Thundering Force: Chapter 16: “Senators and Madmen.”

“Thundering Force”

Chapter Sixteen: “Senators and Madmen.”

By Paul Cousins.

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It has been a few months since Thor's mission to deal with the rebels on Balmorra. During this time, things had been relatively calm on the front for Padme, Anakin, Obiwan, Ahsoka, and the crews of the Resolute and the Negotiator.

Except for a handful of diplomatic and escort missions, there had only been one major battle. That being an invasion of a planet which was allied with the Separatists, but was not formerly part of the Confederacy. Even then, when the planetary government of the planet learned they were about to be invaded by Thor, Anakin, Obiwan, and their battalions, the planetary government offered a conditional offer of surrender to the leader of the Republic military forces. The leader of the Republic forces was Jedi General Obiwan Kenobi.

The offer of surrender was basically for the citizens of the planet to retain their rights and property, while the members of the planetary government and defensive forces would resign from their posts and walk away without reprisal.

Obiwan accepted their terms of surrender and the Republic took over the planet without firing a shot. Obiwan made sure that the Republic kept their end of the bargain.

Padme was more than happy to learn that for once her reputation as Thor had stopped a battle from taking place.

Recently, Padme, Anakin, Ahsoka, Obiwan, R2-D2, and C3-PO had found themselves returning to Coruscant for various reasons. While there was a war to fight, they had other duties to attend too on the planetary seat of power for the Galactic Republic.

Their leave would last at least two weeks on Coruscant.

Anakin was planning on schooling Ahsoka in some of her academic students in the Jedi Archives. Obiwan was planning on spending time conferring with the Jedi Council on various matters. And Padme was taking the opportunity to personally perform some of her senatorial duties in the Senate Building.

Also, Padme was planning on having meeting with her small group of Senators, to see how their efforts to end the war was progressing. She had not spoken to them for the last week.

The previous night, Padme, Anakin, Ahsoka, and Obiwan took a Republic shuttle from the Resolute in orbit, with the Negotiator, to had landed in a hangar at Westport spaceport.

Obiwan had contacted those at the Jedi Temple, for have Jedi pilot a transport to meet them at a designated location at Westport, at the proper time, to take them to the Jedi Temple.

A few minutes after landing, Anakin, Ahsoka, and Obiwan carried their luggage to where they would meet the Jedi transport. R2-D2 and C3-PO follow them, with C3-PO helping with carrying some luggage.

Once they reached the transport, the three Jedi and the two droid rode in the transport, as they were taken to the Jedi Temple to sleep in their quarters for the night. As usual, Anakin would be keeping his two droids in his personal quarters.

Meanwhile, Padme carried Mjolnir and her luggage, as she headed to a speeder parking lot in Westport, where speeder were reserves for Galactic Senators, diplomats and high ranking Republic military officers.

Once Padme retrieved a yellow, open top, four door, four seat, speeder vehicle from the parking lot, she drove herself, Mjolnir and her luggage, to the building where her apartment was.

After Padme reached the parking level of apartment building, where she had parked the speeder vehicle, she used a passcode on the turbo-lift elevator to her to her, Mjolnir, and her luggage, to her apartment.

Once Padme reached her apartment, she set down Mjolnir and her luggage in the living room and she headed to her bedroom to sleep in her own bed for the night.

The next morning was a sunny warm day.

Padme had gotten up. Cleaned up. Fixed and eaten some breakfast. She had dressed herself in one of her Senatorial dresses. She wore a blue sleeveless gown that went to her ankles. Also, she wore blue slippers that matched the color of her grow. When Padme looked in a mirror in her bedroom, she found her clothing went well with her long, loose, brown hair.

Padme did miss being waited on by her handmaidens. But, with the hammer, her secret identity as Thor, and that fact she traveled so much for the war effort, it was not practical to bring them along.

Though, Padme had become accustom to taking care of herself.

Padme carried, Mjolnir with her, as she went to get into the yellow speeder vehicle she had used from the previous night from the parking level of the building.

Once Padme was in the speeder vehicle, with Mjolnir by her side, she did not head for the Senate Building.

Instead, Padme headed for the Jedi Temple, where she had made plans with her friends, Anakin, Obiwan, and Ahsoka, to do a little training around nine hundred that morning, inside a specific training room in the Jedi Temple.

Padme knew she could have just turned into Thor and head to the Jedi Temple. But then, she would have to return back to her apartment building to get her speeder, so she could arrive at the Senate Building as Padme Amidala, and not Thor.

So instead Padme took her speeder to the Jedi Temple. Padme plans were that when she finished her errand at the temple, she would change back to Padme, leave Mjolnir in the trunk of her vehicle, and head directly to the Senate Building.

Padme did not bother to wear her seatbelt as she drove the yellow speeder vehicle through the skylanes.

When Padme reached the Jedi Temple, she landed in the visitors parking lot on the west side of the plaza.

Padme landed the speeder in a vacant space, in the nearly empty parking lot. She turned off the engine, took out the ignition key and pocked the key in a hid location in the speeder.

Padme opened the left driver's side door, got out of the vehicle, shut the door, and retrieve Mjolnir

Padme carried Mjolnir in her right hand as she walked towards the Jedi Temple.

Given Padme was well known by the temple guards of the Jedi Temple, and she on good terms with the guards at the Jedi Temple, she had no problems walking inside the Jedi Temple from the western entrance.

Padme walked down a hallway, used a turbo-lift to go to another high level in the temple, and walk down another hallway to reach the training room in the temple that she had spent much time in during her training by Obiwan and Anakin.

Padme used a button on a panel by the double-doors to open the double-doors to the training room. After the double-doors slid open and she walked inside the well illuminated room, she saw that Anakin, Obiwan, and Ahsoka were waiting for her in the room. All of them were wearing brown training clothing, this included a brown short sleeve shirt, brown pants, and shoes

Padme entered the room and greeted them, while the double-doors slid closed behind her.

The room was illuminated by the ceiling lights and sunlight from the windows on the side of the room.

Once the greeting were finish, Padme held onto Mjolnir, as she quickly headed for the women's changing room. She changed into her Thor form, with armor, helmet, equipment, and the sheathed Black Solace strapped to her back. She undid the strap to the scabbard of the Black Solace. And set the sheathed sword to the side.

Thor then changed back to Padme. After which, Padme changed into the clothing that had been set aside. This included undergarments, brown shirt, brown pants, and shoes. Though, the clothing was sized to her enhanced form. Then, she changed into her Thor form, without her armor, helmet and equipment. With her body filling out her brown training clothing.

Next, Thor buckled the black strap of the black scabbard on her body. The sheathed Black Solace was back to where she usually kept the weapon, with the hilt being behind her left shoulder.

Once Thor was done, she carried Mjolnir in her right hand, as she left women's changing room, and walked back into the training room to rejoined her friends.

After which, Thor joined her three friends to began training in sparring.

They took turns to doing one on one sparring matches in the center of the room. While the other two individuals stood at a distance and watched. The matches usually included sparring with each other between three to five times. With each match ending either in yielding, or it was clear the one of the opponents had lost.

They used various methods and techniques in how they practiced with their melee weapons.

Though, given the weapons being use, this was considered a live-fire training situation, with both sides were careful not to serious harm, nor kill the other individual. Fortunately, so far no one had been hurt.

Eventually, it came time for Thor to spar with Ahsoka. Which both Thor and Ahsoka admitting they had been looking forward these matches.

After years of training, including finally building a second lightsaber, Ahsoka had become very skilled in the form of dual wielding lightsaber combat known as Jar'Kai.

In Ahsoka right hand was her green lightsaber. In her left hand, was her blue lightsaber. With the blue blade being slightly shorter than the green blade, because Ahsoka's left hand was her off hand. Her main hand was her right hand.

Though, Thor was no stranger to dual wielding. In Thor's right hand was the Black Solace, with the vibrations mechanisms turned on, vibrating the weapon's black blade. In Thor's left hand was Mjolnir.

Much like Ahsoka's lightsabers. Even with Thor holding Mjolnir by the end of the shaft of the hammer, Mjolnir was still shorter than the Black Solace.

Thor's right hand was main weapon hand. This is why Thor had the Black Solace hilt in her right hand. Thor found when it came to combating lightsaber, the Black Solace was a more graceful and easier weapon to use.

Though, the fighting styles between Thor and Ahsoka were different. Thor held her weapons in a normal manner, while Ahsoka held both her weapons in an underhand style.

Obiwan and Anakin stood side by side, several meters away from the to combatants. Anakin to Obiwan's left side. They silently watched their two students spar with each other.

Before the first match between Thor and Ahsoka, both Thor and Ahsoka agreed this was a wonderful opportunity for them to practice their dual wielding styles and to show what they could do without being in a battle to the death.

In addition, Ahsoka and Thor agreed that Ahsoka would not use any overt force attacks. Ahsoka could only use the force to enhanced her physical abilities, and to guide her attacks and defenses. In exchange, Thor would not use her weather abilities. Instead, the match would come down to skills and physical abilities.

Though, Thor was going slightly easy on her physically abilities, because she wanted to focus more of her training on her weapon skills. Not that Ahsoka would have minded, because Ahsoka was doing the same thing by not as heavily relying on the force as she usually did. But, Ahsoka was mindful of when the force would warn her of extreme danger during the match. This prevent Ahsoka from being harmed, and this prevented Ahsoka from harming Thor, Anakin, or Obiwan.

Of the sparring session between Thor and Ahsoka, the first match went to Thor, due to a combination of speed and agility, which allowed her to breach Ahsoka's defenses without harming Ahsoka.

Though, the second match went to Ahsoka through skill and precise strikes that disarmed Thor of her weapons.

Presently, Thor and Ahsoka's third sparring match was entering its third minute, with both opponents holding their own, while preventing the other opponent from achieving a deciding strike.

As the sparing match continued, Ahsoka was starting to become impatient.

While Ahsoka and Thor continued to trade blows, counters, and blocks, Ahsoka verbally jabbed, “I find fighting Magnaguard droids to be harder to fight than what you are doing right now.”

As the fight progressed, Thor responded, “Thou finds Magnaguards to be easy pickings. And their electrostaffs tickle when thou is hit by them.”

Ahsoka said, “Then, show me what you got.”

Thor smirked, as she replied, “With pleasure.”

The two combatants sped up their movements, attacks, and counters.

Ahsoka and Thor continued at this speed for several seconds until at the last second both Thor and Ahsoka came to a stop at the same time. Ahsoka used her blue lightsaber blade to hold back the black blade of the Black Solace, as she had her green lightsaber to the left side of Thor's throat. Meanwhile Thor had the axe blade of Mjolnir set by the left side of Ahsoka's torso.

Several meters away, stood Obiwan and Anakin. Both of whom had been silently watching the spectacle.

Obiwan commented, “I believe this is a draw.”

Anakin replied, “I agree.”

Thor and Ahsoka still held their positions.

Ahsoka said, “As do I.”

Thor commented, “Thou has no disagreement on the matter.”

Ahsoka and Thor removed their weapons from each other, as they took a few steps back. They stopped two meters ways from each other.

While Ahsoka and Thor looked at each other, Ahsoka suggested, “Let us call it for today when it come to our sparring each other.”

Thor agreed, “Thy agrees. Towards the end we were becoming a little too aggressive towards each other. Should we continue like this, we might hurt each other.”

Ahsoka replied, “Those are my concerns, as well.”

Thor complimented, “Though, thee's use of two lightsaber at once has become more improved.”

Ahsoka smiled, as she said, “Thanks Padme. You are pretty good at dual wielding, as well.”

Thor thought, 'It is nice that when we are in private, my friends can refer to me by my true name.'

Thor returned Ahsoka's smiled, as she replied, “Thee is welcome.”

Ahsoka turned off her lightsabers and placed them on their holsters on her belt.

Meanwhile, Thor set down Mjolnir on its head, on the floor. Then, she used her right thumb to switch off the Black Solace's vibrations mechanisms. After which, she sheathed the Black Solace in its scabbard that was strapped to her back.

A few seconds later, the double-doors everyone heard the hallway slide opened.

The four friends turned to see a member of the Jedi Order walk into the room from the hallway.

The member was a human man in standard Jedi clothing and robe.

The doors slid closed behind him, as he briskly approached the group.

As the man came closer, the group saw that he held a small holo-comm device upright, in the palm of his right hand. Though, the holo-comm did not show any holograms.

The Jedi member walked over to stand a meter from Obiwan and Anakin. He stated, “Excuse me Master Kenobi, and Jedi Skywalker. But, this is urgent and cannot wait.” The man turned to Thor, as he continued, “Thor. Supreme Chancellor Palpatine is on hold, and he wishes to speak with you.”

Ahsoka and Thor heard what the Jedi member had said. They hastily walked over to stand by Obiwan and Anakin. With Anakin and Obiwan turned around, Anakin stood to Obiwan's right side. Ahsoka stood by Obiwan's left side. And Thor stood to Ahsoka's left side.

Thor stood a meter from the Jedi messenger. Thor looked at him, as she stated, “Your diligence is appreciated. Thou will speak to the Chancellor, right now.”

The Jedi member held up a small holo-comm in his right hand, he then used right thumb to press a button on the side to turn on the holo-comm.

A second later, a small hologram appeared, which showed Chancellor Palpatine sitting in a chair, at his desk. Palpatine wearing his fine robes and clothing.

The hologram of Palpatine showed him looking at Thor, as Thor looked down at the hologram.

Everyone when silent, as Thor spoke.

Thor inquired, “Supreme Chancellor. How may thou be of service?”

Palpatine responded, “Ah. I did not mean to intrude on your training. Though, I wonder why it was so difficult to contact you?”

Thor stated, “Given how dangerous the weapons which are used during these sessions. No communications are allowed in training room during such training. An ill time beep can have disastrous consequences for those training.”

Palpatine was silent for a few seconds. Then, he calmly said, “Of course... I can see the logic in that.”

Thor asked, “Thank you for understanding. Now, why did thee wish to contact thou?”

Palpatine answered, “If it would not be of too much trouble, I would prefer you to come meet with me, as Thor, in my office, at your earliest convenience. There are important matters I wish to discuss with you in private.”

Thor said, “Thou will be there in around an hour.”

Thor thought, 'Traffic at this time of day is horrible. It could take a few hours to reach the Senate Building by speeder, using the skylanes. I came earlier to avoid traffic. And I was not planning to head to the Senate Building for another few hours.'

'Though, I can use Mjolnir to fly directly over to the Senate Building in under half an hour. I will head inside from a entrance at the top of the dome of the building, near the Chancellor’s office. The Chancellor gave me the passcodes to those doors, so that should not be a problem. And I want to give myself half an hour to get cleaned up, and start heading towards the Senate Building with plenty of time to spare. I will come back later for my speeder.'

'This ironic given this is the reverse of my previous plans for today.'

Palpatine responded, “That will be fine. I will see you then.”

Palpatine cut off the communication on his end.

The Jedi member lowered the holo-comm to his right side. He turned and walked towards the doors the connected to the hallway. Soon, he reached the doors. He used a button on a panel by the doors to open the doors. The doors slid open, the Jedi messenger walked through, and he left to resume to resume his usual duties. The doors slid closed a few seconds after he walked the doorway and into the hallway.

Meanwhile, Thor turned to Obiwan, Anakin, and Ahsoka. She commented, “Looks like thou will have to cut this training session short.”

Obiwan looked over at Anakin and Ahsoka. Then, Obiwan looked back toward Thor. He stated, “Well, we were planning to finish this soon, anyway. We all do have other duties to attend too.”

Thor thought, 'I wonder.' Thor offered, “Do you all have plans for this evening?”

Anakin replied, “No.”

Ahsoka commented, “Not really.”

Obiwan shrugged, as he casually said, “Nothing that can be put off for later.”

Thor smiled, as she commented, “Good. Perhaps we will go out for some dinner. My treat.”

Obiwan replied, “That would be fine.”

Anakin stated, “I never turn down a good meal.”

Ahsoka asked, “Okay. But, where do you want to go eat?”

Thor answered, “We will decide this evening. Thou will contact you when thy is free for the evening.”

Ahsoka replied, “Okay.”

Obiwan requested, “Also, let us know what is going on with the Chancellor.”

Thor said, “Thy will try to do so. Though, no promises.”

Anakin commented, “It is okay. We know you are walking a fine line on this matter.”

Thor responded, “Your sympathy is much appreciated. Now, let us clean up. Thou does not want to keep the Chancellor waiting for too long.”

Obiwan said, “That would be a bad idea.”

The four members collected their belongings and headed to the nearby showers to get cleaned up and changed into some fresh clothing. Or, in Thor's case, her dress and other clothing she had been wearing before changing into her training garb. Thor and Ahsoka headed for the women's showers. Anakin and Obiwan headed for the men's showers.

Thor soon changed back to Padme. She took off the scabbard with the Black Solace in it. She took off her clothing. She got a quick shower. She changed her clothing back to what she had been wearing. Including the blue dress and blue slippers. After which, she re-entered into the training room, called Mjolnir to her right hand. Next, she changed into Thor, with her armor, helmet, and equipment. She use the leather straps on the scabbard to strapped the sheathed Black Solace across to her back.

Once Thor was finish with putting back on the scabbard and Black Solace, headed out of the changing room into the training room, and then the hallway. Thor headed for the nearest exit to the Jedi Temple.

Once Thor was outside, Thor used Mjolnir to fly towards the Senate Building.

Meanwhile, Anakin, Obiwan, and Ahsoka finished getting cleaned up and dress. After which, Obiwan went to take care of a few errands, while Anakin escorted Ahsoka to the Jedi Archives, so Ahsoka could focus on some of her academic lessons.


Half an hour later, Thor landed on a balcony near the top of the Senate Building. She used a code that Palpatine had given her, on a numerical pad by nearby a door on the balcony to open that door. After the door slid open, Thor headed inside. A few seconds later, the door slid shut and locked itself on the outside.

After entering the building, it took a few minutes for Thor to reach the entrance to Palpatine office.

Soon Thor reached the humanoid shaped secretary droid, at its desk, by the door to Palpatine's office.

The desk had an oval shape, and the desk was placed in the center of the alcove. The narrow sides of the desk were locate facing the walls. There was space both sides, between the desk and the walls, to casually walk around the desk.

The double-doors to the Chancellor's office were further down the alcove, and to Thor's right.

Thor came to a stop by the desk in front of the secretary droid.

The droid looked over at Thor, with her armor, helmet, equipment, the sheathed Black Solace strapped to her back, and Mjolnir being held in her right hand, at her right side.

The droid continued to look at Thor. The droid recognized Thor, as it stated, in a feminine tone of voice, “You are expected.”

