What You Can't See, Can Hurt You Chapter 3

Sasha was tired when she got her wake-up call around seven in the morning. Her crew was due in today and she needed to meet with them. She needed to get set-up and check everything for the performance on Friday. Now the complication of Adam Ludlum adding to her agenda. She was still pissed that he had threaten her family. Her mom, aunt and dad she wasn’t worried to much about. They could handle anything thrown their way.

It was her bandmates and the children she was worried about. She wasn’t there to protect them from harm. Siren wasn’t a fighter and she didn’t want their children to be hurt. Mystic she knew could take care of himself. He had as many tricks up his sleeve as she did. Jack and Dusk were the two she was worried the most about. Jack knew how to handle a gun from her training, but Dusk had never held one before.
She was a mother now since she adopted the little boy they saved from the sex traffickers.

Hopefully, her parents or Siren’s parents sent some bodyguards to protect her wife and children. She goes through a few katas to center her mind and body. Her mother, father and certain family members had trained her in ten different martial arts forms since she was adopted. Most of her family were people you didn’t want to get in a hand-to-hand fight with. Her mother combines her illusion and escape artist abilities with her Togakure-ryū training.

Her mother taught her the Togakure-ryū form along with Tai Chi and several other martial arts. That she learned from the Takamatsu family.
They took her and her sister in when their parents were killed during a plane crash on Honshu Island.

Sasha finishes her katas and takes a shower. As she stands there under the shower. She makes vow that Mr. Ludlum is going to be taken care of this time around. Right now, he had her at a disadvantage, but she wasn’t going to let him win the war. After she finishes her shower and get dress. She heads down to her rental car after grabbing a muffin from the continental breakfast the hotel had set-up for their guest and head towards the concert hall she will be performing at.

Cassandra’s House:
Cassandra takes a sip of her coffee and tries to wake-up. She didn’t sleep to well last night. Her gift kept giving her flashes of events that were going to happen between her, Mr. Ludlum and Wildfire. She did know for certain that Mr. Ludlum was going to meet a nasty end by being burnt alive by a huge flaming Phoenix.

She knew Jerry would be by in an hour or so to take her to the restaurant. She smiles at the thought of Jerry and her getting married. She had seen it happened, but not when he would purpose to her. She goes about getting ready to leave with Jerry. She knew Sasha would be by this afternoon to talk with her. The one person she was worried about was Mr. Ludlum. She knew he was going to strike soon, but not when.
She also knew he had a major hardon/hatred for Sasha. That was one thing she knew for sure and before he did anything against her, he was going to make Sasha’s life difficult. She’s going to have to ask Jerry if there had been any news about Sasha and Mr. Ludlum. She finishes getting dress just in time as she hears Jerry knocking on her door.


As Cassandra is walking towards her front door. She starts to get an uneasy feeling. She has felt this feeling before when there was danger or when danger was approaching. She stops before she reaches the door and steps from being directly in front of the door to the side instead. No sooner does she step to the side that bullets start coming through the door. She falls to the floor as more bullets comes through her front windows. She crawls over to the wall for safety.

She starts to hear sirens coming towards her direction as the gun fire stops. The next thing she hears is the squealing of tires as a car speeds away from in front of her house. She hears another car pull up in front of her house and the slamming of a car door. She hears someone running up to her house.


She hears the front door being smashed in as she recognizes the voice of that belonging to Jerry.

“Over here Jerry!” She turns her head towards the front door.

Jerry spots Cassandra laying on the floor against her front wall. She was lying between the front door and the front window that had been shot out. He knew the bricks on the front of the house would had protected her. He notices she was looking towards the front door where she heard his voice.

He rushes over and picks her up off the floor and check her over to make sure she hadn’t been hurt. She holds onto him as tears slide down into her nasal cavity and down her cheek. She may not have her eyes any more, but she can still produce tears. They slide out from her eye sockets. She holds onto him crying against his shoulder.

