Corset Magic

When I was thirteen I saw my first corset. I was at a renaissance faire and the first thought I had was I wanted to wear it. When I was fourteen my sister got one and she must have seen how I looked at it and after she got me to help her put it on she wore it for maybe five minutes before she had to take it off. Then she just grinned.

“You have to try it.”

“No way.” But she had this evil grin that only sisters have and there was no way I was going to boy my way out of it. Ten minutes latter she had it tightened all the way. I felt comfortable, really comfortable. We are twins so we look a lot alike including our body shape. Sure she had a bit more in the hips and well I didn't have breasts, but we looked exactly alike in the face. As much as I loved wearing the corset I felt no need to wear her clothes or a dress to get the full effect still it didn't stop her from trying.

“You have to put this on.”

“I am not putting on one of your dresses.”

“Why not?”

“I just don't want to.” I saw her think about it and it was rare for her to give up so easily. I saw part of her was disappointed, but not by much.

“Well I guess you can take it off now.”

“Why? It feels fine.” Her eyes did something funny and then she looked confused as I pulled my tee shirt over it. She then gasped as I walked out of her room. She never said a word about it that day, but I could tell it was on her mind all day. Eventually she and I had a normal day together and even I forgot at times I was wearing it. I even went to bed that night and slept better then I had in a long time. I took it off in the morning, but I felt naked without from that day forward.

By sixteen I had several different types. Maria wore one usually the little ones that just pulled her in a bit as they were just like a wide belt. I liked the ones that held your ribs and your hip bones. Still I was jealous at times she could wear them openly.

At seventeen my mother caught me in a full corset that was meant for Maria to wear as she had breasts and I didn't. The corset went over the shoulders with a collar and pushed the loose skin forward and up and I had a bit of cleavage in the open diamond of the corset. My long hair was loose and to get the full effect I put on the little over skirt that would go over the larger full skirt. I stood there in shock as she looked at me.

“You are not wearing that without another skirt.”

“I know.” I couldn't believe I just said that.

“I am surprised you could even get it tied.” My mother thought I was Maria. I was speechless as she came to me and turned me around and began to tighten the laces further. Maria knew I could wear it tighter, but I also liked to breath. Due to Maria being shaped better she could go tighter. I could but it took a bit more effort and I couldn't stand it long. Though as often as I wore one and the length I wore one I was in part surprised I hadn't been caught sooner. I heard a gasp and looked up to see Maria standing right there frozen. My mother had been rambling on how she couldn't understand why I liked to wear a corset so much. It stopped when she gasped after seeing Maria there.

“Mom I can explain.” Was not the words I would have used.

“Explain what?” Could my mother not see it? I looked at Maria in her tee shirt and jeans. Wait that was my tee shirt, my favorite Slip knot tee. She spun me around and looked from me to Maria several times.

“How long have you been dressing as your sister?”

“I don't.”

“Then why is she wearing your clothes and you her corset?”

“I just wanted to try it on.”

“With that cleavage?”

“It is really tight.” I gasped as this was just too much. Way too tight as I suddenly couldn't breath. I was spun around as I started to see stars. I felt the tugging, but they were not fast enough as I passed out. As I came to mom was holding my hand the look of relieve was evident. We talked a long time. More than we had ever talked in a long time. She didn't understand that I didn't want to be a girl or to dress in girl's clothing though some of the stuff I wore was originally for a girl it wasn't like I needed to. I just had to wear a corset. In some ways I think I confused my mother into thinking I was a girl. It became our little secret or our big secret as I was allowed to wear one a lot more often. Only at school I couldn't wear one, but I did wear a compression band claiming back pain. It worked and risked a few times wearing a belt corset underneath.
Once I graduated from high school I was freed and wore one now nearly twenty four seven. Other than the need to wear a corset all the time I was a guy in every way. I flirted with girls thought not enough to pursue them to go on a date or anything. It was really strange some times as I had quite a few girlfriends, but because I feared being found out I drew the line at being hugged which would eventually happen. Sure my tee shirt or hoodie hid the corset, but I knew you could feel it as my sister made me aware of it every time she hugged me. Lucky chest hugs were good enough for my father.

I was minding my own business in my room when my sister burst in giggling. I tossed my pillow at her that was used just for such an occasion as this. She dodged as she sat down at the desk. I ignored her knowign that whatever she was thinking would just come out without any help from me. Yet she remained silent and the longer she remained silent the more annoyed I got. Finally I sat up from the bed and stared at her. She giggled again and she opened her mouth. She closed it again and she was nearly ready to explode.


“Finally about time you cracked. Yay I win for once, but you will not believe what I saw today in this little old store. I almost didn't go in with the dirty windows and all that but I saw this really old dress and so I had to go in.” My sister had a fetish with Victorian dresses and other period pieces. She was an avid fan of steam punk and goth dress. Me I just loved corsets. This was one of the few times that I wasn't wearing one and I got up with the urge to put one on. She stopped speaking as I took off my shirt.

“You were saying?”

“I am so jealous.”


“Your waist. I mean I know I could have the same, but I just don't like being so confined. How small is you waist now?”

“23 maybe 24 inches why?” This was the result of years though part of it was my size. As a boy I would normally have a 28 inch waist, my hips were 32, but should have been 28. In part I blamed the corsets for moving any excess fat down there though it wasn't fat. My chest was also 28 and my pecks 31 by the measurement if I was a girl I would have a B cup if it was in a different shape. Certain corset would give me the appearance of breasts, but I rarely wore those types after passing out that one time.