The droid pressed a button on her side of the desk. The droid stated, “Chancellor. You expected guest has arrived.”

Over the intercom, Palpatine stated, “Send her in.”

The droids pressed a button which opened the double-doors to the office.

Thor heard the doors slid open.

Thor walked to her right, passed the desk and towards the entrance to Palpatine's office.

When Thor reached the entrance, she turned to her right and walked a meter into the office. Then, she came to a stop.

As the doors slid closed behind her, Thor set Mjolnir, on top of its head, by the interior side of the door to her right, in the gap between the wall and the couch in that corner, in the alcove in that part of the office. Then, she undid the buckle to the leather strap that held the scabbard and the sheathed Black Solace, onto her person. She leaned the scabbard, with sheathed vibro-katana against the wall, with its top end on the floor, by the hammer.

Thor turned to see across the room, Palpatine standing behind and to the Thor's right of the desk, by the large wrap around window that extended across the curved outside wall of the office.

Thor saw Palpatine looking out at the morning cityscape.

Thor walked through the large office, towards Palpatine. As she walked into the greater part of the office, from the alcove she noticed that there was no one else present.

Thor thought, 'No one is here but Sheev and myself. Not even his Red Guards, which seem to accompany him wherever he goes. I guess Sheev really does want his privacy on whatever this matter is.' She looked over at Palpatine, as she continued her thoughts, 'I might as well find out what this is about.'

While Thor continued walking, she inquired, “Chancellor. Thee wanted to see thy.”

Thor approached the platform was where the chairs and desk were. The platform was shaped as a semicircle around the curved room. The platform wrapped around the windows behind the desk. There were an outer set of steps along the sides of the walls. There was also two sets of curved steps behind the four guest chairs in front of the desk. Between the two interior sets of steps, was a large holo-monitor that was currently turned off.

Palpatine turned to Thor. He calmly answered, “Yes. I have a task for you.”

By then, Thor reached three meters from Palpatine, she came to a stop to the right side of the office, right in front of the right interior right set of steps.

Thor looked up at Palpatine, as she calmly asked, “What is thy bidding, my chancellor?”

Palpatine smiled, as he complimented, “I like the way you worded that question. I will have to remember this phrase.”

Thor replied, “Thank you.”

Palpatine maintained his smile, as he replied, in a relaxed tone of voice, “You are welcome.” Palpatine dropped his smile, as he said, in a firmer tone of voice, “We have a problem. But first, you need to understand none of this must go beyond the Senate walls. I have given orders that this will be kept quiet. I want this problem solved in house. Do not contact anyone. Especially the Jedi. Including, your friends.”

Thor said, “I understand. Thou will comply.” She thought, 'Unless I am forced to do otherwise.'

Palpatine said, “Good. Something has happened to the Senate while you have been gone. Senators and staff are becoming sick. Some violently so. There have been a few deaths. Except for a handful of Senators debating in the rotunda, most of the Senators are either in their offices, or at home. Many of the maintenance and security staff of the building have also taken sick leave.”

“A few days ago, I issued an executive order, that everyone whom worked within the Senate building have a medical check up. I found that almost everyone is suffering from the same symptoms. Though, many are in the early stages of whatever is afflicting them. That being they are experiencing tiredness.”

Thor said, “And there is no such thing as a well rested Senator.”

Palpatine responded, “Exactly. This has snuck up on us. We do not know what it is. Or, how long it has affected us. I ordered those Senators and staff whom are no seriously ill to remain, to prevent suspicions from outside the Senate Building. But, as more and more people become sick, it is becoming harder for us to keep this illness secret.”

Thor thought, 'At least you are not ordering the people to needlessly die at their posts, like some of your subordinates have done on the frontlines.'

Palpatine went onto say, “This sickness has not spread beyond the Senate building. Due to this, we believe this is an exposure to something, instead of being a contagion. So, there is no need for a quarantine. Since, we do not know how long this has been happening, we do not know if you have been exposed before the last time you left this Senate Building, month ago.”

Thor mentioned, “I had a medical exam a week ago. In both forms. I am fine.”

Palpatine inquired, “Have you ever been sick since attaining that hammer?” Palpatine looked over to his left, at the far corner where the Mjolnir and the Black Solace were. He turned to look at Thor. He saw Thor looking at him.

Thor replied, “No, chancellor.”

Palpatine said, “I am not surprised. This merely confirms what I have suspected from you. That not only does your hammer give you great power. It also protects you from poison and disease. At least while in that form.”

Thor stated, “Since the hammer allows thou to quickly heal from wounds in thou's stronger form, even from wounds sustained in thou's weaker form, it is likely that the hammer also protects and cleanses poison and disease while in this enhanced form.”

Palpatine replied, “I agree.”

Thor realized something, as she asked, “Since those of the Senate are sick. Is thee sick?”

Palpatine started walking close to Thor, as he answered, “No. Fortunately, due to security concerns, this floor has separate environmental systems from the rest of the building. Also, for security reasons I have been limiting the exposure I have had with other people for some time now. I have rarely made any personal appearances in the Senate Rotunda. And have made less meetings in person. Like you, I have preferred to make appearances via holo-comm.”

By then, Palpatine came to a stop around two meters in front of Thor, with him still standing on raised platform, right in front of the interior steps to his left side, Thor's right side. The guest chair on the far end of the right side when facing towards the entrance of the office was to his right side.

Palpatine looked down at Thor, whom stood on the lower level of the office, behind the same interior steps he was standing above.

Thor continued to look to Palpatine, as she thought, 'That explains why you have declined to meet with my allies in the Senate.'

Thor said, “Such measures do have their advantages.”

Palpatine agreed, “Very true.”

Thor through, 'But, what about your Red Guard' She inquired, “What of your bodyguards?”

Palpatine stated, “Fortunately, the helmets my Red Guard wear have filters which seem to have protected them.”

Thor thought, 'That is interesting to know. Now, how do I fit into all this?'

Thor asked, “What can thy do help?”

Palpatine answered, “There is plenty you can do. Given your immunity to whatever is causing this problem. Along your knowledge and experience with the inner workings of the Senate. And your training and experience with the military and security forces. You are the perfect person to lead this investigation.”

Palpatine lips curled into a slight grin, as he mentioned, “And with that hammer and your powers nobody will question your authority.”

Thor pointed out, “Authority by force is rarely done with wisdom.”

Thor thought, 'I am glad you do not know that my friends in the senate know about me. I sense it would be dangerous for them if you did.'

Palpatine dropped his grin, as he stated, “True. But, you seem to be the exception. The Senate, the security, and the staff have already been informed to expect you as Thor. And they have been ordered to comply your investigation. Though, they have all been ordered not to talk about this situation to anyone else about this matter, except for myself. I want this problem to be solved before so many become seriously ill that it becomes a public issue. It would be a detrimental to the war effort if our government becomes bedridden. Especially, if the public, and our enemies, learned of this.”

Thor stated, “Thou will do what thy can.”

Palpatine commented, “I will expect nothing less from you than your best efforts. The Galaxy is not yet ready to do without its Senate.”

Thor stated, “The Galaxy will never be ready to be without its Senate.”

Palpatine slightly smiled. He agreed, “Yes. We can only hope.”

Thor inquired, “Now, what is the cause of this affliction?”

Palpatine stated, “We are not sure. Our medical scans cannot find out what is the cause. While regular sensor sweeps should be able to detect any poisons in the air, they have not. So, it is not in the air. Though, it is unlikely to be a disease because those around the senators and staff, whom do not come to this building, have not been stricken with this illness. Because this has happened over a some amount to time, it cannot be something they ate or drank. No one in the Senate building uses the same water and food. But, it seems that nearly everyone is afflicted.”

Thor inquired, “Who is not afflicted?”

Palpatine said, “Besides yourself. I know only of myself.”

Thor commented, “And neither of us have motive.”

Palpatine said, “My thoughts exactly. One of the early symptoms is tiredness. Which is easy to fake, even in a medical scan.”

Thor agreed, “That is a good point.” She thought, 'So, if person behind this is still here, that person could fake being ill.'

Palpatine commented, “This is a real mystery.”

Thor said, “Then, thou will begin the investigation.”

Palpatine happily responded, “Good. I look forward to seeing your results. You have become a great help to me, Padme. I will not forget this. I hope you continue to do so in these turbulent times. As we sweep away the old and bring forth the new.”

Thor noticed that Palpatine had used the name, Padme, and not Thor. Thor said, “Chancellor. Thou will do my best.”

Palpatine smiled, as he said, “But, of course you will. And good luck.”

Thor replied, “Thank you.” She thought, 'And I know just who to see to first. The one person I trust in this building. Though, I want to be subtle about this, because I am sure the Chancellor here will have security keep a record of my actions within the Senate Building as I conduct my investigation. I would be doing the same thing in his position.'

Thor stated, “By your leave.”

Palpatine maintained his smile, as he responded, “Yes. You may leave now.”

Thor turned around and headed out the door. When she reached the exit she turned to the corner to her left, in the gap between the couch and the wall. Thor picked up the scabbard, with vibro-katana. She buckled the strap across her chest and back in the same manner as she had been wearing the scabbard and strap. With that done, she picked up Mjolnir with her right hand. She stood up straight. Next, she she used a button a panel on the wall to her left, by the doors, to open the doors. After the doors slid open, she walked through the threshold and into the alcove.

Thor took a left, and headed for the hallway on the other side of the alcove, pass the desk where the Chancellor's droid secretary was station.

After Palpatine watched the doors to his office slide closed, he calmly turned around, and he resumed looking out the windows of his office, at the beautiful cityscape in the morning sunlight.


Fortunately, due to Thor's long history of hiding her secrets from others. From security for herself, to her affair with Anakin, to the information that Bail had imparted to her. Thor knew how to avoid all the security cameras in her path, as she made her way to Bail's office.

In addition, given it was mid-morning, there were only a few people walking down the hallways and corridors of the building.

Of those Senators and staff whom had not taken sick leave, most of the Senators were either in the rotunda, or in their offices, while the rest the staff in the building were preforming their usual duties.

Using the path Thor had taken, it took Thor ten minutes to reach Bail's office on foot. While holding Mjolnir in her right hand, to her right side.

Thor did not fly because doing so would have been rude. Along with attracting attention to herself.

Thor had to use a turbo-lift to reach Bail's office on a lower level than the level the Supreme Chancellor's office was located. Fortunately, the turbo-lift Thor used was empty.

The outer hallways were illuminated by sunlight from windows and lights in the ceilings. The interior hallways and the turbo-lift were illuminate by ceiling lights.

When Thor reached the double-doors to Bail's office, she walked pass the Bail's droid secretary, in a desk to Thor left, and she headed to the doors to Bail's office. When Thor reached the doors, she used her left hand to type in a passcode, into a panel by the door, that Bail given her to open the doors.

The doors then slid open, and Thor walked inside.

As the doors slid closed behind her, Thor turned to her right to see Bail is sitting at a couch in his office, looking at datapad in his right hand. Bail was wearing a blue suit over dark blue robes. Bail was wearing black boots, which were placed on the floor between the couch and the table.

Thor walked over to stand behind the chairs, across the table from Bail.

It was then that Bail noticed her. He looked up at her. He set the datapad he was holding onto the table in front of himself. He stated, “I must really be out of it to not have noticed you coming in.'

Thor took a closer look at Bail, as she thought, 'He looks pale. And his face and eyes do not have the strength and energy he usually has.'

Thor stated, “Thy will be honest. Thee looks terrible.”

Bail replied, in a mildly sarcastic tone of voice, “And a good day to you too.”

Thor said, “It is good to see thee, Bail.”

Bail stated, “It is good to see you... Thor.”

Thor replied, “Thank you.” She mentally added, 'For not using my real name, while in this form.'

Bail commented, “I hope I do not look to serious ill.”

Thor stated, “You look like you need some rest.”

Bail commented, “I will get some rest, later. This couch is pretty comfortable. I have taken naps on it plenty of times.”

Thor inquired, “That is good to hear. So, why did thee not tell me sooner that thee was sick?” Thor thought, 'I would like to know. I believe you could have said something before the Chancellor gave his order for silence. If something was going to be said, those of our group would have you tell me. Yet all of you remained silent.'

Bail answered, “We did not realize we were all sick until recently. And by then, the Chancellor ordered us not too. While I do not know his reasons for such secrecy. I have my own. For once I agree have to agree with the Chancellor. If it became publicly known that we of the Senate were this ill, we would lose even more power to the Chancellor. This is why those the Senate and the staff whom are still healthy enough to come to the Senate Building are here. To keep up appearances.”

Thor replied, “Thy has to sadly agree.” She thought, 'If that is the case, why has the Chancellor not used this to his advantage? Or, is he working on a far more complex plan?'

Bail said, “The Chancellor did state earlier this morning that he was sending you, as Thor, to investigate a matter for him. And for use to cooperate. While he did not say what you would be investigate. The answer is fairly obvious.”

Thor thought, 'It would make sense Sheev would not directly tell what exactly I was going to investigate in case the memo leaked to the public.'

Bail went onto say, “Give what I know of you. I have to agree. You are the best person for the job.”

Thor responded, “Thy finds your faith in my to be heartening. So, how many have died?”

Bail answered, “Fortunately, only a few. Though, none in our little group.”

Thor replied, “Good.” Thor thought, 'I will check on them later today. We will have to wait on our next meeting until all of you recover. Now to see what your thoughts on the cause of this illness.'

Thor asked, “What is your opinion on the cause?”

Bail stated, “I am beginning to believe this might be a poison in the air that takes effect over time. Since only those that regularly work here has become sick.”

Thor inquired, “Thy is leaning towards that, as well. But, how has such a poison not been detected by the internal ventilation sensors?”

Bail commented, “I am not sure. I would suggest heading to the medical ward and talking to the droids there. They likely have the most information on this affliction.”

Thor questioned, “Thou agrees. Though, thou wonders why thee has not already begun his own investigation?”

Bail said, “Because I do not have your outside connections. I believe this to be an inside job, and someone in the Senate is behind this. As such, I cannot trust anyone. But, I am sure, even with the order of secrecy by the Chancellor, if the situation becomes dire enough, which I believe will be soon if nothing is done, you will take a more broader approach in your investigation.”

Thor mentally lamented, 'Meaning, you realize I will contact my friends in the Jedi, if I have to.'

Thor said, “Thy will consider what thee has said.”

Bail replied, “Good luck.”

Thor requested, “Just promise thou. Leave this building within the hour. If this is a poison, at least this way it will do no more damage to thee.”

Bail pointed out, “But, what about the Chancellor's orders to remain?”

Thor stated, “The Chancellor told me those orders only apply for those that are not very sick. These are very broad orders. If the Chancellor has a problem with this, the Chancellor can take up the matter with thyself.”

Bail said, “Alright. I promise to do so.”

Thor mentioned, “In a little while, thou plans to visit our friends and convince them to also leave.”

Bail commented, “That is comforting to learn.”

Thor replied, “Thank you. Now leave and get some rest.”

Thor turned around and headed for the doors. When she reached the doors, she opened it and headed out toward the main medical ward in the building.

When the door closed, Bail turned his attention to the datapad he laid down on the table in front of him. He picked up the datapad. As Bail read the information on the datapad, he began to plan what excuse he would give for leaving the Senate building early, within the hour.

Less than a hour, Bail logged into the Senate records that he had an errand to run for the day and he left the Senator Building.


Fifteen minutes after Thor walked out of Bail's office, Thor made it on foot to the main medical center of the Senate Building.

The double-doors were on a sensor to open when someone approached the doors from either side.

As Thor walked close to the doors, the doors slid open to the medical area, and Thor walked inside.

The large medical room inside was well illuminated.

While the doors slid closed, Thor walked further into medical ward.

Thor held Mjolnir in her right hand, at her right side.

As Thor walked, she looked around. She saw people and medical droids entering and leaving various side rooms, which were private examination rooms, or patient rooms for a sick person to rest. By the doors were windows looking out into the room. Though, most of those curtains were closed for the privacy of the patients inside.

There was a surgical room nearby. Though, most major surgery was done by the staff at nearby hospitals.

Then, Thor spotted a medical droid that was standing near a wall mounted computer terminal.

Thor thoughts, 'While it would be unwise to disturb a patient, the droids are another matter.'

Thor walked over to the medical droid. She came to a stop a meter from the droid.

The medical droid turned around to look at Thor.

Thor stated, “Thou is General Thor. Thy was told you were to expect my presence.”

The droid responded, “Yes. This is because of the mysterious affliction?”

Thor was mildly amused, as she thought, 'Even the droids figured out Sheev's memo.'

Thor inquired, “Yes. What can you tell me?”

The droid answered, “No much data has been gleamed. The symptoms are the same. We did find a specific molecule in the blood of most of those afflicted that we are sure is not natural and which did not match anything in our records.”

Thor smiled inwardly, as she thought, 'But, I know someone with a bigger database. And this is too good a clue not to look into.'

Thor requested, “I will need a copy of all the data you have.”

The droid stated, “I will have it prepared within a few minutes.”

The droid turned back to the computer on the wall. The droid continued to work at the computer terminal.

A minute later, a small disc popped out of a hole below the monitor on the wall. The droid pulled out the disc and turned to Thor.

Thor used her left hand to open up the top of one of her pouches on the left side of her belt.

Thor gently took the disc with her left hand, as she replied, “Thank you.” She placed the disc in the pouch she had opened. Once the small disc was inside, she snapped the pouch closed, so it would not fall out.

Thor turned and headed towards the exit of the medical ward.

Thor walked towards the double-doors which were the exit, as she thought, 'It is clear those within the Senate Building lack the resources to find out the cause. While finding the guilty party is important, what is more important is to find the cause and find out if there is a cure, or even a basic treatment for those afflicted by this mysterious ailment. I just hope I do not get in trouble this. Still, I will make the call from my apartment. It is likely I am sure Palpatine is monitoring any holo-comms I would use in this building, including the holo-comm in my office. So, I will head home and make my call there. I do not need to go all the way to the Jedi Temple. And doing so would only cause problems. Besides, my home is closer. Once I am finished at home, I will return here to meeting with my friends and resume my investigation.'

Thor made it to the double-doors. The doors automatically slid open, and she walked out into the hallway.

Thor continued walking. When she made it to an intersection in the hallway, she planned to turn left to take her to a nearby outside balcony.

But, when Thor about turn to her left at the intersection, she saw the tall, slender, tan and white skin, Jar Jar Binks walking up to her, from her front.

Jar Jar's skin on his back was mostly tan, which faded to white in his front, especially the front of Jar Jar's chest was white.

Jar Jar was wearing formal clothing, which included a short sleeve purple shirt, blue pants, and purple robe. Jar Jar did not wear shoes and he walked barefooted.

