The secret of M.Y.T.H. chapter 1

The Secret of M.Y.T.H. (a sequel to “Help! My girlfriend is a Unicorn!”)

chapter 1

As I got dressed for my first day at the new school, I reflected on how much had changed since this time last year.

Last year I just a regular boy, with a girl as a friend who would soon be my girlfriend, trying to navigate the beginnings of puberty and typical school stuff, nothing unusual about me at all.

Now, pretty much none of that is still true.

I am way beyond “usual”, nowhere near “regular”.

And not even a boy.

I’m a girl.

A girl with magic, who regularly transforms into a unicorn. (Or more accurately, a unicorn who regularly transforms into a girl).

I learned that not only is magic real, there are all kinds of magical creatures out there. And sadly, not all of them are nice.

But this would be the first time for meeting a bunch of magical creatures at once, as I would be going to a school specifically for them.

So I was a touch nervous about making a good impression.

Fortunately, I wont be going alone, as my girlfriend Melody is also a unicorn, and will be going with me.

Melody’s mom was going to drive us to the campus today, so we could be part of the orientation, so I finished getting dressed. I was wearing a skirt, not because of the dress code of the school, but because my girlfriend is an evil girl who used the dreaded puppy-dog eyes on me until I said yes.

You’d think being a girl now myself I’d be more able to resist, but no such luck ...

Dressed and fed, I walked over to Melody’s house, and soon we were on our way to the school.

We drove for about an hour out of town, to an area that was made up of farmland. We turned into a dirt road that lead to a gate with the letters “M.Y.T.H.” above it. We drove through the gate ...

And into heaven.

Okay, I’m exaggerating a little.

But the campus was beautiful. There was a large lake with a river that wound around the campus, there was a huge field with a gigantic barn next to it, there was an enormous cafeteria, an even larger gym, a couple of dorm buildings, a very large main building where our classes would be held, and a building that I thought was a large dovecote, until I saw an honest to goodness dragon fly out of the top.

“Wow,” I exclaimed.

Once we had done a quick tour, Melody’s mom dropped us off at the gym where our official orientation would start. We walked through the entry doors into the gymnasium and looked around for a moment before we spotted a banner saying "Orientation for new students".

We were the first students there, but soon others began filing in. Even though they (mostly) looked like regular boys and girls, I could feel the magic they had, and saw little hints of the kind of creature they were.
Then I heard someone call out for Melody and I.

I looked, and it was Ari, who I had met and had a sleepover with. The three of us chatted for awhile, and then we were joined by three more girls - the triplets Abby, Betty, and Chloe, three were-kittens who had also been part of our sleepover.

“What are you girls doing here?” Melody asked.

All three girls blushed, and Abby said, “Were-cats mature a little faster than humans. Mom said we’re ready for junior high.”

“Cool!” I exclaimed.

A teacher waved and called out for Abby, Betty, and Chloe. Abby said, “Oh, I think that’s our teacher, gotta go!”

Giggling, all three ran off.

Another teacher called for Ari, and she said goodbye and headed out. A few minutes later, while we were waiting for our own names to be called, two girls came came over and introduced themselves as Elizabeth and Rochelle.

Elizabeth was leading a dog on a leash, and when I asked about him, she told me that Biggun (as she called him) was her familiar.

“Oh, so you’re a Magi?” Melody asked, “We’ve .. met a few not so nice magi.”

Elizabeth nodded, and said “Yeah. Some are jerks. But, I promise, I’m not like that.”

I could feel her sincerity, and said, “In that case, I hope we can be friends.”

We chatted for a few minutes and then I heard my name being called, followed by Melody’s.

We held hands as we walked towards the teacher, ready to start our first day of school ...

To be continued ...

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