“Perfect as always, and maybe you could fit.” I looked at her as if she was crazy. Then again she was at times.

“Explain.” She giggled knowing she had my attention now.

“Well as I went into the shop I was shocked at the dress I saw. It was mostly a corset as it went from below the hips all the way over the shoulders. The skirt attached to the bottom. Though you could just wear the corset part. It wasn't too extreme that you couldn't fit into it, but when I asked to try it on he said it wasn't made for me. I asked him who then if not for me. It was perfect I thought. So he tells me to put this body suit on and I was about to walk out because I thought this was something creepy, but he just went back to the book he was reading. I took it and put it on. When I came out he pulled out a tape measure and made several measurements. 34, 28, 23, 26, 30, and then 36 at my hips. He then told me it would fit after a fashion, but I was too shapely for it to work for me. I asked him what would be perfect, and what you just told me is what he needed for the waist.”

“I have enough corsets and I am never wearing a dress, so I am not interested.”

“Don't lie and once you see it you will not care. I mean this thing screams you and I know I am right.” I knew I wouldn't hear the end of it. My waist being small was not the only thing that would make it fit. Still I was just curious enough.

“Fine we can go see it.” She screamed and then hugged me. Then she looked really calm for a second looking me over. I rolled my eyes knowing what she would be suggesting next.

“You know...”

“No I am not going there in girl clothes.” She pouted, but she knew I wouldn't. I did for a cosplay event one time and well I got really tired of being hit on by every boy in the place. I wasn't even wearing concealing makeup just around the eyes. No I was not doing that again. I pushed her out of my room and changed clothes. Nothing different from what I was wearing before, but tight enough, and I did like to wear girl's jeans they just fit better. With wearing corsets I just couldn't stand baggy pants and so girls jeans were tight. Being no longer in school until college I could wear what I wanted. I put on a snug corset that made it easier to sit in a car as some corsets were just too tight that you couldn't even sit right to be able to drive. I put on an under shirt before I put on a snug tee shirt. It didn't fully hide the corset, but no one had said anything up until this point, so I felt safe.

My sister rattled on as we drove over to the shop. I had seen it before, but always thought it was closed long ago. The door opened and the little bell went off as we stepped in side. I saw the corset dress first thing. You couldn't miss it as it was in a glass case which was perfectly clean. It was a jewel in the middle of garbage. Though I was sure the other stuff was fine enough, but it was drawing me to it. The old man jumped up with a look of shock and curiosity enough to pull me away from the dress. This was some dress one royalty would wear back in the day. I just couldn't place the era it came from or the country. I knew corsets and had seen thousands of different styles and patterns.

“You feel it don't you.”


“Good as you are perfect.” This gave me a chill down my spine. Yet I stepped closer to the dress. “Would you like to buy it?”

“I don't think I can afford it.”

“It is not the price that matters, but that it fits the owner perfectly. That is the true reward. I only ask a small token for purchase. Sixty dollars.” How could he ask so little? Just by some of the work I saw the dress had to be worth thousands. A collector would give even more and if a certain person in the past wore it then it could be worth millions.

“I can't.”

“It has never been worn and has been waiting a long time for just the right person. I am only charging a storage fee. You already own the dress.” He knew just what my mind found reasonable. Still before I could protest I had pulled out the sixty dollars I had in my wallet and realized I had done this only after he took it from me. My sister was going around looking at a few things while I stared as he took the dress down and carefully removed it from the form and put it into a box that was twice as big as the dress. I wondered if it would fit in the car as we left the shop. Maria had bought something too and he was saying the same BS he said to me. I guess he was just that way. My sister put the bracelet on and it went well with the other half dozen she had on her wrist. She helped me put the box in the car and we drove home. I thought about the corset the dress had all the way back and it really wasn't that special, yet it drew me in as I opened the box again.
“So are you going to try it on?”

“Maybe...” I touched it for the first time and I felt electric. It wasn't a shock, more like energy. I really wanted to wear it, but now wasn't the time. It was so hard to move away from it as we went to eat dinner. After dinner I had to work and so I didn't have a chance that night. Work went quickly and halfway through my corset was bothering me so much I had to take it off during my break. I didn't want to, but one of the bones had poked through and I just could wear it like that. I would fix it when I got home. Yet I just put it away and went to bed. For the first time in years I slept without a corset. It was an uneasy sleep with me waking up several times just to touch the corset in the box. What was so interesting about this corset? It made me uneasy that I was so drawn to it. I had to work again in the morning only after nine hours. Again about halfway through work a bone came loose in the corset I was wearing. I came home and went to bed with another corset one that I had for years and was a bit loose now. I work up and it had come loose completely as the cord broke during the night. This went on until I had two day off in a row and I had nearly six broken corsets. I couldn't figure it out. I tried to repair them but they were just done. Sure I could have patched them, but it just wouldn't be the same.

Now he had none that he could wear. Sure his sister had a few, but those were hers and he had a feeling if he did wear one of them it would break as well. The waist shaper that he wore in high school was even broke as half the hooks were missing and they were not the last time he wore them. He knew that he shouldn't put on the strange corset, but the urge was greater and the need to be confined was getting to him. He went to the box and slowly took everything out. Other than the piece he saw on display there was a few other items. A larger over dress which looked even more like it belonged to royalty than the corset dress with its pearls and small gems. This made him shake as he really liked it. There were a few under garments that he put on right away. It was like a body shaper in that it covered his torso except for his chest. It wasn't Lycra, but acted like it. There was a strap in the front that would link into the back and felt silky yet soft and airy. It took a bit to figure what he had to do to fasten it to the back. This made it difficult to tuck as any slack and he had to start over. Once he got the hooks in place he spent a minute making adjustments.