Thor stopped walking, as she looked at Jar Jar. She thought, 'I do not have time for him.'

By then, Jar Jar had come to a stop a few meters in front of Thor.

Jar Jar stated, “Mesa was heading for the ordered checked. But, mesa is glad to see the Great Thor, once again.”

Thor verbally brushed off Jar Jar off, as she stated, “Thou apologizes. But, thou does not have time to talk.”

Thor turned to her left, and she walked away from Jar Jar, with her leaving an emotionally stunned and saddened Jar Jar in her wake.

Soon Thor made to the outside balcony she was heading for. Then, she used Mjolnir to fly off towards her apartment.


Twenty minutes later, Thor reached her apartment. Though, instead of Thor heading to an elevator on a lower floor, she headed for the balcony of her apartment, which lead to the living room of the apartment.

The door from the balcony to the living room in Thor's apartment was closed.

When Thor reached the balcony of her apartment, she landed on the balcony and walked to the translucent door.

By the door, against the wall, to her right, was a numerical pad. She punched in the code to open the door.

The door slid up. Thor left the door open, as she walked into her living room.

The sunlight from the windows lining both the side of the room with the balcony and the side of the room opposite to the balcony, provided plenty of illumination to see with.

Thor walked over to a furniture set near the middle of the room, which was two couches facing each other, with a table between the couches. There was a small holo-monitor on the table. The table was actually two translucent plates set beside each other. The plate closer to the couch facing the balcony had the holo-monitor on it.

Thor walked to her right, around the first couch, which faced away from her. She passed the table, and walked between the other side of the table and the couch facing the balcony. She sat down on the left side of the couch facing the entrance to the balcony. She set Mjolnir by her on the couch, to her right side.

Then, Thor leaned over towards the table. She dialed a number for the Jedi Council, on the holo-monitor, as she thought, 'I have a lead and it is to important not to follow up on. I need answers now before more people die. The Chancellor may want this to be in house. But, this is to important to allow secrecy to get people killed. While this communication channel is not encrypted, this is between my home line and the Jedi Council. I will be careful what is said and I should be fine.'

Once Thor was finished dialing the number, she leaned up and she rested her back against the cushioned back of the couch, as she looked down at the holo-monitor on the table.

After a few rings, the holo-comm showed a small hologram of a droid. The droid looked up at Thor, as it stated, “Hello. You have reached the Jedi Temple.”

Thor requested, “This is General Thor. Thou needs to speak to Jedi Knight Skywalker as soon as possible.” She thought, 'Given the clearance level the Jedi Council gave me, this should not be a problem.'

The droid was silence for a few seconds. Then, the droid stated, “Jedi Knight Skywalker is currently in the Jedi Archives. You will be patched through to him, momentarily.”

Thor thought, 'Anakin is given lessons to Ahsoka right now. I hope my call is not disruptive towards his teaching of Ahsoka.'

The hologram disappeared. Half a minute later, the hologram of Anakin Skywalker appeared.

Anakin hologram looked up at Thor, as Thor looked down at Anakin's hologram.

Anakin said, “Hello... Thor.”

Thor thought, 'Thanks for addressing me as Thor and not as Padme over the holo-comm.'

Thor casually asked, “Hello Anakin. How are Ahsoka's studies coming along?”

Anakin calmly stated, “Surprisingly well this morning. Of course, she has always been interested in the history of the Jedi Order.” Anakin continued, in a more serious tone of voice, “I have a feeling that you did not just call to ask how things were. What is the matter?”

Thor thought, 'You do not need the force to guess that. Though, there is one thing I need to ask before I answer your question.'

Thor responded, “No. It isn't. But, before thou continues. Are we talking in private?”

Anakin answered, “Yes. I figured if you call it would be important. I am taking this call in a small room by the Jedi Archives.”

Thor said, “Good. The news is not good. I am only calling you because I believe you can keep this quiet while helping me with tracking down some information.”

Anakin responded, “Sure. I literally right next to one of the largest information archives in the known galaxy.”

Thor said, “The Chancellor wants to keep this quiet. But, thou needs the help. And help, as soon as possible. Someone has poisoned those of the Senate Building with some sort of gas. They cannot identify what the gas is. Though, it is slow acting and most of those affected are only in the first stages of the poisoning. But, there have already been a few deaths. We need to find out what it is. Right now. And from learning what it is, we might find out who is behind this mass-poisoning?”

Anakin's facial expression greatly dimmed. He asked, in a sober tone of voice, “Are you alright?”

Thor answered, “Thou believes the power of the hammer will protect against such poisons.”

Anakin responded, “I hope so. I can see why the Chancellor would want to keep quiet about this. And I will do so. Once I have the information. I immediately look into the matter.”

Thor replied, “Thank you.” Thor used her left hand to open a pouch on the left side of her belt. She stated, “Thou is going to send thee the information thy has on the matter. The major clue is that those afflicted have the same unique molecule. Though, they cannot identify the molecule.” She used her left hand to reach into her pocket and pulled out the small disc the medical droid had given her.

Anakin said, “If the Jedi have a record of the molecule, I will find it.”

Thor commented, “Thou knows you will.” She used her left hand to gently insert the disc into a slot in the holo-monitor. She pressed a button on the holo-monitor to upload the data. She said, “The data is incoming.”

Anakin's hologram looked downward.

A few seconds later, Anakin's hologram look up at Thor. Anakin stated, “The data has been uploaded to the computer on my end.”

Thor replied, “Good.”

Thor pushed a button on the holo-monitor. The disc slightly slid out of the machine. Thor used her left hand to pull the disc the rest of the way out of the machine. Next, she put the disc back into the open pouch she had previously kept the disc inside of.

Thor snapped closed the pouch, as she thought, 'Once this mess is over, I will put this in my vault in my office in the Senate Building for save keeping and archival purposes.'

Anakin commented, “I will look into this. I should have an answer by the afternoon. Call me in a few hours. By then, I will be finished with Ahsoka's lessons for the day, and I will be mediating in my private quarters. You have my number for my quarters.”

Thor inquired, “Yes. Thou does have your. Though, thy wonders what Ahsoka will be doing while you are meditating?”

Anakin stated, “I plan to give her some free time. With this war, she needs to have some fun when she has the chance.”

Thor commented, “As long as she does not get into too much trouble.”

Anakin smiled, as he halfheartedly joked, “We both got into far much more trouble at her age than she ever could.”

Thor giggled, as she replied, “True.” She stopped giggling. She stated, “Thou will talk to thee, later.”

Anakin said, “I will look forward to it.”

Thor used her right hand to reach over and turn off the holo-monitor communication.

Thor leaned up straight, while sitting on the couch.

Thor thought, 'Now, to check on my other allies in the Senate. Then, I will look at other potential leads in this investigation.'

Thor turned to her right and she used her right hand to pick up her Mjolnir by the shaft. Then, she turned back to face her front. She stood up.

Thor walked around the table to her left. Once she walked pass the couches and table, she turned to her right and she headed for the open balcony entrance.

After walking outside and onto the balcony. Thor turned to her left, and she used her left hand to pushed a button on the outside numerical pad to close and lock the balcony door. After which, she turned back towards the middle of the parapet of the balcony.

Thor used Mjolnir to fly into the air and towards the Senate building.


Twenty minutes later, Thor arrived at the Senate Buildings. As soon as Thor entered the building from a door on a balcony midway up the building, she went to check on her allies in the Senate. Specifically, those in the Senate, whom know that she, Padme Amidala, was Thor, besides Bail, whom had already left the Senate building for the day.

Those five senators were Lexi Dio, Bana Breemu, Nee Alavar, Garm Bel Iblis, and Mon Mothma. A Thor knew where their offices were. Thor stopped by her Senate office, she used her Senate datanet account to check where each of them were. As Thor expect, they were in each of their personal offices.

Thor exited her office and she headed to the nearest of the five senatorial offices she planned to visit.

Thor held Mjolnir in her right hand, at her right side, as she made her way through the hallways, corridors, turbo-lifts of the Senate building.

As Thor visited each of the five senators, in their offices, she found that they were sick and tired. But, they were not seriously ill.

All five of the senators were happy to see Thor. They greeted her. And they were each more than willing to talk with Thor. Though, none of them had any pertinent information on the sickness. In conflict with the orders that Chancellor gave for those working within the Senate Building, Thor was able to convince each of her friends to agreed to leave the building within the hour, and for them not come back until the matter was settled.

When Thor went to visit Lexi Dio in her office, Lexi was reserved in her conversation and mannerisms. Though, she was polite.

Lexi greeted Thor by saying, “I heard you were here.”

When Thor visited Bana Breemu in her office, Bana was slightly coy, but more out of habit than out of intention.

Bana greeted Thor by stating, “It is comforting that you are here.”

When Thor visited Nee Alavar, Nee was straight forward, but polite in her statements.

Nee greeted Thor by commenting, “If I knew what was going on, I would be more than happy to help.”

When Thor visited Garm Bel Iblis, Garm was abrupt and brash in his mannerisms and words. Though, he had a bit of humor in his mannerisms and tone of voice that made him seem charming towards Thor.

Garm greeted Thor by stated, “I was wondering when you would arrive.”

When Thor visited Mon Mothma, Mon was a professional, through and through.

Mon greeted Thor by calmly saying, “It is good to see you.”

After Thor had met with her five allies, and she confirmed they would be okay. At least for the moment. She continued her investigation elsewhere in the Senate building.

Thor's next destination took her to the office of the Chief of Security of the Blue Guard, whom was stationed in an office located near the main security monitoring room in the Senate Building.

The Blue Guard was the man security for the Senators and Senate Building. Though, Palpatine used a group he created from elite clones as a bodyguard group, this group was known as the Red Guard.

Palpatine had made fiscal and personnel cut backs against the Blue Guard. Also, Palpatine had created other policies which weakened the Blue Guard. Such as moving the main headquarters of the Blue Guard out of the Senate Building and into a nearby building.

Still, there was a skeleton staff in of Blue Guard officials in the Senate Building, including the Chief of Security.

While Thor intended to talk with the Blue Guard. Due to Thor's experience with the more fanatically loyal clone troopers, she knew better than to try to interview any of Red Guard members. Thor knew that was not worth the effort. That if the Red Guard knew anything they would have told Palpatine. And Palpatine would have already informed Thor of such information.

When Thor made it to the entrance of the office of the Chief of Security, the droid secretary station at desk by the double-doors to the office contacted the Chief of Security inside the office. After the Chief of Security was informed that it was Thor whom wanted to speak to him, he allowed the droid to open the doors to his office.

After the double-doors slid open, Thor walked inside.

Thor entered the well illuminated office of the Chief of Security. The doors slid closed behind Thor.

Thor came to a stop to stand around ten centimeters in front of the desk in the room.

Thor saw the male Chief of Security was sitting behind his desk, in a cushioned armchair. The Chief of Security looked up at Thor.

Chief of Security was wearing a blue uniform. Though, this uniform was a blue shirt, over a closed long sleeve formal blue jacket, blue pants, black belt and black boots.

The Chief of Security was wearing the blue armor and helmet the Blue Guard members on duty around the Senate Building wore.

Thor saw the Chief of Security looked tired and unhealthy, like so many others in the building.

Thor and the Chief of Security exchanged introductions and they began to talk about the Senate affliction for a few minutes.

The Chief of Security of the Blue Guard stated, “There is has been nothing out of the ordinary. Actually, it has been fairly quiet. It is ironic that something like this snuck up on us.”

Thor replied, “One cannot prepare for every danger.” A thought occurred to Thor. She inquired, “Thou has a question on another topic?”

The Chief said, “Go ahead?”

Thor questioned, “How are the families of those killed during the hostage crisis months ago holding up?”

The Chief answered, “I have checked on them. They are doing as fine as expect. I appreciate you asking. While I do not know why you actions were downplayed in the media. But, I do know you saved the Senate Building. Also, you save the Blue Guard much embarrassment over the matter. We owe you.”

Thor responded, “While thou is thankful for your sentiments on the matter. Thou feels the hostage crisis would not have happened if the majority of the personnel of Blue Guard has not been cut back and moved away from the Senate Building.”

The Chief chose his word carefully, as he stated, “It is not my place to question the Chancellor's policies. But, I believe you make a good point on the matter. Still, we are keeping an eye out on things. We will not let something like what happened months ago, with terrorists, happen again. You really saved us that time.”

Thor responded, “That is comforting to know. No offense intend. But, out of curiosity. Where was thee doing the time of the hostage crisis?”

The Chief answered, “I was handling matters at our headquarters across the Senate plaza from here.”

Thor stated, “Thou is relieved that thee was spared such dangers.”

The Chief replied, “It is embarrassing that I and my staff could not do more.”

Thor said, “Thou can appreciate your situation. Thank you for your time.”

Thor turned away from the Chief of Security and she left the office, by pushing a button on a panel by the double-doors.

After the doors slid open, Thor walked into the hallway. A few seconds later, the doors slid closed behind her.

Thor headed for the office of the Technician Chief for the Senate Building.

Though, when Thor reached the offices of the Technicians, a secretary droid station there inform Thor that the Technician Chief was in a basement level of the building. The droid gave Thor directions on how to find the location where the Technician Chief presently was.

Thor left the office area and she headed to the basement level by a turbo-lift elevator. When she reached the basement level, in the part of the level where she was told the Technician Chief was, she soon found she met with the Technician Chief.

Thor saw the Technician Chief was overseeing some maintenance on the generators that powered the Senate building.

The area of the level was well illuminated with ceiling lights.

While technicians worked on a few of the large generators, several meters away, Thor walked up to stand a meter from the Technician Chief. After introductions were made, they began to talk.

Thor saw the female Technician Chief and her technicians looked tired, but not otherwise sick.

Thor and the Technician Chief faced each other, as they discussed the Senate affliction for a few minutes.

The Technician Chief said, “If the ventilation system is being used to poison everyone in the building, we should know it. But, nothing has been flagging on our sensor sweeps. Sensors have been stating that everything is clean when is comes to any possible bio or chemical contaminants going their the vents.

Thor asked, “How often does your staff check the sensors for the ventilation system?”

The Technician Chief answered, “Every six hour, four times a day, every day.”

Thor inquired, “Can the ventilation still be used to spread such a pathogen? Even with the sensors reading negative? And if that is the case, how could one do so without being caught?”

The Technician Chief responded, “In theory it is possible. Though, whoever would attempt to do so would have to know the ventilation system. And that person would have to figure out a way to bypassed the security systems in the ventilation system. But, that could be anyone with the skills and intelligence, whom has access to the schematics map of the ventilation system.”

Thor questioned, “Whom could have access to the schematics of the ventilation system?”

The Technician said, “Except for high security areas. Such as the Chancellor's office and living areas. The ventilation system schematics can be accessed by anyone with a clearance to access the Senate datanet for such information. Such as technician, security member, or even a senator.”

Thor thought, 'That does not exactly narrow things down. Though, there is one thing I can do.'

Thor asked, “It is possible for your staff to search the ventilation ducts for the entire building? In person?”

The Technician Chief answered, “Sure. But, it will take time. And much of the ducts are a maze that barely works. Like most of the systems in the Senate Building. These ventilation system is a tangled mess of patch jobs on top of patch jobs, going back for thousands of years.”

Thor sarcastically thought, 'Our government at work.' Thor continued her thoughts in a more serious manner, 'I think I will raise this issue later. I am not sure I will do so as Padme or as Thor. But, for security reasons, we could update the ventilation system of the Senate build. Though, for right now we need to deal with the matter at hand.'

Thor ordered, “Start having your staff conduct a personal search of the ventilation system. Perhaps thee will get lucky.”

The Technician Chief responded, “Except for essential services. Such as those working on the generators by us. I will immediately order my staff to start to searching. If we find out something, we will contact you.”

Thor stated, “That will be fine. And thou will inform thee if thou finds any evidence that the problem is partly due to the ventilation system.”

The Technician Chief offered, “If you find out what we are dealing with, I can have our sensors modified to look for it. And if you can learn exactly where in the ventilation system the problem is coming from, I will have my staff there within the hour.”

Thor responded, “Good. And thy wishes thee luck in your hunt.”

The Technician Chief said, “Same here.”

Thor turned and she walked away from the Technician Chief and her crew.

Thor continued her investigation. But, there was only one dead end after another.

Later, out of slight desperation, while walking through one of the lower hallways, near the surface level, Thor stopped to stand by janitorial droid she had noticed when she had turned down a hallway.

Thor stood facing the droid, Thor thought, 'I am talking to a maintenance droids. So, I have to be specific in my questions.'

Thor chose her words carefully, as she asked the droid, “By your standards, has there been anything recently unusual to happen to... you?”

The droid turned its head to face Thor. The droid answered, “Everything appears usual, with no deviations from the schedule.”

Thor said, “Continued on with your duties.”

Thor turned and walked away.

Meanwhile, the maintenance droid turned its head back to what it was doing, and the droid went back to work.


A few hours later, during the early afternoon, Thor returned to her apartment. While holding Mjolnir in her right hand, she landed on her balcony. She opened the door outside door to her living room typing in her passcode into a numerical pad on a panel by the outside of the door. The passcode unlocked and opened the door. After the door slid upwards into the curved ceiling, Thor entered her home.

As earlier that day, Thor left the balcony door open.

Thor went to sit down on same the couch, as she had done before. She sat on the left side of the couch, her setting Mjolnir to her right on the couch.

Thor used the holo-monitor to dial the number of Anakin's private quarters in the Jedi Temple.

The holo-comm rang a few times, then Anakin answered it.

Thor saw the hologram of Anakin up at her. Anakin said, “Hi Thor.”

Thor responded, “Hello Anakin. Did thee find anything?”

Anakin responded, “Yes. It took a while to dig through the achieves, but I from some information. And a match for the mysterious molecule. The molecule is a poison that is called, Vintox D. The poison fits the symptoms, timeline, and it is airborne. The poison is completely odorless and tasteless. It takes time for the poison to cause a toxic reaction in the victims body. The poison is rarely seen outside of its location of origin. That is likely why medical and security sensor sweeps in the Senate building did not detect it.”

“The good news is the treatment is simple. Just remove those poisoned from the area. Their bodies will flush the toxins and they will recover.”

“Also, the poison does not last long in the open air. It has to be continually released. Likely from some sort of gas tanks hooked to the ventilation system.”

Thor thought, 'Good. I will contact the Technician Chief when I get back to the Senate building. With this information, technicians should be able to find the gas tanks. Afterward, we just let the Senate building air out for a few days, while the senators and staff recover at home.'

Thor inquired, “Where is the point of origin for the poison?” She thought, 'Maybe now we can find out who is behind this.'

