A princess in distress

The sunshine woke me up. I was deep asleep because I stayed up late last night. The window must have been a little bit open because I could
feel a light breeze gently caressing my face. I yawned and stretched a bit, feeling happy and in a good mood.

“Princess Olivia!” I heard a familiar voice yell behind my closed bedroom door.

“What is it, Nadine?” I asked still feeling a bit sleepy.

“Your next appointment will happen soon. You must get ready. Can I help you?”

“No, I am fine. I will throw myself in the shower and find something to wear. Thank you, Nadine!”

Being a modern-day princess can be hard and demanding. There are a million different appointments, events and people to keep track of. I slowly moved from under the blanket when I realized that I was not wearing any panties. I was a bit in shock. Then I remembered what happened last night. The Swedish delegation came to our palace for a dinner. I flirted with this guy named Arne. We hit it off and ended up in my bed. I remember him leaving before I fell into a deep and happy sleep. Arne completely satisfied my needs. Like I said, being a princess can be exhausting. I climbed out of my bed and slowly walked to the bathroom. I turned around and looked at my big bed again which made me smile because it made me think about last night. The bed was a typical princess bed like you imagine it from fairy tales. It was a four-poster bed with beautiful pink satin drapes on it. It gives me heavenly rest and good exercise sometimes. I was a little concerned that my screams will wake up the entire city of Oslo.

I hit the shower, washed myself thoroughly and put on underwear after I was done. I went to my closet where I was trying to decide what to wear. I thought the blue dress I wore yesterday was fabulous. It had some lace and I think I looked great with my white stockings. I loved going through my huge closet and try on all kinds of different fashion combinations. This morning I decided to wear a black short skirt, black stockings and a dark blue top. I especially like the silky feel of stockings and pantyhose. I felt sexy and attractive when I wore it at yesterday’s dinner party which made flirting a lot easier. Arne was a good kisser and an even greater lover. Feeling a bit dreamy I decided to pull myself together and get ready for the next event.

I walked back to my bed and grabbed my smart phone. Then I made my way into the kitchen to see if the kitchen helps arranged breakfast for me. I could smell coffee when I entered the kitchen which made me happy instantly.

“God morgen, Prinsesse Olivia!” one of the kitchen aides said in Norwegian.

“God morgen!” I replied and smiled.

I sat myself at the breakfast table which was set with many delicious items like fresh baked bread, boiled and scrambled eggs, many different spreads like strawberry jam and honey, bacon and various kinds of lunch meats. A cup of hot coffee was waiting for me as well. I decided to have a big breakfast because last night’s work out required new energy. After breakfast, I decided to go to my office and sit at my desk. The Aftenposten, an Oslo newspaper, was already sitting at my desk. I turned on my computer, briefly skimmed the paper and checked my email as soon as the computer was ready to go. There were a lot of business emails and some personal ones. I replied to some of the important emails quickly. While I was working on the last email my phone rang. The display said it was Arne who tried to reach me. We exchanged phone numbers rather fast last night. Arne speaks little Norwegian and I speak little Swedish. So, we talked in English.

“Hey Arne, how are you?” I asked him maybe sounding a little too excited. I could feel a little tingling sensation between my legs.

“I am doing great. How about you, sweet Prinsesse?” he replied.

This brought back the tickling sensation. Did he just call me sweet?

“Fantastic. I had to think a lot about last night. This was so much fun.” I told Arne feeling giddy.

“Yes, it was. I was wondering if you wanted to meet for dinner. I could come to your palace again.” Arne suggested.

I could almost see him smile through the phone.

“Well, I guess it is OK. How much longer are you and your delegation in Oslo?” I wanted to know.

“Just two more days.” Arne said.

Great. Plenty more time for bed gymnastics.

“Can you be here by 6 PM?” I asked him.

“Absolutely! Looking forward to it, sweet princess.” Arne said in a feisty kind of manner.

“I will see you then.” I told him and hung up.

Oh joy! The Swedish lover will make me scream again. There was this tickle I felt down there again.

I wrapped up my email writing. Then I looked at my calendar. Only two appointments today. At 11 AM I was supposed to be at a book store in Oslo, signing my book for people plus a discussion hour that follows that. My other appointment was tea time with some business people from Oslo. That should not take too long. I was feeling the excitement while thinking about Arne.