It was the strangest feeling to have his jewels slide up into his body and have his sack and penis pulled between his legs. It was even stranger as he ran his hand over the now flat area. There was no impression that he had male parts at all and a brief second with his eyes closed he got a good idea what it would feel like if he was a girl. Yet he was reminded that he was a boy as he suddenly had to pee. Without much thought he went to the bathroom and sat down and it wasn't until he started to pee that he hadn't un fastened the body to free himself.
“Great now it needs to be washed. Yet he heard the steady stream of unhindered pee hitting the water. It sounded so strange coming from that area. Once he was finish he took some paper and wiped as if he was a girl and then felt again the cool silk and it wasn't damp at all. He had a feeling of a girl for just a few seconds before he shook his head of the thought. He was distracted by how he was adjusting the skin of his chest so that more of it was free. Pulling from the side and a bit under the edge. His breasts looked puffy, but not like boobs a girl had though he had more than he thought he had possible. The undergarment was nearly the same tone as his skin and he shivered as he looked way more like his sister than since they were both ten.

Even now it wasn't unusual to see his sister naked or in some other form of undress. She had seen him plenty of times naked as well. She was his sister and he was so used to it that it had never got him excited. Other girls yes, but not his sister. Thinking of her she came through the open doorway between their rooms. There used to be a door, but they had taken it down and couldn't get it back on at the time and just left it off. Their father took the door away and never asked about putting it back. There she was in a sheer camisole that exposed her to him. He could see the red thong that barely covered her. She stopped and her eyes went wide.


“You look like a girl down there.”

“I know, but this is just the under garment for the corset.” She came up and felt the edges. It felt strange for the first time to have her hands running over my skin. We had experimented a few years back and we had touched each other all over. It felt even stranger now than then. Even as he remembered cupping her breasts and she had examined his manhood. They had practiced kissing with each other, but there was no reaction from his body back then, but strangely there was one now though with him being confined it wouldn't show. The strangest thing was her running her hand over his groin.

“If I close my eyes I imagine a girl's.”

“Glad you are getting your thrill.”

“I am not getting excited. Just really curious. Need help with the corset?” I nodded and went over to it. Being as it covered the entire torso I would need help. We spent several minute loosening it up. A piece of fabric fell to the floor and I thought it was damage like all my others. Maria picked it up and spread it out. I blinked as it was a pair of panties.

“You need to put these on.” She giggled as I turned red feeling not shame but suddenly so exposed without them. I put them on as if they were natural to do. The feeling of flatness was even stronger now. I stepped into the top of the corset and snaked it up my body until she had to help as I put my arms into the straps. She didn't hesitate to start to tighten it as I got it settled on my body. All feeling of the body disappeared as the corset settled into place. I watched in the mirror as my sister worked on the cords. It wasn't an extreme corset as it only pulled my waist in a bit more. I so wanted to measure it, but I would have to wait until it was fully secured. The hour glass shape was unlike the other corset. More natural as if I had been a girl. I adjusted my breasts as it tightened and I giggled like a girl as my cleavage developed on the top way more was showing from the corset that made me pass out.

“What are you laughing at?” Maria stuck her head on my shoulder and I ran my finger over my chest as she began to giggle.

“I think this is too much.”

“You look pretty.” I giggled with her which was more embarrassing then looking like a girl. I felt pretty and her saying it sent a warm chill through my body. She was soon finished and I grabbed up the tap and measured quickly. My former 24 inch waist was now 20 inches. More than I could get with any other corset yet it looked more natural than ever. I measure the bottom of my rib cage and got 26. I didn't like that as it meant my organs were now pressed together yet I didn't feel as constricted in the chest as before. I measured around the bust and it came out to 32 which I though it wouldn't be more than I had ever had up top and the cleavage was perfect as if I had breasts the whole time even my chain settled nicely into the crevasse produced by the bustier. As tight as the corset was I was surprised at how free I felt. It didn't hinder my movements as much a modern corset, yet gave me the straight back feeling, and it was like someone was hugging me all over.

“Wow if I didn't know you were my brother I would think that you're my sister.” I looked in the mirror and I was a bit smaller than her, but I was a girl. It was strange and natural at the same time. If I hadn't shaved then I would have looked like a girl with stubble. I started to giggle then stopped as I remembered I didn't shave. Not even last night or the last few days. I should have had a lot of growth, but as my hand ran over the skin of my cheeks there was only very fine feeling of hair. It was like I had never needed to shaved in my life.

“I think the stockings are next.” I needed to get away from the mirror as I was starting to fall in love with the way I looked. I never felt this way before and it was making me uncomfortable to feel this way. I was all boy except for my need to wear a corset. The stockings were shear and real silk. I put on the garters as my sister rolled them up. As the first stocking slid over my foot and up my leg I shivered and gasped as she snapped the garter in place. The feeling was ten times better than the one time I wore pantyhose. Silk was just that much better. As the second garter was adjusted I fell in love with the feeling and wondered if I could wear them all the time. My legs were really smooth and it tingled on the naked skin underneath. Yet in the back of my mind it bothered me that my legs were not hairy like before. Even the exposed portion showed no hair yet I felt them under my fingers too fine to see.