Anakin facial expression turned sober, as he said in a calm tone of voice, “The location of where the point is from is most surprising part. This poisonous gas is from the swamps of Naboo.” Anakin continued, in a sad tone of voice. “And it is worse. Gungans are immune to the poison.”

Thor realized who was likely behind this, as she thought, with sadness, 'Oh no. There is only one Gungan in the Senate with the ability, access, and time to do something like this... But why?... I will find out soon enough.'

Thor stated, in a firm tone of voice, “Thou will handle this.”

Anakin states, “Be careful. He can be dangerous when he wants to. Also, while nowhere near as strong as you are in that form, Gungans can be far stronger than humans.”

Thor replied, “Thy is aware of that.”

Anakin offered, “I do not want you to be caught off guard. I am willing to talk to you, afterward.”

Thor stated, “Thou might have thee come by, among other people, when this is over. Though, we will talk about this later. Right now, thou has a government to save.”

Thor turned on the holo-monitor. She picked up Mjolnir, stood up, walked to the outside balcony, closed and locked the door to the balcony.

Then, Thor used Mjolnir to fly back towards the Senate Building.


Less than half an hour later, Thor had returned to the Senate building. After she entered the building from a parking level, she found found a holo-comm terminal on a wall in a hallway.

Thor held Mjolnir in her right hand, as she used her left hand to contact the receptionist droids in the Senate Building, whom dealt with rerouting calls.

Thor had the droids get her in touch with the Technician Chief of the building.

A minute later, Thor saw the small hologram of the female Technician Chief in the holo-monitor attached to the wall.

The small hologram of the Technician Chief looked at Thor. The Technician Chief asked, “So, did you find anything?”

Thor answered, “Yes. Thou learned the poison is called Vintox D, from Naboo. The treatment is to simply remove exposure of the poison from those affected. Also, the poison does quickly break down in the air. After the gas tanks are discovered, we need to thoroughly vent the building.

The Technician Chief said, “Good. I will round up some gasmasks for my crew, and myself. Also, we will get the sensors to look for this poison. Since we know what we are looking for, it should not take long for use to find the gas tanks.”

Thor stated, “Once thee has accomplished these tasks, inform the Chancellor of what thou told thee. And what thee has done. Thou has others matters to take care of.”

The Technician Chief replied, “Understood.”

Thor turned off the holo-comm and headed a specific destination within the building.

Thor knew where she was heading. She was looking for the office of a junior representative. He had small office. And as Padme, she had pulled strings to give the junior representative an office nearby her own office, with windows to the outside of the building.

When Thor reached the office double-doors to office she was heading for, she used a passcode on a numerical pad on a panel by the doors to open the doors.

The doors slid open, and Thor walked inside.

A few seconds later, the hallway doors slid closed behind Thor.

Thor walked further into the room, she saw that the person the office belonged to was not present.

The windows in the back of the room offered plenty of sunlight into the room to see with.

Thor came to a stop near the desk in the back of the office, with the window behind the desk and desk chair.

Across the desk from the desk chair were to guest chairs facing the desk and windows behind the desk.

Since the person Thor was looking for was not present, Thor turned to look out the window. Thor thought, 'Okay. Since I saw him in the Senate Building earlier, I expected him to be here, but he is not. He has nowhere else to go in the Senate Building and he will likely soon realize the technicians are checking the ventilation system. I will check his personal quarters in the Senate District.'

'If I cannot find him then, I will alert Security about him. Given how politically tied to me, I would prefer to capture himself myself to avoid any further embarrassment on my part.'

Just then, Thor heard the hallway doors, across the room, slide open.

Thor turned around to see the person she was looking for, step into the room.

The doors slid closed, behind the Gungan whom was a Junior Representative of the Senate, Jar Jar Binks.

Jar Jar stood less than a meter inside his office. He looked across the room Thor, whom was standing in front of his desk.

Jar Jar had on his short sleeve purple shirt, blue pants, and purple robe, which he had on earlier that day. Jar Jar did not wear shoes and his was barefooted.

Jar Jar's facial expressions first showed surprise. His facial expression soon turned to curiosity, as he commented, “Mesa was hoping to meet with you again today.”

Thor thought, 'No matter what. I need remain calm and professional. Jar Jar does not know who I really am. And I want it to stay that way. The given circumstances further justify keeping my identity a secret from him.”

Thor firmly stated, “Yes. Thou wishes to speak with thee.”

Jar Jar asked, “What about?”

Thor said, in a sad tone of voice, “Jar Jar Binks. Why did you poison the Senate?”

Jar Jar casually replied, “Mesa has his reasons.”

Thor thought, 'He is not even trying to deny it.”

Jar Jar continued, “Mesa lost respect and power. Both of which mesa had come to enjoy. Loki offered a way for mesa to gain back both.”

Thor thought, with surprise, 'Loki?!'

Jar Jar commented, “Mesa shall explain.”

Then, Jar Jar began his story.


Years ago, during the evening, inside Jar Jar's small apartment, in a skyscraper in the Senate District of Coruscant, Jar Jar sat on his couch, in his living room. The couch was set against a wall in the room.

Jar Jar was wearing a short sleeve dark blue shirt and purple pants. He was barefoot.

The room was dimly lit, from electric lamps, on small tables located through the room. He was watching a sports video-audio feed on pod-racing, from his holo-monitor, on the small table in front of his couch.

The pod-racing was taking place on the water world of Manaan in the eastern Inner Rim, the homeworld of the Selkath, on the ocean surface, around the nearly abandoned surface island city of Ahto City.

While the Selkath people had long ago abandoned the artificial island, which was once their capital city, for their cities deep underwater, some of those in charge of a questionably legal pod-racing circuit had setup a racing area around and through the abandoned island of Ahto City.

While watching the pod-race take place, Jar Jar sighed, as he presently felt sorry for himself. For all the disappointments his actions has brought him from those whom were his friends. And how while his friends traveled across the galaxy, on incredible adventures, he was stuck running menial chores on Coruscant.

There was a knock at the hallway door to his apartment. The locked door to the hallway was on the wall across from his couch.

Jar Jar turned off the holo-monitor. He got up, walked over to the door, and he answered the door.

Jar Jar unlocked the door and opened door..

After the door slid open Jar Jar saw a slender human, fair skin, whom was slightly shorter than him. The man had short black hair and green eyes. He wore a long sleeved green button up short, black pants, brown belt around his way, and brown boots.

The man had an energetic smile on the lips of his face.

Without warning, the man used his two hands to gently grip and shake Jar Jar's right hand, as he happily said, “Hello Mister Binks. It is so nice to meet you. While I may not be your biggest fan, I do admire that you try. You try hard. A person with as good a heart as yours is one that should be rewarded. And boy do I have an offer for you. Though, I believe we should talk in the privacy of your home?

Before Jar Jar could react, the man let go of Jar Jar's right hand and he walked around Jar Jar, to Jar Jar's right side, and into Jar Jar's living room.

Jar Jar turned around. After Jar Jar fully turned to face the man, the door to the hallway slid automatically closed behind his back.

The man came to a stop in the middle of the room. He stood next to the small table on the opposite side of the table where the couch was. He turned around to face Jar Jar.

Jar Jar was slightly confused. He calmly said, “Mesa is sorry to say this, but you need to leave.”

The man's smile became mischievous, as he responded, “And why would I do that? There is so much to talk about. When I learned how you had fallen from grace, I wanted to meet with you. So, I could help you. I know what it is like to be misunderstood. And I am more than happy to help you in your time of need.”

Jar Jar asked, “Who are you?”

The man maintained his mischievous smile, as he answered, “Loki Laufeyson of the Confederacy of Independent Systems.”

Jar Jar recognized the name. He questioned, “Loki is a woman? You are a man?”

Loki retained his smile, as he casually said, “Well, I am a woman most of the time. Though, I do like to alternate on occasion. It makes life more fun.”

While still smiling, Loki's male body changed into her female form, with long loose black hair running down her back. While her clothing remained the same style and colors as before, clothing changed to fit her altered physical body.

Before Jar Jar to react, Loki calmly said, in her female voice, “Do not worry Mister Binks. I am not here to harm you. Actually, I am quiet fond of you and your friends. I hold no ill will towards the people of the Galactic Republic. I value life. And while we may be on differing sides of this current war, that does not mean we cannot be friends.”

Jar Jar admitted, “Mesa is more confused than anything else.”

Loki responded, “Well then. I will clarify My abilities allow me to change my gender at will. But, that is discussion for another time. What I am offering you is an exchange of information for personal power.”

Jar Jar asked, “What do you mean?”

Loki stated, “As I can change my shape by my own will, I can give you the gift change your shape at will. Only the power I will give you will be much more fitting for a man of your status.”

Jar Jar inquired, with a slight bit of interest in his tone of voice, “What type of power?”

Loki firmly said, “The power to never be afraid of anyone ever again.”

Jar Jar questioned, with curiosity evident in his tone of voice, “And what would mesa have to do to have such power?”

Loki said, “Spy for me. Quietly watch and listen. Report back to me what you learn. And you need not harm anyone on my account.”

Jar Jar contemplated Loki's offer, as he mused, “Hmmm...”


In the present, in Jar Jar's office inside the Senate building, Jar Jar concluded his tale for Thor, as he said, “And then, mesa accepted Loki's bargain. Though, later on mesa begin to think. Why not just gain more power for myself? Why not mesa take control of the Galactic Republic? Doing so would be showing originality and initiative.”

Thor recalled, as she thought, 'I remember that conversation. And my own words to you have come back to haunt me.'

Jar Jar went onto say, “Though, while mesa took Loki's offer and gift, Loki did not want mesa to harm and kill others. Mesa did it on his own.”

Thor thought, with concern, 'Loki only wanted a spy and something went wrong.'

Jar Jar stated, “Mesa was also lucky he found canisters of poison that he knew about. Along with blueprints to Senate security and ventilation systems. Not hard after that.”

Thor replied, “So, that is how you poison those in the Senate Building?”

Jar Jar cracked a grin, as he said, “Yes. Take time. But, mesa can wait. Mesa has always been once for patience.”

Thor pointed out, “Still, there is a flaw in your plan. There is one Republic official that is healthy. Chancellor Palpatine is fine. And thee would have to be pass thyself and his Red Guards.”

Jar Jar lips curled into a wicked grin, as he stated, “Mesa is not worried. Mesa can now handle anything.”

Thor watched as Jar Jar suddenly grew. As Jar Jar grew, his clothes ripping from his body, save for his blue pants, with pants now ripped into tore blue shorts.

As this went on, over the course of a surprisingly swift few seconds, Thor watched as Jar Jar skin color had changed from tan and white to brown, as he turned into a three meters tall, brutish brown skin hulking beast. He was much taller than Thor, with his head almost hitting the ceiling. His body was now bulging with muscles. He was about the size, and in similar proportions of a small rancor. Though, Jar Jar still stood upright, instead of hunched over like a rancor. Jar Jar's chest and shoulders were large and muscular. Jar Jar's bulky muscular arms were longer than Mjolnir was long and his bulky, muscular legs were longer than his arms.

While Jar Jar's neck had thickened with his body, his head remained mostly the same. He still had the same protruding pair of eyes, floppy ears, and nostrils as in his normal form. Though, his mouth now showed that he had fangs on both the upper and lower parts of his mouth, where if he were a human, would have been his K9 teeth.

While feeling more concern for Jar Jar's welfare, than herself, Thor realized who Jar Jar had become.

Thor's helmet hit her shocked expression, as she asked, in concern and worry, “Thee is the Coruscant Beast?”

Jar Jar maintained his wicked grin, as he stated, in a deep, more threatening tone of voice, “Yes. And mesa considered the problem with the Chancellor and his Red Guards. But, with help from Loki and the strength from the flesh of others, mesa now has power to defeat anyone. Even Annie and you.”

Jar Jar drop his grin. He held up his arms and gave as best an innocent expression as he could in his large form. Jar Jar mockingly went onto say, “When mesa is finished. Mesa goes back to being small by will. And nobody expect Mesa behind all this.”

Jar Jar dropped his arms to his sides, as he went back to smiling a feral grin.

Thor could not believe what she had heard. She quietly said, more in sadness than disgust, “Oh... Jar Jar...”

Jar Jar grimaced, as he angrily stated, “Mesa not want pity. Mesa wants power!”

Then, Jar Jar charged at Thor from across the room, with him bringing up his right hand into a large fist.

Thor brought up Mjolnir in front of her chest. She held the hammer by the shaft with both of her gloved hands, in a diagonal angle, with the head of the hammer facing up and in front of her right shoulder. The axe head of the hammer faced downwards, as the flat circular end of the hammer face upwards. Thor took a defensive stand, as she prepared to block the blow, and stop with her hammer and her powers, in a similar manner as she used to stop telekinetic force attack against her.

A second later, Jar Jar's right fist connected with the shaft of the hammer, between Thor's two hands.

Then, to Thor's surprise, for the first time in her left, Mjolnir was unable to stay in place and black the block blow. Instead, the hammer pushed back, with the blow's force connected in the center of Thor's check armor, between her breast.

A split second later, Thor realized the force of the blow had taken her off her feet as she was pushed backwards, over the chairs and desk, with incredible amount force, as an impressive level of speed.

Then, Thor felt her back make contact with the office window. The window swiftly shattered and gave way, as Thor continued through the outside air.


A few seconds ago, in the outdoor plaza surrounding the Senate building, people were coming and going from the Senate building. There were even a few tourists admiring the large metal statues in the plaza surrounding the Senate Building.

Then, they saw an explosion blow outward from the Senate Building, several floors up. Fortunately, no one was in the path of the glass shards from the destroyed window which rained down on the plaza.

Those that looked up saw a woman in blue and brown armor and helmet, whom was holding a hammer, fly backward, several kilometers, across the plaza, over a chasm, between the different levels of skylanes of speeder vehicles, and into an upper level of skyscraper. With her crashing through the outer wall of a skyscraper, midway up the building, inside an office level.


Inside the office building, Thor had landed on her back, with her still gripping the hammer in her right hand.

As Thor came to her senses, she realized she still gripped her hammer with her right hand. She was sitting up, on her butt, with her back against the wall. Her leads were pointed straight and together.

Thor shook her helmeted head a little, as she groaned, “Ow.”

Thor noticed a third of the ceiling lights in the room were turned on. Allowing her to see, but the lightning was dim.

Thor looked around herself.

Thor saw that she was in a medium sized room that looked to be an break-room, with no one inside the room. There was a coffee table on the side wall to her right. There was a door behind her, to her right side.

She saw that went she had broken through the wall, he had destroyed the table in the room by the outer wall. When she did so, she knocked the metal folding chairs which had been set around the table to the sides of the room. And she head destroyed the black floor tiles of the room, as she had skidded to a stop on the interior wall opposite to the outside wall she had entered from.

The walls and ceiling were painted white.

Thor mentally reflect, 'He hits like an ion cannon. But, at least I feel okay. I always wondered if anything could actually move Mjolnir. Now I know. I cannot let him connect again with his blows. My chest armor took most of the force of that hit, instead of my body. If he has connected with my head with that much force it would have destroyed my head and I would already be dead. What a minute..”

Thor used her left hand to feel her front dark blue chest armor. She felt large cracks running along where Jar Jar had hit her front chest armor. She also felt the strap to the black scabbard holding the Black Solace was intact.

Thor thought, 'I should not be surprised that blow from Jar Jar cracked my armor. Better my armor than my body. At least the strap to my sword is okay. And my armor will automatically repair itself the next time I summon it. But, I do not dare change back to Padme and then to Thor until this fight over because I do not want to risk anyone else learning of my identity. Especially, Jar Jar. After what he has become.'

'Now where is Jar Jar?...'

Then, with her enhanced hearing, Thor heard a roar in the distance that brought her attention back to the situation at hand.

Thor thought, 'Well, I guess that is Jar Jar. He should still be in my office.'

With her enhanced sight, Thor looked out the hole she had made, and into the distance she saw Jar Jar giving out a roar, by the hole he had just made in the his office, in the Senate building. And worst of all, Jar Jar seemed to be looking right at her.

Thor thought, 'Ah oh. He can see me, even from this distance. I can guess his senses are enhanced like mine. Perhaps I should not have brushed him off earlier today. If I had actually taken the time to talk to him, then he may have been more reasonable with me, right now... Well, as reasonable as a cannibalistic mass-murderer can be.'

Thor watched as Jar Jar jumped towards her. From the strength of power Jar Jar displayed in the jump, in looked like he would her in a single bound.

Thor immediately stood up with her hammer, as she watched Jar Jar reach the apex of his arc, and start to fall towards her, between two skylanes full of traveling speeder vehicles.

As Thor saw Jar Jar come closer, she grimly thought, 'He is likely going to land near me. After what he told me, I know I am not going to be able to talk him down. He may have been a friend, but this is going to be a fight, likely to the death.'

'While he is not trained in his strength, he is too strong for me to block his blows and take a hit. A single hit could kill me. Even a glancing blow from him would have the to knock me out. If he gets a hold of me, he could hurt me. Even rip me apart. I am going to have to fight intelligently as I avoid his blows and grappling attacks.'

'Though, I doubt he has only strength. He already displayed also having enhanced senses like mine. His reflexes and speed have may have been enhanced as well. I cannot take any chances with him. I have a feeling is likely going to be the toughest person I have faced in battle, except for Loki. I know she went easy on me.'

'I better keep things here on this level. I do not want Jar Jar to begin thinking third dimensional in his tactics. If we loose each other, by knocking each other through the floors. He might try an ambush me. He is clearly strong enough, if he gets his hands on me, he could kill me. Though, that means I will have to hold off on the lightning and weather. These drawbacks cannot be helped. Also, I do not want this to become messy, so I will hold off using Mjolnir's axe blade and the Black Solace for now.'

Thor saw Jar Jar was only seconds away from reaching her.

Thor thought, 'Fortunately, I do not hear anyone on this floor. Some of these office companies give their workers a day off every few days, in intervals. The lights are on likely as a security measure by the landlord of the building. This is fortunate. Though, I still have to be mindful of civilians. And there are only a few lights on, likely to save power. This is likely the same for the rest of the level, which means there will be shadows in this place. My enhanced sight and other senses will help. But Jar Jar also has enhanced senses, so this will not be an advantage to either of us.'

Thor got ready for the fight, with her getting into a defensive stance, while holding Mjolnir on front of her chest by the shaft with both her hands.

Jar Jar came through the whole Thor had created, with his body enlarging the hole.

As Jar Jar was about to land by her, Thor moved back from where Jar Jar would land.

When Jar Jar land standing on his two feet, the floor tiles under Jar Jar shattered, and Thor felt the floor shake a little. Also, Jar Jar's head almost touched the ceiling.

