Where There's A Wolf, There's A Way

Well, Dorothy did say people could write stories that would be aimed at M.Y.T.H, so I'm taking a shot at it. *grins madly*

Like her story Help! My Girlfriend Is A Unicorn!, this story will lead up to the protagonist discovering, then going to M.Y.T.H.

Dorothy told me to post this now, so here you go, folks, the first piece with students showing up at M.Y.T.H. for orientation.


I'm standing here in my all too cute bedroom, staring into a three-part mirror at the very pretty girl shown there.

There's just one thing odd about it. Quite simply, I am the girl in the mirror, yet it isn't bothering me in the least.

What is so odd is that just two weeks ago I was a young man of fourteen, all too eager to have his fifteenth birthday arrive.

I guess I should tell you about myself, and about what happened, it was most definitely a life-changing time.


My name was Richard Andrew Whiting. I was just under 5'9" tall, with long shaggy copper blond hair, sea green eyes and a medium build, weighing about 160 pounds. I was quite fit, being on the track team at school, more as a distance runner than a sprinter.

My dad works as an electrician with a construction company that builds high quality single family homes. He likes doing the work, the people working for the company mostly get along pretty well, even though there are members from most of the building trades there. He has worked for them since about three weeks after he obtained his electrician's degree and certificates through a major eastern university.

He met my mom about two years after that, she apparently was a real estate agent selling new homes and had been more than pleased when she ended up with a house that had been built by the company, she sold that house for nearly $400k US within two weeks.

After that, she set up a contract that the company would sell the houses they made through her, it was a mutually beneficial agreement.

Three years passed with dad helping to build the houses and mom selling them faster than you could pull pancakes off a griddle. Over that time period, they found out that they liked each other a lot, went on many dates, a few involving sex, then she found out she was pregnant.

As soon as dad found out, he proposed to her, even though he didn't have a ring at the time. She accepted the proposal and the two of them starting planning how they were going to deal with things, with her parents offering to pay for a proper wedding.

Not quite three months later, they were married, mom glowing as only a pregnant woman can, and they bought one of the new houses. The house was a four bedroom, initially meant to be a display of the company's work in that size, their usual was two and three bedrooms.

About six months after they bought the house, my older brother Anthony James was born, followed by sister Bianca Belle two years later.

Mom had continued to work through her eighth month while carrying my brother, but stayed home after that. She found out about a school that offered online courses, so she decided to get a degree in business management and a second one in accounting and bookkeeping.

I arrived on the scene two months after she received the business management degree, not quite three years after my sister.

The three of us left mom busy, but she also found time to offer her services to the construction company and obtained their approval. With two degrees under her belt, she soon straightened out the books and offered advice that made the company even more profitable.

When I was five, a family moved into a house just down the block, a family with a girl named Elisabeth about two months older than me.

There were a few other kids in the area, but they were quite a bit older, either in their teens or not far from it. This meant that the two of us often ended up doing things together, in one house or the other, in the park nearby, or by the lakeshore a few miles out of the city. It never bothered either of us that one of us was male and the other was female, we just had fun, sometimes girly things, sometimes rough and tumble.

I suppose we could have had Bianca play with us, but she had found some girls at school and was quite happy to spend her time with them.

The years passed in semi-tranquility, except for the odd scrapes and accidents that occur in most kids' early years.

I guess that brings us to the point where everything went topsy-turvy in my life.


My fifteenth birthday was coming up in just under two weeks, mom and dad were planning some sort of big surprise, I could often hear them talking quietly as I entered a room, at which point they would suddenly stop talking until I had wandered off again.

It was a gorgeous day in mid-June, sunny and already topping 80°F even though it wasn't yet 8 AM. We'd just come out of a five day hot spell, the temperatures on those days averaging 95° to 100°F, with two of them topping 105°F, so this was downright cool in comparison. The temperature wasn't supposed to climb much higher, the forecast for the day was showing a maximum temperature of 85°F.

I had decided that I was going to drop in on my friend Elisabeth, I hadn't seen her for a day or two and I have to say I missed her a lot.

I didn't call, just headed on over there; we often dropped in on each other unannounced, so my doing it that day wasn't unusual.

It seemed like any other day as I entered their yard through the side gate, then headed inside through the kitchen door. Something was odd, though; the moment I entered the house, I felt a tingling sensation all over my body which soon faded. I headed to Elisabeth's room.