I snapped out of it as the first skirt glided into place. I didn't even remember stepping into them, or that I had stepped into the second inner skirt. The waist had a wide band similar to a belt corset and felt more restricting than the actual corset. The outer dress flew over me as I let out a little scream in shock as my sister giggled. I struggled as I felt like I was being smothered until it settled into place. The bodice was shear enough that yo could see the corset underneath yet added depth. The straps and collar were covered in lace and yet my cleavage was still exposed drawing my eyes there. I felt the collar tighten just enough to shift my posture and I reached up to touch it as my sister tied it. My shoulders were bare and I wondered how the lace sleeves stayed in place as I couldn't feel the strap that kept it attached to the dress.

Next came the gloves and they also needed to be laced up as they look complimentary to the corset. I really hadn't noticed when I had took them out of the box. As with the gloves the over the calf boots were just like them and shuddered as Maria pulled them up and tightened them. The heel made it hard to balance as I held on to the bed post. This struck me as odd as I look into the full oval mirror at the complete effect as Maria worked on my hair. I puzzled over the fact that it was much longer then I remembered as the gold chain hair net covered my long hair. The gold contrasted nicely to the blackness of my hair. This puzzled me as well as wasn't my hair brown before like my sister's. I looked at her and her blonde hair poking out of the scarf she wore over her head. I turn strangely to look at her in her dress. I was shocked more so than the beautiful girl I saw in the mirror. She had barely anything on before and now she was in her favorite renaissance dress. Perfect for the lady in waiting that she was.

“My lady you look precious. He will swoon at your beauty.”

“Sis, knock it off...” I looked around and we were no longer in my room or even in our house. The mirror was next to a large four poster bed with a full canopy. The detailed tapestries covered the stone walls and the large raw beams held up the ceiling of the room and between the beams were light fabric giving the room the color of the sky. The chandelier glowed with no obvious light source which made me giggle. This brought me back to my voice as it was higher a half octave or more to match my sister's pitch and tone.

“Mi lady you honor me.”

“You have always been my sister haven't you?” I couldn't believe I was doubting that she was my sister. Of course she was. She was my twin yet her hair was platinum blonde and mine was the richest black. I pulled her closer and we looked into the silver mirror. I could tell that it had been freshly polished as I studied our faces. I was relieved that we looked exactly alike in every way other than my hair. Yet why was she helping me like a common maid? Why were we in a castle and not at home? Wait?!

“What do you mean he?” She giggled and blushed.

“The prince from the neighboring kingdom has come to see you.”

“Are we... are we betrothed?”

“No not yet. Do you wish him to be your husband? You will make a fine queen when he takes the throne of his father's.”

“No I... I can't. I am a girl. I mean I am a girl.” I couldn't say I was a boy as my face paled as my sister giggled.

“Silly, you and I have come of age we are no longer girls.” I shouldn't be here. We shouldn't be here this wasn't home. How could dressing in a corset have brought us here? How could this have happened? There was no such thing as magic was there? Even with what I saw I still didn't believe it. Then a thought came to mind that cause me to be relieved as at least I wasn't getting ready to get married. Strangely this saddened me the same time as I was relieved. My cheeks reddened as I thought about what it was like to sleep with a man. This shocked me as well as I had never thought such a thing. Never looked at a guy for more that what he wore. Could that be part of a hidden attraction? No I shook my head as I definitely was into girls. Though having Maria there I worried that it wasn't true anymore.

“Girl is statement of gender not just a certain age you should know that Maria.”

“Ya I do, but I thought you were talking of our age. We did just turn eighteen summers not too long ago.”

“Why is I that I am dressed in such finery and you are not?”

“Because I am betrothed already. The prince of Hernania was so fetching I couldn't refuse. He kisses very gently. I hope for you that Mialo kisses just as sweet. Shall I kiss him first so I can warn you if they are poisoned?”

“You shall certainly not.” We both giggled and it stopped as there was a metal on wood knock at the door. Our mother walked in and my jaw nearly dropped to the floor. I had always seen her in jeans and a tee shirt. Maybe a fancy blouse but nothing near the elegant full gown she wore. The tiara was an added touch that made her eyes sparkle.

“Don't be so shocked my daughters.” I looked at Maria as she closed her mouth as well. “Let me get a look at you.” My mother took my hands and pulled them out to let the lace sleeves hand nicely. She let go and I couldn't resist twirling in front of her. “Very precious and beautiful. Reminds me of the day I first met your father.”

“Were you nervous?”

“Yes I was. I had three hand maidens pulling out their hair because I wouldn't settle down. What I would have given for a complexion as fair as yours. Maria help her accent her eyes properly. Mialo will barely be able to resist your eyes.” I blushed hotly as Maria pulled me to the vanity. Eye shadow from a bit of coal was painted on my face and strangely I knew of the other products that medieval women used as makeup. My sister must have seen them too as she avoided one that was very harsh on the skin, or out right poison as it contained lead and arsenic. The results were just enough to make my eyes pop and give me a permanent blush.

“Come let us break our fast.”

“Yes mother.” We both said together and then we giggled. I was on a different level and never had I felt so happy. This was beyond anything I had felt before. I was content with my life before happy as well for the time being, but the fear of being caught had left a vacuum in my heart having to keep any girl I liked at arms length. I had it so bad I even wore a corset to prom and refused to dance with the two girls that were interested in me. I wondered if either of them would have accepted me once they felt the hard casing I was wrapped in. We followed our mother out of the room and into a small foyer complete with two guards who followed in step behind us. I smiled at the one guard as I was sure he looked just like my best friend Adam. I even blushed as he winked at me.