The police show up and Cassandra tells them what she can. Some of the police officers know her and knew what she could do. She has helped them on a few cases. The police officers ask her neighbor what they saw or heard and get a description of the car and a license plate number. They find out that there were four people shooting up her house and all four wore ski mask concealing their faces.

Since Jerry needed to leave to open the restaurant, he asks if one of the female police officers could watch over Cassandra. He didn’t want to leave her, but he had to open the restaurant this morning. Officer Prince said she would keep an eye on her and when they were done she would bring Cassandra down to the restaurant.

He gives Cassandra a kiss before leaving.

Cassandra touches her lips, because that was the first time anyone had ever kissed her before on the lips. It made her feel so warm and fuzzy. She spends the morning with the police and the forensics team. She makes a few calls to her insurance agent to see if gunfire was covered under her insurance policy. After she gets off the phone with her insurance agent, she calls Jerry to let him know she will be at the restaurant in half-n-hour.

She calls a handy man she knows to come out and board up her window and install a new front door. Her neighbor said they would keep an eye on her place as she left with Officer Prince. Jerry meets her at the front door and escorts her over to her favorite table. He already knew her routine, but thought something different was needed. He had fixed her an actual Irish cream coffee and Irish Coffee Cake Scones. He wanted to do something special for her this morning.

“Thank you, Jerry.”

She places a kiss on his cheek, leaving behind some of her lipstick.

“You’re welcome, Cassandra.”

He returns the kiss, but on her lips.

She wanted to melt right there on the chair.

Jerry smiles as he looks at her face. He could tell she enjoyed being kissed.

“Enjoy your breakfast sweetie.”

“I think I have already enjoyed my breakfast.” As a loving smile appears on her face.

Jerry just smiles as he walks off to help a customer.

Cassandra picks takes a bite out of her scone and enjoyed it. She reaches for her coffee and takes a sip of it. The alcohol in it wasn’t to over powering. She enjoys her breakfast and the music someone put on. Between the music and the nice breakfast Jerry made her. It was having a calming effect on her.

She had never experienced anything like she did this morning. Not even when her eyes were taken from her or when they killed her father on the way to the courthouse. It was only the warning she had received from her gift that had saved her life. She had an idea on who was behind the attack, but to prove it. She reaches into her purse and feels around for a card Sasha had given her last night. She finds it and pulls her cell phone out and calls the number on the card.


“Hi Sasha, I was wondering if we could get together earlier then we planned too. It seems that Mr. Ludlum has other plans for me now.”

“What happened Cassandra?”

“I don’t have any proof that he authorized this action, but I had a visit by some men with guns this morning.”

“Did someone try to kill you this morning?”

“Someone’s actually. There was more than two people at my home this morning.”

“Are you okay?”

“Yes, I’m fine. Just a little shaken-up is all. It’s not the first time someone has tried to kill me.”

“I didn’t think he would be this stupid or move this fast. When and where do you want to meet?”

“Let’s meet at one instead of this evening and here at the restaurant. I think Jerry will be concern if I’m not here.”

Sasha looks at her watch and notice it was quarter till ten right now. Her crew should be here in the next fifteen or twenty minutes. They were dependable and it was going to take her a few hours to set the equipment up.

“I think I can be there at one, but I’ll have to come back here afterwards to finish setting up.”

“You won’t have to stay all night setting up Sasha. If nothing else you should be done by eight o’clock after we meet.”

“Your gift telling you this?”


“Okay, I’ll see you at one Cassandra. Stay safe and be careful today.”

“Oh, trust me. I plan on staying right here at the restaurant today.”

“Okay, well good-bye Cassandra.”

“Bye Sasha.” Cassandra hangs up afterwards.

She puts her cell on the table and finish her breakfast.

One of the waitresses come by to take her plate.

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome, Cassandra. Let me know if you need anything.”

“I will Cathy.” Cassandra recognized the voice and remember her name.

She pulls a book out of her purse and start reading it. It was in braille, so she had no problem reading it with her fingers.

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