Thor thought, 'He is likely a lot heavier than his normal form. I guess that goes with his bulk and strength. I will have to keep that in mind as I fight him. Though, his head almost hits the ceiling. He size is at a disadvantage. While I have room to maneuver, he does not. Now to deal with him.'

After Jar Jar landed, they both charged at each other, and fought.

Due their confined quarters, their attacks were brutal and vicious, with no real room to maneuver.

While Thor did her best to dodge Jar Jar's fists, Thor attempted to use the flat of the hammer to hit Jar Jar. But, Thor quickly found that as she suspect, Jar Jar was also had enhanced reflexes and speed which allowed him to dodge most of Thor's strikes with Mjolnir.

Thor was only able to connect a few glancing blows to Jar Jar's shoulders and arms.

Within a few seconds of fighting, Jar Jar got the first solid hit. Thor had attempted to hit Jar Jar's lower jaw with an upper strike with the flat end of Mjolnir. But, Jar Jar dodged to Thor's left at the last moment. Jar Jar then used his right fist to do a quick jab at Thor with his right fist hit into the left side of Thor's lower abdomen.

The force and direction of Jar Jar's jab was enough to Thor through the interior wall opposite to the outer wall, and she went further into the same floor of the building, and into a large, cubical area, set in a grid square pattern. Thor flew through the thin cubical, desks, chairs, and electronics. The cubical walls were painted black, like the floor tiles. While the walls around the room and the ceiling were painted white.

The ceiling was as high in the cubical room as the break-room.

The like the break-room, only every third ceiling light was on, creating a slightly dim lighting area for the large room.

As she came to a stop near the middle of the room, she found herself laying on her back, with Mjolnir in her right hand.

While Thor only had her brown leather bodice was armor on her lower abdomen, due to the blow being a jab, Thor was only mildly bruised in that area.

Thor did not have time to reflect on her injury, as she was more concerned at the ongoing battle.

Thor swiftly leaned up. She saw the path of minor destruction she had created. Also, beyond her flight path, she saw Jar Jar standing there.

Jar Jar was looked at her, with a smirk on his face. Jar Jar was not advancing on her, and instead he was only starring at her.

Thor quickly got to her feet and she took a defensive stance, with the left side of her body facing Jar Jar.

Thor head was turned to face Jar Jar.

Thor tightened her grip on the shaft of Mjolnir, in her right hand, as she thought, 'Okay, big boy. Let's see if you can take it as good as you can give it.'

Thor held up her free left hand and she gave the Jar Jar the 'come to me' signal. Then, she used her left hand to also grip Mjolnir, as she held up the hammer by the front right side of her body.

Jar Jar saw the signal, and he ran towards Thor, with him going through what had not been destroyed in Thor's path like it was tissue paper.

At the last second, when Jar Jar reached Thor, Thor swiftly took to steps to her back, to Jar Jar's right side, she turned ninety degrees clockwise, as she swung the flat end of the hammer the right side of Jar Jar's chest, right under his arm. The blow sent Jar Jar through the cubicles, into a wall to the left of the hole Thor and Jar Jar had created to enter the large cubical room.

Jar Jar coming to a stop, on the other side of the whole, inside the auxiliary room

The dim lighting from every third light in the ceiling of the auxiliary room Jar Jar had entered allowed Thor to see that to her left there were cushioned armchairs and what looked like the curved end of a table. The room appearing to be an office meeting room. The floor tiles were black, with the walls and ceiling being painted white.

Jar Jar had landed on his left side. He quickly sat up, as he turned to face Thor.

Jar Jar swiftly jumped to his feet, with the top of his head barely missing the ceiling. When his feet hit the floor, tiles broke under his feet, as the weight of his body caused the floor to slightly shake.

Thor charged at Jar Jar, on foot, with Mjolnir in both her hands.

Jar Jar saw this. He picked up a chair to his right, and he threw the chair at Thor.

Thor swiftly batted the chair out of the way with the flat of hammer end of Mjolnir's head.

Jar Jar threw another chair at Thor. Thor used Mjolnir to knock the second chair away from herself.

Jar Jar sneered as he threw one more chair, which Thor knocked out of the way with the hammer.

A second later, Thor had passed through the hole in the wall that Jar Jar's body had created.

Then, as Thor reached Jar Jar, she swung the hammer at Jar Jar's chest, but Jar Jar stepped to Thor's right, out of the way of the blow.

Thor came to a stop and she turned to her right to face Jar Jar, whom was only two meters away from her. The hole in the wall was three meters from Thor. Also, Thor's back was facing the long elongated oval table between her and the far wall. The edge of the table by her was a meter from Thor's back.

Jar Jar took a step closer to Thor, as he sent a downward strike at Thor, with his right fist.

Thor moved out of the way, to her right, as Jar Jar's fist went down all the way to the floor and cracked the surrounding black tiles.

While Jar Jar was still leaning forward, Thor brought down the flat of her hammer on Jar Jar left shoulder. But, this did nothing. In response, Jar Jar leaned up, as he used the inward side of his left palm to bat Thor away. As Jar Jar's left palm connected with Thor's chest and stomach, the force of the blow sent Thor over the chairs and across the table, towards the far wall.

Thor's body cracked the wall, as her back and the back of her helmeted head hit the wall.

Though, Thor found that she was uninjured and she was not dazed by the blow. Also, she continued to hold Mjolnir in her right hand. She had let go of the shaft of the hammer with her left hand as she had hit the wall.

Thor slipped off the wall, and to her feet.

From across the room, Thor saw Jar Jar was ten meters from her and that he was beginning to advance towards her.

When Jar Jar reached the long oval table and chairs, he did not go around, nor jump on top. Instead, he slowly crushed the chair in front of him with his hands. Then, he continuously crushed the table with his hands as he approached Thor.

Jar Jar's hands crushed the table in pieces as if the table was made of cardboard. He even further crushed some of the pieces of table which fell to the floor in front of him with his bare feet.

Thor thought, 'This has gone on for too long. I have to end this quickly. And I know just how to do it. Don't worry Jar Jar. Even after all you did, I still consider you a friend. I will give you comfort in form of a quick death, with the Black Solace.'

Thor could tell that Jar Jar was taking his time, as he was only halfway through the table.

Thor saw Jar Jar look at her. His lips curl into a wicked grin.

Thor could tell from Jar Jar's face what he was thinking. Thor thought, 'He is relishing every moment of this. Well, I am a Hero of the Republic. This would be a big notch on his belt... Though, I am not planning for events to go that way... Nah... He was always more of a glutton for food than anything else. I wished he had told me his secret to keeping the weight off for all those years. But, now is not the time. Now, it is time to end this.'

Thor quickly switched her grip to hold the shaft of the hammer in her left hand, while she used her right hand to grip the hilt of Black Solace and draw the vibro-katana. When she fully pulled out the sword and she held it in front of her, she used her right thumb to turn the switch on to the vibrations mechanisms.

By then, Jar Jar had finished with the table, with him only four meters from her. He batted away a few chairs in front of him towards the walls to his sides. After knocking the chairs away, Jar Jar looked over at Thor. He saw that Thor had pulled out a strange, curved sword. Though, Jar Jar continued to approach her in a menacingly casual pace.

Thor saw that Jar Jar was only seconds away from reaching her. She thought, 'Now to do this.'

Thor swiftly took aim and with her left hand, she threw her hammer at the middle of Jar Jar's face. Then, she gripped the grip of the Black Solace with both hands, in an offensive form, as she charged at a full run.

Thor mentally guided the hammer to hit Jar Jar square in the face as swiftly as possible.

Due to the short distance between Jar Jar and Thor and the speed of the hammer, Jar Jar did not have time as the end of the hammer hit Jar Jar squarely on his upper jaw and nostrils. The blow knocked was powerful enough to force Jar Jar back to take a couple of steps back, while dazing him.

After the hammer hit Jar Jar, Thor had the hammer drop to the floor, in front of Jar Jar, so it would be close to Thor, but out of the way for what she had immediately plan to do next.

A second later, Thor reached the front of Jar Jar. With Jar Jar dazed, she immediately used the sharp, black, vibrating blade of the Black Solace to cut Jar Jar from between his left shoulder and left side of his thick neck, down his chest, at a diagonal angle, to exit on the right side of Jar Jar's stomach, above his waistline.

Thor did not stop there, she swiftly curved her weapon in an upward crescent, to completely slice Jar Jar's throat clean through, in a clean strikes, from the right side of Jar Jar's neck to his left side.

Though, to Thor's astonishment, what happened during the attack mildly shocked.

As Thor cut through Jar Jar's flesh, she saw the cut's heal right behind where her blade has moved.

Not even a single of drop of blood was seen from the wounds.

Thor swiftly jumped back a few meters, as she thought, 'You got to be kidding me. He is way better at healing than me. And even with the sharpness of the blade, those cuts took a lot of my strength to do. He is more physically tougher than I am. Plus, with his his strength and speed, I am in real trouble.'

While in mid-flight, Thor summon Mjolnir to come to her. As her feet hit the ground, with her back being mere centimeters from the wall, she did several things at once. She used her right thumb to turn off the vibration mechanisms to the Black Solace. She let go of her hilt with her left hand, just in time to catch Mjolnir by the shaft with her left hand.

Thor swiftly, but carefully used her right hand to sheath the Black Solace back into its scabbard on her back.

Thor looked in front of her, and she saw that by then, Jar Jar had recovered and was rushing towards her.

Jar Jar was only two and a half meters from Thor, as Thor realized her back was literally against the wall.

Thor gripped the hammer with both hands, as she angle the flat rounded head the way she wanted.

Thor thought, 'I tried to do this in an easy, non-messy way. Now we have to do it the messy way.'

Thor rushed at Jar Jar, as she charged her hammer with electricity. As she reached Jar Jar, she swiftly jumped up a meter in the air, as she swung the flat of the hammer across the left side of Jar Jar's face. To Thor's surprised, the blow did not destroy Jar Jar's head. Instead, the force of the blow and the electric release caused Jar Jar's head to do a clockwise one-eighty, with Jar Jar's head twisted backwards.

Though, Jar Jar continued to stand and he did not fall over.

Thor landed on her feet and she back away two meter from Jar Jar, to stand close to the wall behind her.

What Thor saw next shocked her.

Jar Jar reached up with both his hands, he gripped the sides of his head, and he swiftly turned his head counterclockwise, to where his head was straight.

Thor's enhanced hearing picked up the bones snapping back in place. Thor thought, 'That blow would have taken my head off. He truly tougher than I am. Given how fast his cuts heal, I guess his bones, ligaments, and tissues, will reconnect and heal themselves within moments. Even after my attacks, I do not even see any sign of the injures I have just created on Jar Jar's body.'

Jar Jar turned to Thor. He noticed the shocked expression on Thor's face through the openings of Thor's helmet.

Jar Jar lips curled into a wicked smirk, as he chuckled in an evil fashion, while he said, in his deep voice, “While mesa is mad with rage, mesa does find the head twist to be funny.”

Thor flatly said, “Thou did not find that funny.”

Jar Jar stopped chuckling. He casually said, “Oh well. Mesa wonder if you can do the same thing? But first. Let us get some fresh air.”

Then, in the blink of an eye, and showing far more speed than Thor has so far seen from her brutish opponent, Jar Jar swiftly took step forward with his right foot, as he cocked back his left arm and fist. On his second step with his left foot, he put the weight of his body into his blow, as he let loose with his left arm and fist to punch above the shaft of the hammer and towards the middle of Thor's upper chest armor.

With no way to maneuver and dodge the blow, Thor took the blow in the middle of her upper chest armor. The blow sent Thor off her feet, through the wall behind her, and through several other walls, before she reached a set of outside windows, which she broke through into the sky beyond beyond the office building.

Fortunately, as Thor was hit, she was still able to maintain gripped her hammer with both hands. And she was not daze.

As Thor made it out into open sky, she stopped herself from going any further and risk running into the speeder vehicles in the nearby skylanes between the two buildings.

While Thor hovered in the air, ten meters from the hole she made in the building's windows, she looked at the hole in the building. Then, she noticed to her right, on right part of the side of the office building, she saw the hole she had made when she entered the building.

Thor turned around to see that the Senate Building was behind her. She turned back to face the hole in the windows, she thought, 'Interesting that Jar Jar knocked me out of the same side of this building as I sent me into the building.'

Thor did a quick mental check of her body, as she continued her thoughts, 'Okay. I am not seriously hurt. Like before, the armor took most of the blow. I wonder.'

Thor let go of Mjolnir with her left hand and she used her left hand to feel her dark blue upper chest armor. Thor felt that the armor was more cracked and damage than before, but that it was still holding together and the strap to her scabbard was still undamaged. Also, Thor noticed from the new cracks in her armor that the second blow to her armor was in a slightly different location than the first blow.

Thor gripped the shaft of Mjolnir with her left hand, right below where she had her right hand gripping the shaft of Mjolnir.

Thor thought, 'My chest armor was more cracked than before. But, it is still in one piece. Though, why does he kept aiming for my chest and stomach? Of course. He knows due to me being smaller than him, I am harder to hit. So he is aiming for the largest center target on my body, my chest and stomach. That is actually quite intelligent of him.'

'Also, he likely realizes that my breasts are still sensitive in this form. If he can get through my chest armor, and he can make a solid blow on my one breasts will cause me physical pain which will likely slow me down.'

'I could response by using Mjolnir to hit his crotch, but I refuse to sink to his level.'

'Besides, while I am sure that Jar Jar is male, I am not even sure that Gungan's male genitalia located on the outside of their body like a human man. His genitalia might be located inside his body until he intends to use those body parts. So hitting him in the crotch might not work. And at least there are no reports of him raping anyone. So I really do not have to worry about him trying any such actions against me.'

'All I have to worry about is him trying to kill me.'

'Let's run down what he can do. He heals in the blink of an eye. He is likely stronger I am. And he is quick enough to get the drop on me. If he can fly. That's it. I quit... Ah, who I am kidding? I am the one that can take him down. And since I know him, and I am responsible for bringing him to this planet, I am partly responsible for this mess. But, I a, nowhere near completely responsible for what he has done.'

'He might now be more unstoppable than I am, making him a danger to everyone else on the planet. I am the only one on this planet whom can take him done. I am not even sure the Jedi can. Jar Jar is likely to angry to use mental control techniques on him. And with his healing abilities likely no direct force attacks, nor lightsaber blades are going to slow him down long.'

'While I am not sure what it is going to take to kill him, that office building is to close quarters for a fight like this. If I have any hope in defeating him, I need to fight him out in the open, where I can cut loose.'

By then, she saw Jar Jar walked up to stand just outside hole in the window.

Jar Jar used his feet to widen the hole below the bottom threshold of where the windows as been. As rubble dropped down several kilometers to the empty roofs of the buildings far below them, Jar Jar looked up at Thor.

As they faced each other, Jar Jar gloated, “Mesa bet you thought mesa was just some large lumbering hulk. Mesa can sometimes be fast to.”

Thor responded, “Thou admits to being surprised. Though, thou wishes to know if thee can fly?”

Jar Jar said, “Mesa wish he could. Though, with mesa's jumps, mesa doesn't need to. If mesa push himself, meas might even be able to literally jump to into orbit of space.”

Thor thought, 'Jar Jar might be able to do that. If he does so, he might be able to survive in space, re-enter onto other part of the planet, survive the landing, and I will lose him. I got to keep him here. And get him to some place I got an idea. I think I know where I can lead him too. And I know how to get him to do so.'

Thor stated, “Okay. Thou wishes to see if thee can catch thy.”

Jar Jar let out a laugh. Then, he commented, “With pleasure.”

Thor watched as Jar Jar climbed out of the hole to the his right of where he was standing. He used his hand to grip and created small handholds on the side of the building. In addition, Jar Jar used his feet to create foot holds in the wall. As Jar Jar crawled along the wall, he kept his legs to crouched to allow him to use his feet to push as leverage against the building as he gripped the building to stabilize his position as he moved. Though, Jar Jar was careful not to push too hard against the wall and accidentally rip off the wall, causing him to fall towards the ground with the pieces of walls.

Thor thought, 'From the way he is gripping the walls and crouching his legs, I guess he can jump from building to building and land on the side of the wall of the building without a problem. I can tell he has practiced at doing this. I wonder where?... He likely practiced this climbing and jumping along the huge ventilation shaft going down into the Coruscant undercity. Anyone there that might see him would likely not call Coruscant Security because people in the undercity usually do not want the attention of law enforcement focus on them and their activities.'

'In addition as he showed when he jumped from the Senate Building into the hole near by, his aiming abilities in use of his jumps are incredibility accurate. I will keep this in mind, as we have our little chase.'

Jar Jar continued to grip and move around to the nearby corner of the building. He had his right hand above him and his lower left hand below him, as his head peeked over the side of the corner of the building to Thor's left side.

Jar Jar came to a stop. He let go of the building with his left hand, allowing him to turn his body and head further to his left so he could look at Thor, whom hovering around ten meters from him.

Jar Jar stated, “Ready when you are.”

Without replying, Thor flew off to her left, around the corner of the building Jar Jar was holding onto, though out of Jar Jar's reach. Thor went in specific direction, as Jar Jar jumping behind Thor, towards a building near the path Thor took.

Thor was careful not to lead Jar Jar into the skylanes, as she flew a little further away from the Senate Building and closer to some buildings, so Jar Jar could more easily follow her, as she lead Jar Jar to the location she had in mind.

As Thor flew, she was careful to avoid the trajectory arcs of Jar Jar's jumps. Thor was careful not to go too fast to prevent Jar Jar was catching up.

Also, Thor occasionally looked behind her, as she watched as Jar Jar landed on the sides of the buildings, he used his hands and feet to create holds to grip. And he them used those holes a leverage to jump again.

Jar Jar's jumps were kilometers in distance between buildings. When he landed, he punches handholds and footholds into the outer walls of the buildings, allowing him leverage to jumped again, and again.

As Jar Jar chased Thor, he occasionally alternated between roaring, or laughing, while he leapt from building to building.

While they continued their cat and mouse game, Thor flew, as she took a quickly look behind her. She saw that Jar Jar had jumped in a diagonal angle towards her that would take him from a skyscraper, behind Thor, to her right to a skyscraper to her left.

Thor turned back to look in front of her, as she mentally reflected, 'It is tempting to strike Jar Jar down with lightning, while he is jumping from between the buildings. But, he would likely survive. And he would fall to the surface and likely retreat to the maze that are underground levels of Coruscant. From the murders he has committed in underground levels, Jar Jar has clearly become accustomed to traversing that maze. No one would likely be able to find him, until he was ready to be found. That could be months, to even years. He would likely kill even more people during that time. This is something I cannot risk... Besides, we are almost to where I plan to fight him, out in the open.'