Somehow in this reality we had shared our first kiss together. I never did count kissing my sister those few times to count. How I was not bombarded with memories was a blessing and a curse as I knew not what was to pass as we winded our way through the castle. The corset hugged and with the heels made my hips swing widely to each side. I manage to look back and Adam was definitely looking where he shouldn't have as he blushed as I caught him. This time I winked and stifled a giggle. Maria did giggle as I blushed with the thoughts that he must be having. Being a boy I knew exactly what he had been thinking. The heat that centered in my stomach was another shock as I found my body reacting to his gaze. We passed several rooms made for relaxing or for holding business of on type or another. The one gigantic table had an entire map of the kingdom in full relief with little trees and all. I so much wanted to wander over to the table and see the world as I knew it now.

“Hurry along ladies.” My mother must have felt us slowing down as Maria had hesitated as well. We picked up our pace as I felt myself standing taller and adding an air that I was the princess of this castle and that I was to be respected. A snob I was not and I returned the smiles of several of the servants who I loved and they adored us. Most of them had a hand in raising us. Some had the duty to discipline us as well. Nothing brings a snobby princess back to reality went the scullery maid took you over her knee, or the chamber maid who beat you bare bottom if you got out of line. Worse was to catch the eye of the master of the chamber and then father would get involved as well. That memory brought up several triplet spankings. One as recently as a few moons ago. Though the punishment was the crime in this case as this memory brought on a bright heat to my face as we entered the great hall.

“Father.” We sung together as we bowed. Not like a curtsy but a normal bow.

“Ah my brightest jewels come you must be both dizzy with hunger. I was indeed as I had not eaten since early yesterday afternoon. I found the meal very European with the egg in the little stand and mostly of bread smoked meats and sweetmeats. I stayed away from the pure sugar bombs many of the soaked in alcohol to keep them fresher. Luckily there was no chocolate or we both would have had brown lipstick. I was hungry, but between having to eat so properly and the corset I was full after a few small pieces of bread. Yet as I sat there wondering about how we had come to this world I would be able to eat a few more.

“Daughters why don't you go out and enjoy the garden. Your father and I have some things to discuss. We giggled knowing that she would be talking about Mialo coming to court. I wondered as we walked out of the hall what he looked like. Would he be dainty or would he be covered in muscles while wearing armor like it was a cotton shirt. I prayed that he would not be ugly or have a bad temper. Then again ugly would be much better then mean. As long as he was kind it really didn't matter what he looked like. We roamed talking of how beautiful this place was and wondered if there was magic users or dragons. Was it active magic or hidden shunned to use. We giggled at nearly the thought of being the damsel in distress. We came upon a few other ladies of the court one who was taller then all of us. She was very pretty and I could place her with none of the faces of our past like Adam or our parents.


“Princess Jessica and Maria you honor us.” This came from one of the older ladies in waiting. The taller one suddenly looked very nervous. There was something about her that felt off. I shrugged it off as she was about as young as I was. As we talked together sharing the gossip of the court the tall girl didn't speak at all every time someone asked her a question she would nod or shake her head. This drew my eye more and more until my sister whispered in my ear.

“Stop staring at her, and put her clothes back on.” I blushed at her words as she had caught me red handed.

“She is unique I whispered back.”

“I bet you would love to kiss her.”

“Stop it. The others might hear.” We both giggled and joined back in the other conversation. Eleventh bell came quickly and we walked back to the main hall. We followed the other ladies and the tall one walked just slightly heavier then the other. I thought of several things settling on that with her height she wasn't wearing heeled shoes. I had been noticing how they changed how you stood and walked. Yet there was still something else I couldn't pin down. Lunch was a more formal event as several nobles arrived and we had to wait as we greeted them. They were unfamiliar to me or my sister. Then a large man came in with his wife and a smile grew on my face.

“Uncle Bear.”

“Oh ho little ones. My have you both grown pretty.” We both blushed as we shared kisses with Aunt Colette.

“Yes they have. We really should have visited more often Robert.”

“Indeed.” He then gave us both a hug and I tensed up as he hugged me afraid that he would know, but then I remembered I was a girl now ad felt safe in his arms. I never felt safe like that before and nearly let a tear go as I had missed out on so much. I had a sudden need to hug my father, but he was surrounded by other nobles. How could he be talking politics on my day! I thought.

“Oh I know that look.”

“Excuse me.”

“So do I.” I heard my aunt agree as I swayed up to my father.

“Precious have you met the Duke of Biania?”

“No I have not. A pleasure to meet you.”

“For one so lovely the pleasure is mine.” He took my hand kissed it. It took all my will not to pull away as he was a snake of a man. Also he had a reputation as one who got his kicks from forcing a woman. He hid it well, but no maid or maiden was safe if her got her alone. I felt like a deer in the headlights of a car moments before its death. I shuddered as I faked my best smile.

“Father should we not sit?”

“We will in a moment. Protocol demands we wait for Prince Mialo to appear. I was bored and a bit angry, but that washed away as I was suddenly nervous. It was enough that my father chuckled as I got closer to him. His arm wrapped around me as he kissed my forehead. Again I felt safe and I pressed closer into the half hug totally missing these hugs. I hadn't hugged my father since I was fourteen. Having me there the Duke lost interest in talking or what he had to say wasn't for the ears of a young lady. IF I could say the words I was thinking I think I could have given him a heart attack.

