Meet Our Fate - Session 15

=====Meet Your Fate!=====

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Logging has started. The god Mitra, of whom Keltraya worshiped, materialized upon this mortal world on the docks where we brought up into port. He put the dock-master to shame for his cheating ways and scheming for more money. Mitra inspired fear and forced the truth of what he had done out in front of everyone on the docks at that moment. What wasn't well known, was that as Mitra appeared, a certain party member, a white dragon of half human heritage, slipped unnoticed over the other side of the sloop and disappeared within the crowd.

“I went off to do the proper thing a dragon should do when they fail to keep a word promise,” Valeria mused as she rubbed the soapy water over her bare chest and shoulders, “I had gone to purchase a new set of clothing and to take a bath. At the time, I was thinking of offing myself on the bed in a fresh new set of clothes to give myself at least a proper send off. What actually happened, was that I had altered my plan upon touching the soothing hot water in the tub. It felt absolutely divine. I realized that I could leave faster if I used my claws to slit my wrists. To have it over with as fast and painless as possible.”

Alice tsk'tsked Valeria. “Dragon girl you know that is a no no.”

Valeria curled her lip, “You know my kind's sense of duty and honor. Besides, I didn't know that it was YOU who was there in the bath.”

The little girl rocked her legs back and forth on the wooden chair beside the tub. “Continue telling me what happened next. Please.”

Valeria worked some soap in her long wet strands of hair and said, “Well, I was in the tub and slit both wrists after lighting a candle of which I had placed on the tub edge. The tub water quickly turned dark red as the blood streamed out. I was doing this for the failure to bring back the reimbursement for which I had owed the dock-master properly. I would like to think the rest of the party soon realized I was missing.”

Alice smiled. “So what went through your head as you sat in the tub? Regret? Happiness?”

“Honestly, I was watching the warm red liquid slink its way into the bathwater, snaking its way down my wrist and dripping into the water. I had become mesmerized with the sight and the feeling of becoming weaker. Spots appeared within my vision, I felt faint, and the sensation of escaping what I viewed as injustice filled my mind.”

“I believe I then appeared before you,” Alice gleamed, “and then I said – Well now is the time to see if your compatriots can find you in time. Or is it you want to leave?”

Valeria's gaze stay fixated to the bathwater. “I failed to keep a promise.”

Alice arose from the chair and helped soap up Valeria's hair from behind. “Hmmm. Let us see. Dicebot! D20+2”

The number 1d20+2: 4+2=6 appeared. Alice frowned. “Not so good.”

Valeria shrugged. Her luck had not been so good, so she figured she was keeping in tune with how it had been.

Alice brought her mouth ever closer to Valeria's ear, “Remember what I said next? I asked, It says here that the goddess Aleria is your Patron. Has she ever helped you before?”

“I then said no,” Valeria quietly whispered. “I never asked for, nor required... her help. Who am I, to ask a goddess for... assistance?”

Alice then grabbed a pitcher of freshly heated water to to begin to slowly rinse out the soap from Valeria's hair.

“My response was - Sometimes the mysterious gods randomly choose a mortal to either toy with, or truly advance their worshiper's cause to match the god's own agenda. So, do you wish to be rescued or leave this life unfulfilled?”
Valeria soaked in the feeling of the water rinsing through her hair.

“I then commented that you were just, a human child, How... could you... help me?”

“Me? A human child? Whatever gave you that idea?” Alice began laughing hard.

Valeria monotonically emphasized, “I was half conscious, and the form you are using is that of a human girl approximately of an age of fourteen to sixteen. I had no reason to think otherwise until what you did next.”

Alice pressed her forehead against the back of Valeria's wet hair. “I am? You were beginning to lose consciousness. I may have the form of a little girl, but I am also many things. Not the least of which is to help you, dear one.”

Alice reached down in the water and brings up Valeria's left arm. She repeats what she had done that night. She brushed her finger lightly over the area where the slit was, gently causing goosebumps in her protege. The skin on the slit wrist, at that time, had began to pull together and close, leaving no sign of a wound ever having been there. She then repeated the same on her right wrist.

Valeria choked out, “W-why?”

Alice poured more warm water over Valeria's shoulders. “Why indeed? Because... you have so much more ahead of you. I have big plans for you dragon girl. Big plans.
Your kind was dwindling in the world, and I intended to do something about it. Let us just say, I have a vested interest in your species. But my plans involve you directly. You... specifically.”

A gentle bite on Valeria's ear from Alice caused her to slightly squeal and it awoke her. “I was just tired.”

Alice smirked, “Sssshh!” She then put her finger across Valeria's lips. “Tired perhaps, but never alone. I have been watching over you. Watched how you excelled at the tests I had placed before you. Including your stubborn Word Promise. Sometimes the best of things come in strange packages.”

Alice then leaned around to the front of Valeria and gazed into her eyes. “Do you believe in your deity?”

“At the time, I was straining to keep my eyes open, but I do remember saying yes.”

“Good! Because she just saved you from leaving your mission unfulfilled.” Alice then kissed Valeria on her forehead. “Don't disappoint me white one. I am watching, and yes, I do care what happens to you.”

