't.”

“Please sit and have some tea. To be honest I don't think I can do anything for such a lovely girl.”

“Girl I wish. I am a guy or are you blind as well?”

“That is part of the problem I see or rather I don't. Being a wizard I see how you are and not how you or other people see you.”

“What does that mean?”

“Sit and have tea and I will explain. Not everyday that someone comes in here with such a high resistance, or tolerance. Refreshing as this tea is to not hear someone ask how did you know my name.” The wizard took a long time just to make sure everything was in place before poring out the tea.

“You are a wizard and maybe a part mind reader. I figured you would like to know your customers and just to see how far you can push them for a laugh.”

“Ouch. Well I do get a thrill out of it at times. Other times a laugh and sometimes I enjoy the puzzle or discovery of a smell gone wrong. Which if they followed directions wouldn't happen.” Alex picked up the tea thinking it would be cool enough and sighed as it was perfect. Strange that he had never liked tea before.

“Now this is good tea, but I want, no I need to get that stuff that made me see my true self. I need to be a girl. I was a girl for twelve hours and I felt whole. Not this muscled jock body that I am in.”

“That is the problem. I can't do anything for you. I see you as a girl. A girl in a tee shirt and jeans that don't fit right. One that does present a very masculine vibe, but still a girl that could be pretty if she only dressed the part.”

“I can't dress or rather wear a dress. I look like an idiot.”

“Then there is really nothing I can do for you young lady. I can't change the imagine you have in your mind.”

“If this is just my imagination then why can I feel everything. I have no breasts and I definitely have a package in my shorts. My voice is deep and I have heard recordings of myself and they are deep as well. No one treats me as a girl. I am a guy.”

“That you are a guy and act like one is part of the problem. However no amount of magic can change how you are seeing yourself. The mind can cancel out magic and yours is very powerful indeed. That the potion worked in the first place was that you were not aware of the effects until it was over. What you have to do is change how you see yourself and then if you relax this death grip you have on you male self then just maybe you will finally see yourself as the girl I see.”

“I don't see how that can work. You just can't change how you think. I so much wanted to be the girl I am, but you say it is all in my head?”

“Yes it is. Plus also that you have been affected by magic a few too many times. I would advise never going to the frat house again as the spell on the place has added to the effect. Not that you could see it as you are blind to it.”

“I won't it didn't do anything the first few times I went there at all. How can I change how I think?”

“Well we could reset your personality completely, but I doubt you are looking for identity death. What you need is a way to see yourself as a girl. The first thing might lie within the eyes.” Suddenly Alex went blind. He shot out of the chair, but couldn't remember where anything was. He was trapped with no way to escape.

“Please don't panic as this is only temporary.”

“How can blinding me help?”

“It won't last long as your mind is fighting it even now. This may not help but it is the only thing I can think of.” The wizard gently took her hand. The poor girl is under one harmful spell. Whoever did it wanted her to be male for all her life and it was done at a very young age. The residue from the long wore magic spell gave him a good image of the strapping you athlete any father would be proud of. Yet the girl would have made a father proud as well. Very pretty if only she took the time to dress and make herself up correctly. The frat house had made her female again and he felt that it was only a matter of time before the base spell took back over and made her truly male again. It was one of the most vile of spells as it is taught to a child who has no knowledge of its workings and from then on the child maintains the spell and there is no way to stop it unless the adult figures out the truth. Had the potion been active longer then she would have broke the spell. That it didn't last long gave the spell time to correct itself. Her mind was freed but her body wasn't.

“Come with me I had a helper for a time and she left some clothing that you can fit into. However we have some work to do. First we have to get you out of the male clothing. Have you take a bath and shave. You need to smell and have your skin feel like a woman's.”

“If I am a woman then I need to be able to see myself to wash and shave. I am not letting you watch me or help.” The wizard chuckled as he flipped a ring. The chuckle turned into a giggle.

“Would it help if I was a girl? I know it really doesn't affect me in the least.”

“Not what I have heard. You are the dirtiest old man around.”