“Introducing Prince Mialo and the Duchess of Norlena.” My heart skipped as I pulled away from my father. I looked straight at the prince in his tailored dress jacket and pressed pants. His boots shined like glass and his head held high. He wasn't a snob as his grin was infectious, and his eye darted around trying to absorb every detail. My sister came up to my side as he spotted me and his smile faded just for a second to fear. A fake smile replaced the honest one and I knew he was still nervous, yet I saw shame as well. Our eyes were locked together and suddenly he had crossed the fifty feet to kiss my hand. He kissed the exposed diamond shaped opening of the glove. I blushed as I realized I should have gave him the other hand as the left was reserved solely for a betrothed. In a country on the other side of Hernania it was a confirmation of betrothal. The thought lasted longer then the kiss and he asked me something and I replied. Whatever it was made my father growl and my sister to giggle.

It wasn't until we were half way through lunch that I had realized that I liked him. Something inside of me connected with him like no other, yet I felt there was something truly mysterious about him. My body had betrayed my mind as I knew I wanted him. The Duchess of Norlena was as young as we were and I saw the other young man who was to be her husband. He was athletic and concealed a strength under his fine clothing. My sister was staring at him more than she should, but I held no interest in him. I should have as he was more than equal to any boy band idol out there and the reaction my sister held was proof of that. Yet I was attracted to Mialo instead. He was thin and tall his face round and somewhat androgynous. His fingers were thin and delicate. He would have the perfect hands for playing the piano. Then as lunch ended I gasped realizing something special.

“If I may ask your permission I would like to take a walk with you in the garden.”

“You may.” I grinned thinking I could so tease him. I stood there and he suddenly didn't know what to say or how to react to my silence. I offered my hand and he let out his breath and the n blushed as I giggled. This was a very formal walk and we had several guards following us. Eventually we stopped at a nice fountain and sat there is silence.

“Pretty day is it not.” I giggled wondering why he didn't add me into that. He didn't seem to well versed in wooing me.

“Not as pretty as you.” I watched him gasp and then pale in shame. “You could have added.” It took him several minutes to understand what I said.

“Excuse me, but I am at a loss?”

“When you want to flirt you say something like, pretty day is it not I would reply as I have, but if you added pretty day for a pretty lady or if I had answered with yes it is. You could have said, but not as pretty as you.”

“I don't think I will ever earn your heart. Each of my brother have bedded the maids several of them but I could never get beyond their defenses. I beg your forgiveness and I shall return to my kingdom on the morrow.”

“Sit back down Mialo or are you Mia?” He sat, but his shock was plain to see.

“It is not what you think.”

“Is it? I saw a young lady earlier here in the garden. I don't know how I knew it was you, but I knew. Nothing to be ashamed about.”
“But you were not supposed to notice or even be there. It is part of my training.”

“Training? What kind of training puts you in a dress?”

“Our people when they come of age must live and dress as the other. We are treated as such and only then will we find true respect for the role society has placed upon us.”

“I have never heard of such.”

“You wouldn't have until after we had gotten married. It just isn't something the other countries will understand and is done in private. Today was my last day as such. You will not find me so exposed again. I will rescind my request of your hand.” He looked devastated, shamed, and the look the old woman had given me now made sense. For some reason I felt that he had been forced to go much farther than required. How could a man let himself be dressed so perfectly? He got up and started to walk to the bored guards.

“Then that is too bad.” He turned and looked at me. I smiled and then winked. He looked even more confused and then he got angry.
“Why do you tease me? I thought from how you looked at me that you would understand.”

“Come sit down. No need to cause a scene. I understand more than you think.” I patted the bench and he buckled as he came back over and sat down.

“What I tell you you will not believe, but still listen for if it is just a story then it still has value. I am not a girl.” I paused to let that sink in and the confusion slowly lifted into shock. “Well not in my head at least. This body is but it is not exactly mine. This morning I was in my room putting on a corset this one for the first time. I bought it from a store and as I put it on things changed around me and I found myself her within a girl's body along with my sister.” I talked about our world filled with cars and telephone with TVs in every house. Of cities that held ten times the population of his country. Then I smiled and told him about my fetish of wearing corsets. I explained to him that in part I was a cross dresser and I knew he was one too. Yet I felt I had missed something. He had looked to natural as a girl.

“That is some story very entertaining, but what does that have to do with us?” I smiled as I really liked him using us. I now felt I had always known him.

“You are a girl inside are you not?” I watched as he deflated and then suddenly he started crying. I had hit the spot exactly and he no she was fully open to me. I felt guilty for doing this, but I slowly saw the relief over his whole body.

“When I first was told I had to wear a dress like my cousins did, I panicked. My twin brothers tormented me before hand, but they were down right cruel once I was put in a dress. They would have to do the same thing in a few years and I would be more than willing to return the torment, but it hurt even more as I felt whole for the first time in my life. I am not a good first son and I know that once I go back I will step down as crown prince. I could never lead like one of my brothers could.”

“Has anyone ever stayed dressed as the other gender after the required time?”

“You are not allowed. The women marry their husbands and the men their wives. It is rare that there is no match for a young man or woman. I am even rarer as none of the other noble ladies would consider me as a worthy husband even with the crown on my head. Now I am shamed as I can't even earn your hand.”

“You have won my heart Mia. The moment I first saw you I so wish you would have spoken. This changes nothing.”

“But I want to be a woman. I need to be a lady.”

“I know and I can help you.”

“What, how?”

“The dress I am wearing brought me here. I am sure we can find a way for you to put it on.”

“But you are much smaller then me. It would never fit.”

“It will fit. Come to my chambers as Mia. I will set Adam outside your door and he will know to bring you to me.”
“It will never work. Even if I wore your dress I would still be a man.”