As I approached her bedroom door, that tingling feeling returned, much stronger. I ignored it, knocked and walked into the room.

Let's just say that was a HUGE mistake, as there was an enormous flash of bright light as I entered, then everything faded into oblivion.


I have no idea at all as to how long I was unconscious; when I came out of it, Elisabeth was holding my hand, bawling all over me.

I looked up at her and could see an interesting aura around her. I tried to speak, but what came out was a rather high-pitched whine. That threw me for a loop, I tried to stand up, only to find out that I was definitely unbalanced, then noticed that I had fur and paws as I stumbled and fell back to the floor. I looked at her and whined again, only to be pounced on by their German Shepherd-wolf cross Biggun.

I truly was not ready for that, I had been trying to get up again when the big mutt bowled me over and I bounced off of the nearest wall. That darn mutt sat on top of me and licked me for a good five minutes until Elisabeth stopped crying and hauled him off of me.

I shook my head and growled as she helped me up, then found that I needed to be down on all fours as we left the bedroom.

Elisabeth yelled out for her mom as we made our way down the stairs and into the family room. Elisabeth sat in one of the two big easy chairs, I wanted to join her but she quietly yet firmly told me to lie on the floor beside her. I did so and waited until her mom joined us.

The mutt had dropped down on the other side of the chair where Elisabeth was sitting, so you can just imagine the expression on Elisabeth's mother's face when she entered the room and saw not one big canine but two, the second seeming to be a full-grown timber wolf.

She looked from the big mutt over to me, then back and forth between us for a minute or two before she asked, "What the heck happened?"

Elisabeth sighed, shook her head and spoke, "You know that I was planning on making Biggun here my familiar?"

Her mother nodded, looked at me again, then waited for Elisabeth to continue.

"Well, mama, the spell was going perfectly, I'd just said the last bit when Ricky here walked in on me. The original spell succeeded, Biggun is my familiar, but Ricky entering triggered a magical backlash that turned him into the wolf you see here. She's my guardian, mama."

Her mother's jaw dropped at the last comment, "Guardian? She? But... Ricky is male, Elisabeth!"

"He was, mama, but not any more." She turned and looked at me, then said, "She should be able to shift back to human later tonight."

When I heard her say she for the second time, I lost track of what was happening as the darkness rolled over me again.


I woke up this time to the big mutt AKA Biggun licking my nose and whining in between licks. I rolled over and slowly stood on all fours. Biggun was a pretty big dog, half-wolf as I said earlier, and even though I was female, I nearly matched him in size, I was no small wolf bitch.

The two of us, half-wolf and timber wolf, stared at each other for a minute or two, then I smelled fresh meat, even better, it was VENISON!

To put it bluntly, I barrelled into Biggun, knocking him right off his feet, then raced through the house to the back door. Just as I was about to smash my way through it, Elisabeth pulled it open and I was out of the house, headed for that mouth-watering meat.

I pounced on the venison flank, grabbed it in my mouth and ripped a chunk from it, chewed at it for a moment, then swallowed. I continued to tear off chunks, thoroughly enjoying the raw meat, until Biggun arrived next to me and tried to take a piece for himself.

I turned my head at him and snarled, a low, vicious rumble that had him backing away almost instantly, then returned to my meal.

When I felt that I had had enough, I walked away, leaving the remainder for Biggun, then curled up under the maple tree in the back yard.

As the moon rose in the sky later on that evening, I somehow sensed that I could shift my shape and soon found myself back as a human. To say that I was startled when I found out that I was female in this form would be an understatement; even worse, I was totally naked.

My cheeks turned nearly scarlet at my being in that state in front of two rather pretty, no, make that beautiful women.

Elisabeth found some new panties, a pair of leggings and a t-shirt that I could wear until I returned home.


The time between my change and my birthday passed much slower than I would have desired. This was largely due to the fact that I was being trained in girl 101 by my mom, my sister, Elisabeth and Elisabeth's mom, from one end of the day to the other, plus several visits to a mall.

Yep, they hauled me into the mall as often as they could, first to figure out my sizes, then to acquire a wardrobe fit for a teenage girl.

This wasn't an easy task, as I had somehow gained four inches in height, standing 6'1" tall now in my bare feet with D cup breasts. My hair and eyes were the same colours as before, although my hair now fell to the middle of my back instead of just touching my shoulders.

I couldn't use my old name any more, yet mom wanted my initials to be the same. We eventually settled on the names Rochelle Annette.