“True you have me there, but getting a bit of titillation from watching you is a small price to being the girl you were born to be. Here we are a bath already drawn up and scented just right. You can put your old clothes in here.”

“I can do this alone.”

“Walls don't stop my sight honey, and you are running out of time. Now get naked and in to the bath.” Alex flinched, but he was willing to do anything. He stripped down to nothing and felt the wizards hands run over his body. He reacted like any guy would and he burned with embarrassment. The female wizard said nothing, but moaned out in many ways. Plus she giggled several times. As he was guided to the water he felt so hot from shame that the water was cooling. Time stopped for a long moment as she help Alex wash every inch of his body. The scent of jasmine with vanilla, lavender, and orange. It was hypnotizing subtle. It was over before he was ready. He was then lead over to a chair that blew warm air over his body and it felt strange on his skin like there was no hair. His hands roamed over his skin and still felt the hair at first, but felt nothing as the wizard did something similar to shaving.

“Now let's do your hair.” He was leaned back and water flowed over his short hair and it felt longer as if it was just a band holding the hair up. The soap smelled wonderful and felt just as good. Again he nearly fell asleep from just the smell alone. It reminded him of his mother. After the conditioner he was sat up and blasted with air and his now long hair settled on his shoulder and flowed down his back. Could the wizard really be helping him even though he couldn't? It was the best he had felt in a long time and whatever he or she was doing was helping. If only he could see what was going on. He could feel that his hair was being cut and styled and slowly he felt his nails and toes were getting trimmed and filed. Part of him knew that he would look like and idiot, but another part hope that she would feel pretty. It didn't stop there as brushes went over her face as makeup was applied.

“Now you need to get dressed. I will hand you and item and you will put it on no questions asked.”

“But it won't fit or I will look like an idiot.”

“I said no questions now put these on.” He was handed a pair of panties by the feel and he slipped them up his naked legs shivering on how naughty they felt. Once they were up the wizard's hands adjusted them. It was the strangest feeling. It was like there was nothing there and they fit like a glove. He tried to feel, but the wizard prevented it by placing a bra with fine lace in his hands. He put it on wondering only for a moment how it was so easy to put on as the hands took over to adjust it. Something was slipped over his head and it felt like silk and made her shiver. It was a long chemise of some type. She was directed to sit down and she felt stockings slip up her legs ending just in the middle of her thighs. Then the slip came up and a garter was snaked around her waist and the straps pulled under the band to her panties just before being attached to the stockings. She was then guided a distance to what felt like another room.

“Now for the dress. Put your arms up.” He did so as he felt shame again. No way was this ever going to work, but she wondered if he had gotten taller as the dress slipped over her body. The sound of the zipper going up sent chills through her body and made a strange feeling in her stomach that started to spread. Could this actually work? She was lead over to a chair and she felt hands at her feet as several pairs of shoes were put on and then taken off. Then a pair was put on that felt perfect. Standing up was troublesome as she nearly fell over a few times having to lean in on the wizard a few times. She knew now that he was a he again. Once he took a step the imbalance went away and she forgot that she was wearing heels for the first time. No not the first time. She wore them that day. She really wondered where those shoes had gone.

Again she was lead over to sit and more makeup was applied her hair was adjusted and then earrings were put in her ears and a cold necklace slid around her neck as she held her hair out of the way. Now she feared getting her vision back. She felt so much like herself that she would be crushed to see the idiot in the dress. How could she have gone along with this. She was lead out into the shop as she could smell the different items. A sudden spray hit her neck and a subtle smell pf Navy perfume hit her neck and then her wrist. Without thinking she rubbed her wrists together. She stopped as the door opened. The tiny tinkle turned into a roaring gong.

“Ah wait here for a moment.”
“Nice robe old man.”

“He he ya did you forget to get dressed?”

“Now John and Jeff I think you came in here for more than to pick on the clothes I wear.”

“Hey how do you know our names?”

“I am a wizard. I know many things.”

“Okay then what am I thinking.”