“I had a manhood just like you this morning and now I don't. I didn't even know magic existed before this, but I do now. You believe in magic?”
“Yes and I even have a few spells.”

“Really show me one.” I nearly jumped on his lap with my excitement.

“Well there is this one, but I have been too afraid to use it.” My jaw dropped as his chest swelled at the same time his voice raised higher than mine.

“Can you teach me that?”

“I can do one better.” He took out this collar and gave it to me. “It is like the collar I wear under this one, though my spell doesn't last long.” I saw him hold his chest just before it deflated. He looked lost for a second as he searched his chest. “All you have to do is turn this gem and if it is blue it deepens your voice and if it is red it lightens. The lighter the red the higher the voice and the deeper the blue the deeper the voice. Green is a voice neither male nor female like as you were a child just older.”

“Then we have a partnership.”

“I would have given you one later on.” We talked a bit more about how we were going to do this. I would need my sister's help, but I knew she would jump at the idea to help him out. As dinner came and went and the little dance after I started to sadden as I had fell in love with the boy who was a girl. I would miss him once I had taken the suit completely off and was sent back home. However this wasn't my world it was his. Adam would do as I asked and it only cost me a kiss. My body was on fire after the kiss and I so much wanted him yet I feared if I did I would never want to leave. I would be a complete woman if we had sex, and that was something I knew would lock me into this world forever.
“Oh my Gawd! You made it.” Maria jumped up on Mialo as she came in.

“Keep it down there are guests all around us. They will hear.” I stood there hissing as my entire dress had been loosened up. I dreaded taking it off like it would do the same thing as having sex would. I wondered as he started to take off his dress with the help of Maria. Once he was naked, could I resist this strong pull I had to throw myself at him? I shook as I felt moist between my legs as this was the biggest turn on I had ever had, or that I had seen anyone other than my sister naked or the boys in school not that I was ever gay, but being in a girl's form was changing me. Changing my mind on a lot of things.

“So how are we to do this?” He was down to his under garments unwilling to go any farther. I pulled off one of the gloves and he put his arm out as I slide it up his arm. I felt him shaking and as we tightened the cord it faded away. She marveled at the gloves once each were securely in place. He removed the rest and I was stunned as he was nicely equipped. Maria pushed me away from him.
“Keep it together and ewe!”

“I can do this. The boots and stockings came off of me and then went on him. I then stripped down to nothing and caught a glimpse of my naked self in the mirror for the first time since this morning. I was just like my sister in shape. A smaller waist, but not by much. I could barely se the seam for the body I wore and it was fairly painful in places. I realized there would have been a third way to remain as it was being absorbed by my body. As I slowly peeled it off the fabric it was made of was restored to how it looked before. I felt it pull on my privates and blushed as I suddenly had a full erection. What I had been feeling for Mialo I was now showing. It was even difficult to hand the bodice to Maria as she was giggling. I turned around as she stopped giggling and slowly the bodice I wore was pulled into place on Mia. He watched in a trance as I saw his manhood disappear beneath the body. That he was so close to me as she put on what I had just worn. Now that it was on she was more real then the boy had been. Piece by piece just like with me the dress was put back together. Only one thing remained for her to wear.

“Okay once I take this off I believe we will go home and you will be Mia. Keep the bodice on until a full day and night has passed. I think the dress is just there to give you shape.”

“But I see you in the mirror not me.” I looked at him and he was the same height as I was. I suddenly felt sad that she would no longer be herself, but a copy of me. Then again we would both be leaving and leaving this world's copy of our parents childless. His family had at least two more sons and the loss would be much less. I smiled as I knew that she would find a better life here with my parents. Sure they were rulers of this country instead of a businessman and a sports club owner, but if they were the same as I have witnessed, so she would be fine.
“We are not done. This is the last piece that you need to wear.”

“Okay but don't forget your voice collar.”

“I won't.” I wrapped it twice around my wrist buckling it in place before taking off the golden hair net. I placed it on her head and watched as she slowly formed into a real girl and not so much like me. I was fascinated to see her look more and more like the Duchess. However I could still see Mialo in her face. I then began to worry as I still could see her and the castle room.
“Maria what is going on?”


“What do you mean sorry?” My sister giggled as she twist on her wrist and I remembered the charm bracelet she had bought. She touched the mirror and I could suddenly see my room.

“We can go now.”

“How did I not see this? How did you get me to go through that mirror?”

“It wasn't hard as you were standing right in front of it. I just pushed you through. I thought you would notice but you didn't.”
“Does this mean we can come back anytime we want to?”

“No. He said we could go there, but if we didn't like it that we had only one chance to go home.”

“It is not on a timer?”

“No we could have stayed for years before going back. Why do you ask?”

“Because had I stayed in that dress any longer I would have remained as Jessica instead of Jesse.”

“You still are Jessica, but I like you better as Jessie with an I.” I gave her a strange look as I was suddenly hugged from behind. This brought me to look down and see I still had breasts. Smaller but definitely boobs.

“You are welcome to stay. I would be a perfect wife.”

“I know, but right now our worlds are way too different. I would miss mine and start to change yours. The first thing is inventing the toilet. The way you guys go to the bathroom is disgusting. No way I was going to sit on those boards.”

“Sit? We don't sit on them that would be very unclean.”

“Oh right. Hey I hope you are happy with being your true self.”

“I am more than you will know. The collar I gave you does more than just change your voice.”

“Like what?”

“It changes you just like this dress, but only works for a month. The voice change stays active if you want it, but the rest doesn't.”
“A month at a time or just a month for each person?”