A few minutes later, Thor flew over a park. The park was set on a large, flat building plateau which was two kilometers long north to south and one kilometer wide east to west.

Thor came to a stop to hover ten meters above the center of an above ground park, above a open, green grassy area.

There was a slight breeze in the warm air. The sky was only slightly cloudy with the sunny shining between the clouds and down onto the park. The present weather of the area was naturally occurring, with Thor having no part on the matter.

Thor looked around, as she thought, 'This is the park where I did some of my training with Anakin and Obiwan. The jogging track I practiced some of my running on is only half a kilometer away. I have walked around this park a few times. I know this place. And this is about as open an area I can find to find to fight Jar Jar on.'

'The Jedi Temple is not that far from here. And while Coruscant Security could not hope to face Jar Jar like this. It is tempting to lead Jar Jar to the Jedi. Though, such a fight may get some Jedi killed. Besides, it would be rude to lead such a beast to the doorstep of my friends. This is my fight. Not their fight. Now, where is Jar Jar?'

Thor turned in the direction of where Jar Jar was going to land.

Thor watched as Jar Jar landed nearby, on a four meter wide white brick walkway near about fifty meters west from where Thor was. As Jar Jar landed, the white bricks under his feet smashed from the force of his landing.

The brick walkway snaked and looped around the parked. Though, the part of the walkway Jar Jar was on was straight from north to south.

On both sides of the white brick walkway was green grass. There were patches of trees in vary locations several meters from Jar Jar.

The grass was green and the trees were evergreen trees with fur like needles. The trees were about twenty meters high, with a thick tall trunk and branches that shades up to third meters in diameter.

Two meters directly to Jar Jar's left side, on the side of the white brick walkway was a life-sized metal statue of a person, on a half meter high, rock plinth, with four sides and the base slightly wider than the top.

Unfortunately, the park was populated by people of various ages, genders, alien species. There were even some present having picnics with their children.

While Thor looked down at the park where Jar Jar had landed, she saw the people nearby scattered, as they ran away from Jar Jar. Those parents with children had their children run with them, or if the children were really young, they picked up their children and carried them as they hurried away from Jar Jar.

Jar Jar stood in placed as he felt mild amusement at watched people around him panic and run away from him.

Thor watched the people, as she thought, 'At least he is no attacking the civilians at the moment. From the look on his face, he is enjoying the fear he is causing those around. That is sad. Though, it is good to see the civilians all having the sense to run from Jar Jar. They may have seen me and then Jar Jar and put two and two together. The one fact I will say about the locals of Coruscant, they know when it is time to leave. I even see parents getting their children out of the way. Having them leaving on their own will only help me avoid civilians casualties.'

Then, Thor notice one person was standing in place, twenty meters south, down walkway from Jar Jar.

The man was middle-age human Coruscant Security officer in his blue patrol uniform, which was a blue long sleeve shirt, blue pants, black belt, black boots, a blaster pistol in a right side holster attached to his belt, and a black armband on his upper left arm. The black armband had yellow writing which stated the person was a Coruscant Security Officer.

Thor watched as the Coruscant Security Officer drew his blaster pistol from his right side hostler. The officer held his pistol with both his hands, as he took aim at Jar Jar.

Though, Thor saw Jar Jar was presently look towards the east, at the people fleeing near Thor.

Thor thought, 'I need to stop him before he gets Jar Jar's attention.'

Thor swiftly flew and landed four meters in front of the officer, between Jar Jar and the officer. Thor held Mjolnir in her right hand, at her right side.

As both adults faced each other, the officer immediately recognized Thor.

The officer lowered his weapon.

Thor commented, “Thou admires your bravery. Though, this opponent is too much for thee to handle.”

The officer look passed Thor. Then, to Thor's helmet covered mask. He asked, “What is that thing?”

Thor answered, “He is the Coruscant Beast.” Thor thought, 'There is no point telling him the Coruscant Beast is Jar Jar Binks. He would likely not know who Jar Jar is. I will deal that matter after I defeat Jar Jar.'

The officer flatly said, “Damn. We all knew that when that beast did show himself, it would be a spectacle. But, not like this.”

Thor calmly responded, “Yes. This was a surprise from everyone. Please, do not interfere. Thou will handle this.”

The officer holstered his pistol on a holster on the right side of his belt. He stated, “Okay. We will evacuate everyone nearby and keep the area clear. That includes clearing the levels of this building below the parking.”

Thor replied, “Thank you. That is good thinking on thee's part.” Thor thought, 'Coruscant Security usually only had droids patrol the surface. Though, I guess since this might be a voluntary patrol for officers to take, to allow Coruscant Security to put a more personable face on their organization.'

The officer turned and ran in the opposite direction of Jar Jar and Thor. As he ran, he pulled out his comlink from a pocket to contact his fellow officers, to let them know what was going on and for them to evacuate the area, including the levels below the park.

Thor overheard the security officer stated into his comlink, “I need all units to come to the park level of Endrose University in the north Senate District. The Coruscant Beast has shown himself. Thor is handling the beast. We need to evacuate and cordon off the park and upper levels of the building while Thor deals with that murderous monster.”

Thor thought, 'Well, Jar Jar has become a murderous monster, so I will not fault this officer for calling him that. Though, this park here and the building below are part of a university. I did not know that. I believed this was a public park. I guess the university had the park usually open for everyone and the university officials were doing the Jedi Council a favor in allowing myself to train here.'

Thor turned around to face Jar Jar. She mentally reflect, 'Now to deal with the matter at hand.'

Thor saw that Jar Jar had not moved any closer to her. Though, Thor saw that Jar Jar just looking at her.

Also, Thor noticed the area was not clear of people except for Jar Jar and herself.

Thor and Jar Jar stood around sixteen meters from each other.

Thor held up Mjolnir in from of herself. As Thor took a defensive stance, she gripped the shaft of the hammer with both her hands. She held the weapon in front of her chest.

Thor mentally reflected, 'Now, to try once again to talk my twisted friend into calming down.'

Thor stated, “Jar Jar. Stop this before you make the situation worse for yourself.”

Jar Jar stated, in his deep voice, “Worse for me? You are the one having problems keeping up.”

Jar Jar turned to the metal statue to his left. He walked over to the statue. He came to a stop by the statue. He used both his hands to grip a side of the statue and he ripped the statue off its pedestal.

Jar Jar raised the statue over his head, as he turned to face Thor. Then, he threw the statue at Thor.

While the statue hurled in the air towards Thor, she swiftly used her wind abilities to create a small cyclone around the statue which quickly slowed its inertia, until the statue was floating around, in front of Thor, as it was tilted slightly longways in parallel with the ground.

Thor had the small cyclone gently set the statue on its side, on the grass to her left side.

Once the statue was on the grass, Thor had the cyclone swiftly dissipate.

Thor turned to Jar Jar. She requested, “Let us try to keep property damage to a minimum.”

Jar Jar laughed, “Hahaha!” He stopped laughing. He stated, “You are one to talk.”

Thor countered, “At least thou have reasons for thou's actions.”

Jar Jar replied, “So does mesa. Mesa would try to eat you right now if your flesh was not reported to be so tough.”

Thor thought, 'I guess that is why you have not tried to bite me.'

Jar Jar smirked, as he went onto say, “Though, after mesa kills you, mesa will figure a way to eat you and grow stronger.”

Thor retorted, “Dream on.”

In replied, Jar Jar roared, as he charged at Thor.

Thor responded by roaring at well, while she ran towards Jar Jar.

As Thor ran, she threw Mjolnir at Jar Jar, with the top of the hammer aimed at Jar Jar's face.

Jar Jar saw the attack. As he ran, he slightly veered to his left, as he crouched into one step with his right left, to lower his body just enough that the hammer flew passed the right side of his head.

Jar Jar continued to run, as the hammer passed by him. Though, Jar Jar turned his head to watch it pass above him, as he kept moving towards Thor.

As Jar Jar turned to back to face Thor, he realized too late the hammer was a distraction. At that moment, Thor had come withing a few meters of Jar Jar, at which point, she jumped up a meter and a half towards Jar Jar's body to allow herself to punch Jar Jar on the left side of his jaw, with her gloved right fist.

The level of force that Thor put into her right fist completely stopped Jar Jar's forward momentum, as Thor's blow caused Jar Jar's head to whip this Jar Jar's right side.

Unfortunately, Jar Jar's remained in his feet, and he quickly recovered.

As Jar Jar turned his head back towards his front, he threw a wild haymaker punch, with his right fist, across his chest, in an effort to hit Thor. But by then, Thor had dropped down to the ground, to avoid the haymaker punch. Thor landed by crouching her legs, while being on both her feet, which put her head and body below the arc of swing Jar Jar's punch.

While Jar Jar threw his haymaker punch, Thor had directed Mjolnir to fly in an arc around Jar Jar, to Jar Jar's left side, to circle back into Thor's hands, right in front of Jar Jar's feet.

As Thor gripped her gloved hands around the shaft of the hammer, she made sure the hammer was a the proper angle and position she desired.

After Thor confirmed Mjolnir was positioned as she desired, Thor looked upwards at the front of Jar Jar as she patiently wait for her next opening to strike at Jar Jar.

As soon as Jar Jar spread out his hands, away from his chest, and his head facing forward, in an instinct to first look forward after being hit.

Thor saw this as her chance to act.

While Jar Jar looked ahead of himself, and his hands were away from the center of his chest, Thor moved from her couching stance to stand up. She used the momentum of her standing, along with her two arms moving upwards with the hammer, to have the very top of Mjolnir's head to deliver a powerful uppercut to the bottom of Jar Jar's jaw.

While the top of Mjolnir hit Jar Jar's lower jaw, the top of the axe to the right of Jar Jar's jaw and the circular top of the flat end of the hammer was to the left of Jar Jar's jaw.

The uppercut caused Jar Jar's head to jerk up, as he staggered back two steps.

Thor was about to follow through on another blow, when Jar Jar swiftly planted his feet, while his head whip back in place to face Thor.

Jar Jar took a step closer to Thor, as he threw a punch at Thor with his right fist. Though, Thor was quick enough to dodge the blow.

Jar Jar continued to try to punch at Thor's body.

Thor knew better than to try to blow Jar Jar's blows and instead she dodged Jar Jar's strikes.

Jar Jar found that being outside in the open allowed Thor the room to be agile and quick to move around and avoid the blows.

Thor relied on her skills and experience, to avoid Jar Jar's blows, while she timed her attacks. Thor used the circular flat end of the hammer to hit Jar Jar in potential soft spots almost his body, that while may not physically harm him, he would potentially feel pain from those blows, which could mentally wear him down.

Though, the only visible reaction Thor blows caused Jar Jar were a few grunt by Jar Jar.

In addition, Jar Jar showed no signs of slowing down.

Thor continued to avoid Jar Jar's attacks, while she timed her hits when she could with her hammer, as she thought, 'I was openly a few of these blows to his soft spots would begin to at least mentally wear him down. But, that is clearly not the case. There has to be someway I can at least slow him down...' Thor came up with an idea, as she continued her thoughts, 'That might work.'

After a few more dodges, Thor was in the proper position at Jar Jar's right side.

While Jar Jar was facing the east side of the walkway. Thor slammed the flat heel of her right, brown leather, knee-high boot into the top of Jar Jar's right foot.

To Thor's surprise, Thor did not even feel a crunch as she slammed down her boot on Jar Jar's right foot.

Jar Jar foot was left injured, though the blow did force the foot to shatter the white bricks beneath, as the foot went an four centimeters into the walkway.

Jar Jar turned to face Thor, as he chuckled. He said, “That tickled.”

Thor jumped back to land five meters in front of Jar Jar on the white brick walkway. As Thor landed on her feet, she thought, with annoyance, 'Oh come on. That blow would shatter solid granite into powder. If brute force will not work, let's see how you like being lit up like a skyscraper. But, I have to keep you busy and in one place while I prepare to do so.'

Suddenly, dark thunder clouds formed over the park.

Thor jumped back several. While in the air, she threw Mjolnir at the front of Jar Jar's feet and lower legs. Mjolnir face longways, while horizon with the ground, as it traveled at high speed towards Jar Jar. At the same time, Thor had a powerful gust of wind hit Jar Jar's back.

Mjolnir hit both of Jar Jar's lower legs at the same time, with the flat side of the hammer's head hitting Jar Jar's left leg, while the lower end of the shaft hit Jar Jar's right leg.

The force of Mjolnir blows, combined with the storm gust of wind to Jar Jar's back, forced the giant brute onto fall flat on his stomach.

Thor summon the hammer to slide out from under Jar Jar's feet, to Thor's right side. The hammer flew into Thor's right hand.

Thor caught the hammer with her right hand just as the flat heels of her brown leather knee-high boots touched the white brick walkway. Thor was now thirty meters to the south of Jar Jar.

Before Jar Jar could get up, Thor called for the dark cloud above the park to send a stream of lightning down on Jar Jar's back and body for a solid ten seconds.

Thor watched as a blue-white lightning ripped through Jar Jar's body. Thor's enhanced eyes protected her sight from being flash blinded by the lightning strikes.

After ten seconds, Thor willed the lightning stop and the clouds to disperse.

As the light of day returned, to Thor's surprise, while some of Jar Jar's clothing was singed, his body had quickly healed and Jar Jar showed no signs of injury.

Thor thought, 'That should have turned him into a burned crisp. My friend's healing abilities are far more powerful than I expected. Still, there has to be something I can do to stop you... That might work.'

Jar Jar chuckled, as he got up. When he fully stood, he turned to face Thor. He said, in his deep voice, “Nice try. But, as you can see, there is nothing you can do can harm mesa.”

Jar Jar raised up his hands, as if he was responding to a cheering crowd where there was was none. Though, Jar Jar kept his focus on Thor, as he went onto say, “Mesa am greater and more powerful than even you! Thor, the Storm Bringer! Thor, the Enforcer of the Republic! Thor, the greatest warrior of the Galactic Republic!”

Thor calmly replied, “No. Thee is just tougher.” She thought, 'Now, let us see if you respect the wind.'

Thor created a small, though power powerful cyclone between them. Thor sent the cyclone to towards Jar Jar to hit him.

When the cyclone reached Jar Jar, Thor held the cyclone to stay around Jar Jar, with the wind hitting him from all sides, in the hope of picking him up into the air and spinning him around. Though, all the wind did was cause Jar Jar's large ears to flap about, with Jar Jar not moving a centimeter.

After a few seconds, Thor dispersed the cyclone.

As the wind died down, Jar Jar shrugged. He commented, “That was... Refreshing. Mesa's turn. Mesa finds this move to be fun to do.” He slapped his hands together in front of Thor.

The clap caused a ripple of air to come towards Thor.

As the ripple of air hit Thor, held Mjolnir as she forced the hammer to hold her in place. The wave of air soon passed Thor and Mjolnir, with the wave of air soon dissipating a few meters beyond where Thor was standing.

Jar Jar held lower his arms. He shrugged, as he commented, “Mesa rarely has an excuse to use this move. It does no works right in the tunnels underground. And no one usually survives this move. Though, it clearly this move will not work on you.”

Thor thought, 'That was a nice trick. Though, I am glad he has decided not to use it again. He is too heavy to pick up with such a small cyclone. Anything more powerful will wreck the area. I am running out of techniques to use against him.' She gripped the shaft of the hammer with both of her hands. She tightened her grip on the shaft of the hammer, as she continued her thoughts, 'Okay. Back to basics. Keep smashing until the problem is solved.'

Thor used Mjolnir to swiftly flight towards Jar Jar. As she approached the Coruscant Beast, she cocked back the hammer, with her aiming for the front of Jar Jar's jaw and nostrils with the flat of the hammer.

Then, at the last movement, Jar Jar swiftly use both hands to catch the head of the hammer mere centimeters in front of his face, bringing the attack to a sudden stop.

Due to her swinging the hammer in front of her path, the momentum of her flight, and her arm were not positioned to safely stop herself, Thor's body slammed into the shaft of hammer, while her bottom of her boots landed on the middle of Jar Jar's chest.

Fortunately, Thor was able to dodge the axe blade of the head of the hammer, and her armor and physical toughness allowed her to take the collision without being harmed. Also, she was able to maintained her grip on Mjolnir with both her gloved hands.

Thor immediately realized the danger she was in. She quickly commanded the hammer energize with electricity to shock Jar Jar's hands open.

While the electricity would not harm Thor, the shock caused Jar Jar to react on instinct and let of Mjolnir. But, before gravity could take hold of Thor and Mjolnir, Thor did not expect Jar Jar to swiftly respond to the shock by using the inner palm of his large left hand to slam at Thor, at point blank range, across Thor's right shoulder, the right side of Thor's helmet, pushing Thor to her left.

The blow dazed Thor, while the spinning Thor's body in a counterclockwise fashion, sending flying face first into the nearby grass by the west side of the walkway, thirty-two meters southwest from where Jar Jar stood.

As Thor flew through the air, she let of Mjolnir. Mjolnir fell onto the white brick walkway, just beside the west side of grass, about ten meters from where Thor landed. The hammer dropped on it's side, with the exposed side being hammer on the left of the shaft and the axe blade being to the right of the shaft.

Thor swiftly came to her senses. Thor found that her right shoulder, neck, and head, were sore, but she could still move.

Thor immediately rolled over to her left, onto her stomach. Then, she stood up, as she thought, 'I think I will be alright.' Thor looked over towards the walkway. She noticed Jar Jar walking towards Mjolnir. Under her helmet, Thor's lips curled into a smirk. She fully stood, as she mentally reflected, in mild amusement, 'Oh, he is in for a surprise.'

When Jar Jar reached Mjolnir, he leaned forward, as he used his two large hands to attempt to pick up the hammer from the white brick walkway. But, the hammer would not budge from its place on the ground.

After a few seconds of trying, Jar Jar let go of the hammer.

Suddenly, after Jar Jar let go of Mjolnir, the hammer moved up into the air, away from him, towards the grass to his right. Jar Jar looked over to see the hammer fly into Thor's right hand. Thor's right hand closed around the hammer's shaft.

Jar Jar stood up straight. He asked, “How can you move the hammer, when mesa cannot?”

Thor forced herself to maintain a calm, calculating frame of mind, as she took an offensive stance. Her left side faced Jar Jar. The hammer was in her right hand, pointed across her chest, with the head of the hammer facing Jar Jar, the axe blade pointed at a downward diagonal towards Jar Jar. She held her left arm outstretched towards Jar Jar, while her left open palm was facing Jar Jar. Thor held her left fingers and thumb on her gloved left hand were straight and together.

Thor bluntly stated, “Only the worthy can wield this hammer. And you are not worthy.”