I spent some time in my own personal library before getting ready to go. After a while, my security chief stopped by to tell me that they were ready. I grabbed my purse and followed him to the back door where my car was waiting.

I loved being driven to places because it is great to see my beautiful city of Oslo and its people go by. The narrow streets, little shops, stores and restaurants were wonderful. I felt pride to be the princess of Norway. Soon the car arrived at the book store called Tronsmo which in the city center and near a park called Sofienbergparken. I could see a lot of people lining up at the store while my car drove by and turned towards the back entrance. I got out of the car and entered the store through the back door. Once in the store, I was greeted by the owner, Mr. Hansen and his staff. Everybody was nice.

“Princess, Olivia! We are so honored to have you here for your book signing. On behalf of my staff I would like to say that we feel humbled and grateful to have you here today.” Mr. Hansen expressed with warm look on his face.

“Oh, the pleasure is all mine. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be here. I can’t wait to meet all these people.” I said enthusiastically.

“We will open the store now. Please have a seat at this desk and make yourself comfortable. Let me know if you need anything.” Mr. Hansen told me.

“Thank you so much. I think I am okay for now.” I assured him.

Soon enough, people came into the store, directed by the staff and started lining up at my desk. The first guests were a mom and her six-year-old daughter.

“Princess Olivia. It is such an honor to meet you. I am excited about your book. Could you please make it out for Astrid, that is me, and my daughter Eva?” Astrid asked me, seeming a bit nervous.

“Of course, I will.” I said with a smile.

“Your daughter is very cute. So, you are Eva?” I asked her.

Eva nodded at me shyly and even gave me a little smile.

“Are you a real princess?” she suddenly asked me.

“Well, yes I am.” I replied proudly.

Eva smiled at me even more and seemed excited.

“I want to be a princess when I grow up.” Eva said looking at my intently.

“That is great. I bet you will be a wonderful princess, Eva.” I assured her.

Eva giggled and started bouncing up and down a bit. Her mom, Astrid, smiled the entire time.

“It was great two meet you two.” I told them and they both smiled and said thank you again.

During the next two hours, more and more people came in whose books I signed and hands I shook. Everybody was friendly and excited. After the book signing session was over, I was lead to the main floor of the store. There was a desk set up and lots of different chairs. The people who were permitted to join the discussion group had to get a ticket weeks in advance. I felt so honored that so many people wanted to learn about my life and way of thinking, which my book was about. The discussion took an hour and a half. I loved to talk about the book and it was great to see what topics people where interested in. After the discussion session was over, I was lead outside again through the back door where my car was waiting. I craved some lunch and a cappuccino.

I made the driver stop and asked my staff to get a sandwich and a cappuccino for me. I could eat my lunch on the way back to the palace. Once I was back, the afternoon went by quickly. Tea time with the business men was fine. A little boring but that is part of my job. We discussed business strategies so we can support the Norwegian economy.

Once that was done, I went back to my part of the palace and decided to take a break in my library. One of my favorite parts of my quarters. I loved spending time there while getting lost in books. Then I remembered my dinner date with Arne. This brought a smile to my face. In only two hours he would be here and we would wine and dine together. I kept debating in my head if I should change my outfit. I again decided to stay with what I was wearing. I loved the silky feel of the sexy nylons and lacy lingerie on my body. I was a lucky princess.

Arne arrived and was lead to the dining room. We hugged and I gave him a little kiss. Then we sat down and soon dinner was served. We chit chatted about all kinds of things. I had trouble focusing on conversational topics because in my mind I pictured him giving me satisfaction. After we finished dinner I asked him if he wanted to come to my bedroom because I wanted to show him one of my new dresses. Of course, we both knew this was not why I wanted him in my bedroom. Politeness and social rules commanded that I would say something like that as opposed to asking him to take me from behind. We entered my bedroom and as soon as the door was closed we started making out immediately. This felt so fantastic and I started feeling aroused. Suddenly, I heard a weird noise in the background. I wondered what that was and when I opened my eyes, Arne and my bedroom were gone. I looked at an alarm clock. Confused for another second, I realized what happened and I could feel a strong wave of anger, frustration and disappointment come over me. I wanted to take the alarm clock and through it against the wall as hard as I could.

I then heard my mom yell from downstairs: “Michael, get up. You need to get ready for school.”

Tears were streaming down my face and I buried my head in my pillow shaking uncontrollably.

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