“Each person. I was hoping that mine would break, but when I woke up this morning as my old self I was sad. Now I am so happy. Have fun with it and maybe if you decide to be a lady it will break for you. All you have to do is turn the white gem all the way around.” My sister pulled me through and I stuck my head back in and Mia suddenly kissed me. It was the first girl I had kissed other then my sister. I was happy, but the kiss felt sad. I would really liked to have been Mia's friend. I looked in the mirror seeing myself look back. Not that she looked like me but I fully understood what she was going through. I was in the wrong body for less then a day, but she had been in the wrong body all her life. Hopefully she could keep the dress on just long enough for the change to become permanent, but I knew she would as her smiling face vanished from the mirror to become my own.

Three months later

“I can't believe you broke the collar. After you had enough of being a female to last a life time.”
“Well there was a few things I had to try out.”

“I don't think having Daniel's tongue down your throat, an experiment.”

“It wasn't an experiment as we did way more than that.”

“Ewe! That is so gross. Was he good?” We both giggled as I nodded. We had figured out a way to make the collar month limit last longer as we traded out every day. Daniel was actually Maria's boyfriend, but she had been too scared to finally let him sleep with her. I did it and saved her a lot of pain as he took off since then. Not sure why, but once she came out of her depression she had been begging to find out what happened. Now she knew and we giggled as I told her everything he did. I was more then upset that he just took off as I gave him a part of me I never meant to give in that way, but wasn't too upset as I had lost my virginity to a couple of girls before then. Between the collar and the corset dress had really messed up my view of sexuality. Yet no matter if I was a guy or a girl I am heterosexual. Though I am now leaning more towards bi curious.

You see the collar broke while I was wearing it. I thought I would be stuck as a girl but I started going through a cycle. We still had fun with the voice changing, and the collar even broken would work on others. My hair never changed back to the brown I had nor did my sister's change back to a dirty blonde. Some of our friends started calling us B&W, black and white. We just giggled and made them bow to their new gods as we both remembered the game. Strangely I have not had the urge to wear a corset at all as a boy. A few times as a girl, but the need was long gone. I still could wear one if I wanted to, but men just don't wear them unless they are Goth. Speaking of Goth my train of thought ends as someone came up to our table.

“Hi guys, you looking for a party?” He hands us a flier for a local rave.

“Sure we'll go.” Maria replies as she takes the paper. I look at him and I wondered what she looked like without the makeup? I was strongly reminded of Mialo while I studied him. Then a smile slowly grows on my face as I really look at his clothes. He had on all black, but not a stitch of it was made to fit a boy. He was definitely gaffed as tight as his shorts were and they were nearly underwear with how small they were. His chest was covered in a halter top that hid the outline of a bra as both of these items were covered in a fish net body suit and a trench coat over that. You only saw it if he let his jacket fall open.

“You like what you see?” I jerked my head not expecting the question, but it wasn't fully an offer as more of a defensive question. Then it hit me as I saw his eyes as his guard could hide it no longer.

“What's your real name?”

“Not telling you. I burned it long ago that is why I go by Ash now.”

“Fine but my name is Jesse Jessica Olson. This is my sister Maria Anthony Olson.” I was really Jesse Joseph and my sister Maria Anne, but we needed different gender names when we changed. He had only known us as B&W as we joined the Goth scene.

“Fine but don't laugh cause I hate that name. Milo Ashlin.” I smiled real big as I jumped up and kissed him on the cheek. He looked really surprise, but he didn't pull away. His surprise gave me just the opening I needed as I locked the collar in place. I turned the gems in just the right direction as he was further stunned.

“You collared...” He looked even more surprised as his voice was now a girl's. “I sound like a girl!” That wasn't everything as she now had breasts pushing out against the bra she had hidden under the top and the shorts fit just a bit better. As her hips had widened some. The trench coat now touched the ground as she had gotten a bit shorter. The collar didn't change her face much or her body just made it so she was how she would have looked had she been born a girl. She started crying and didn't stop until I kissed her full on the mouth shocking her out of her crying fit. I know it was not right, but the kiss she gave me back curled my toes.

“Welcome to your new life Mia Ashley.”

“But my parents will kill me.”

“They let you be Goth and they haven't killed you.”

“They don't know about this either. I changed at a friends house.”

“Oh well no matter. Your parents will think you have always been a girl, or a tomboy.” She squealed suddenly excited and then looked at me very afraid.

“I am sorry I lost myself Mistress.” We looked at each other and then giggled. I reached over and took the broken collar off of her. She started to cry again, but stopped as she notice nothing changed. “Can I still call you Mistress?”

“Maybe, but call me Jessie for now. I am not yet ready to be a mistress or a Master. Not until you know more about me.” She nodded and looked a bit sad. However I knew it would take quiet awhile for her to get the hang of being a true girl. I would be there to help as I had been on both sides. We told her of what we went through and what we wanted to do for girls or boys like her. I explained that I had been permanently changed by the corset dress and the collar couldn't correct it even after it broke while I wore it. I didn't mind as I was happy being gender neutral. My doctor called it intersex, but that was only the half of it. My manhood had come back, but the breasts and vagina had stayed. I had a strange hormonal balance that varied according to the time of the month. Right now I was in the middle phase having both sexes. It would last two week and I would go into the feminine stage next for about a week before returning to the masculine stage after another two week middle phase. I guess sometimes you never know why you do things until you get what you need. For me it was wearing a corset. I wanted to be female, but not all the time as I liked being a male just as much.

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