In response, Jar Jar roared, as he charges onto the grass towards Thor. Jar Jar's large, heavy footsteps left footprint into the grass, where the grass was pulled up and the black dirt beneath was exposed.

Thor remained calm, as she allowed Jar Jar to reach her. When Jar Jar reached her, Thor applied a different fighting style than she has been using. Where as she has been employing a direct style that used one weapon, which utilized feigns and attacks, now she had switched to more unorthodox fighting style which the members of the Jedi Order had taught her.

This style was based the approach of dual wielding two weapons at once, which Thor was an expert at doing.

Though, Thor decided to do something different than just use two weapons. Instead of using two weapons, Thor sacrificed having a weapon in her left hand for the precision she could have have in her off hand, while still having the skill and power of a weapon in her right hand.

Given her super-strength and physical toughness she could do this without a problem.

The Jedi did not have a formal name for this style. Though, the nickname was the Madman's Gambit. The concept was to allow a Jedi to have one hand on their lightsaber and the other free hand could be used to either employ for hitting and dirty fighting, or to help with moving around and acrobatics.

Some Jedi even used the Madman's Gambit to use a blaster weapon in their free hand. Though, the Jedi High Council discouraged the use of blaster weapons by members of the Jedi Order.

But, because Jedi could easily lose their free limb employing such a fighting style, the fighting style was never officially considered a form and it was frown on to be use in actual combat. Though, the Jedi Council felt that teaching the style did have some academic merits in the more advanced combat courses some Jedi Knights and Jedi Masters elected to take.

The Jedi had taught Thor this style and the dangers of the style, because it would likely help her in some battles. Though, this was one of the rare times that Thor felt such a fighting style to effective in a combat situation.

As Jar Jar reached Thor, he came to a stop a meter from the end of Thor's left hand. Jar Jar brought up his hands, with his two fists interlaced together. Jar Jar brought down his hands where Thor was.

Thor swiftly stepped out of the way, to her right of the attack, as Jar Jar's blow hit the ground with a thud.

While Jar Jar was momentary open for an attack, Thor did not take the advantage because this was not the attack she wanted.

Jar Jar brought up his hands in began to swing at Thor with his fists.

Unlike before which was Thor mostly dodged Jar Jar attacks. Given her left hand was free, she did not have to worry about losing her weapon in that hand. As such, she could block with her left hand.

Though, when Thor did use her left hand and arm to block on of Jar Jar's blows, she did not directly block the blow. Thor knew that attempting to directly block such a blow would like harm her left hand and left arm. Instead, she pushed the blow away from her, along some of the momentum of the attacks. Deflecting the blows in such a manner did not harm Thor's left hand and left arm.

Thor continued to wait for her opening, until she saw it. Then, when Jar Jar's hands were away from his chest, Thor rushed at Jar Jar. She used the flat round head of Mjolnir, with her right hand, to do a vicious upper cut to Jar Jar's lower jaw.

Then, Thor used Jar Jar head being whipped back as a distraction to get in close to allow her to work with her left hand.

In quick session, Thor used her left hand to do three full, different strikes to Jar Jar's body.

Thor first used her left hand in a puncturing fork attack to Jar Jar's windpipe. This would make it difficult for Jar Jar to breath, while continue to keep Jar Jar off balance.

The next attack with her left hand was a flat palm attack to the center of Jar Jar's sternum which pushed some of the air from Jar Jar's lungs.

The third attack was Thor making a fist with her left hand. Then, she did a quick underarm shiv attack with her left fist into Jar Jar's stomach, with the attack aimed to go up towards Jar Jar's diaphragm.

While none of these attacks broke Jar Jar's skin, her attacks had the intended effect.

As Thor swiftly back away, to come to a stop four meters in front of Jar Jar.

Meanwhile, Jar Jar's head whipped forwards, as he collapse to having his left knee on the ground, his right foot on the ground, with him leaning forward, looking at the ground. He placed his left palm on the ground to help steady himself, while he gently held his right hand to his throat.

Jar Jar choked, as he gasped for air.

Thor had knocked the wind out of Jar Jar, forcing the hulking brute to stop his attack and kneel.

Thor thought, 'Good. I finally forced you to stop for a moment. Let us see if I can try a different tactic in reasoning.'

Though, before Thor could speak, while still kneeling, Jar Jar looked up at Thor. He let go of his throat with his right hand. As Jar Jar gagged, he forced himself to speak. He complimented, “Nice trick... Gasp... Mesa did not realize that mesa could still have the wind knocked out of him... Gasp... Mesa will have to remember that.”

Thor stated, “Thou wishes that thy did not have to do this to thee. Jar Jar, thou is so sorry that Loki has warped your mind as well as your body.” Thor thought, 'I am not sure that Loki intended to warp you body and lead you to commit such carnage. But, even Loki can made mistakes.'

By then, Jar Jar has gotten his second wind, and he had fully recovered from Thor's attack. He began to laugh as he stood up. When he fully stood, he stopped laughing. He turned to Thor. He stated, in his deep voice, “You think this change in body changed mesa's mind. Think again. Loki did no such thing. Loki did not wish for mesa to harm and kill other. Loki wanted mesa to remain small and spy, unless mesa needed to defend himself. Mesa have other ideas. Mesa remember everything in both of mesa's bodies. And this is how mesa truly feels all the time.”

Jar Jar's lips curled into a wicked smirk, as he continued, “Mesa is evil. Mesa embraces and enjoys being evil. Mesa suffer much cruelty in life. All that pain went deep down into mesa. Pain that created much resentment within meas until mesa gained the ability to change. Now mesa can bring that suffering back out and show everyone what it is like to be hurt, like mesa was hurt.”

Jar Jar maintained his smirk, as he went onto say, in an insulting tone of voice, “By the way, mesa thinks you talk funny.”

Thor could not help herself, as she retorted, “Do not be a hypocrite.” She thought, 'I am so happy I was careful never to inform you that I am Thor.'

Jar Jar chuckled evilly. Then, Jar Jar roared at his charged at Thor.

Thor jumped and to her right, to avoid being attacked by Jar Jar. She landed sixty meters from Jar Jar, on the grass, between the white brick walkway and a small thicket of trees.

Thor saw that Jar Jar had already changed direction, and he was continuing to run towards her.

Thor sorrowfully thought, 'He is too far gone. I was hoping I could talk him down because I know of no method which could be used to contain him. But, since he will not listen to reason, I am going to have to kill him before he kills myself and more people. But how?... Wind does not work on him. There is no way to try to drown him in a flood. He can shrug off constant electrical attacks... But, can he shrug off more intense damage from a constant energy source... That might work. And I know just how to get him there.'

Thor gripped Mjolnir with both hands. Then, she used Mjolnir to fly up and away from Jar Jar. This action confused Jar Jar, which caused the brute to stop in his tracks.

Meanwhile, in the air, Thor got her bearings. Next, she looked down at Jar Jar, as she floated some to her right some, with Jar Jar rotating his body to face her.

When Thor had the proper angle, she flew down towards Jar Jar, with the hammer being held in both hands.

Jar Jar readied himself for the attack.

Then, at the last second, Thor swiftly veered to her left, clockwise around Jar Jar, and she came to a stop fifty meters from Jar Jar.

Before Jar Jar could react, and turn towards her, Thor used Mjolnir to fly towards Jar Jar Jar's back as swiftly as possible, while cocking back the hammer.

Then, when Thor reached Jar Jar's back, she used the inertia of her flight, combined with her super-strength, to use the circular flat part of the hammer to hit Jar Jar in his back with such force that the blow sent Jar Jar high up into the air, in the trajectory Thor desired.

Next, Thor used the hammer to fly faster than Jar Jar was being thrown. Thor came to a stop at the proper angle and position she desired, which was in the path Jar Jar was going.

When Jar Jar came close to Thor used the circular flat part of Mjolnir to hit Jar Jar in a near direction.

Thor repeated this maneuver. Thor hit Jar Jar to keep him in the air and for Jar Jar to continue on the aerial path Thor desired.

Thor was careful not to let Jar Jar grab her, nor the hammer.

Thor made sure to hit Jar Jar in a manner to avoid the skylanes. Also, Thor was careful to avoid the skylanes, as she flew ahead of Jar Jar.

Because Jar Jar could not fly and nothing was near him which he could use to grab onto, he was helpless to stop was happening to him.

Jar Jar waved his arms and legs in the area, as he howled in a mix of fury and fear at the powerlessness he felt towards the situation Thor had put him in.

To add to Jar Jar's indignity, as Jar Jar sailed through the air, while Jar Jar howled at Thor, Jar Jar tried to look around to gain his bearings and find Thor, this caused his large ear flopped about.

Unfortunately, even with Jar Jar's enhanced senses, such as his sight, Thor quickly movements made it difficult for Jar Jar to pinpoint.

Due to the seriousness of the situation, Thor was able to keep herself from having a humorous reaction to see Jar Jar act the way he presently was.

If the situation was not so dire, Thor would have doubled over laughing at how silly the brutish Jar Jar appeared, as he traveled through the air.

After several minutes, Thor had batted Jar Jar to the edge of the Senate District, which border one of the industrial districts of the planet.

Thor soon saw where she was taking Jar Jar. An large, open air refinery, which was a building shaped like a large, black cone, with the center of the roof left open. The base of the refinery at the surface level was three kilometers wide. The building went up a kilometers to be two kilometers wide, with the top of the cone of the building being left open.

In the past, Thor had flown over the area a few times. She knew there was a gigantic smelting cauldron over molten steel in the center of refinery. The top of the cauldron was open and exposed to the air.

After two more hits, Thor had hit Jar Jar to be over the large cone refinery building.

Thor had come to use Mjolnir to a two kilometers above the top of the building, right over the cauldron.

Thor was high enough at the open are winds canceled out the rising heat from the refinery below.

Thor turned to see Jar Jar coming in her direction. Thor looked down to see the large cauldron of molten steel.

While even with her enhanced, the rising heat and smoke prevented her from see clearing into the cone building.

Through, Thor did not see anyone near the cauldron, which was fine with her. She did not want any witnesses. Nor, did she want anyone else, beside Jar Jar, to be the actions she was able to take.

In the passed, Thor saw the cauldron when it was not in use. The cauldron was shaped like a cylinder turned. The sides were rounded, the button was a bit domed shaped, and the top was flat and exposed. The cauldron was roughly half a kilometer wide in diameter, and roughly a kilometer deep.

Thor looked down at the bubbling molten liquid steel. The molten steel was so hot that the molten steel gave off great heat and radiated light in various hues of yellow, red, and orange.

Thor thought, 'I do not see anyone below. That is good for a number of reasons. I do not want anyone to watch this. And I do not want any bystanders to be harmed by what I am about to do.' Thor turned to look at Jar Jar coming closer to her.' Thor soberly lamented in thought, 'Now to do this.'

As Jar Jar came within reach of Thor and Mjolnir, Thor used Mjolnir to hit Jar Jar in an upwards diagonal angle over the center of the open area of the dome.

This blow by Thor was meant to straighten out Jar Jar's momentum so that Thor's next blow would not risk causing Jar Jar to go off in an unplanned direction from a screwball effect.

Thor circle above Jar Jar. Then, when Jar Jar reached Thor, Thor used Mjolnir to hit Jar Jar in his back, in a downward angle that sent Jar Jar towards near the center of the top of cauldron below, leading to molten fiery fate.

While Jar Jar fell, he saw directly in front of himself that he was heading for the giant smelting cauldron of molten steel. Jar Jar realized what was going to happen to him. His eyes went wide in worry, while he used his deep voice to scream in fear.

A few seconds later, from high in the air, Thor used her enhanced vision to watch as Jar Jar landed into the pool of heated liquid steel with a thud. The molten steel enveloped Jar Jar with barely even a ripple created from Jar Jar entering into molten pool of steel.

While heat and smoke obstructed some of Thor's view of the giant cauldron, she did see Jar Jar go into the pool of hot molten steel.

Thor continued to hover in place, as she looked down at the giant cauldron. A few seconds later, she saw Jar Jar swim back up to break the surface of the molten steel.

Thor forced herself not to aid Jar Jar, as she to watch in horror and sadness, at her friend demise.

Burning injures continued to be painfully inflicted and continuously healed all over Jar Jar's large hulking body, over and over again.

For the next few seconds, Jar Jar swung his arms and head around above the molten steel while he screamed in pain.

A few seconds later, Jar Jar began to stop screaming as he slowly sunk into the molten steel.

Thor used both her hands to tighten her grip on the shaft of Mjolnir, which she used to hover in place, as she looked at the molten steel where Jar Jar had sunk to his hopeful death.

Thor stared at the molten pool for a few minutes. Thor did not see Jar Jar break the surface, again.

Emotions of grief and sorrow welled up inside Thor. From inside her helmet, tears ran down both sides of her face, as she began to grief for the friend she knew, while she forced herself not to hate herself for having to kill the monster her friend had become.

After a few more minutes, Thor calmed herself down. Thor looked over towards the Senate District, in the direction of Senate Building. Thor being high in the air allowed her to see over the buildings, as her enhanced eyesight allowed her to clearly see the Senate Building in the distance.

Thor thought, 'I should go directly to the Chancellor and report my findings...' She turned her head in another direction. She continued her thoughts, 'No. I have something else in mind.'

Then, Thor used Mjolnir to fly towards her apartment.


A few hours later, it was evening, as the blue-white star Coruscant Prime began to set in the horizon. The sunset cast beautiful hues of yellow, red, and orange across the scattered clouds in the sky.

Padme had since retrieved her four door, yellow speeder vehicle from visitor parking lot on the western plaza of the Jedi Temple. She parked the speeder in the parking garage level of the apartment building she lived in.

Inside Padme's apartment, Padme sat in the couch in her living room which faced the entrance to the balcony. The clear translucent door to the balcony was closed and locked.

Padme sat in front the small table, with another couch across the table facing her.

Padme was in her normal form. She had set Mjolnir on its head on a small table in the corner to her left, across the room from the balcony.

Padme had changed out of her blue gown and blue slippers. Presently, Padme wore a green long sleeve shirt that was left loose over black pants. She wore some green socks and black jogging shoes on her feet that matched her black pants.

Padme dialed the personal number for Chancellor Palpatine's office from the holo-monitor on the small table in front of her.

After Padme finished dialing the number, she leaned back in her couch. She thought, 'Even at this time of day, he should still be in his office. He usually does not leave his office for another hour.'

After a few rings, the call was answered, and Padme saw Palpatine small hologram, in his formal clothing and robe which had been wearing earlier that morning. Palpatine was sitting in his chair behind his desk.

Palpatine commented, in a calm tone of voice, “Hello Padme. I was expecting your call much sooner than this.”

Padme humbly said, “I apologize, Chancellor Palpatine. It has been a trying day for me. I found out who was responsible for the plot to poison the Senate.”

Palpatine flatly asked, “Who?”

Padme answered, “Junior Representative Jar Jar Binks.”

Palpatine reacted with mild emotional shock. He responded, “Dear me. I would have never guessed that it could be him.”

Padme said, “No one would have. And that is not all.” She took a deep breath. Then, she let out her breath. She continued, “He was also the Coruscant Beast.”

Palpatine asked, with concern in his tone of voice, “While tall, Jar Jar is a slender man. It is reported the beast is a giant of a creature. How is that possible?”

Padme responded, “From what Jar Jar told me, Loki wanted a spy. In exchange for Jar Jar spying for her, she gave him the ability to become the Coruscant Beast.”

Palpatine commented, “A spy and a saboteur. So, this was a plot by Loki?”

Padme stated, “I do not believe so. From what we know of Loki, she is very subtle. Jar Jar would have been perfect as a quiet spy. Loki having the Senate poison does not fit her previous actions. She likes to deal with known factors. Poisoning the Senate could cause too many unknown factors for her and the Separatists. I believe that Jar Jar's powers went to his head, and that such power drove him insane.”

Palpatine said, “Power can corrupt. Especially when given to those whom are foolish with such power. And Jar Jar has been known to be quite foolish, from time to time.”

Padme soberly agreed, “Sadly so.”

Palpatine stated, “On the matter of Loki Laufeyson. She does not see the type whom would risk such unknown possibilities by poisoning the Galactic Senate. There is much reason within your statement. As such, I will give Loki and the Separatists the benefit of the doubt on this matter. I trust Jar Jar was not too much trouble. I read a report about your better half being seen in the park. Coruscant Security reported that you were fighting with what was claimed to be the Coruscant Beast.”

Padme admitted, “Yes. That was me. And I was fighting Jar Jar in his larger form. While untrained, he was a handful. The fight could have gone either way. Though, I have dealt with him.”

Palpatine said, with concern on his tone of voice, “While I am glad that you accomplished your mission in stopping Jar Jar from harming anyone else, I suspect this was very difficult matter for you to handle, my dear.”

Padme commented, in a sad tone of voice, “It was. But, I was the only one who could handle the job. Jar Jar was too far gone. And I do not believe we would have a way to contain him.”

Padme thought, 'We do not know how much of his super abilities carried over to his normal form. Even I have a few tricks I can do in my normal form. His metabolism and healing abilities would have broken down any sedatives to quickly. He is too strong for any cage to hold him. And his large form would be to big to use a carbonite freezing chamber to freeze him into a carbonite slab.'

'If such a freezing process could slow down his metabolism an healing ability. I am not sure that would be the case. The carbon freezing process did not work on myself. I doubt the process would work on Jar Jar.'

'His rage might have protected him from force mind tricks and illusions. So even using the Jedi might not have been a practical option.'

Palpatine stated, “Given your knowledge and experience that is quite a claim to make. But, I trust you judgment on this matter.”

Padme gratefully replied, “Thank you, Chancellor.”

Palpatine mentioned, “Well I have some good news. The chief technician of the building reported that she and her crew believe they found all of gas tanks hooked to the ventilation systems. Once they knew what they were looking for they could set the sensors to detect the poison. After which, it was easy enough to find these sources and deal with the problem. I will have the Senate Building closed for a few days, to allow the building to be completely vented with outside air.”

“The public cover story for the building shutdown will be that technicians found a massive electrical flaw in one of the older parts of the ventilation system, which they will have to interrupt power in the building a few times to repair. Due to this, the building will be shutdown instead of risk having random interruptions during forum debates and various meetings dealing with official business.”

Padme thought, 'That will work as a cover story.'

Palpatine went onto say, “As this goes on, I will give the Senators and staff paid leave for those days, while they recover.”

Padme said, “Good. This should keep everyone happy.” She thought, 'I have to admit. This is a pretty good idea to keep those in the Senate happen during this building shutdown.'