“That is not to be said in the presence of a lady.”

“Whatever that is no lady, but I have to say she is one hot bitch.”

“I would remind you to hold your tongue.”

“Ya okay.”

“Hey John check this out.” Alex had wondered who else was in the store. They surely were not talking about him. Just the way John had said it meant he was talking about a real woman. It infuriated her that he thought so little of women. It would be great if they both got a taste of their own attitude. Maybe they would think differently afterwards if there was one. Suddenly she smiled knowing that the wizard was giving them something that they won't be able to resist or follow the directions.

“Sorry about that dear, but customers always come first. However I think it is time for lunch. I can't have you stay here so I will enjoy your company.”

“No I can't go out there like this. I will be arrested or worse.”

“I think not. Those boys were talking about you.” The shock of the statement made it easy for the wizard to escort her out into the walk way of the mall. By the time the resistance came back it was far too late to turn back. She could hear the mumbles and the murmuring. She wished she could hear what they were saying at the same time she fared it. Being blind made her feel so helpless. She leaned in and had to trust the wizard not to guide her wrong. He was a gentlemen in this regard and he took her to the nice restaurant in the mall and not the food court. It was so strange being called ma'am or miss. It made everything so much better the food and the sound of the fine music. She was lost in this fantasy. Yet he knew it was only a matter of time before the bubble would burst and she was a he again. Yet it didn't happen as her ears opened up and she slowly realized the comments were about her.

“Wow she is so pretty.”

“I love that dress it is so perfect.”

“Oh I have to get those shoes.”

“Where did she get her nails done. They are glowing.”

“Hello I would love to get me some of that.”

“Nice rack even better ass.”

“They all made her feel pretty, accepted and disgusted that they could think all these things. Then it hit her that she was hearing their thoughts. She only just realized that the sounds of the music and the din of conversation was gone. Even the sound of her chewing was not there. She put her fork down and found her glass as if she could see took a sip of the wine and then faced the wizard.
“I think I have had enough. They are all giving me a headache.” She thought at him.

“That is to be expected. How do you feel?”

“Okay I guess. Exposed as I am not used to this dress. It could be a bit longer I am constantly adjusting it. Plus I need to powder my nose.”
“I can guide you there unless you think you can hold out until we are back in the shop my dear?”

“No I don't think I can. I am blind and deaf now. I can't taste the food or the wine. What more will I lose?”
“Like I said your body is fighting it.” He helped Alex get to the bathroom and she walked into the lady's room like she had been there many times still she guided herself to the closest stall and was glad that he put the panties on the outside of the straps. She peed wondering if this was all in her head. She felt herself like the day she had realized that she was female in body as well. That her being male was no longer what she ever wanted to see again. She had enough and it was her life her body and no one not even herself was going to change that. As she wiped and then stood as she adjusted her dress back into place her hearing came back as she heard the toilet flush before she opened the stall door her nose started working and it was fairly pleasant smelling though she knew the other lady was going to let one go. As she reached into her purse her eyes started to see and she froze as she look at herself refreshing her lipstick. She finished and then smiled. Her stride changed as she walked out of the bathroom into the crowded restaurant.

“You did it. I am female.” The wizard smiled as he took her hand to seat her again.

“No you did it. I only helped push you.”

“You did more then help. I have dirty hand prints all over me.” Alexis wasn't upset with him in fact she knew him better than anyone. She had been in his mind and knew exactly made him tick. It was that view of seeing herself through his eyes that got her to change the spell and then break it. She would be having a very interesting conversation with her father over what her grand parents had done to her just because he wanted a son.

“Well my hands are clean so it wasn't me.”

“Still you helped when you said you couldn't. I guess you are not so bad after all.”

~ o ~ O ~ o ~
Hope you like it. It popped into my head and had to come out. I figured there had to be one story where the wizard helped someone for more than he does by helping them get into trouble. I have a few other stories going, but i just can't seem to get to the ending and i don't want to leave ya all hanging like i did with twins. Well mabye i can now work on one of the others since this is out. Ciao

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