Over that two week period, I found out that Elisabeth and her parents were all witches, i.e., members of one of the three major orders of the Magi. Elisabeth had gotten to the point in her training where she needed a familiar, hence her casting that spell on that fateful day.

I also learned about make-up, and that girls seem to need dozens of pairs of shoes instead of the usual three or four for a male. That didn't take into account all of the skirts and dresses that the girls seemed to want to buy for me, I ended up with a closet full of them.

By the time my birthday rolled around, I had even been sweet-talked into wearing a dress a few times and found I liked how they felt.

I also learned that her spell had had a second major effect, it had made me into a repository for magical energy that Elisabeth could use. In that two week span, she still had not found a limit to how much magical energy I could hold, even though she had cast scores of spells.


Over the nearly seven weeks from when I changed to the beginning of August, my parents were hustling to get my ID changed, they also had to sort out my school records for the fall. We had to meet a judge in early July in order to get approval to fast track the various changes.

The meeting with the judge was rather interesting, two of his daughters had magical gifts and a third was a shifter like me, but was a troll. Neither of his two sons showed any signs of having a magical nature yet, but they were still young, twelve and nine years old.

Early August rolled around and my mom came into the house one afternoon with some kind of brochure in one hand. It seems that a group consisting of many different kinds of magical creatures, unicorns, mermaids, witches, werewolves, etc., had started a school for their kids.

After dinner that evening, Elisabeth and her mom showed up, and my parents, Elisabeth, her mom and I discussed this new school. The decision that was eventually reached was that Elisabeth and I would be joining them later that month at the school's orientation day.

As time had passed after my change, I became comfortable in either form, wolf or human. This is where things became complicated; when I was a female human, I found that I was strongly attracted to Elisabeth, but in wolf form, Biggun was just as attractive to my wolf senses.

Life was going to be one heck of a crazy ride from now on, even more so with the fact that we would be attending this new school.


Finally, orientation day arrived. I was in an odd mood that morning, as I put on a simple but sweet white bra and panty set, then dove into the closet, looking at one dress after another until I settled on a rather pretty green light cotton dress, which I was soon wearing.

I wasn't a make-up artist, but I could handle putting on a simple face by that time; after that, I headed down to have breakfast.

I guess mom was getting used to me by now as there was a plate with three venison patties on it, along with eggs, toast and a glass of milk. Even when I was in my human form, I still loved the taste of nearly raw venison, and the plate was soon cleared of all the yummy food.

After I checked my make-up, adding a bit of lipstick, I walked out of the house and down the block to Elisabeth's house. I went in as usual and had to wait a few minutes as Elisabeth was still eating her breakfast. Once she was ready, her mom led us out to the car.

It was a bit of a drive to get to the school, I'm not sure just how long it was as my senses were being assaulted on all sides. The moment that we left the city, I could smell several different kinds of animals, some of which were making me hungry even though I had just eaten.

We eventually arrived at the school, entering a driveway and passing through a gate under a large sign with the letters M.Y.T.H. on it.

We spent the next forty-five minutes wandering around the place, to say that it was awesome would be polite. We moved from one building to the next, each one quite large, including a cafeteria/dining hall, a gymnasium, a barn across a very big field and two dormitories that I figured could likely hold about a hundred students each with what looked like a third in the early stages of construction nearby.

Biggun was with us, as Elisabeth could hardly be expected to study various forms of magic without her familiar being present.

The biggest building on this campus, though, was where we would be attending classes, it dwarfed the other buildings, it was that big. There was only one building on the site that was even moderately close in size, which I soon discovered was the dragon hold as Elisabeth, her mom and I all saw a dragon come out of an opening in the side of that building, then fly off over the barn and out of our sight.

I think my jaw hit the floor when I saw that dragon; to put it in simple terms, it was magnificent yet utterly beautiful in a reptilian way.

We eventually made our way to the gym where the orientations would take place, then waved as Elisabeth's mom left the campus.

The two of us opened the doors, then entered the cavernous gym, eventually spotting a banner advertising the orientation area. We joined the line, there were about a dozen people in front of us, slightly more than half being girls, the rest boys who were ogling all of us.

Elisabeth and I ended up directly behind two other girls, I heard one of the two call the other one Bonnie as we waited in the line. I decided that it couldn't hurt to introduce myself, Elisabeth followed my lead, and we were soon chatting with Bonnie and her girlfriend Melody.

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