Palpatine commented, “I hope so. Though, I believe it will take a little while for them to fully recover. They will likely not feel like sternly debating laws and regulations for a few months. But, that is a small price to pay when compared to the disaster that you were able to avert.”

Padme did not show any expression on the outside to to Palpatine's comments. Though, she grimly thought, 'Meaning the anti-war opposition will be in no shape to challenge you for at least a few months. This sets back my group's plans to stop the war, while allowing the war to become larger. Though, I do not want you to know that this what I am thinking. Besides, I need to know the cover story you plan for Jar Jar. I am not looking forward to having to write a letter to his family. But, I guess I need to.'

Padme stated, “I realize that much will be covered up in this evening. Though, I will send a letter to Jar Jar's family on Naboo. I need to know what the cover story for all this will be concerning Jar Jar's part in all this.”

Palpatine responded, “Fair enough. It is best to offer answers to questions before those questions are. I believe I have something in mind. Though, it will be in a few parts. First, if the Senate publicly stated Loki and the Separatists involvement in this mess. However minor. This would be as great a blow to morale for the war effort. Maybe more so than if the poisoning of the Senate itself was publicly exposed.”

“Still, there have been many deaths at Jar Jar's hands. Some responsibility needs to be placed on Jar Jar. But, we need not cause hatred for him. Instead, we will use a cover story that will bring pity for him. We will state that while checking records, it was found that a years ago. During one of Jar Jar's errands as a government courier, he was the accidental victim of an experiment gone wrong at a research facility he was bringing government documents to. A case of being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Which we know is common for Jar Jar.”

Padme reluctantly agreed, “That is true.”

Palpatine stated, “While medical scans after the accident showed nothing, he found that he has gained incredible abilities. Including shapeshifting abilities. He chose to keep these abilities a secret.”

“But, this accident also corrupted his mind. When Jar Jar was found to be the Coruscant Beast, he has to be put down. We will leave the details out of this mess, and let the story be just that. Given Jar Jar's well known clumsiness and bad luck, this will be a believable a story.”

Padme said, “I can work with that story. I can spin the story in the form more towards sadness than hatred.”

Palpatine mentioned, “Also, this story should protect you from any political issues, given he was your junior representative.”

Padme replied, “I appreciate your understanding.” She thought, 'You could have used this to politically destroy me in the media. I am sincerely glad you have decided not to do so. We both know this is a favor I will owe you for another day.'

Palpatine commented, “You are welcome. It is best to sweep this under the rug, as it were. Considering Jar Jar was working for the Senate at the time, I will use some of the funds from Senate hush money accounts to placate the families of Jar Jar's victims. Except for a few announcements by the media, concerning Jar Jar being the Coruscant Beast, I will have the media remain silent on the rest of the matter.”

Padme thought, 'Controlling the media does have its advantages.'

Padme sadly said, “This is likely for the best. But, why would he eat the flesh of other sentient beings?”

Palpatine stated, “Some Gungan taboo myths claim that a Gungan flesh of sentient beings would give that Gungan power. But, the price of such power would be madness.”

Padme soberly commented, “That fits the situation and what he said to me as we fought. At least history will not think of him as a traitor.”

Palpatine responded, in a comforting tone of voice, “Sometimes it is better to be forgotten than to be remember for something truly tragic, or horrific.”

Padme looked away from the holo-monitor, as she softly said, “Perhaps.”

Palpatine calmly mentioned, “I noticed during your investigation that some of your allies in the Senate suddenly left during your investigation.”

Padme chose her words carefully, as she responded, “From what you informed me this morning, I believe your orders were very broad. After I interviewed each of them, I requested they leave the building. Some of their answers were instrumental in leading myself to solving this investigation. Will this be a problem for my allies? Or myself?”

Through the holo-monitor, Palpatine could see the events of the day had deeply effected Padme. Palpatine stated, in a comforting tone of voice, “No. Please understand. I made those broad orders so people would not end up dying in the Senate Building. I want to prevent a scandal, not accidentally cause many people to die. We all have loved ones and friends we care for. We should not be penalized for having such emotional attachments to other people. You have lost so much already today. This will not be a problem for your allies, nor yourself. If you desire, we can talk about this tomorrow. But for now. Please get some rest. You have earned it.”

Padme turned to look at the hologram of Palpatine. She said, in a more normal tone of voice, “Thank you.”

Padme turned off the communication device. Then, she turned to look pass the couch on the opposite side of the table from her.

Standing behind the couch, out of sight of the holo-camera in the holo-monitor on the table, was Anakin, Ahsoka, and Obiwan. All three individual has been look at Padme, as they silently listened and watched the conversation between Padme and Palpatine.

Ahsoka was in the middle. Anakin was to Ahsoka's right and Obiwan to Ahsoka's left.

All three of them were in their usual clothing.

Padme said, “I appreciate your discretion on this matter.” She thought, 'I am glad I called you three to come to my home, so we could talk before I called the Chancellor to inform him of what had happened.'

Anakin replied, “No problem.”

Ahsoka stated, “We are more than happy to help. It is clear this event has cause you much grief.”

Padme held back tears, as she stated, “Thank you. Jar Jar was a friend. Still, I did want I had to do.”

Obiwan commented, “Power can corrupt even the most innocent of souls. I am guessing you disobeyed orders contacting us?”

Padme said, “Yes. But then the needs of the many outweighed the needs of the few.”

Obiwan finished for her, “Or, in this case, the one.”

Padme responded, “Yes. As long as what you have learned about this does not leave this room, I do not believe this will be an issue for myself.”

Anakin said, “I already agreed to remain quiet on this matter.”

Obiwan replied, “I have no issue with keeping this quiet.”

Ahsoka responded, “I do not know. Maybe we should report this to the council. If Jar Jar could take on you, as Thor, and fight you to a standstill, they might need to know about this.”

Anakin turned to Ahsoka. Anakin stated, “No. Jar Jar's powers were very basic and are already public. By this time tomorrow, that will already be known. We do not have to mention the rest.”

Obiwan turned Anakin and Ahsoka. Obiwan spoke up, “Yes. I can just imagine the council meeting I was be be summon tomorrow over this matter. They will call me because I know both Jar Jar...” He turned to Padme. He continued, “And you, Padme. Though, I will not mention to the council what we talk about confidence.”

Padme looked over toward Obiwan. She inquired, “Thank you. Though, do you think the Council will summon me to ask questions?”

Obiwan stated, “That is possible. But, they would be more interested in Jar Jar's abilities than anything else. I doubt they will even ask about the poisoning of the Senate, unless they learn about it. In which case, they will talk to the Chancellor about the matter. Concerning your battle with Jar Jar. While you had to kill Jar Jar, from what I have learned of the situation I believe your actions were correct. In your place, I would have killed him, as well. You will have my support on this matter. Also, from those I know on the council, you have a good reputation among the council. You have nothing to worry about from them.”

Padme replied, “That is a relief.”

Anakin looked around the group. Anakin said, “Anyway. There would be no point. The problem has been solved, and revealing what happened to the Senate would weaken the Republic's position in the war.”

Obiwan turned to Ahsoka. Obiwan said, “Anakin is correct. Since the Senate is already saved, reporting this would do more harm than good.”

Ahsoka look around at her friends and teachers. Ahsoka replied, “Alright. I will stay silent on the matter.”

Anakin commented, “Still, this was a rare poison. It was like very expensive and very hard to obtain. Especially in large quantities.”

Obiwan said, “And Jar Jar is too clumsy to do this one his own.”

Ahsoka stated, “Someone could have obtained the poison for Jar Jar.”

Padme looked at her friends. Padme questioned, “But who? And that is not counting how he got his hands on the blueprints for the security and ventilation systems.”

Anakin asked, “Could it have been Loki responsible for this plot? You did say that Jar Jar had become her agent.”

Padme replied, “No. As I said. I do not believe that Loki is behind this.”

Obiwan said, “I agree, Padme. That is not Loki's style. She will talk you into hanging yourself. But, she will not harm a group to do so, unless doing so furthers her agenda. Harming the Senate like this would create to many unknown factors for her to predict.”

Padme stated, “Yes. She clearly likes known factors. The only unknown she likes is herself being unknown to her enemies.”

Ahsoka pointed out, “Though, you said Loki did give Jar Jar those powers.”

Padme responded, “I have a feeling she only did so as a way to convince him to spy for her. Jar Jar's knowledge and low profile in the Senate would make him the perfect spy for her. Jar Jar even told me that Loki did not want him to harm and kill people. This sounds like Loki. As such, the stronger form Loki gave Jar Jar is the main reason he went insane. That power might have allowed him to go insane, but that is not main reason he went insane. The main reason for Jar Jar's insanity is still a mystery.”

Obiwan stated, “Besides the reasons for Jar Jar's actions, it looks like this whole plot was not meant to kill off the Senate, but to only weaken the members of the Senate.”

Ahsoka asked, “Who would gain by doing this?”

Anakin pointed out, “Who wouldn't?”

Obiwan complimented, “That is this issue.”

Ahsoka commented, “Still, the poison is from Naboo. Who do we know that is from Naboo?”

Padme said, “Well, myself for one. If I bring this up, I might end up being the prime suspect. After all, Jar Jar under me authority as a Senator, with him being my Junior Representative. The only other likely suspect is the Chancellor. I have no proof. He was the one that asked me to investigate this matter in the first place. And he is going to help keep what happened from destroying my reputation. I do not like to admit it, but I am going to politically owe him over this matter.”

Ahsoka conceded, “When you put it that way, those are good points.”

Obiwan commented, “Oh well. This is just another mystery in our lives. One of so many. And one we are not going to solve this evening.”

Padme looked at her friends, as she thought, 'When things settle down, I am going to track down Loki and I will get some answers from her on... Everything. But, for right now I just want to spend time with my friends, as we all mourn our friend, Jar Jar. Now, to bring up my offer from this morning. But first I need to know if you three have eaten yet.'

Padme questioned, in a casual tone of voice, “So, have you guys had supper, yet? This morning, I did offer to treat you three to some dinner.”

Anakin answered, “No.”

Ahsoka replied, “Nope.”

Obiwan commented, “I could use something to eat.”

Ahsoka inquired, “So where too?”

Padme stood up from the couch. She looked at her three friends. She asked, “Well, since I am paying. And I am feeling like something simple. How about we go to Dex's Diner?”

Obiwan happily said, “I am so glad I introduced you to that place. It is always nice to drop in and saw hi to Dex and his friends.”

Anakin replied, “Yea. He is funny to be around.”

Ahsoka commented, “He is nothing compared to the sassy humor his droids and his waitress can be.”

Padme giggled a little at her friends comments.

Soon after, Padme, Anakin, Ahsoka, and Obiwan, headed out of her apartment and to a nearby elevator, which would take them to the parking floor. So, they took their speeders to Dex's Diner, to get something to eat for dinner.


As Padme and her friends left her apartment to get some dinner, across the cityscape, in the Senate Building, inside the Chancellor's office, Palpatine stood by the windows of his office.

Palpatine calmly looked out the windows, while he held in his right hand a small glass of an alcoholic beverage he preferred to drink on occasion. He took a sip of his drink, as he continued to looked out at the cityscape illuminated by the sunset evening sky. His city. His sky.


“Power tends to corrupt. And absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men. Even when they exercise influence and not authority. Still more when you superadd the tendency of the certainty of corruption by authority.” John Dalberg-Acton.

To be continued.


Author's Notes:

This chapter is a good example of hinting the genius and skill of Sheev Palpatine without displaying his abilities. Reading between the lines of the above chapter shows what he did and hints at how he did it.

I believe the character Sheev Palpatine was inspired by the real life leader King Charles XII of Sweden.

'Palpatine' is spelled similar to part of the name of the family King Charles XII was a part of. That being the House of Palatinate-Zweibrucken.

King Charles XII was a skilled military tactician and politician. King Charles XII studied history and he was well educated.

If this is the case then this inspiration offers and interesting insight into the character, mind, and motivations of Sheev Palpatine.

I have been wanting to take a shot at Jar Jar for a long time. That character was wrong in so many ways. He keeps being irresponsible, but he is never called on his irresponsible actions.

But, the whole frozen in carbonite gag used in Jar Jar in fanfiction has been done to death. And just killing Jar Jar would have been a waste of a character. Even for Jar Jar.

At the beginning of the story, I showed Jar Jar rightful fall from grace, of Padme stripping him of his privileges for his actions in the Senate, as her proxy, submitting and supporting the emergency powers resolution, which started the Clone Wars.

But, that was only the beginning of what I wanted to do to Jar Jar. I wanted to turn Jar Jar into a credible villain for this story. This was not an easy task.

Though, a good mental challenge can be exhilarating.

I got to thinking of how I could use Jar Jar. And then I realized that Jar Jar was so hated and disrespected in his life that he has to have a lot of untapped rage.

But, I did not want to just turn Jar Jar into a hulk version of him. I wanted a villain. And a villain that was respectable.

Though, this is not a straight copy of the Hulk. I dialed the up the evil.

And having Jar Jar Hulk being immediately revealed as a villain would just be... Sad.

Eventually, I came to the conclusion that I would create a mysterious monster known as the Coruscant Beast.

Good villains take time to craft, with a slow build up during the story. And this is what I did.

Throughout this story I gave hints of the Coruscant Beast. A creature killing and eating people in the Coruscant underground. With the creature killing more and more, while coming up closer to the surface of the city planet

In addition, this creature is being used to create terror in the Coruscant population, especially the Senate District, to allow Palpatine to tighten his grip on having direct control of Coruscant.

Jar Jar was not just a villain. Jar Jar was a puppet used by a greater villain in so many ways.

Also, I know it is not actual cannibalism considering it is different species. But, for argument sake, there is not another term used for this situation. And cannibalism fits the spirit of the crime, even if it does not fit the actual crime of Jar Jar eating other sentient species.

On Jar Jar abilities, I dialed up the healing factor because with Padme/Thor's training, and Jar Jar's lack of training, Jar Jar would not last very long against Thor in a fight without an amplified healing factor.

Also, Jar Jar was very strong. Jar Jar in his beast form is likely physically stronger than Thor, with Jar Jar beast form having raw physical speed and reflexes that are only a few notches below Thor's physical abilities.

In addition, Jar Jar's senses were enhanced on a level close to Thor's enhanced senses.

This allowed for a very challenging fight between Jar Jar and Padme/Thor. Which I hope you enjoyed reading.

Wookieepedia lists Jar Jar part orange and part white. Truthfully Jar Jar's skin looks more with hues of brown, red, and orange which fades to white skin. Tan color can have hues of brown, red, and orange.

I made Jar Jar's large, brutish form brown instead of his usual skin color because keep the same skin color would be to easy to guess that it is Jar Jar. Also, hulks tend to change skin color from their normal form to their hulk for. Usually, the change hulk for has either green, red, or blue skin.

I made Jar Jar's hulk form's skin color being brown is a nod to Jar Jar's species, Gungans, whom can have brown skin. This is why I had Jar Jar's skin color turned from tan and white to brown when he changed into his larger form.

Like all Gungans, Jar Jar does have a extendable tongue. But, the tongue is not long enough to be effective in battle. Besides, the tongue is a very sensitive muscle. It is not something one would want to risk injury of.

Another reason I did not have Jar Jar use his tongue in battle against Thor because it would show suggestive pretense in a manner I did not want the battle between Thor and Jar Jar to show. I wanted the battle between Thor and Jar Jar to be brutal, but clearly platonic.

The fight scene between Thor and Jar Jar in his stronger form was fun to write.

The music I mainly listened to during the fight scene was broken up into three parts.

I listened to track 16 Iron Monger from the Ironman 1 soundtrack as I worked on the introduction of Jar Jar turning into his large form, to Thor being hit out of the Senate Building, across the plaza and into the office building.

I listened to track 20 Black Widow Kicks Ass from the Ironman 2 soundtrack when I worked on the fight in the office building.

I listened to track 19 Battle Finale from the Ironman 3 soundtrack for the chase crossed the Senate District, the fight in the park, to the end of the battle at the steel foundry.

The fake cover story that Palpatine came up with to explain how Jar Jar become the Coruscant Beast is a nod towards some of the strange origins of super-power beings in comicbooks.

For the record, I wrote this plot of empowering Jar Jar this way and much of this above chapter before I learned about the current Thor storyline, where Loki in the 616 reality, one time, long ago, gave a Viking hulk like abilities.

The concept similarities are very eerie. I do not like to think about the implications of such similarities.

This is a case of to people have similar ideas at the same time. This occasionally happens.

Though, Arcadia Loki can also create giant golems made of stone. But, Arcadia Loki learned the hard way that such creations do not last long against superpowered beings. So, that is why she does not waste her energy creating such golems in this story.

The end scene with Padme, Anakin, Ahsoka, and Obiwan, showed they are not stupid. They know that Jar Jar was likely a patsy. But, they have no proof as to whom was pulling Jar Jar's strings. So, they let the matter be and they went to get something to eat at Dex's Diner.

I know this ending is a little cold for them to have a casual dinner only hours after the death of their friend, Jar Jar. But, they are use to death and war. And they have learned to value the time they have.

Some concepts to think about.

In the Knights of the Old Republic I roleplaying computer game, Manaan had swoop racing on the surface near Ahto City. It stands to reason that during the Clone Wars era of the Old Republic, Manaan would have pod-racing on the surface near Ahto City.

From what I have read, many players did not like Manaan. Personally, I liked that level of the Knight of the Old Republic game. That game level had the feel that Ahto City was sort of like Cloud City set on the water.

The Selketh sold Kolto, which the Selketh harvest for its healing properties, which they sold to the rest of the galaxy. Unfortunately, due to the discovery of the cheaper bacta, Kolto sales declines and the Selketh later abandoned Ahto City.

But, Ahto City was left intact and it could have been used for a semi-legal pod-racing circuit, due to it having a history of being a swoop circuit.

The name “Endrose University” is in a play on the word “endorse”, as in “support”.

On the “Madman's Gambit” fighting style mentioned this chapter. This is not an official form but an explanation. It would make sense that after tens of thousands of years of history, some Jedi would experience in trying using a lightsaber in one hand, while employing their other hand as a free hand for everything from dirty fighting and acrobatics. This would include trying to use a blaster in their free hand.

The Jedi discourage using blaster weapons, but they do training their members how to use such weapons.

In addition, the reason such a style would not become accepted was using such a style would in theory be most effected in melee combat on one person. But, most people would be able to face a Jedi in melee combat are other force users, whom also use lightsabers or vibro-weapons which would create a high risk of losing a hand while trying to employ such a fighting style.

Since Jar Jar did not have a lightsaber or vibro-weapon, Thor felt it was safe to attempt to use the Madman's Gambit against Jar Jar.

Until next time. Have fun.

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