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A flash of light and the bathroom is dark once more with the blood tainted water and Valeria was sleeping with her head on the edge of the tub.

Alice then began to undress. “Okay, you awaken in the tub and it still night through the window. The candle has burned out, and the bathwater is a red stained mess and cool.”

Valeria cocked her head at the fact her deity was undressing before her. “I-I believe it was then I examined my wrists for wounds that apparently didn't exist anymore.”

“Of course.”

“So, examining the fact that the water was still red, I had in fact wounded myself, only to have had something heal me?”

“Yep.” Alice pointed to herself.

“I presume the others had found me then?”

“That would be a no,” Alice said as she slipped into the tub with Valeria.

“Your new clothing was lying there on the bench along with the 2 new towels to use.”

Alice began to soap herself up and turned around in the tub awaiting Valeria's response. Valeria then realized that she was wanting her back done. Valeria began to gently run a washcloth with soap along her deity's back.

“I guess the others were worried about me?”

“That could be an understatement. You were weak and sort of woozy at standing. You needed to go to your room to lay down. I then consulted Dicebot to your situation. Dicebot! D20 please.

The number appeared in the air. 1d20: 17.

“So you were just barely able to function even with the massive blood loss.”

Valeria closed her eyes. “I remember specifically draining the tub, drying myself off, then using one towel to wrap my hair in and having put on my clothing. I then stumbled along slowly to my room. I made it to the bed.”

“Yes! I made sure you made it there with no more incident and that the room was neatly done, fresh, and inviting for you to sleep within.”

“I turned in for the night then.”

“You did,”Alice admitted as she turned around and surprised Valeria with a warm and loving kiss that lingered long after their lips parted.

Alice stared back at Valeria's questioning eyes. She then smiled and continued, “Sometime in the morning I had appeared before your group mates and shown them the way here to your room. They were taking too long to find you. I interfered with the process and sped things along.”

Alice then boldly pressed herself against Valeria's bare self against the tub side and slowly nibbled at her neck. Valeria lost her sense and gave in to the emotions.

“Your group mates,” Alice breathed, “They then stirred you from your slumber. I had led them into your room.”

“I..I.. did not know then how they had found me.”

“Your friend Ekessirthos,” Alice made out between nibbling the dragon girl's neck flesh with her lips, “said some little girl had said that you were here. We followed her.”

Valeria moaned slightly. “He meant you. You had been with me at the tub that night.”

“Just like now?” Alice mused. She grinned evilly and began pecking gently along Valeria's chest.

“Mmm. You are an excellent partner.” Alice replied after ceasing the mind numbing affliction of affection to her protege. “Your friend Allysa then said – Well at least we found you! The dock-master was ordered to leave you alone by Mitra no less! In front of everyone along the docks at the time. You don't have to pay him back anything!”

“And what did you say dear one?”

Valeria paused and reflected before saying, “That.. that is wrong. I do need to keep my word.”

“Right!” Alice beamed. She then huffed and held her stomach in and let loose a deep manly voice, “Keltraya added - Ye' dent seem to get the werd pretty lass. Ye have been expung'ed of anything. Yer free as the wren flying in the morning sky."'

Valeria laughed at the very real impression of Keltraya Alice did. She could swear it was his voice.

“It doesn't matter,” Valeria shook her head. “ I still will pay him as soon as I can. A dragon's word is unbreakable.”

“That was when Alyssa helped dress you. She actually got me envious. First time in... I don't know how long.”

“Well you and the troupe then headed downstairs into the inn where I was helping with breakfast. I simply made everyone believe I was a worker there. You noticed that mainly humans, half elves, and dwarves are in this inn today. No gnomes or goblins.”

Alice then grabbed both of Valeria's hands and gently kissed them.

“Alyssa then told you of that new job. She went on, I believe, We now have a new job and a lead. South of here there is castle run by some bandits. An evil creature known as The Bandit Lord reigns supreme. He has been harassing merchants and caravans moving from city to city. The bad news is that none of the nearby cities can afford to raise a militia or army to march south and fight him. He is a big thorn in the side and bleeding the wealth from all of the surrounding city-states.”

“And I replied – We are that force?”

“Yes, Alyssa continued. You will even get your money that you need from this job. This city has offered us 200 gold ea to take him out by any means. We can keep whatever we find.”

Alice then added, “I remember you also ordering a waffle and a side salad that I had brought you.”

Valeria sadly looked at her, “Yes, I wanted to start out light. I was ravenous for meat, but I did not want to become sick. Yes I saw that it was you who had served me my dish. Why me?”

Alice stood up and helped Valeria up and out of the tub. They proceeded to dry off. But Alice pushed herself against Valeria so that their eyes met.

“Remember white one, your name is my name. It just has a letter “V” in front of it.” She then drove her lips to press against Valeria's for what seemed like an eternity.

They then both dressed in silence. Before Alice left, she turned to Valeria, “That, and I like you.”

With that quip, she was gone.

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=====Our Fate has Been Dealt!=====

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¶#MainRoom:13.07.2017 17:09:30 SUNSHINE : Who is or was Alice?
ps: Sunshine is our DM. Alice hijacked that for the session. She came back just as Alice logged.

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